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My friends have always // open+Typhoon blind date event // been the best of me

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//Nope! Open for interactions! No worries ^^//

Argus was aware that what she was, all that she was- was not wrong. To be herself and honest was key, not only within her clan but with their allies. But argus had come here from the break in honesty, running away from the past she was not ready to accept- and now it was t e a r i n g through her skin. She felt it thrum with every callous heartbeat. Her ear's picking up every heady thrum of other's nearby. To much- toomuch-

Iron claws digging through flesh. Death exhaled as she watched eyes white out and r o t her muzzle caked in blood- jaws snapping close around a still beating heart. popping the organ with a powerful crunch and the feeling- essence flowing through her throat empowering her - fueling her--

But being honest did not mean she had to revert. Going back in time. To a time that Argus was nothing and she lived in tunnels like these. Where she spent each day a hulking beast. Argus was better than her others- even in  a setting like this she would not let her past or her instincts rule her. She shook her head. Dull red eyes bouncing across the cavern as she raised the flask to her own maw. Letting the horrid taste dribble down her thorat and chase away the phantom joy she rarely indulged anymore.

She was aware of eyes on her self. But in a party where she was trying to smear in the shadows of the wall (ha, she couldn't do that. She was white now. bright, light). It wasn't until August spoke to her that she jumped. Wings flaring at her sides. Ruby eyes glanced over towards the rotting corpse animated and she cracked a slightly amused smile. Well, there was a thing to say about the dead attracted to her. Shinigami, Zactov, bloodclanner or no. The dead was always around, weren't they? At least this time she didn't have to worry about getting odd glances.

"Thanks? For a deer you're very small." Argus' voice was slightly questioning, but mellowed out near the end of her first sentence. Ruby eyes watching the other and slowly uncoiling from where she had settled. " Names Argus, and yeah- I'm from the typhoon. Nice place. Open air good views. Crabby, but good intentioned crewmates too. Like a big, messed up family. Just watch out for the jungle juice." She chuckled a little, an inside joke of the clan that they lived in- for sure. The traditions were odd, and argus was too busy partaking in them to worry about the implications.

"How about the snowbound? Anything interesting to do around here?"

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He stared blankly off to the side for a few seconds after she spoke, squinting slightly. His ears swivelled to face her completely and he seemed to be listening to her speaking with full attention. August couldn't remember ever having to try so hard just to pay attention to the words someone was saying. Perhaps that meant he truly was dumb now.

Huh. He hadn't ever thought he was small for a deer before. But, then again, he'd not met any other deer besides his parents and the few deer who'd lived in their small herd. "I think I am just below average for my.. Specific species? Yes."

Her next words had him pretty confused. "Jungle.. Juice? So your group lives in a jungle? It must be much warmer than here." He was almost jealous; although he'd be numb regardless of whether it was cold or not, he thought it'd be nice to see some strong, warm sunlight. It'd be nice to see all the foliage lit up by the sun. Or, just to see a lot of foliage in general.

"I do not know much of this group yet. I joined very recently, after I.. Woke back up. We had a meeting. Is that just a group thing? I have also seen the others playing games sometimes." August took a moment to take some breaths, although it was ultimately pointless as his body didn't really do anything with the air.

"Our leader spoke of a festival. That will be exciting."


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Surprisingly, Pincher did not paritcularily wanted to be here. It was a shocker really that someone like himself (a lover for parties and fun celebrations) was struggling to convince himself to actually come to the blind dating event that had been created for the two groups. It was rather odd how different they were in reality. A snowy landscape combining forces with one that lived on an islad that was usually always covered in warm sun rays. He didn't enjoy traveling so far especially when he could be spending time with his crewmates in doing their own thing, their own wacky odd traditions. He wanted to remain at first but after hearing who was going to be leading the event and making sure it ran smoothly, an inner spark of curiosity burned inside his chest. He was not sure what the hell the feeling was nor why he felt it towards the Snowbounder but no matter how much he tried to think of it, he could never place his paw on what it was. Nervousness? For what exactly? Pincher didn't do nervousness. It wasn't like him and he didn't understand why it held him back and why he had tried to make it an excuse to staying behind while some of his members had decided to travel to the event. His mind stormed and echoed the question over and over, playing like a broken record until the pirate could no longer take it. He ended up preparing for the event, his appearance slowly molding into one of the more attractive versions of Pincher. And with that, the tall canine stalked after his crewmates with his arctic blue eyes locked forward onto the path. Might as well have fun when he got there.

