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i am flesh and i am bone / MEETING 1/6
« on: January 06, 2019, 07:52:25 PM »

Sephiroth hadn't slept very well.  The pain in his back that had backed off for a while had returned with moderate force, keeping him tossing and turning in his private quarters throughout the night.  Mother was mysteriously silent throughout the ordeal, no matter how he demanded answers in pained groans kept just stifled enough as not to draw attention.  It had resulted in a rather miserable night, and the lion was visually exhausted looking as he seated himself onto his throne, blinking sleep away from his eyes with a grunt.  The pained spot, to the side of his spine near his shoulder which throbbed rhythmically even now, did make him grit his teeth ever so slightly but he still maned to keep his voice steady as he roared for his group to gather.  He would not let them onto his weakness.

His luminous eyes watched his group as they came in, the faint glow they provided hopefully painting a picture of strength and nobility despite the fact that his mild slouch betrayed his very human feeling of exhaustion.  Sephiroth would incline his silver framed head mildly before he lifted his head up to speak.

”Rosebloods.”  He murmured with a soft tone like silk as per usual.  ”There are no new members this week, and no promotions either.  Again I encourage everybody to participate and work with the group.  There were still weekly tasks going on, and if anybody wishes to host a new batch of tasks or prompts for this week let me know.”

”Again, on the subject of the Pitt-“  Sephiroth’s eyes narrowed, his shoulders hunching as he glowered down at his group.  ”There is currently a discussion going on about what to do about them after they have poisoned our water and disrespect our deities.  I will be leaving bodies by their border soon once more, but I want everybody’s input on what we can do to truly get our revenge.  I will not allow my group to become the laughing stock of the world.”

”I highly encourage captures and kills towards our enemy, of the Pitt.  Members who-”  Sephiroth’s voice cut off for a moment as his jaws parted in a yawn, failing to stifle the obvious sign of fatigue.  He briefly worried how his group perceived him, so he continued right away back to his duties.  ”Members, specifically regular members, may be considered for promotions if they manage to bring in a Pittian for torture.  Simply prove your worth to me, and you shall be greatly rewarded.”  He hoped he didn’t seem desperate for high positions at this point.

”That is about it for the time being.  Meeting dismissed, unless somebody else has something to add.  I apologize for there not being much to speak of-“  The pale lion would barely be able to manage to cover up a wince of pain.  ”But if war with the Pitt goes well there will certainly be much to celebrate.”  Sephiroth would take a step off of his throne, going to stand before the seat so he was simply present to hear anything that was said.  He idly stretched out his body somewhat, flexing his claws along the ground without much thought.  He hoped he sounded sure enough of his leadership, right now the group needed to be strong.

-No newcomers or promotions this week!
-Weekly tasks are going on this week, volunteers are open to host this weeks tasks or ooc prompts!
-War with the Pitt is still going on!  There’s a war discussion stickied right now, and any action against them is encouraged!  Regular members have the chance to be promoted for capturing/torturing/killing Pitt members!
-Seph is really tired and trying to cover it up)
Sephiroth is a large male lion with a pale, almost white body and a silver mane.  He has blue green eyes with slit pupils.  He is the Pharaoh of the Rosebloods.  He is currently unstable and volatile, hearing a voice called Mother in his head and is believing himself to be a god.  He has enhanced senses, conjuration, and mental manipulation and communication, and is hard to fight in battle.  He is based on the character of the same name from Final Fantasy VII.

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Re: i am flesh and i am bone / MEETING 1/6
« Reply #1 on: January 06, 2019, 10:47:25 PM »

" my own illusion come to be "


the serpent was slower to come than the others, the nomarch shaking off the affects of their own lack of sleep. they had a secret they weren't willing to share and if the nomarch of warfare was tired? that gave a weak impression for the group.

they settled comfortably at the back of the gathered group, head resting on the ground as they listened, taking in sephiroth's tired state. they had nothing new to announce themselves, except for this. "I will be away for a while, rosebloods. do not attempt to follow me, as any such who do will end in them being killed. i am going to be nesting for the next little while, do not disturb me. also. I will be opening a sparring event with tanglewood. everyone is welcome to join the sparring."
bai "lynn" shi (bai - pure & shi - honest) - genderfluid - pittian/former rosebloods pharoah/general of hell - unknown age - golden oriental dragon & 1.6' gold and platinum fox & 2'7" melanistic cobweb jaguar - asexual demiromantic - open to relationships - powers;; amorphous, shapeshifting & air elementals - attack in #AF8700


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