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« on: July 07, 2019, 09:40:26 AM »
bad girlfriend
It was a test, was it? The rottsky grinned to himself, licking his lips. He nodded to the question that the larger beast asked, his purple hidden eyes settled directly on the leader. "I do. Did a lot of it on m'self back in the city." He commented, eyes settling on the three herbs in his paws. He grimaced, seeing their condition as Kli brought them forward. Really, big guy? A sigh escaped Myhri's maw. "Yeah, yeah, big guy." Myhri stepped closer, before sighing to himself.

"Marigold is used to stop bleeding and infection. It can be chewed- the stem and leaves- into a poultice or the juice from the stem can be used. The poultice can be spread." He said quietly. As his eyes shifted to poppy seeds, he grimaced. Back in the city, that was used as a drug- not by Orange Eyes, thankfully, but it was used. He reluctantly answered on that one. "Poppy seed is chewed on by the patient. Relieves shock, pain, and helps them sleep." His voice was bitter, it seemed.

The leaves were the last one. They were typically hard to distinguish from other leaves. Myhri picked one up, gently sniffing at it. They had a significant spicy smell to them. "I forget the name of these, admittedly- they're a kind of leaf that can be used for either bleeding or birth. For help during birth, pretty sure you eat em'. Dunno though, these are kinda out there Kliment." He offered, stepping back after setting down the leaf. Myhri had sure has hell never used them.

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The Blackguard / Re: I NEED YOU SO MUCH CLOSER / death
« on: July 01, 2019, 09:49:34 AM »
bad girlfriend
Death wasn't something Myhri had considered for himself. Heroics weren't for him, either. Myhri just wanted an easy life, living in the middle of the extremes and staying under the radar. Repeated abuses circled his mind, Orange Eyes making his life a living hell at every step. The thought of her made his ears flatten. That was one fight he had run from. He could have killed her, wrapped his fangs around his neck and dug in, murdering the rascal for hurting him and using him.

But he didn't. That was a wall he couldn't leap, killing someone. He would be no hero if he did, after all. He would be as bad as them for trying to kill him in turn, for doing something he didn't really do. Myhri was only reminded of this futile circle- where dog eats dog, and Pittians murder jaguars- when he came across the body. Myhri had been wandering the cold tundra to find food, but found something deathly instead.

It only reminded him of that bear. It only reminded him of the trek they all went upon, the one that all came to an end. But Damianos' had ended early. The sharp, warm smell of the desert. The unmoving, bloodied body of the god that Myhri had learned to care for, to feed- that god couldn't even do that much for himself. Myhri slowly sat, his heart racing and mind blank. Did he scream for help? Would he cry over the body of the god? Would he cry? No, Myhri didn't cry. He wouldn't, he couldn't just cry-

In his stupor, he barely managed to notice the body laying next to Damian.

In the silence the three shared, Myhri barely noticed the yips in the distance.

Myhri's jaw worked for a moment, before prying open and mumbling a few words. "Sabishiku naru yo." He managed. He couldn't understand, really, why he missed him. Why he couldn't just move past it, like he had with so many others before. Slowly, he looked towards the marbled fox. Myhri stared at him, and looked on, before slowly pushing to his paws. He stepped about Damian's body gently, before lowering his nose towards the fox and gently nudging him with it.

"Hey." He whispered, afraid of breaking the silence of the tender situation.

Sabishiku naru yo - I'm going to be lonely without you
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The Blackguard / Re: BABY FLAT-LINE / myhri
« on: July 01, 2019, 09:34:47 AM »
bad girlfriend
Myhri observed the jaguar, at this point. His unique coat and quiet mannerisms- even beyond being mute he was quiet. His ears twitched gently as awaited his answer. A grin settled on Myhri's face, widening at the curt nod. He winked behind his sunglasses. "Well, c'mon. There's no point in waiting around." Myhri headed back towards his house, glancing over his shoulder to make sure Damian was following.

Myhri looked back forward, his ears twitching. They made the long trek there, and Myhri let out a physical sigh once he made it to the hut. "Here we are." Myhri said, a grin wide on his face. He pushed the door open, wincing at the faint scent of cigarette and mango. He shook it off, stepping inside and heading for a cupboard. "Uh, make yourself comfy I guess. There isn't a whole lot in here right now." Myhri said, nodding towards the broken chairs, and the bed Myhri was using until he could find things to fix his house up with.

