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Open duty of care / 12/30 meeting

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duty of care / 12/30 meeting
« on: December 30, 2018, 04:40:49 PM »
Clarence wasn't sure how to go about this, if he was being entirely honest. He wasn't familiar with most of the Ascendants traditions. He wasn't even sure of most of what this world entailed. He'd been here nearly a month but that didn't erase the decades of knowledge he had from his former life. Still, he knew it was best to move on. He just hadn't expected to be forced to do so in such a short span of time. He'd never thought of himself as much of a leader. He stepped up when people needed him and to look after his family, but he'd never considered those heroic or worthy actions by any means. Still, here he was. Atticus had come to him first, as far as he was aware, and he felt an obligation to say yes. After all, he had been helping with quite a few things lately. Maybe he could make this work. He had a few ideas, anyway. However, if he wanted to do anything, he had to get things started. So, he stood in the place Atticus once was and looked out over the clan before taking a deep breath and calling, "Ascendants, please gather for a meeting."

With that, he waited a few moments for some of his fellow clanmates to gather around him before he would continue, "I would like to inform you all that Atticus has decided to step down due to a family emergency he must attend to. I will be stepping up in his stead." Once that was out, he took a deep breath and continued, "I do have a single promotion this week, that being Orpheus. I'd appreciate if you stepped up to a Starstruck Guardian. I'm also demoting Atbash and Radeken, as I have not met either of them in my time here, although they are marked as having positions. I'd like to give Link, Keyne, Kris, and Vale the Promised title. I appreciate you all being around and being involved with the community, no matter how new any of you may be. I'd also like to welcome Link, Frisk, and Kris to the clan, as I do not believe they've been welcomed yet. I hope you all have a wonderful time here and please let me know if there's anything I can do to make you more comfortable," he explained before pausing once again.

Only a few more announcements to go. "Lastly, I just want to remind you all of the weekly tasks Vale is holding, as well as the blind dating event with our allies and neutrals for this week. I will be holding try-outs for our cleric position later on this week as well, so make sure to keep a close watch for that if you're interested. I also want to inform you I intend to make a great deal of change to our current list of allies and enemies. I have never heard of the Typhoon in my time here and I see no reason to remain enemies with them, so I am going there soon to discuss it with their leader. I would also like to seek an alliance with Sunhaven, as well as go and discuss some claims and suspicions brought against the Rosebloods some time ago. Once I am informed of whether or not these claims are accurate, I may then be changing our status with them as well. If any of you would like to come with me on any of these visits, please just let me know," he concluded, his shoulders relaxing a bit as he came to the end. "Thank you all for listening to me today. I hope to serve you all well and will be sure to inform you of any events in the future. This meeting is dismissed unless any of you have any questions."

