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Elsweyr had left her tribe on a soul journey coming to the island and thus to Tanglewood,  while Arrow had returned not alive but as a ghostly spector. The then king cheetah then tribal woman had never once thought that she would see someone still dead roaming the lands. To her and her people the dead roaming was bad luck. The ghostly oriental was someone she kept an eye on, although hesitant she was curious of the other woman. Through her adopted daughter, Ares, being attacked and then put on lockdown after the king cheetah had burned down her own home and subsequently burned herself alive to be reborn as a pale lioness with a flaming mane they seemed to get closer. Elsweyr finally asked to move in with the ghostly figure to try and gather herself. To rebuild and try to fix things that had been broken. With feelings growing after she had been attacked by the Pitt the deputy finally managed to get a body for the one she cared more and more about with each passing day. Then Arrow in her new king cheetah body popped the question, one in which was met with a very happy yes from the lioness. Now after a month or so into their relationship and through hardships on both sides they are expecting a litter.
Elsweyr is a first generation character with no relations to any animals within the island. She comes from a more distance place. Currently she is the Luminary (leader) of Tanglewood. Her lioness body is primarily white with large spots that are burnt orange to medium orange in color. Her eyes are a clear and bright blue. Her mane and the tip of her tail are completely made out of fire. (If children want to inherit her flames the fire elemental must be purchased from the shop)

Arrow is currently a Vassal of Tanglewood (hp). The woman took on a male lion body that was dark brown with black markings. Large and very dominate looking with a heavy set appearance. With bright green eyes.

Babies coats will have a wide range of colors from white to black. They can also inherit their parents large blotch markings and or other similar markings. Colors for markings can vary. Eye color can vary.
1. Please no sad or depressing names as these children will be loved very much since they are the first litter that Elsweyr or Arrow has ever had
2. @rhosmari and @tori have the right to rehome the children should there be an excessive amount of inactivity
3. The children will be chosen near the end of April, no real set date but definitely the end of the month.
4. They will be lion cubs and genetics can be followed if one wishes
5. If someone is going to be inactive pls don't hesitate to message me or tori to let one of us know the circumstances
6. Must carry the Xiu family name
7. Babies will start out after birthing thread at 5 months old
These children will be lion cubs and there will only be 4 slots give or take how many applications are put in

Brownie points for those that try to use Khajiit naming theme as a means for their child. Elsweyr is the name of the place that the feline race herald from.

Two part names will he rare for both parents although Els could use them and strictly have a space between the two parts of the name. Arrow is a projectile weapon so weapon like names would also be interesting.

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Name: Stefflon Aziura Xiu

Gender: Female

Age: 5 months

Species: African Lion

Appearance: She carries the stockiness and heavy set appearance of Arrow's male body, with primarily deep tan fur. Her underbelly is a dark brown and the top of her head fades into a lighter tan, almost white. Her shoulders are covered in blotchy black spots with orange at the center. Her left eye is a clear, crystal blue while the other appears a deep grey with a hint of pink at the pupil. As she ages, it appears that her two lower fangs jut out slightly, making it appear that she has a constant pout.

Personality: Already at a young age Stefflon is extremely close to her parents. She's a slight bit of a rough-houser and loves getting into play-fights with other kids and her siblings. As she ages the closeness to her parents and siblings only grows to the point she would do anything for them. This aggressiveness she has causes her to be brash at times, leading her to not make many friends outside of her family, but she doesn't see this as an issue.
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FULL NAME ko'nari moashi xiu
GENDER transgender female
SEXUALITY bisexual
AGE 5 months
ALLEGIANCE tanglewood
RANK member
DETAILED PERSONALITY Ko'nari is an extremely extroverted child, something that becomes apparent to anyone who is around her for more than a few minutes. Inheriting the more optimistic nature of Arrow, she is constantly willing to help those around her, and try to lift their spirits in times of need. This also leads to her being incredibly empathetic, trying to learn as much as she can about those around her so that she knows how to properly help. Similarly, she ends up with an intense curiosity about the world around her. In childhood, she can often be found either asking as many questions as possible of the adults around her, or with her nose thoroughly buried in a helpful book. Either way, she is constantly taking in information.

