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to be friends / ascendants visit + goldenluxury needed
« on: December 30, 2018, 11:49:18 PM »
This was the visit Clarence was most anxious about, if he was being honest. It was for good reason, though (or at least he thought so). They were enemies right now. Despite the fact that neither side had exchanged blows while Clarence had been a member, they were enemies and he had to expect he'd be treated as such. He'd already planned what he'd say in his head as he approached the border, his eyes sweeping over the island. His stomach turned as the sight of so much water. It was good he hadn't crash landed here. He was sure that if he had to live near another ship again, he'd go mad. Still, he had to admit that the scenery itself was quite lovely. Even so, he knew he didn't have time to stand around waiting for someone to find and possibly attack him. No, he needed to make himself and his intentions known. "Hello? Is anyone around? My name is Clarence Aston and I'm the new Astral Seraph of the Ascendants. I've come in hopes of speaking with your leader regarding our clans' alignments with one another," the man called. Admittedly, he didn't know much about this group and he wasn't quite sure how they'd react, even with his announcement (which he hoped showed his peaceful intentions). He was fairly certain they weren't like the Pitt, who made enemies with nearly everyone they met, so there was at least that. Then again, they were pirates, which had been a dreaded foe when he'd been in the Navy. But he wasn't in the Navy anymore and he was more than a little suspicious that they weren't just normal pirates. If they were, they wouldn't have settled on this island. There had to be something more to them.   
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Re: to be friends / ascendants visit + goldenluxury needed
« Reply #1 on: December 31, 2018, 12:05:49 AM »
He didn't have many thoughts on The Ascendants. Mostly, he had dealings with The Pitt, though not the way his sister did. She had been tortured, made to forget, which were undeniably awful, but the person who came from The Pitt hadn't been like that. He'd given Pip a book, had given him aloe when Pip had foolishly thrown himself between the visitor and Caesar's fireball. The young canine didn't believe that groups were homogeneous, that the actions of several members meant all the others shared the same perspective. He was certain people would think that of The Typhoon, that The Ascendants must have considered them all vulgar pirates. Some were of that nature, yes, but others weren't. They weren't incapable of compassion or understanding. So few were. They were loyal, and stubborn, and had all the complexities typical of people.

So he wasn't aggressive or harsh when the leader -new leader, apparently- arrived at their gate. Peppino merely met him with a steady, mismatched gaze, approaching slowly, satchel gently thumping against his leg. "Goldie should be here soon," he answered evenly, a faint furrow between his eyes. She wasn't in the best condition yet, and he'd need to have her in to re-evaluate her status. Miscarriages were...There was a time-frame, and the body was very efficient, but sometimes couldn't manage to flush out everything. Not that this stranger needed to know any of that. "I'm Pip. Do you mind my asking why?"

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Re: to be friends / ascendants visit + goldenluxury needed
« Reply #2 on: December 31, 2018, 09:55:41 AM »
Perhaps in a different time, different life, the female would have been offended by the very approach of this individual. She'd reason to hate the Ascendants before, and she did hold grudges when it came to her family. They would be no exception to that. But, for now, she is not so upset. The wrongdoings the Ascendants may have done on her, her crew, or her family are unable to be retrieved from her mind, those memories still blocked off by Stryker's own doing, just as her current state is his doing. Pain shrouded her every move. But, she must carry on. The island is in danger, with the volcano threatening them too close for comfort. Nonetheless, because of these lost memories, she cannot tell what she thinks of the Ascendants. She knows, surely, they must not be allies for a reason, and that's really all she needed to know. She was confident in her papa's own decisions on who to befriend and who to raid. Unless they gave her a damn good reason, she wouldn't change his ways.

Even if she is not necessarily insulted by this male, she does know that he is an enemy and that they will not be tolerated. The bengal struggles over with her harpy eagle at her side, practically dragging her hind legs behind her. Despite the clear pain in her eyes and movement, she holds herself tall and proud, expression neutral, striking green gaze piercing as she looks to this leader. She shoulders herself a bit in front of her brother, sitting up straight.  "Here I am." She states simply, tilting her head to the side for a moment. "M' name's Goldenluxury Roux. Better have somethin' good t' say," she flashes a smirk as she introduces herself, tail twitching once behind her.

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Re: to be friends / ascendants visit + goldenluxury needed
« Reply #3 on: December 31, 2018, 04:58:47 PM »
Vale wrinkles her nose at the offensive stank of the Typhoon as she walks over, standing beside her brother. Her hazel eyes drift over the doberman-mix before the heavily injured woman comes over – and the pagan finds herself unimpressed. These animals were fearsome pirates? Their tiny leader’s eyes blazed with confidence, but those dragging back legs and tiny stature made for a pathetic sight. Now she knew why, even after living in the Ascendants for a while, she never heard of their enemies until today.

“We’re here on peaceful terms,” the jaguar said with a sniff, catching the scent of the satchel at the canine’s side. A medic came to greet them? The pirates clearly starved for actual combatants, she supposed, if they allowed their healers to stick out their necks when an enemy came knocking. “I’m Vale Aston,” she added, catching that her brother dignified them with giving his name. Thus far, she saw little reason to care about the pirates’ opinions on neutrality or warfare – clearly they lived in a damn sorry state right now, any threat they could leverage wasn’t an immediate concern.
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Re: to be friends / ascendants visit + goldenluxury needed
« Reply #4 on: December 31, 2018, 07:15:45 PM »
Unless Lizalfos just off-shore counted as pirates, then Link is certain that he has not, in fact, encountered actual pirates. He remembers hearing the villagers from the fishing village joke about it -- it's the only reason Link knows with such certainty what pirates are. He has a vague idea of what a lot of things are, but he just can't .. can't access the memories.
.. This makes it his first encounter with some, then. Link isn't too impressed, but, then again, he hardly is. His gait is slow as he trails behind Vale and Clarence. He .. has a vague memory of politics even before he woke up, deep in his memories, but thus far Link has screwed up a grand total of countless interactions, and he isn't willing to gamble on his ability to understand what's socially acceptable when the other outcome is war. He's dealt with it before, of course, when the option was strong-armed to him, but he actually has a choice, now. He's only here for adventure, after all -- and for back up, in a way. He's not sure how necessary it is, but Link isn't going to judge the Typhooner's abilities on their outward appearances. There were still powers, after all.
Link seats himself, tucked just behind Clarence like a rather small, young bodyguard. His gaze remains locked intently on Goldenluxury, ears pricked. Her behavior is similar to what he'd expect, despite her somewhat pitiful appearance. With any luck, the encounter would turn out in their favor. For now, the ever-silent canine merely hovers(metaphorically) somewhat ominously.
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