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Regarding recent events
« on: August 28, 2020, 12:52:21 AM »

Staff have been getting questions, and the site has been getting flooded with spammy threads and threads made specifically to cause drama. Due to the narrative being pushed in the direction they wanted by spreading rumors and lies about what, exactly, happened, staff wanted to clear some stuff up with everyone on the site. We do not normally do this, and would not like to do it in the future, as it seems like "outing" someone, but in this case it seems necessary.

On August 27, 2020, after leaving the site Verdi put Kuga in charge of Elysium. Soon after, Kuga was asked to join the main site's discord as there is a clan leader's chat there, made so that people who are leaders and staff can discuss plots in private. When asked to do so, Kuga was then rude towards the staff member, talking down to them, and when asked another question about the god plots that were happening in Elysium to avoid confusing, the talking down to and being rude was worsened. All Kuga received of this was a warning. This was merely a slap on the wrist, nothing notable. This was Kuga's first warning, but not the first time they've used a condescending tone with staff - and in response she decided to leave the site, which in and of itself would have been fine had she not posted the leaving thread she did.

Kuga's leaving thread stated that they were being forced to join the bob server - a sentiment that wasn't true - and states that staff "to ban without context and without warning". We have never banned without context or without warning before. It has never been publicly stated for the confidentiality of the people on the site that have been warned because we don't want harassment happening on the site. Regarding the "Respect will get you nothing here, unless you would like a warning" mention in Kuga's post as well, we respect everyone on site, and have a three strike system for a reason. People mess up, and people grow and change. We give people second chances despite their warnings and want to make sure the site is safe for everyone here, which is why there are rules and why people get warned for not following them.

Due to the short span of rude actions and what followed, Kugawing was banned for five days. Others claim permanent, but it is truly five days. Everyone deserves that second chance and unlike other websites, we are not willing to knock an user offline after one incident.

After this, spamming and overall rudeness from a group of members ensued. Those actions have led to several warnings and temporary bans. This is why this announcement is being made. Unfortunately, our hand was forced. For the betterment of our website, we would like to come clean and make the above statement. 

Staff is trying to be as clear as possible with these issues, but please understand that confidentiality comes into play. This comes in to protect the users of Beasts of Beyond from harassment, rudeness, and discrimination from their actions/warnings/bans. We are trying our best to handle things underneath the covers. As a staff team, we make all decisions as a group. While this may take awhile, it ensures the satisfaction of the overall outcome and allows staff to make a fair decision.

As human beings, we are flawed and always will be, and this is why we keep our communication as open as we can. We cannot grow without change and learning. With time, we adapt. Whenever there are concerns expressed to us by members we take the time to at the least discuss them and try to learn from them. Not everything can be done to make everyone happy, but we try our best to keep BoB a safe and welcoming space for all which is why our rules are the way they are. As much as it may seem intimidating, staff are as much people as everyone else, and we must keep open ears to our members. We would not exist without our memberbase and this is why we always encourage you all to contact us whenever you have concerns about anything. It's our job to take care of them.

This being said, smearing for the sake of dismissing staff and the memberbase is not tolerated and not considered criticism. Publicly critiquing the staff team is fine, but when things are taken out of context, narratives skewed, we cannot make room for this.

If you have any questions, concerns, or comments, please contact staff on-site within a private message.

Thank you for your time,
Beasts of Beyond Staff
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