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being remade
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hello my old heart

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Re: something out of a dream / family intro
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Re: something out of a dream / family intro
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Children's purpose was to cause worry for their parents, so naïve of the world and its dangers. Yet, young more resilient than their elders sometimes gave them credit for! Than, you had the little ones who were dangerous in and of themselves without even being aware of it. Every infant creature regardless smelled newer than those who had lived for a long time, so she could tell when other children were around, especially in this case. The new scent she had picked up? Lacked the numerous stale scents of the territory that would have suggested it was one of the other children she had already encountered, making it extremely interesting for the young raptor. Masie took no time approaching the scent she had tracked, finding Junji with his new kittens, the newest babies of the group. At the moment? She didn't know where babies came from, but she did know that they were Junji's baby's from the clear context clears she was picking up on, just how someone could guess she was Owen's daughter from the clues she gave off.

A soft chitter could be heard as she side stepped closer after having stopped several feet away, curious but unsure about them to an extent. While she had seen other babies before? She had never seen that many at once. "New Babies. My Name Maisie." she chittered out something this time, but it was not something that would be understood word wise by the young ones. Heck, they may not even get the implication that she was greeting them, but anything was possible if someone was perceptive enough, that wasn't a matter of speaking raptor tongue just of realizing her body language and actions suggested what she was doing. New babies were interesting.

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Re: something out of a dream / family intro
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Months prior he had known about the existence of his children all the way from when they were first born. When he was told about the appearances of some of them he couldn't believe what he was looking at. Children that held physical characteristics from all three of them and one of them even holding the same gene he had been given: piebald. When he saw Elijah he could feel nothing but his pride and his love take over for the newly born domestic, but not only for Elijah but all of them. Despite his love he was not ready to become a father and he couldn't help but want to deny the fact that these children were apart of his life now as well. He had always been supportive of Luca and Junji having children of their own but never he had imagined that he would be dragged into the fray. There were so many nights where he just stayed up and thought about his new family that sometimes he didn't even get a second of sleep though his thoughts were mixed between negative and positive.

Last night wasn't one of those sleepless nights as he was able to get all the sleep and rest he needed, the King Cheetah waking up refreshed as ever but upon stepping out of his shack he couldn't help but feel a pit at the back of his chest. He knew at some point that the children that the three fathers harbored would have to be revealed to the world in all of it's cold and empty graces and while he was against even letting them get a taste of the world, that reasonable voice in the back of his head told him that he can't hide them forever. He didn't want to expose them to the true horrors such as the drugs, alcohol, even the murder considering it was so common that it scared him. He didn't want his children to grow up this way and he would use ever fiber of his being to make sure that it didn't come to so. He could only hope that Luca and Junji felt the same way that he did as he knew of Luca's past. While he truly did believe that the hellhound was finally changing for the better from the help of him and Luca's other friends, a part of him still held that little sense of doubt and even though it was barely a fraction, he couldn't deny that it was still there.

Leaping down from his shack, Marcellus allowed his paws to dip into the heated sand beneath, a yawn parting his jaws before snapping them shut. Upon just waking up he wanted to be able to go out and find a meal to eat, though his Toyger body definitely wasn't doing him any favors in the strength department. The domestic felines paws guided him down the shoreline, eyes looking out towards the horizon as he was lost in thought. Within moments he entered the bustling part of Barracuda Bay, the part he sought out to avoid due to all the noise and voices that would overcrowd him in an moments instance. This time however he was able to block out the voices as he thought about his newly formed family and his mixed feelings about them. He wanted to deny that they were his and he feared that he would end up a terrible father but there was that part of him that overpowered that in which he wanted to stay in their lives and to remain with them as long as he could manage to. He loved them so much and no amount of overthinking would challenge that fact.

The Toyger continued down the bay until out the corner of his eyes he snatched the sight of the angel himself, Junji, in all his angelic beauty. In his wings rested five little faces and bodies and were an all too familiar sight to the former Privateer.

His children. Their children.

He could feel a mix of emotions flood through his body as if a tsunami had just went off: fear, pride, love, confusion. All of these battled against each other to make out a dominant emotion. His actions were hesitant as he took a step forwards before placing his paw back to his body. No, he had to keep his distance. He had to stay away. At this thought he could feel sadness begin to wash over him, the dominant emotion revealing itself in all it's glory. He couldn't stay away no matter how much he wanted to think that he could and thus that led to his paws beginning to move slowly towards the six figures that were now considered his family, hesitance fueling his body with every shaky pawstep given. No, he needed to be confident. For them. He needed to be in their lives and he couldn't let fear rule that factor out. He wanted so badly to be with them and he sure wasn't going to let them grow up without them.