As she grows, this insatiable curiosity and great intelligence will occasionally get her into trouble. She finds herself so enthusiastic about the world around her that she occasionally just wants to see the true limits of it. This can lead to her doing some rather dangerous and reckless things, such as experiments that she can't know the results of until she tries it out. She tries her best to reign in this behavior, but it is admittedly difficult for her, considering she loves finding out about the world around her, both the good and the bad. This means that, even when something goes wrong, she believes that she got something out of it. Of course, this can also make her a rather frustrating presence to be around, on occasion.
DETAILED APPEARANCE Ko'nari is rather odd and unique in terms of appearance, especially when one considers who she came from. She carries the white pelt of Elsweyr, but that's about where the similarities in appearance end. Rather than the dark hues of Arrow, or burning oranges of Elsweyr, Ko'nari is an eye-catching combination of white and pink. The upper half of her body is white, with bright pink v-shaped stripes running over her shoulder, and down her legs. Her mane is also white, with occasional splotches of the same bright pink that makes up her stripes.

Her face and the lower half of her body are both a much lighter pink, with her tail sporting a candy cane-esque alternating striped pattern of bright pink and white. Her toe beans are a similar bright pink color as well. Without a doubt, though, the most eye-catching part of her is, ironically, her eyes. The sclera of her eyes is a deep and vibrant red color, while her pupils are a vivid purple-pink color. Not only that, but her pupil seems to bear a strange hypnotic pattern of lines swirling around it. Despite this unusual gaze, Ko'nari is able to see just fine.
OTHER INFO Ko'nari's transition will not be a particularly painful one. It doesn't take long for her to figure out that male pronouns simply don't suit her, and considering she is clearly beloved by her parents from the beginning, she feels no worry in coming out to them. She doesn't decide to change her name, figuring that Ko'nari is gender neutral enough, and that it suits her well. Additionally, as she grows, her mane doesn't bother her all that much. Once she reaches adulthood, though, she will occasionally get Arrow to help her out with cutting it into something like a mohawk on the top.

As Ko'nari grows, she will eventually gain the abilities of clairvoyance and mental manipulation. These abilities are seemingly "enhanced" by the odd appearance of her gaze, and this may factor into future plots.

Also as she grows, Ko'nari will feel slightly pressured by who her parents really are. After all, Arrow is a well-known older member of Tanglewood, and Elsweyr is the leader. As a result, she may end up trying to push herself beyond her own limits in order to help out, or discover. This is part of what pushes her reckless nature, as she believes her experiments may truly make her a name to remember.
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tracking! will I apply for a bab? who knows ~
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A wip but I keep forgetting to work on it so hopefully this will actually push me to do so

Spoiler: ShowHide
I don't wanna disappoint my mum
( lion ; five months ; tanglewood child )
but I already have so can I have some closure
name — valari xiu
  often called val, only family may call them ari

gender — unknown
  uses they / them and ze / zir
  figured things out rather early on though still figuring things out
orientation — unknown
  likely to be wlw

age — five months
  unknown birth date
  real time aging
date of creation — april 8th

allegiance — tanglewood
  born and raised
  loyal to the group but will prioritise family if the choice is necessary
rank — child
  no ambition when it comes to getting any sort of high position



where those who came before are assembled from sharp angles and laced with fire they are soft and bound in the night

even from the beginning there is evidence, how broad shoulders frame a chest deep and wide, their end met in strong hips, too big the paws they bear. overall they are large though this is not so in other ways, almost made more evident by what little height they bear. a late bloomer, time needed to make them reach that expected. they never do, teeter on the short end, barely dipping below, comfortable where they are. issue arises in weight, how little they carry, muscle and fat alike. too little can they do, uninteresting eating, possibly such an effect on their growth. or maybe that is the worry talking

over it all dense and yet soft the coat they bear, a downy fluff grown thick, more than expected. light the manner of feathering, how ankles and wrists are adorned in it, elbows alike in this. so, too, thicker the hair between soft round ears, a fluff merely beginning to grow in, the thick ruff about mck similar hint at what age will bring. strange their colouring, unlike either mother, a hue of grey speckled and broken beneath lasting rosettes. spotted flanks and belly, legs similarly adorned, childhood prolonged in this lingering reminder. further the strange hue as neck darkens, a hint of purple almost found in the lightened grey, for now there is not enough to tell for sure

gentle and sweet features, plump cheeks often sore as a smile, with an edge that shakes and speaks of an everlasting exhaustion, refuses to fall. short and rounded the muzzle of that bears whiskers of an odd lavender colouring, strokes of a near cream against chin, creeping along the edge of the jawline until throat and chest is taken. tufted those often limp ears, once more purple in hue those lengthy strands, so similar to the tuft between. set in such a background, monochrome spiked with heather, the centrepiece depths of a luminous blue, bright with wonder though ruined by the dark bags, sleep seems a distant wish they can never fulfil