He turned his back, making a small dish, keeping his ears perked if Damian needed anything.

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Plotting / Re: you just want attention xx plot with myhri
« on: June 28, 2019, 10:23:12 PM »
probably not until after he comes out
im not quite sure how im working out his upcoming relationship with that either tbh

The Blackguard / Oneshot dreaming in sepia xx oneshot
« on: June 28, 2019, 09:47:05 PM »
bad girlfriend
Something in this hut he had taken over caused a song to scramble in his head. A faint scent- one he had never expected to find again- haunted his memory, burned his heart like acid. It felt like he was drowning in it, as he lay there on the wooden floor. A mix of cigarette and a mango spray she used on her fur. Her. The thought of her caused his eyes to drift to the side. He had hurt her, but she had hurt him worse. Myhri wasn't perfect, not by any means, but that whore had done so much worse then he did.

"When you were here before
Couldn't look you in the eye"

In dull rooms, back in the city, they labored alone. Myhri lay across the floor from her, those orange irises pinning him there. She had such a smoking hot stare, something that could bend Myhri's will. Why did he keep coming back, afterall? He didn't know. Her drug circle, the cigarettes hanging between her jaws. Those things were his vices, but she was the real addiction. In that still moment, with static ringing in his ears from the radio across the street, he had pushed to his paws. He couldn't look into those orange eyes, but that was okay. His eyes were seeing blurry messes anyways.

"You're just like an angel
Your skin makes me cry"

Her head had turned to him. Those perfect, pointed ears. Her groomed fur, that she had made him work at, getting all of the kinks out. She refused to groom herself. Said to him- "I'm above that. This job is for my pet." Those words had made him flinch- was he really only good for cleaning her, working for her? He had things to offer. She didn't want them, did she? Wordless, mouth partway open, the rottsky had stood before her perfect white fur, staring at those orange- almost red- headlights. Her head had tilted down, sitting on the counter above him. A sharp grin, teeth poking through as she said to him- "What is it, Yowamushi?"

"You float like a feather
In a beautiful world
And I wish I was special
You're so fuckin' special"

He hadn't answered then. She had cracked his last pair of glasses for speaking out of turn. He couldn't leave. His heart wanted to explode, but he needed them. No, not the cancer sticks. Her, he needed her. He stepped back, pressing his paws against his ears, nose groveling in the dirt. There was a rage in his head, all of a sudden, the thudding of his heart too loud. His breathing shuddered, his body giving out and thudding against the dirty wood of the run down abandoned store.

"But I'm a creep, I'm a weirdo.
What the hell am I doing here?"

His paws fell from his ears, pushing him up. His gaunt figure- from the torture of drugs and Her alike, he was starving. He looked towards the door, struggling towards it. She pushed to her paws. "Where are you going, pet?" She hissed out. Myhri ignored her. His paws raked through the glass on the ground, scrabbling away. He grabbed his bag on the way out, jumping over the window sill, out into the dark night.

"I don't belong here."

In the hut, his eyes flinched only once. He had lay awake that night. No one wanted him, back in the city, did they? His chest ached. Did they even want him here, really? Myhri pushed to his paws. He wanted to the burn the hut. He couldn't take the stink of tobacco and mango anymore. Orange irises burned into his head, the scar on his cheek and paws. A sigh escaped the maw of Myhri. He didn't have what it took to forget it, he supposed. He moved, pulling the ratty blanket he found closer around him and laying down.

// i don't expect replies, just trying to scribble down some backstory!!

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The Blackguard / Re: THEY WORK IN THEIR SMILES / finding bell
« on: June 28, 2019, 09:09:11 PM »
bad girlfriend
"Wow, oh man. There's a whole buncha people over here, isn't there?" Myhri muses as he pads up, probably the loudest of the bunch- against Indie, maybe not, but there would be a lot to say. Myhri had a shiteating grin on his face again, the rottsky's mouth spread wide as his glasses shined light back. His eyes flicked from the weird bell, to Sar, then back to Damian who looked utterly confused. He hadn't heard what Indie or Kli said yet, so he scooched closer to Dami, putting on a defensive look.

