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Announcement The end of the year - December 31st meeting

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The end of the year - December 31st meeting
« on: December 31, 2018, 01:51:46 AM »
Morgan worked all morning to get the square ready for his meeting: similar to his party the previous week, it was covered in a layer of fluffy white snow. The sun was doing plenty of work to melt it all, but in defiance the samoyed put effort into keeping it frozen using his powers. After enough time, a small but noisy crowd gathered around the statue upon which he sat.
"Hello, hello,"
the General called out, smiling wide.
"It's meeting time! I hope you all enjoy the snow out here today. Think of it as a little treat - we don't see it too often down here."

"I'll start this meeting by welcoming our new Tanglers: Marlon, McCoy, and Revan. I'm hoping you'll all enjoy your stay here."
Morgan took a moment to consider how long it had been since he began saying such things to every newcomer; it had already been nearly five months, yet things still continued to feel new.
"Oh, and I've got some promotions and shout-outs this week. First, I'll give shout-outs to Beck, Jim, Kiira, and Leroy - thanks very much for being around, guys - and then I'll be promoting Crow to a Chaser, Aya to the position of a Guardsman, and..."
He took a slight pause for effect; he was not originally going to make this decision so soon after Vigenere's departure, but he knew he had to do it eventually.
"Arrow will be our new Captain of the Guard for the time being. Congratulations to all of you."

"The Ascendants invited us to two events this last week: a 'Christmas party', and a 'blind dating' meetup. Feel free to go to either of those if you've not already. Otherwise, the long-range combat event is still going, as well as my little snow party. I'm thinking of making a bonfire to celebrate the new year since we haven't had a big one in a while, but we'll see."
Morgan paused again, but this time in surprise: he really did not have anything else to say, it seemed.
"I... I think that's it. Very quick stuff, but sometimes things just happen to be that way. Please enjoy this snow, and find me if you've got any questions."


  • Welcome to Marlon, McCoy, and Revan!
  • Shout-outs to Beck, Jim, Kiira, and Leroy!
  • Crow is now a Chaser!
  • Aya is now a Guardsman!
  • Arrow is now the Captain of the Guard!
  • The Ascendants invited Tanglewood to two events, so check those out here and here!
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Re: The end of the year - December 31st meeting
« Reply #1 on: January 01, 2019, 11:07:54 AM »
//don't count on me being active i'm just impulsive //sweats

Was it ironic that he, of all people, were to show up to the Clan meeting first? No, not ironic. That was the wrong term. Whatever the word to fit the scenario, he was still there. For as brightly colored as he was, no one had seen head nor tail of the reptile in months. Familiar hollow, empty eyes turned up to the samoyed while purple feet carried a purple body to the foot of the Tanglewood leader. Nothing the pale canine said pertained to him. He spoke not a word, taking a seat and listening in silence as he familiarized himself with the going-ons within the group he resided. It was strange that someone like him would return to social life so suddenly. Perhaps he had reason to come back- but what would that be?

Ska'arq's eyes flickered to both sides, noting the NPCs that made an appearance shortly after him. Multiple odd looks were shot his way, but it was such a common occurrence he didn't give it much thought. The dragon unclipped something from his wrist and sat back on his haunches. Pencil in hand, he flipped through the pages of a notebook and began to scribble something down. Placing the utensil in the center of the pages, he snapped the book closed and strapped it to his wrist again, returning to all fours with a faint sigh.

dragon — emotionless — tags — tanglewood — roleplayed by cakie !

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Re: The end of the year - December 31st meeting
« Reply #2 on: January 03, 2019, 01:30:26 AM »
action — "speech"thoughts

Upon being summoned, Crow bumbled to the meeting area and moved to take a seat on the ground, but his paws landed on the powdery layer of snow on the ground and he recoiled. Oh, that was there. With a grimace and an apologetic glance to Morgan, he evaporated the crystalline precipitation in a cat sized circle, big enough for him to rest his rear.

The samoyed began to speak, the usual stuff, and then he heard his name. Whaa? A promotion? 'I'm gonna screw this up soon,' he pessimistically thought to himself with a blush, then cleared his throat. "U-um, t-thank you."

— ★ —

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Re: The end of the year - December 31st meeting
« Reply #3 on: January 04, 2019, 08:22:27 PM »
Ω — Curious. The german shepard arrived with an open mind and alert ears. It had been awhile since he attended a meeting. Perseus couldn't even remember the details of the previous meeting or the month it was hosted in. Perhaps he should get out more... Nevertheless, he listened in hopes of retaining the important information. To him this was all mumbo jumbo, as he knew little about everyone, but in the future he'd me more invested. For now he just sit and listened.
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Re: The end of the year - December 31st meeting
« Reply #4 on: January 05, 2019, 01:49:11 AM »
And heres to Jim, for being so distracted that he was late to a meeting. He was, on the plus, getting the hang of his whole ... electricity shebang. He isn't usually sparking unless he gets really emotional, but he thinks that's a pretty cool touch, personally. What matters, anyways, is that he arrived in time to hear. He flops at the edge of the crowd, a complete grin stretched over his maw as he looks up at Morgan. Lets so .. the usual. Joiners! Bones! He's still a little amped up by his friend's appearance, and his tail begins wagging upon hearing Morgan speak his name. He ignores it.
Another shoutout to him, and ... "Congrats, guys!" Jim yips, to be polite. The ranks were filling up, at least! And he actually knew these people, so that was an important effect. Today is a slow week it seems aside from the events and promotions, but that was fine. Slow weeks weren't that bad ... as long as you had something to occupy yourself with throughout.

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