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Warringkingdoms Kepler-Langley
 • aka "Rin"
 • this isn't the name she was born with, but she's keeping it
• not-exactly-temporary member of Elysium
 • held the Pisces title while part of The Ascendants
 • former cleric of The Ascendants
• briefly staying in the Typhoon while recovering from injuries
npc x npc
50 months old
 • ages on the 11th of every month
• base form is a black-and-white bicolor Norwegian Forest Cat with green eyes
 • has three green streaks running horizontally on both cheeks, and one green stripe on each front leg, still doesn't know why
 • wears a green scarf with multiple tears in the fabric
 • has a scar from an arrow wound on right front leg, as well as burn scars on her left shoulder and right side
• has also appeared in the form of a black and white Eurasian otter
• powers:
 • telekinesis - proficient in, hasn't mastered (usually takes 5% of reserves per use)
 • conjuration - proficient in, hasn't mastered (usually takes 5% of reserves per use, more if the object is more than 10 meters away)
 • shapeshifting - not proficient in (currently having difficulty using on command)
 • health transfer - undiscovered
• starts every thread with 100% reserves
physical difficulty: medium-easy
 • currently suffering from bite wounds on left front leg and right back leg, burn wounds on tail, minor concussion, stab wound to the right shoulder, and other minor cuts and bruises
mental difficulty: hard
• used to have retrograde amnesia due to a head injury; has recovered her memories, but prefers not to think about them
single, not looking
recent events:
 • watched the Ascendants' observatory burn down due to the Pitt
 • had an acquaintance murdered by Anti
 • killed the Maiden, but was severely shaken by the event- gained shapeshifting, but can't control it yet
• PM @Verdigris to plot

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