"Do you have any idea whats going on either?" He said to Dami quietly, still looking at the situation at which people kept piling up. He looked at the bell again, frowning.

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« on: June 28, 2019, 08:43:50 PM »
bad girlfriend
Myhri typically didn't eat a lot of meat. Finding corpses of animals that may have been sentient at one time kinda freaked him out- because what if he ended up that way? Some douchebag vulture named Karen coming along, finding his dead body and picking his innards out. It gave him the fucking shivers. So padding about the territory, trying to find little places to grow herbs besides camp- because he was planning on making a tea blend for Indie- and coming across a bear carcass made him draw back a little back. He grimaced.

Purple eyes behind purple sunglasses glanced about, behind him towards camp, and to the skies, which is where he normally would find Akane or that new dude, he supposed. Myhri looked back towards the corpse of Tomislav, and sat down. He uttered beneath his breath, eyes closed. "Otsukaresama deshita." He then dipped his head, growing a small, white flower and placing it just before Tomislav's nose. Honest, it wasn't Myhri's favorite to bring back his language, or made up a funeral service for someone he really didn't know, if this was even a funeral.

But it was something, right?

Otsukaresama deshita - Thank you for your hard work

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The Blackguard / Re: graves — joining
« on: June 25, 2019, 09:47:10 PM »
bad girlfriend
"Ah, what the FUCK-"

The screech echoed about the territory, causing Myhri's eyes to snap open and his body on instant adrenaline. He stumbled to his paws, setting out from his hut- where he was staying until he decided, that is- and stumbled until he could see the swirling clouds and.. yeah, shit. There was two of them now, wasn't there? Myhri picked up his glasses, throwing them onto his head and starting to jog.. 'closer'. The chattering and the cries of that beast were unnerving, to say the least.

Myhri came to a stop, staring at the beast after it climbed from the hole. Myhri slowly sat back on his haunches, raising a paw to his mouth and chewing on his nails. "This is a pile of crap. Oh man, Kli is gonna be so pissed." Myhri chuckled to himself, before standing on his back legs, and waved his paw up high, trying to make himself louder above the sound of cloud and the beast alike. Now, Myhri wasn't a fighter. Make love, not war, right?

"HEY, UH, BIG DUDE? CAN I TALK TO YOU FOR A SEC?" Hopefully, this guy didn't have the same complex Akane did. That three-headed dude was very.. pompous at times.

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Plotting / Animal you just want attention xx plot with myhri
« on: June 25, 2019, 09:38:35 PM »
bad girlfriend
hey all!! im autumn / auto and i play myhri here. myhri is gonna be my new main, he currently lives in the blackguard, so take that in mind he'll probably not play nice with a lot of places!! hes a player and hes super gay and super virgin but he won't let anyone know and doesn't even want to accept it himself,,

open to:
> friends
> enemies
> long term plots
> one night stands, no litters, which he'll end up regretting
> crushes, probably one sided on him

> capture / injury
> capturing / injuring others

> death
> love plots

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The Blackguard / Private im your crime xx kliment
« on: June 25, 2019, 09:19:49 PM »
bad girlfriend
Truth be told, all of the characters at this establishment- if you could call a group moving to an Aztec sacrificing zone an 'establishment'- were rather interesting. Kliment happened to be one of them. That body, the way he spoke- he realized that Myhri knew little to nothing about the leader. If he was going to make anything for himself, rise up the ranks to where he would want to stand, he would have to get closer to Kliment. Earn personal favor, show that he could be useful. Something in his consciousness whispered that Myhri couldn't be useful after the city.

He pushed that thought from his head.

Myhri padded about camp, idly searching for Kliment. It wasn't an active activity, really, just a thought burning in the back of his head. He swung his head about, looking over his shoulder. He was trying to determine which was better, right at the moment, a hut or moving to dig an underground home. Or that inn of Indies, he wasn't sure. Maybe it would be best for Myhri to have a private place to stay. He sighed, looking back forward, ears shoving forward as he idly paced the camp. Myhri fluffed up his fur as he continued on.