basic traits



named after the valari, a ranged weapon made of wood or metal with similar properties as a boomerage
has chronic fatigue syndrome, began to show symptoms around three months and has lead to very limited energy and even simple tasks that once were exceedingly easy take a great deal of energy, as it was caught early has a good chance of managing it well
will later on pick up photography as a hobby, it doesn't take too much energy and gives them a sense of pride to have found something they are capable of, over time may get into painting as well
while it won't be for a while will end up with mental powers, they quickly drain what little energy they have and thus as rarely, if ever, used when they are concious, often it is triggered by a strong emotional outburst if done so, but instead often lead to them projecting their dreams when asleep
enjoys collecting feathers, at first it is just because they find them pretty and have a little wooden box full of them, later gets into into bird watching and has a little journal where they document each. this may later lead into finding a bird egg and raising the hatching
code by Reggan
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LUCINDER XIU - male - african lion - he/him - heterosexual
full name: lucinder xiu
     name meaning: "Bringer of fire, flame & light."

gender: male
     sexuality: heterosexual

age: 5 months

species: african lion

     child body:
          build: as a child lucinder had always been slightly large in the litter with a stocky build and a size advantage he isn't scared to enforce on his siblings. long limbs hold him steady and jut his chest out, causing him to have a straight back and gives the illusion of a strict posture.
          face: amber eyes, sapphire blue(HEX: #52B2BF) primarily dominating the left and jungle green(HEX: #29AB87) the right. hickory(HEX: #351E10) grooves cutting into the bridge of his nose, the color making a swirl below his eyes. the outer sides of his eyes are outlined with a thin layer of white, highlighting the sparkly orbs. his nose is a pebble grey(HEX: #333333), dainty.
          mane+tail: tailtip iron-ashen(HEX: #48494B) as if preparing to take after his mothers' fire elementals. his mane is thick, fanning out in the winters to keep him warm. that color is also iron-ashy(HEX: #48494B), like the fluffy tip of his tail.
          body: his fur is a coffee(HEX: #4B371C) color, underbelly is a pale lion brown(HEX: #C19A6B) that dissolves into dots at the hipbones. his paws are black, running up to his elbows and mixing with the colors.
          pattern: smaller spots starting from the corners of his eyes and running down the length of his body and growing in size. the patterns are faded dusty brown(HEX: #D2B48C) that will develop into colors later.

     full-grown body:
          build: body long, sleek, muscular, hardened with age. taken after the dominating in the father figure, muscles clearly visible, everything sharp
          face: angular jawline, sharp slashes across his face and a harsh gleam in his optics, color still the same amber.
          mane+tail: thickness still the same but the colors start turning a chilli red(HEX: #C21807) mixing with barn red(HEX: #7C0A02), including strands of orange(HEX: #ED7014) and bumblebee-yellow(HEX: #FCE205).
          body: his fur is a now coffee color(HEX: #4B371C).
          pattern:, the spots at the corners of his eyes turning to a dusty crimson(HEX: #B90E0A) and the rest of the spots on his body a mix of cherry-rouge(HEX: #990F02) until it ends up a mixed reddish-orange(HEX: #FF2800).

     mbti: entj
the commander: ShowHide
Commanders are natural-born leaders. People with this personality type embody the gifts of charisma and confidence, and project authority in a way that draws crowds together behind a common goal. However, Commanders are also characterized by an often ruthless level of rationality, using their drive, determination and sharp minds to achieve whatever end they’ve set for themselves.

     long description: with his size being his main dominating trait lucinder has always been able to keep a calm and collected head no matter the situation. he's very strategic, not focusing on a direct solution that might be too easy but looking at trickier ways to solve it. he would express his opinion if needed and if asked, always thinking long-term and looking at how answers would lead to future problems. he doesn't like mess, chaos, but prefers everything in order, appearing rigid and harsh when he wants to. he's a natural leader when necessary, able to keep his temper in check, reserved in his ways of movements and only explaining himself if he has to, careful to not let his emotions rule his head.
sometimes life is harsh and so is he. he's blunt, talking to someone who messed up (should they be older) very directly, might even be borderline brash, (should they be younger) he'd speak in a softer tone, sympathising with the other and getting to the root of the problem easily. he values knowledge  a lot but has very little empathy. he's a judge, jury and executioner rolled in one, not hesitating one bit to do what has to be done to punish whoever broke what rule. he's held back though easily, has massive self-control, loyal and following rules to the period. he's old-fashioned, not good with dealing with change but gets used to it in a few days, max a week.

other: will potentially purchase fire elemental - develops this in his grown body
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