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phantom pain // mistrim
« on: March 07, 2020, 11:22:02 PM »
Another day, another dead god. It seems everyone in Elysium is fully capable of handling them, even if Lemy can't shake the feeling that something's going to go wrong in the near future. Well, he thinks as he shoots a glance off the side, in the direction of a certain someone's house. His ever-present smile tilts into a half-smirk. Not everyone.

Despite his late arrival, Lemy had managed to catch the tail-end of the Captain's little ransoming gamble. He should feel bad for poor Mistrim, he really really knows he should, but he can't help the little surge of triumph that runs through him at the realization that he wasn't the one humiliated this time.

He saw her lingering in the back during the checkups, and he's sure she saw his back as well. What did she think, he wonders, when she saw how he refused basic treatment yet gave up so easily? Did she think: 'What an idiot.' 'He can't take care of himself so others need to baby him.' 'Useless.' 'All he does is get himself hurt, he should have died instead of--'

The haze clears and suddenly he can hear the breaths he's taking through clenched teeth. He relaxes his jaw and plants a smile on his maw, taking note of the door he's in front of. Mistrim's. There's something brewing, deep in his throat, something that slithers and oozes down into his stomach. He recognizes the feeling, and allows himself to sink into it instead of pushing it down.

Mistrim seems to like Lemy, for whatever reason. Even though she really ought not to. She should get a clue from the rest of Elysium--nobody likes him. And he's fine with that. He won't let her ruin that.

"Misty! Heyaheya! Ya in there? Doin' okay? Wanna chat?" Lemy knocks on her door, smile bright and eyes dull.
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Re: phantom pain // mistrim
« Reply #1 on: March 09, 2020, 02:01:09 PM »
—Tomorrow is another day—
——And you won't have to hide away——
—Mistrim had refused to wrap any bruises or cuts from her recent training. She thought that she could stay at home and avoid people. She had done so plenty of times before and she felt that today wouldve been no different. She even had her bundle of blankets set up so that she didnt need to get up to get anything else.

Why was everyone taking an interest in her lately?

After the recent attack, Mistrim felt that she truly saw her worth...or lack there of. She didnt want anyone to feel sorry over her becuase she didnt deserve the pity or the sympathy if she couldnt pull her weight in Elysium. Lemy, Rin, Nemhain...nobody needed her extra weight on their shoulders. She would sure try to support all of them and the rest of the Elysites in any way she could but it seemed harder and harder to keep up.

Almost as if he heard Mistrim’s thoughts, she heard Lemy’s voice through her door. She didnt expect him of all people to show up and it made her loathe the timing. She got out of her little bundle of blankets with a quiet groan from her aching body. She thought about just ignoring it but that seemed too rude to do for someone who in her mind, had helped her so much.

”Hey Lemy, did you need to talk to me for any reason in particular or are you just here to chat? She tried to hide her soreness but there wasnt much that she was able to hide. She wasnt great at concealing pain so she just acted like nothing was wrong with her. She just hoped that he didnt bring it up to much. She didnt want him to try to stop her from getting stronger or find her too weak to be a good friend or use his power to kick her out of the territory or...or...

She waved Lemy inside, sitting back in her makeshift blanket pile as she turned to him. She really did see him as a good friend. One of the first people she met after her memories dissapeared, in fact. She would hate for him to push her away becuase she was weak.—
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