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The Blackguard / Re: DO WHAT YOU WANNA DO && territory discovery
« on: June 25, 2019, 09:09:56 PM »
bad girlfriend
Maybe it was pure coincidence that the rottsky ran across the inn, just as Indie had. He was looking for a good spot to plant his underground den in. Honestly, it would insulate better that way. Maybe that was just the snow dog instinct in him, after all. He, however, did run across the inn just as the door shut. He frowned, hair on all ends. He hadn't seen Indie just a moment before, but one quick glance to the ground showed the smaller pawprints leading towards the inn, disturbing the frost-bitten ground.

Myhri twitched his nose, stepping closer as he slowly knocked on the door. It wasn't long until he had pushed the door open himself, leaving no time for Indie to really come closer. He managed to bypass the sign that so called Indie closer. "Yello?" He called inside, nose twitching as he peeked around the door. He froze, purple eyes behind the purple hued glasses focused on the smaller beast. "Oh, damn, Indie it's just you." He said, stepping inside and pushing the door closed with a grunt.

He turned to look at the place, which seemed supremely run down besides the fireplace, the windows which had been freshly boarded up, arranged room with dust settling from where they had been pushed. Once again, ignoring the stairs. Myhri's eyes traced around the room, to the candle by the bar. He stepped closer, a low whistle persisting from his muzzle. "Quite a cozy place you got. Dusty as all hell, though."

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« on: June 24, 2019, 07:44:26 PM »
bad girlfriend
He had been at the meeting. The word had felt weird in his ears, and no doubt it would be weird coming off of his tongue. This 'haruspex' word meant healer, essentially. Now, Myhri wasn't a huge fighter. He didn't like getting banged up, scars weren't his thing and besides, his rocking sunglasses would get broken, right? He padded towards the gathering, bouncing back onto his hind legs and waving his paw high.

"I wanna try out! I can grow herbs and shit like that!" He called, easily settling back down onto his front paws not long afterwards. He gave Kliment a grin as he did, ears pushed forward and tail wagging.

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The Blackguard / Re: BABY FLAT-LINE / myhri
« on: June 24, 2019, 07:39:30 PM »
bad girlfriend
A smile was the first thing the other had to offer. Myhri's ears twitched and perked, waiting for some response otherwise. But none came, in the end, the jaguar remained completely silent. Guilt ate at Myhri's insides as he considered what he asked of the jaguar. He frowned, flattening his ears. However, the sound that followed next, eating up the empty silence and chasing it away, made a grin crack on his face. Myhri had a hunch- and in the end, it looked like he was right.

"Forget talking about it. You have to be starving. You wanna grab something to eat?" Myhri questioned, nodding towards the jaguar's stomach. He tilted his head expectantly.

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The Blackguard / Re: DEVIL TRAIN / MEETING
« on: June 16, 2019, 09:05:42 AM »
bad girlfriend
Myhri ears' twitched as he stepped closer, listening to what the far larger male had to say. He say down, not particularly close to anyone but not alone either. He sat, idly bored. So this is what it was like to be part of a structured group, instead of the drug circles they had in the city? He guessed he could get used to it. He dipped his head as his name was called, idly recognizing the new name of the group.

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The Blackguard / Re: BABY FLAT-LINE / myhri
« on: June 16, 2019, 09:01:34 AM »
bad girlfriend
Myhri had always been mortal. Raised himself on the streets on the city, learning how to fit in with all of the other strays and partying from sunset to sunrise, and all the space inbetween spent caring for hangovers and the aftermath of a dirty party in his home. Learning to cook had only been natural, and caring for his hygiene was important to him. But when he saw Damianos in such a state, recognizing the skinny figure, skin clinging to bones without meat between them, his ears flattened.

How did anyone let it get that bad when they were surrounded by people who ate every single meal, and snacked in the offtime? Was that what Myhri did? Yes, absolutely. Myhri had just been traveling back to his dug snow den- which was obviously the warmest- when he spotted the jaguar again. The one that couldn't speak, he believed, though he didn't know if he could hear or not. "Hey, uh.. whatcha up to over there?" Myhri said, slowly stepped closer as not to spook him if he couldn't hear.

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