With these encouraging thoughts fueling his mind, Marcellus began to speed up faster and faster until finally he was face to face with the angelic beauty and their children. He opened his jaws to speak words but all that came out was air, swiftly shutting his jaws as he had no idea what to say. Finally finding words, he was ready to speak until Stella appeared to burst out from Junji's large wings, her words wrapping around the Toyger's mind. Instantly he was starstruck, awe filling his heart as he instantly had forgotten what he was about to say. That was his daughter and he couldn't feel more proud but to love this being that shared his blood.

He couldn't think of anything to say, instead tears beginning to well in his oddly colored eyes as he tried to combat them. These were not tears of sadness but tears of love and joy for his daughter, for all his kin and his children. The love in his heart was as big as this world and as this Earth and he could no nothing but feel the need to express this in any way he possibly could. "Oh Stella, welcome to the world. Te amo, my little love." He gently coo'd out with his voice shaken and his lips forming into a tight and firm smile. He hadn't felt happiness like this in a long time and it seemed as if for a moment all doubt had been shaken from his mind. At this moment he was certain that he completely loved these children. At this moment, the sounds of shifts in the sand sounded close behind him and instantly he was ready to turn around and greet the arriving presence of the hellhound, Luca, but what he saw was far from the other father.

In an instant anger boiled in his small being and he was ready to fight for the lives of his family as if they were right no in the midst of a war. Anger was plain on his face as if he were a hellish beast, every limb in his body growing rigid with pure disgust and rage. For a moment there was shock too considering how this raptor had the audacity to approach the little family and even get remotely close. Ever fur on the back of his body began to rise up and bristle as if he were a porcupine ready to sting someone with his needles. His claws unsheathed and met their way into the world as he looked to the raptor with warning.

"Get back!" He screamed out, rage filling his voice as he took another few steps forward until he was only centimeters away from Masie's being. He wasn't going to allow any of these raptors near his children as they all had that one instinct: to kill and to hunt. Along with that, he was quick to blacklist Owen as a result of what had happened in Sunhaven as he couldn't even seem to control his own raptors. They were no friends to this family and Marcellus wasn't afraid to enforce that. Usually he wasn't so quick to resort to violence but he wasn't going to allow a single hair on their pelts to be harmed and if he needed to give his life away for that to happen, so be it.

His lips churned into a full out snarl to reveal his teeth as he lifted up an unsheathed set of claws and delved his paw forwards in an attempt to strike them down Masie's shoulder in a warning, hopefully meeting his mark. "You will never be allowed near these children! Go away or else I swear I'll make you!" His jaws snapped heavily as if he was trying to bite through stone, tail lashing wildly and little hiss noises leaving his throat with every churn of his jaws given.

Whether Masie left or not, Marcellus would turn his back pointedly to the raptor to signify a protective manner over his his children, eyes unfurrowing to a more softened expression as they landed back on his family. If Masie hadn't left by then, Marcellus would grow more angry and probably try to attack the raptor once more.
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Re: something out of a dream / family intro
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Wherever Masie went, Owen usually wasn't that far behind his daughter. She was calmer, far more reasonable than his other daughters, the benefits of not being mutated and instead being a normal raptor, hatched from an egg that was created in the wild. He had heard Junji's meow from a distance, and he knew, silently, that Luca wouldn't welcome him or his daughters near his children. Still, what caught him off-guard was his daughter's chitter of greeting, and then a loud yowl from Marcellus that had him running faster than his joints liked. With a loud snarl, Owen ripped himself in between his daughter and Marcellus before his paw could hit her, fangs bared in a vicious warning if he didn't pull his paw back; a bone crushing bite was just waiting for him. "She was greeting them, calm your dick, man! There wasn't an ounce of aggression about her!" Owen barked out, his form soon backing up just enough until he stood over his child, his large form rippling with unused muscles. The German Shepherd could understand why he was acting like this- those were his kids, after all, but it still felt wrong. Was this how everyone else felt when he attacked Sunhaven for attacking his girls? "Masie, down." Came the Alpha's rare, authoritive growl towards his daughter whom was under him, asking her to crouch lower for safety, so he wouldn't kick her accidentally.

Amber eyes soon moved over to Junji, before Owen dipped his head to the medic which had healed his daughter, a respectful dip, at that. "I'm sorry if she scared anyone, I'll be taking her now." He said stiffly, his tail curling under his leg protectively. With a soft babble of 'Follow' to his daughter in their language, Owen soon began to back up, away from them. This was too soon to have people hating him again, really. Masie didn't do anything wrong.
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