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Posted by: crow roux
« on: January 24, 2019, 09:58:47 PM »

action — "speech"thoughts

"I wouldn't say 'disappointed'," the feline scoffed, his eyes narrowing with sarcastic tease as his paws reached for a bottle nearby. "Maybe more than disappointed. Thought I had gotten you out of my fur." But his spectacle was far from done. His maw would curl into a smirk as he took a drink, then concentrated his sights on the floating orb Morgan held in a trance-like state, and just like that, a small portion overcame the samoyed's hold and popped off, but it fell to the floor with a gentle splash.

Crow's facial expression was that of sheer upset, and his mouth gaped slightly with embarrassment. "Nooo, I meant to steal the whole thing!"
Posted by: leroy
« on: January 15, 2019, 06:53:21 PM »

A smirk broke upon the slipshod canine’s mug as a retort to the first arrival - Morgan. The pearly pooch always failed to disappoint Leroy with his pleasant presence. Every time the poofy fellow entered a room, the overall tone alleviated into a state of mirth, which meant he was perfect for parties such as this humble shindig.

In amusement would his amber hues observe Morgan’s sorcerous actions, fetching aqua with ease by using no more than brain waves. The endowment to manipulate fluids was what Morgan possessed, and what a power to have. The raw vigor that came with a gift like that was incredible, allowing the Samoyed to pull off some pretty gnarly shit. There was the time with the gator, in which he swindled the juices that operated in the reptile’s eyes into exploding; truly a brutal feat indeed. Tonight, though, his magic tricks were wielded as a tool for drinking plain old water, it appeared.

A compliment towards his living space was likely the last utterance the Guardsman expected to hear tonight, and eve in which everybody shared the confines of his humble, fairly disorganized home. He’d accept it, though. It was from Morgan, anyways, the same individual who enjoyed Leroy’s cooking.

“My friend,” he jovially began, “I’d say it’s an ode t’ the good times. Th’ crap for tomorrow and yesterday’s shit can be forgotten, ‘cause we celebrate tonight.”

“Drink-wise,” the gray-highlighted cur continued, “‘ve developed a controlled gusto of sorts for whiskey. Can’t be good for me, but man does it do the trick! ... If ya aren’t interested in booze, I made sure t’ grab some juices and stuff, if ya wanted anything more fancy than water.”

Consecutively, his attention put itself on his second guest, Crow. The most recent time the pair had met was back during that ill-fated junkyard trek, where Leroy invited most of Tanglewood to go dumpster diving, only for them to discover a sleeping buffoon.

“Came this close - sorry t’ disappoint”, a joking reply arose from his aged maw. “Make yourself comfy, if possible; grab a drink or three, if ya want.”

“’m not the best at hosting stuff,”
he’d then mumble quietly, reacting to his irregularly blithe demeanour.
Posted by: crow roux
« on: January 14, 2019, 11:43:39 PM »

action — "speech"thoughts

Leroy smelled like shoe polish. Crow decided that when he first caught sight of the worn canine bumbling around outside a few weeks ago, and he did not expect more when his rosy nose poked itself tentatively into Leroy's abode. Pungent odours, innumerable he could not place, assaulted his senses in unison as he fully stepped in, cautious glances over his shoulders sweeping the unfamiliar and unkempt surroundings. 'Peculiar.' He expected Leroy would be tidier.

Under his socked paws could be heard a pat pat as his damp toes clung grudgingly to the flooring. Crow advanced toward the pair, one of whom had managed to beat him to arrival, then squinted frolicsome in the direction of the alabaster samoyed. His jade gaze would then shift to Leroy, old Leroy, and words left his mouth as expeditiously as they entered his head. "I haven't seen you in forever. Thought you died."

Posted by: Morgan
« on: January 11, 2019, 05:01:58 PM »

Morgan tried his best not to comment on the smell as he arrived alone on the scene. He already had rather uncomfortable memories with other Tanglers consuming alcohol in the past, and the horrid odor that came from such drinks gave him even less of a reason to try it in the future. Instead, he simply located the nearest source of water and floated some toward his mouth in the shape of a sphere. Taking a sip of the sphere, he acknowledged Leroy with a nod. It was his longtime comrade who had set things up, it seemed; the General was glad to have the chance to support him for his event even if he did not necessarily like its premise.

The samoyed found himself approaching his fellow canine before long, considering he had nobody else to talk to just yet.
"Hey, Leroy,"
he barked, taking another sip of his water.
"What inspired you to make this little party? I like how cozy it is."
Tanglewood itself had become quite 'cozy' as of late - nearly as much of a ghost town as it had been during the previous September.
"What's your favorite thing to drink, anyway? There's so many options here..."
Posted by: leroy
« on: January 10, 2019, 07:49:56 PM »

In no way was Leroy Starkweather a boozer.

An inconsiderate fussbudget? A quick-tempered milksop? A fathead lacking any patience whatsoever?

Those, the Guardsman was indeed, and he wore them with pride, akin to a champion wrestler and his title belt.

Nevertheless, a good-for-nothing befuddled boozer the male was not. Drinking away the aches and pains and remorseless displeasures of life is not in his nature - that was the coward’s way out, and just like a drunkard, he was not a coward. Much rather, he would face those that ail him with such ferocity, they could not see him coming. Why was getting completely plastered every now and then frowned upon by today’s society?

Thus, tonight’s drinkfest was not caused by a significant event of blue funk. The pressures of inter-group relations had nothing on the mongrel, nor did the many comings and goings of faces that he had not taken the time to meet personally. Perhaps this was not the case for his comrades, yet as of late, Leroy inhabited a world of his own leisure. It was a world tha blocked out the harsh, lousy nature of the outside realm, allowing one to wallow in nothing but their own thoughts and material goods. And if someone were to judge, let them; their trivial critiques had no value in his personal plane.

Apparently, time had moved on out there whilst the hound hung around in his rinky-dink hut. A new year rung in, leaving the last one to exist absolutely nowhere, except in memory. Memories did not last for eternity, though, and soon enough, when all intellegent creatures of this age moved on, 2018 would be forgotten. Tonight’s drinkfest was not in celebration of the past year.

Memories were the foundation for failure, and anyone who saw otherwise was a fool. One can not base the future’s potential on past events, for the future is a chaotic bumbling force that is unable to be predicted. And only insanity awaited those who immersed themselves in visions of the olden days. Thus, tonight’s drinkfest was not for the memories.

It was a “huzzah” the party. One could not predict the future, and living in the past was not adequate. The only remaining option was a thank you to the good times to be had in the present day. And so it was.

The doors had been opened, the worlds collided. Out of his personal pocket of reality, did he prudently step. The problems of reality were welcomed once again, as the canine made himself present for the first time in quite a whiles.

Someone had to inform Tanglewood of tonight’s drinkfest.

It was not completely based on alcohol, tonight’s celebration. The nickname drinkfest only came to life to make the cause seem a tad more fun. Whiskeys, ales, wines, and other beverages that a quadruped like himself should not consume lay on smaller coffee table, while various munchies (including the signature ‘Tanglewood S’more’) were hastily placed on a timeworn ottoman. And, of course, non-alcoholic beverages were available for the pansies.

Now he’d wait. Anticipating the groans in reaction to his presence, and his barely-cleaned environment. The groans and moans he had gotten used to, and tonight was a night for getting messy, so whomever criticizes the unwholesomeness wasn’t seeing things clearly.

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