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WHAT'S UP DANGER / rescue party
« on: January 05, 2019, 04:37:36 PM »
//just a note that replies are essential for this thread to be successful because goldie is going to end up burning to death later in the thread

The bengal had awoken early that morning to make preparations to set out back towards the island they abandoned. She knows how unlikely it is that everyone and everything had gotten out, as much as she tried to collect everyone when they evacuated, or at the very least, make sure they crossed the railroad bridge. She knew that some things could not be saved, including a lot of the buildings, foliage, and fish. But, any life saved is a success in her eyes. There were still other animals that could be trapped, or even crewmates. The goal was to limit that number as much as possible, leaving them the best chance to recover quickly when its all over with. She is sure that there will be a lot of rebuilding that needs to take place once the lava has ceased its flow.

As the day passes and more awaken and move about, the captain stands by her sailboat and calls out, "I'm gonna need some volunteers t' come with me n' travel back t' the island as a rescue party for anybody that's stranded." She looks over her crewmates, holding herself high. She wasn't bothered as much by pain right now, thanks to painkillers, and the fact she was getting used to the feeling. Maybe her body was actually healing, too, though if she were honest with herself, it likely wasn't. Not that fast, at least. "The lava will be much closer so be fuckin' careful, y'hear? Don't even approach the lava. You ain't allowed to volunteer if you're under six months, too." She certainly wouldn't be putting the youngest crewmates in that much danger, no sir.

Once there were enough volunteers she felt comfortable leaving with, the female would set out with them on the sailboat and approach the island, scattered, slow lava is apparent all around. Fires were the most prominent threat near the beach, though. The entire area had an awful stench, the fumes from the lava and flames mixing together in the air. "Alright, let's try t' get this done quickly n' carefully." The bengal steps off of the boat and onto the sands, looking around. "Hello?" she calls loudly, ears perked. She knows this perhaps isn't the safest mission for her to take, seeing as she relies on those walking sticks attached to her legs to get around, but she feels more confident leading this than letting anyone else do it.

Re: WHAT'S UP DANGER / rescue party
« Reply #1 on: January 05, 2019, 06:37:13 PM »
//excuse me what

He had to go with her. If their rescue mission found anyone, they could be injured, and Pip methodically packed supplies for burns, even though he wasn't certain how to even go about someone who might have...come into contact with lava. That had always seemed an impossibility, and he never found it in any of his books, yet here he was now, about to follow his sister to a place flowing with it. Pip couldn't lie to himself- he was scared. Scared Goldie, not yet recovered, might worsen her condition by straining herself, or that the lava would get to her and he would be left alone. Their father was gone, he hadn't seen the rest of his siblings in so long- what was he meant to do if something happened to her? On his watch?

But he couldn't cower in fear. There were people who needed their help, and he couldn't give it to them if he was panicking, so he kept a brave face as best he could, breathing carefully when they drew closer. They would need to be careful of the fumes. Their lungs could be easily overwhelmed.

The young canine hopped out after her, careful with his satchel. "I hope we find someone, but if anyone has a hard time breathing, let me know. This smoke could be dangerous."
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Re: WHAT'S UP DANGER / rescue party
« Reply #2 on: January 06, 2019, 05:55:06 PM »
suvi ó faoláin
Perhaps unsurprisingly two of the ó Faoláin clan managed the misfortune of growing stranded.  All rather at the fault of one of the ó faoláin's youth.  Admist all the urgency and chaos to prepare and evacuate, Suvi remained rather... Oblivious.  A child's assurance she'd be just fine if she wandered off for a little bit, searching for something important.  Or... Important to her.  As such, she found herself in a rather tight spot, seperated from her crewmates before she fully realized her mistake, a stuffed penquin held tightly in her jaws.

One bright side; her father had not left.

Her fault, of course.  Not that Suvi would have preferred he'd left her behind, especially considered the larger wolf currently acted as her shield.  The child crouched, flattened to the ground, cowering beneath her father, nursing only a few burns, sure that if anyone could get them out of this it was him... Even if they hadn't gone anywhere yet...  Everything was on fire, the cackle-popping causing her ears to flick back sharply.

They were not even that far from the beach either... She could see the bay through the smoke... Sort of... A soft whine rumbled in her throat, antsy.  She wanted to go home… But... She wondered if the treehouse that had grown so familiar had burned...

Above all else, she was simply afraid.
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Re: WHAT'S UP DANGER / rescue party
« Reply #3 on: January 12, 2019, 04:22:42 PM »
An unfortunate situation to find himself in, but not... The end of the world.  The gears in the fae's mind turned rapidly, churning with possible ideas and methods of escaping the volcano's path of destruction in the wake of finding himself stranded.  He could easily carry Suvi like this, but not in his natural form and he had not practiced shifting in some time now.  A no-go then.

He frowned, brows furrowed.  He should not have stayed behind, especially when he'd been fully aware of the time ticking by before the evacuation went underway, but no force in heaven or hell could have held him back from his daughter.  The frightened pup ranked priority oneOnly priority.

So when his burning eyes spotted movement, he blinked, ears flicking back.  Careful, Goldie, he thinks, muscles tense.  The fretful wolf is displeased, worried and anxious to see the feline out here amidst the danger, but he had a feeling no one could have changed her mind.  "Goldie!" He coughed roughly, raising his voice as loud as he could.  "Over here!"

Squinting, he lowered his head, aiming to very softly nudge his frightened daughter forward.  "See them, a stór? It's going to be okay, alright?"


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Re: WHAT'S UP DANGER / rescue party
« Reply #4 on: January 15, 2019, 10:20:55 AM »
L U C I F E R . G R I M M
"The endless Void, The gazing abyss, The bottomless ocean of horror...It coiled itself around your tender heart"
a distant black blot on the horizon of smoke and fire - and a distant cry.

a once most known and heralded friend come again in this hour of need as the familiar figure of star spanning wings passed over the heads of Goldie and her rescue party and a familiar black scaled visage cut through with brilliant red inclined his head from on up high - a friend back to the fold.

he reared up then, flames bending away from his will as he hovered above where his senses had picked up the jubilant cry after Goldie and her party and the dragon beckoned "Climb aboard, I'll get you to the shores" he'd been gone so long the scent had faded but it was clear enough that marked the typhooner for what he was - the great beast's claws dipping below to clamber upon, though he spared worried thoughts for where his children might be.

// @raziel - and anyone else who wants airlift via dragon |D DRAGON DAD IS BACK

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