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« on: April 25, 2018, 07:38:20 PM »
Where were they going? No one really knew. Where were they going to decide to stay and thrive in? No one really knew that either. Axel had somewhat of a brainstorming idea of where to go. He had heard tales of a massive abandoned city that no one dared to enter, supposedly because it was "cursed". But Axel was not one for superstitions nor did he care for what risks they would bump into. What they needed was a home, a place to stay and somewhere fast. They had been traveling for quite some time now ever since the breakage of the nation now becoming two different groups, the small amount of human race now focused on them. And at the dead of the night, the cautious figure of Axel stalked through the dense forest area they were going through. Darkness cloaked their slipping retreating figures, the lanky young male at the lead of the pack with his wide ivy green eyes flickering around for any sight of danger. None that he could see. He gripped his bow tighter, his fingers latched onto the pulled back string and in the faint streak of moonlight, th glinting iron of an arrow was to be seen. Even with the large brown hoodie that he wore, he could still feel the harsh claws of the cold draw invisible wounds down his spine. It was getting colder and they needed to find shelter fast as puffs of warm breath danced in the air as Axel decided to just keep heading towards the towering figure of a hotel.

Once there, he wandered in with a few others to patrol the area and make sure it was not taken up by someone else. Surprisingly, no blood was to be spilled for he found not a single room of the hotel holding a stranger that could threaten his group. So, after a swift direction to let everyone in, Axel decided to relax and place the bow and arrow back into their sheaths, his slightly trembling hands pawing at each other for warmth. The lights were turned off due to there no longer being electricity and he simply decided to get ready for a meeting. It was informal since they had not reached their home yet but it was only a couple miles away, a day's walk that could be made possible after this night's rest. He was tired and his entire body screamed for rest, his bruised shoulders strained from carrying the bags of weaponry. But he could rest later, for now he had to make sure everyone knew what they were going to do and who they were. Prometheus had been the one to make the speech that would inpsire everyone that this was a new leaf, a new life but Axel did not have that speech. All he knew was that they had to at least trust him in finding them a place.

After knocking on the hotel room doors of everyone and calling out for a meeting in the hotel lobby area, Axel went to prepare his small station of presentation. Soon enough, everyone appeared to spill into the room with grunts and whispers, wandering gazes locking onto the fidgeting figure of Axel as he paced back and forth, dark eyebrows stitched together as he went to a halt and tuned towards his audience, tensing up when he realized they were waiting for him. "Oh, right! Uh, everyone I know it's late but I need to speak to you about what's to be done about our future." He began, voice slightly shaking off at the end but not of nervousness, it was just all the burning energy that fueled Axel. The lean man began to pace again but kept his bright emerald eyes locked onto the others ashe decided to continue. "Prometheus is dead. I know that he will be missed but we do not have the resources or time to make a proper burial. We will bury him behind this hotel in the forest before we leave. If anyone wants to be there, it will be at dawn. And then we leave. We are going to our new home, Blackfall." He ignored the faint murmurs that began to drizzle from the group, knowing that they were still hesitant but they had fought a war and if they ever went back, it would have been for nothing. And as much as Axel enjoyed a comforting place, he was sick of his old home and would prefer to die than set foot in that cursed land again. Too much blood, sweat, and tears had been spilled for them to allow this opportunity to be left for someone else. They deserved it.

The raven-haired boy then quickly headed towards the wall where he had pinned the worn map he had been using, his index finger hitting an area that had a large bold crimson circle. "This right here is gonna be our new home. It's a city I think. Something like that and I know you are all tired but it's only a few miles away from here. This could be our chance to do more, a chance to become the system we had wanted for so long. And I want to just say that any ranks in the past will be wiped clean for a new system will be created. I've got some ideas but none of them are official. But when they are, I will be looking out for people that actually want to help and improve our group. We are outsiders, all we have is each other." Axel glanced around to everyone, fiery green gaze holding a spark of excitement and wonder. As much as Axel pertended to be a tough guy especially with his appearance, he was still what one would consider a "kid". He had the energy that was needed for their group to become more, to be something unfortgettable.

Axel allowed a lopsided grin to plaster itself on his face as he took a step forward to the crowd, tussled black hair hardly visible in the darkness except for the lazy golden glows of few candlesticks they had found. He sucked in a small breath, the smell of the hotel reminding him of the old days when things had been good and trouble-free. And he would bring those days back but in his own way. Clearing his throat and waving his tattooed hand towards the other members of Blackfall, he called out "Comments? Concerns? Questions? I need em now or I will head out to catch a few winks. So if you have anything to say, say it now." It was better for them to state type of information to him. He was their leader now and as odd as the choice of why he had been picked the first place still baffled Axel. He had never expected any of this to happen. But it was happening now and all he could do now was adapt to the situation of his new nation.

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« Reply #1 on: April 27, 2018, 10:09:35 PM »

Leopold was pretty certain he had no idea where they were. Scratch that, he definitely had no clue where they were. He cared very little for keeping tracks of such mundane things, for he thought things like that were a job for those lower than him. Which, currently, was nobody, although Leo liked to think himself above all the others because he was the result of select breeding and careful training throughout childhood. He didn't really like to think about that, because it made it seem like he was some project of his parents. Which he was, and that's why he didn't think about it.

