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Offline clarence a.

Clarence really wasn't sure how to navigate social circles in this new world. It seemed much simpler than it had been in his time, to say the least, but he still felt as though he didn't know people quite as well as he'd like to. That's when he'd brought the subject up to Atticus and the man had suggested something called 'blind dating.' Quite frankly, Clarence wasn't sure what dating was or why someone would want to be blind for any reason. That was when Atticus had taken the time to explain it simply meant two people getting to know each other, usually for romantic purposes, although he specified this even would be for more than just that. So, the man set out creating what he thought would be a welcoming environment throughout the Ascendants' territory. Now he held a box with slips of paper and some pens and stood before what he thought was a rather nice scene, with sting lights and a small table of snacks before everyone that came got sent off into their individual rooms. "Excuse me, if I could have your attention, that would be appreciated," the man called, waiting a moment before he seemed to at least draw in a few people. "This is a 'blind dating' event, so I'm told. It's just a way to meet a few friends or get to know those you do know a bit better. There is also an option to seek romantic partnership through this event, so feel free to specify that on your sheet if you'd like. That being said, please take these slips of paper and fill them out and then places them in this box when you're finished. From there, I'll sort them out and you'll all be separated into pairs or groups of three, depending on the amount of participants. If you are unable to, or don't know how, to read or write, just let me or someone else know and we'll help you to the best of our ability," he explained, pushing the box and slips forward as he spoke before taking one of his own and hesitating a moment, unsure of what to write on it. He wasn't sure why he felt so conflicted. They were simple questions. Why was it so difficult?

OOC: Just make sure to fill out this form so I can easily sort through everyone's submissions and pair y'all up! Thanks! If you have any questions just let me know!

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[b]Romantic or platonic?:[/b]
[b]Would you be alright with being in a trio, if necessary?:[/b]
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rushed so i'm just gonna fill out the form askaksdk

Name: Jerseyboy
Age: Young adult ( if you want specifics, 1.5 - 3 years )
Pronouns: He/him
Romantic or platonic?: Romantic ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Sexuality: Stinky het
Would you be alright with being in a trio, if necessary?: I would, OOCly. Though ICly he'd probably get cocky if he had to compete for attention, ig?

Offline VALE

The jaguar scrunched her nose at the announcement, thinking the potential for annoying conversation nearly outweighed the potential benefit of social interaction. Despite leaning more towards the extroverted side, Vale hated boring conversations about the weather or the first words of someone's fucking crotchfruit. She wanted to know more about the groups of this world, the magic that ran wild in it, and where all the fuck the humans went. But most people talked dull words and droned on about their boring lives.

Sighing, she grabbed a paper and pen. Whatever. She needed friends; life got boring without interesting people to talk to, after all. With metaphorically crossed fingers, she filled out the form and dropped it in the stupid little box. Done, right?

Name: Vale
Age: 2-ish years
Pronouns: she/her
Romantic or platonic?: either buT NO CHILDREN
Sexuality: bisexy
Would you be alright with being in a trio, if necessary?: sure
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Dating. Now that — this was a big "oh no". Getting to know people was fine, and he wants to get to know people, but the idea of a date, especially with someone he has no personal say in pairing up with, is terrifying. Really really terrifying. It would seem as if it could be easier for him to just say platonic only, but even that has the sunset lion wanting to squirm. Although he sits nicely and listens to Clarence, it's despite the fact that he desperately wants to walk away. Instead, he reaches for a form. Like Vale, he finds himself wanting to get away from talk about the weather and family and history. He wants an adventure, and even if this isn't the exact one he was looking for, maybe it was a start. Or maybe he'd absolutely hate it. Worse case scenario is him walking away from whatever's going on, right? Right. Definitely.

Name: Orpheus
Age: Around 3.
Pronouns: He/Him.
Romantic or platonic?: Either.
Sexuality: Gay.
Would you be alright with being in a trio, if necessary?: OOC, yes! IC, he would love a platonic trio but be very uncomfortable in a romantic one.

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Offline link

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Link could be considered ... naive, in a way. He'd had no interaction with people since he woke up -- just in passing. And Sidon, who claimed to be his friend(Link isn't entirely sure what being friends entailed, so he just goes with it), but dating is ... unfamiliar. In theory he knows what it is -- there was that heart-shaped pond where he helped some people .. but that was it.
He isn't quite sure how to take this event. He isn't quite sure how to take anything else regarding people, either. Monsters were easy, repetitive -- Link could take care of himself in the wild, but he floundered under anything but passing attention. .. This doesn't mean he won't participate, anyways, just for the sake of new experiences. Link was the type to agree to something just to see what it was like, after all. .. It was just a shame for everyone else that it'd be a hassle to get past the canine's unwillingness to talk. The canine snags a paper and hunches over to awkwardly scribble on it -- it's hard to read, but it's not impossible, at least.
// Name: link
Age: 9 month sdfsdf
Pronouns: he/him
Romantic or platonic?: platonic
Sexuality: b -- bi
Would you be alright with being in a trio, if necessary?: sure thing!!

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Usagi hadnt had much chance for relationships since she had run away from her first clan and first began wandering the dessert, that being said she jumped at the chance to do so when they got the invitation, trying to get over her anti social tendancies. her hind legs still werent in perfect working order but able to walk along albeit painfully
Age: unknown
Romantic or platonic?: either
Would you be alright with being in a trio, if necessary?: yes

Offline clarence a.

//just an ooc heads up that this will be closing tomorrow, on 1/2, so make sure your forms are in if you're interested! At that point the pairs will be made. I'll still take people after that but it might take a bit to get you paired up with someone.
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//no post since ambroise wouldn't sign-up for this himself lmfao orpheus submitted a form for him

Name: Ambrose Ambroise
Age: Old (3.5 years)
Pronouns: He/him
Romantic or platonic?: Good luck just put him in the corner (Either)
Sexuality: No (Bisexual)
Would you be alright with being in a trio, if necessary?: Yes, but are the other two people all right with him?
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For now, Bex was seeing this as a way to get to know someone else, and make a new friend. She knew that some were probably feeling a bit awkward about it, but she was feeling fine as she approached the group, wondering who she'd end up being paired up with. Hopefully someone that would actually be willing to carry on a conversation with her, as she didn't want things to end up awkward. The collie gladly snatched a paper and began to write, filling out the form carefully.

Name: bex
Age: around 2 years
Pronouns: she/her
Romantic or platonic?: either
Sexuality: bi
Would you be alright with being in a trio, if necessary?: yep!
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 //Usagi placing paper in pot(with ooc permission from teef)//
Name:Bai Shi
Romantic or platonic?:Romantic she needs it
Sexuality:Bai, it's in the name
Would you be alright with being in a trio, if necessary?:Of course she would


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