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we are the ammunition -- she's back
« on: June 13, 2020, 09:14:22 PM »
  /we're now back to the present day

  The days of recovery were recorded all around her- in the dartboards (and surrounding sections of wall) bearing the marks of arrow shots, in the slight tint of coffee brown coating the insides of ceramic mugs, in the scattered patches of fabric haphazardly sewn together into what a generous creature might call “clothing”.

  She’d repaired most of the damage to her house caused by her breakdown a few weeks prior. The structural integrity luckily hadn’t been compromised by the fires, but she’d needed to dispose of a few burnt bookshelves and carpets. Four books had been damaged beyond repair, but she recalled seeing extra copies of three of them in Finnloch’s library.

  Sitting on her bed, Rin’s gaze drifted down to the stack of recovered books by the door of her room. The last one, the one that there weren’t extra copies of… it had been a copy of A Wrinkle in Time. The book seemed to come back into her life at the strangest times, and disappear just as quickly.

  ...Such was the cycle of life and death.

  Cautiously descending to the ground, Rin walked over to the door of her house and slowly turned the knob with her telekinesis. Facing the others was going to be strange and probably difficult, but she’d healed for the most part. She ought to get back to work, or at least show her face. They had to know that she was alive and well.

  ...Though “well” was a relative term, coming from the thoughts of a half-blind nervous wreck.

  Raising a paw to adjust the cloth bandages that she’d wrapped around the right side of her face, she glanced out at the street. There weren’t as many people walking around as usual. Stepping outside and shutting the door behind her, she proceeded out into the open, letting her eye wander.

  The air was warm- not unseasonably so, but still noticeable considering how cool it had been during the festival. The gentle sea breeze ruffled her fur as she passed by the dock, until she eventually came to a stop at the edge of the pier. Sitting down, she set her bag down next to her and reached in, pulling out a snickerdoodle.

  Quietly taking a bite out of the snickerdoodle and savoring the blend of cinnamon and sugar, Rin stared out at the horizon, watching the waves break over the earth’s curvature. She’d been meaning to apologize for not foreseeing Caesar’s betrayal, and not being properly prepared for the Messenger’s attack… she’d do it at the next meeting, most likely. If she waited too long, the curse might attach itself to Cooper, even though he was only the temporary Magna.

  With a sigh, she took another bite of the cookie and let her eye unfocus, her thoughts wandering.
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Warringkingdoms Kepler-Langley
 • aka "Rin"
 • this isn't the name she was born with, but she's keeping it
Magna of Elysium
 • held the Pisces title while part of The Ascendants
 • former cleric of The Ascendants
npc x npc
61 months old
 • ages on the 11th of every month
 • is unaware that she has a mutation causing her to not physically age beyond five years
• base form is a black-and-white bicolor Norwegian Forest Cat with one green eye
 • has three green streaks running horizontally on both cheeks, and one green stripe on each front leg, still doesn't know why
 • wears a green scarf with multiple tears in the fabric
 • has scars from arrow wound on right front leg and right shoulder, as well as burn scars on her left shoulder, right side, and tail tip, bite marks on her left front and back legs, and claw marks on her face, neck, and chest
 • is missing her right eye and her lower left canine tooth
• has also appeared in other bodies, current form will be specified in battle posts
• powers:
 • telekinesis - proficient in, hasn't mastered (usually takes 5% of reserves per use)
 • conjuration - proficient in, hasn't mastered (usually takes 5% of reserves per use)
 • shapeshifting - not proficient in (currently having difficulty using on command)
 • fire elementals - not proficient in
 • health transfer - not proficient in
 • water elementals - not proficient in
 • clairvoyance - semi-discovered, not proficient in
• starts every thread with 100% reserves
physical difficulty: medium-hard
mental difficulty: hard
• used to have retrograde amnesia due to a head injury; has recovered her memories, but prefers not to think about them
• has a persona named Nemhain, who she has a mental bond with
single, not looking
recent events:
 • lost an eye in an assassination attempt by Caesar Cipher
 • helped fight off the Messenger
 • recovered from her injuries
• PM @Verdigris to plot


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