As he slowly arrived at the ongoing voices and conversations that were tossed into the cold air, his velvety pointed ears pricking as he picked up his pace, his coffee brown splattered paws trying to avoid sinking into the snow too much. Tiny silver snowflakes outlined the lean figure of the captain as he stepped into the main tunnel where everyone was mingling, his vibrant sapphire blue eyes flickering around with a faint expression of surprise at how the event looked. Cozy yet classy, something around his taste and it caused a faint suave smirk to lace his jaws as he stepped in, halting for a moment to give his short obsidian pelt a light shake. He looked quite the same, nothing extraordinary but around his neck hung a glossy skinny tie that was a striking shade of electric blue, matching his eye color. The scarred doberman carried the scent of sea salt and coconut, a mixture that was somewhat accidental and somewhat on purpose as he walked calmly into the crowd of socialization. He was glancing around, a bit distracted as he searched for someone in particular but noticed London for a split second. She was quite cute, someone he certainly wouldn't mind charming. He bit softly against the matchstick that hung from his lips, humming softly as he simply kept listening to the various social comments that were being made. The most recent one seemed to come from a Snowbounder he did not recognize and was speaking to his Officer. He tipped his head ever so slightly as the obsidian male halted beside Argus, glancing towards her with a sly knowing grin at her statement of "jungle juice". The lovely reference that only the Typhoon crewmates were able to either laugh or growl at. "Yeah we live in a jungle. Well technically some members do, most live on the bay area of Paradis Island. It's hot as fuck there, that's all you gotta know. Names Pinch-" Before he was able to finish, his wandering luminous gaze locked onto the figure that he had been searching for. The soft fur and the sweater snatched his attention and forgetting what he was saying, the lean Romanian walked off towards the direction of the newly appointed Chief of the tribe.

The sound of his footsteps began to become softer as he grew near, drowned by the various voices that bounced against the tunnel walls as he crept behind Jacob. His casual cocky smirk turned to one of devilish mischief as he crept a little closer, his sleek muscular form in a prowling stalking position though he hesitated for a bit when he realized that Jacob had been asking if he would becoming to the event to Lilyspoise. Yet, not wanting to miss the opportunity of having a little fun, Pincher finally reached a good distant behind Jacob and suddenly rushed forward to bump playfully against the other canine, his shoulder aiming to press against the one of Jacob's. "You really think I'd miss this? I don't think so, mate. Besides, I've been meaning to find myself a good girl to have fun with." Pincher stated lightly, a low chuckle rumbling in his throat as the doberman smirked lightly, enjoying the feeling of the wolfdog before stepping back a bit to not push Jacob too hard. The playful side of Pincher slowly ebbed away as he turned his full attention towards Jacob, a surprisingly warm grin touching his muzzle as he locked his oceanic blue eyes with Jacob's. Surprisingly the nervousness he felt was now coming differently. He felt as if a swarm of butterflies were trapped inside his chest and stomach and not wanting to look like a fool just standing and staring there, Pincher forced himself to tear his gaze away and question "So where do I sign up? I'm looking for a...romantic relationship." His deep voice carried a small trace of hesitation yet he simply decided to glance towards London though he wasn't entirely sure if he even wanted to anymore. Play it cool, play it fucking cool. The sharp voice of his father crackled inside his mind and it forced Pincher to stand a little straighter, his excited expression now becoming one of cool suave behavior. Play it cool.
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WHAT A PRIVILEGE IT IS TO LOVE — Jacob looked down at Harrison and smiled, preparing to answer his son's question when someone else answered for him and he nodded in agreement. "Yes, a platonic date means that ya' jus' wanna' find a friend," he confirmed only moments before he felt a much larger being bump against his shoulder. The familiar scent of the sea washed over him and an uncontainable smile spread across his maw as he looked towards the doberman. He listened as he spoke about the event, yet his heart twisted at the mention of looking for a girl. Why would Pinch be looking for a girl? What did he need a girl for? That was a stupid question, Jacob knew why Pincher wanted a girl. It was the same reason that Jersey always wanted a girl around. He wasn't sure why that truth hurt him. What did he care if Pincher wanted to spend the night with some girl he met here? It wasn't any of Jacob's business. Still, Jacob somehow managed to maintain his smile, likely from the simple joy that was brought to him when he was around the Typhoon captain. "Well, 'm glad ya' decided ta' come by," there was a brief pause until he finished the statement, "'N I hope ya' enjoy you're evenin', whoever it's with." Could there be a trace of disappointment in his voice? No, why would he be disappointed? "Oh, I can jus' fill out a card. I was 'bout ta' pull 'em all out anyway," he answered, retrieving a slip of paper and writing Pinch's name and romantic, along with a preference for women before dropping it in the box. "Well, I'll see ya' later to- I mean I'll jus'... I'll see ya' in a bit. I gotta' pull these out, gimme a second." With that, he went to all the boxes and began to pull out different names and stacking the papers in pairs.