- Atticus has stepped down and Clarence is now Astral Seraph.
- @ORPHEUS is promoted to Starstruck Guardian!
- Atbash and Radeken have been demoted.
- @keyne., @link, @kris., and @VALE have recieved the Promised title!
- Welcome Arcy, Una, and Muddy! Just let me know if any of y'all need anything or have any suggestions!
- Make sure to check out Axiom's OOC prompts thread!
- There's a blind date event going on as well!
- Make sure to look for the Cleric tryouts, as those will be going out sometime soon (hopefully today)! I'll edit this with the link once it goes up.
- Clarence will be visiting the Typhoon, Rosebloods, and Sunhaven to discuss alliances. If you'd like to have y/c join him either mention it icly in this thread or just dm me and I'll make sure to send you the link.
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Re: duty of care / 12/30 meeting
« Reply #1 on: December 30, 2018, 06:24:35 PM »
Link hadn't even been aware of who the leader had been before Clarence. He had a vague understanding of the ranks, but they were a lot different than the ones of the Hyrule area. No .. royalty or anything. Just .. a hierarchy. Link doesn't have enough world experience to judge if he likes it or not, so he just decides it doesn't matter. It is how it is.
So, upon hearing the almost-familiar voice of Clarence, the canine's ears prick. A meeting? Unaware of how common these were, Link feels a spark of anxiety. Was something happening? What was wrong? Needless to say, Link got there fast, expression closed off.
And, to be fair, it was pretty big. A leadership change -- who was Atticus? Link has relaxed just slightly, but his eyes stay pinned to Clarence with laser-like focus. He thinks Clarence wouldn't be a bad leader, based on what he knows. And it's only enough for that much. Promotions ... demotions. It was said so casually. Were those common, here? He tilts his head, starts when his name is said. It's jarring to hear it at all -- it's been a long time since he's been among people who care to know it. .. Link lets out a soft chirp-like sound as a thanks. He wasn't aware that the offer to 'stay' was actually for inducting him as a member but .. Link's fine with that, so whatever. He's not sure what promised means in this context, though -- the canine isn't aware of really any of the traditions here at all, honestly. Event announcements .. Clarence is offering to let people go on his visits to the other groups. This gets the canine's attention, as one would suspect it would -- he perks up, ears pricking. He likes adventuring -- and really, it's in his blood to want to go as a bodyguard with somebody important, but he doesn't know this. So, immediately upon Clarence making the offer, Link hops to his paws and barks softly and lifts a single paw in a way that could almost be read as timid. There's no particular place he wants to go -- he doesn't know the other groups. He does want to see them, though. Link wouldn't be much good at diplomacy with his unwillingness to speak, but, y'know, safety in numbers or whatever.
//(dhfdsfsdf Basically link is offering to go w to w/e groups u want him at)
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Re: duty of care / 12/30 meeting
« Reply #2 on: December 30, 2018, 09:47:46 PM »
They were not used to having meetings. There was no need where they used to live. However, there was a call, and they decided to listen to it. The kitten moves, sitting next to Link. So... they were the newest leader, hm? Okay.
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Re: duty of care / 12/30 meeting
« Reply #3 on: December 31, 2018, 12:41:27 AM »
The news of Atticus stepping down is startling, to say the least. He comes to the meeting expecting his voice, and instead finds Clarence. Not exactly a bad person to see there — it's a voice he'll trust, at the very least. Part of him is wary about the family emergency reason, but maybe that's just because he doesn't have one himself. He sits in silence off to one side, long tail curled until it rests over his paws. His promotion has his brow raising a bit and his eyes widening. It was a subtle permanency that he's not sure he could ever adjust to. Already he's getting the urge to just run. Antsy feelings aside, it's a good thing too. He feels recognized. "I'd like to go to the Rosebloods, if you don't mind." He also wants to offer to the go the Typhoon — best have a large group when confronting an enemy, even a stale one — but he's not certain that Clarence wants to spend too much time in his company, so he leaves it be. "And thank you for the promotion, I'll... do my best." Even if the idea was a little daunting.

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Re: duty of care / 12/30 meeting
« Reply #4 on: December 31, 2018, 04:27:38 AM »
How like Clarence to step up when the group needed him; knowing his track record, the jaguar grinned slightly when she slipped into the meeting. He'd do fine. Long as some idiot didn't convince him to sacrifice himself for the greater good, she supposed; her brother always gave people the benefit of the doubt when they least deserved it. Still, every move he made now made sense.

Smirking as she gave him a salute with her left paw, the witch nodded her acknowledgements to all that information. "Gotcha. I'll tag along to the Typhoon and Rosebloods," she said, flicking her tail. Rumors passed through the group quickly; she heard some variations of the news Ninazu brought, and she wanted to see if that shit was true. As a pagan witch, she'd been accused of satanic witchcraft far too many times. Part of those accusations included sacrificing and eating babies, so hearing that the Rosebloods did that shit and got away with it... practically boiled her blood.
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Re: duty of care / 12/30 meeting
« Reply #5 on: December 31, 2018, 10:41:38 AM »
Clarence seemed to relax a bit once the official meeting was over. He seemed to be even more pleased as Link, Orpheus, and Vale all offered to head out with him. "Of course, Orpheus. I have no doubt you'll do well," came his first response before his attention turned to Link and then swept over the trio once more as he thought. "@link, you're welcome to join me in either the Typhoon or in Sunhaven. I don't mind which. You can come to both, if you're really like to. @ORPHEUS and @VALE, you're both welcome to come to your chosen locations. Thank you very much for your help, I greatly appreciate it." He then moved his eyes from them to look at the others that had gathered. "If anyone else would like to come, you're more than welcome to come along to any location, although I would prefer it be Typhoon or Sunhaven, as we already have two people going to the Rosebloods."

// sunhaven visit
typhoon visit
roseblood visit   
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