When he finished, he called out to the crowd once again, "'Scuse me, please give me your attention! I got everyone all paired off so ya' can feel free ta' go ta' your rooms as soon as they're ready. Alright, so I had ta' move one ah' ya' ta' platonic 'cause no one else that matched your preference signed up so... jus' keep that in mind I guess. Anyway, we have the platonic groups, which are @ARGUS 'n Killua, @pierce n' @LUCIFER GRIMM., @Keona. n' August, @harrison. n' @izuku. Then we only got one romantic pairin' which is..." there was just a moment of hesitation, "It's @lilyspoise and @PINCHER. Now, I'm gonna' get all ah' your rooms ready n' call when 'm ready. Thank you all so much for comin' n' I hope ya' have a nice night. You're welcome ta' stay in the main hall for as long as ya' like. If ya' still wanna' sign up, jus' lemme know because we do have extra members that could be paired together." With that, the husky left quickly to go prepare the rooms. —A GREAT HONOR TO HOLD YOU UP

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The arrival of so many people make Melantha uncomfortable, which is made obvious by how she so visibly clams up. The girl is grateful for both pierce and Jacob's kind words and offers to help, but she only manages an awkward smile in response. She can feel everyone's eyes on her. Her ear's twitch, hyper-aware of everyone's breathing. All the strange sights and smells... Her heart thunders in her chest. She feels like running. Despite how overwhelmed she feels, Mel is aware when Killua approaches her. In a normal situation, his familiar presence would calm her. But this is not a normal situation. This is a blind dating event. And, for some reason, she feels even more embarrassed when he approaches her. Mel laughs awkwardly. "Uh, yeah, I don't do well in crowds," like it isn't already obvious? "But I know this is important to Jacob so showing up is the least I can do. It won't kill me...I think." When Killua is distracted by London, Melantha feels a little annoyed. Not a lot, just a small amount. But it is enough to catch her attention. She is confused by the reaction, but writes it off as her latching onto him for moral support.

Being illiterate is frustrating, especially when she so desperately wants to know what Killua put on his card. She hopes they can get paired together so she doesn't have to meet someone strange and new. Yeah...that's why. Melantha only realizes that she has spaced out after Jacob announces the pairs. Dammit! She can't believe that she wasn't paying attention. Now she has to go up to Jacob all by herself and pray to the Maker that there is someone left to pair her with. In all honesty, it would not surprise her if she was the odd man out. "Jake?" she calls out in a soft voice, low enough so that only he can hear her as she nervously approaches. "R--Uh--Either is fine with me, if I can still participate." If it were physically possible for her to sweat, Mel would be drenched. She almost slipped and said "romantic," but she caught herself. It is what she wants, but she is far too uncomfortable to come outright and say it. She has always been a bit of a romantic, but she would rather die than to admit it.

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The familiar greeting from Killua tickled her ears and a smile would brighten the girl's expression. It was such a relief to see him here, and as always he helped her out with the odd social terms that she had no knowledge of. She wished she could perhaps help him more, as it seemed that currently he was always saving her. But how? What might he possibly require help with that she would actually be able to help with? Unfortunately the girl had no idea, but she would figure it out eventually, once she put her mind to it. The clouded leopard would nod her head at the boy's explaination, before neatly misspelling platonic on her little sheet of paper. "I think I get it now, thanks Killua!"

But unfortunately she had gotten too distracted by the her own confusion and all the people coming in to get her slip of paper in the box in time, but at least she isn't the only one. Melantha also hadn't stated her preference in time either, so perhaps the two could become partners in this blind dating thing. Although London still had no idea what a date even was. Oh well, she would find out soon enough. "Have fun on your date!" the clouded leopard would say as a hasty farewell to her friend before hurrying over to place her paper in the box.

"Sorry I'm late!" the lionheart would apologize, wearing a strained smile upon her features. She had never really been around this many creatures before, so it was really no wonder she had gotten distracted, it could have happened to anyone. Perhaps others may even be filter in now to show their faces here, and they could have a round two of dates for them all to be a part of. Yeah, surely Jacob wouldn't wish to exclude anybody, it would all go over just fine in the end.
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WHAT A PRIVILEGE IT IS TO LOVE — Jacob gave each girl a wide smile as they approached and quickly nodded, looking at the notes of names he had before him before glancing back up between them. After a moment of shuffling the papers, he paused and look at both of them. "Oh! Well, if ya' both don' mind, ya' can jus' go together." For a moment his eyes lingered on London and he felt his heart twist. Should he switch her and Lil? Pincher had seemed to be trying to talk to her earlier, maybe they'd enjoy each other's company more. His eyes moved to Pincher once again and he barely suppressed the sigh that came to him. He wasn't so sure why he was so dejected by this entire event now. He'd been so excited about it earlier. Then Pincher had told him his intentions and the night had just been a downhill slide from there. Still, he maintained his smile as he looked at the two women. "Well, I gotta' go make sure that the rooms are ready but feel free ta' head out together whenever ya' want," he told them before rushing off, pulling a rubber duck out of his bag as he moved towards one of the rooms. There were just a few details he needed to add. —A GREAT HONOR TO HOLD YOU UP

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