All he knew was his feet hurt, Peanut wouldn't walk anymore and nobody would carry her so he was forced to, and he had lost his bag a few hours ago. Luckily, he still had the things that really mattered to him; Peanut, and the little blade that rested upon his chest underneath his shirt. It would've been amazing if his parents had been there, but Leo hadn't seen them in a long while, and he wasn't even entirely sure they were still alive.

The hotel was a bit of a surprise, once he actually noticed it. Actually, it was more of a surprise that he hadn't noticed it earlier, considering how large it was. Now that he realised it was there, it seemed impossible to not look at. Leo wondered if it'd be warm in there. Maybe there was some good food he could give to Peanut, although truth be told the fat little pomeranian didn't need it. Leo refused to notice how fat she was getting. It just made her cuter, okay?

After Axel and the others had looked inside, Leo had made his way to find the nicest room he could. Despite having traveled for so long, he did still have standards, and he refused to go into a room without making sure there weren't nicer ones elsewhere in the building. After a while, he gave up, as his feet screamed at him to sit down and Peanut began shifting restlessly in his arms. He ended up going into the closest room and flopping on the bed.

The young man hadn't been resting very long before he'd heard the knock upon his door. He'd heaved a great sigh, picked Peanut up from where she'd been lying on the threadbare sheets, and stood up. He wandered down to the lobby, icy gaze flicking around to take in everything. It was a bit surprising they all could fit in here, but he certainly wasn't complaining; he didn't want to touch any of the others in the group. Although they had travelled together and kept each other safe, Leo didn't want to stain his hands with whatever diseases and germs might be on the others. A lot of them were lower than him, or so he thought, and he didn't want to dirty his hands further.

He barely listened as Axel spoke, but began to focus when he brought up Prometheus. He wondered what had happened. Axel didn't seem to be too upset over it, but then again, Leo hardly would be either if it meant he'd become the leader. Although, perhaps Axel was just tired? He certainly could understand that, too. Maybe Leo should just pay more attention, and he wouldn't be so confused.

Leo didn't really understand quite why he had gone with them. His parents had told him long ago that if their nation would ever break, that Leo was to leave and try to start his own. Of course, he hadn't done that, but he'd done the next best thing, just as taught. Regardless of whether he understood why or not, he was going to stay. Even if they were staying in some city that was supposed to be cursed. He almost shuddered at the mere thought but held it back. He hadn't been trained for years for nothing, after all.

A new system, huh? That sounded like fun. Leo made the decision then and there to get high in the ranks of whatever system was created. He didn't really have any burning, incredibly important questions, but then again Leo thought all of his questions were important so it didn't matter if others thought them meaningless.

"Is it truly only a few miles away? And what of the curse? Has it suddenly disappeared?" Leo couldn't tell where they were on the map, and for a moment it made him a bit embarrassed, but he quickly banished the feeling. Someone such as him did not feel embarrassment over anything. Although, from the reactions of a few people, others certainly did feel embarrassment over what he had said. Or perhaps that was annoyance. He could never tell.


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« Reply #2 on: April 29, 2018, 12:28:42 AM »
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It had been a long journey, that was for sure. It was a relief to finally rest her legs, but as always the girl could find no time to rest her mind, her demons seemed to be having quite a party in there, as per usual. She was always plagued with mental strain, those pesky little devils never shut up. The girl had believed that abandoning the old Kalopsia would help with that, but it seemed that a little change in scenery could not simply wipe away her issues. Not that she was all that surprised, it would take time to heal the shattered fragments of her mind. Still, it would have been nice if things worked like that, just this once. But what use was it to hope? Everybody hoped for something, but it never happened, not for her and not for anyone else. It may keep some sane, but for those like her, it did the opposite. It was not like it was all too hard with her frayed mind, it seemed to break every opportunity it got. Perhaps she was ill, deprived of mental stability, but frankly she could not care less. She did not have the luxury to care.

As the group was led into the hotel, the teen kept one hand ready to grab her switchblade, for even if this place was supposedly safe, no place ever truly was. Perhaps that was just paranoia, in fact she wouldn't be surprised if it was, after all the girl had become quite the pessimist over the years, however it kept her alive. Alive was all she desired to be currently. That was the main goal, killing her demons was next on the list, and if that failed, dying sane. It was a pretty small list, but it was everything she could trust herself to focus on. Too many goals and one could easily face disappointment, and though she did not particularly mind that as long as she had a backup plan, she did not wish to aimlessly develop goals that she may not even care to complete. Short and simple was best.

Eventually Kaari made her way into a room, one near the end of the hall on the second floor, with a relatively large window. One that she could jump out of if necessary, as there was nothing that seemed like it might be painful to slam into on the ground if she were to attempt doing so. Just soft earth. The slim girl would flounce down on the bed, long dyed hair sprawled out all around her, allowing herself to relax just slightly. Her muscles were tense and tired, her stomach pitifully empty, but her pale grey-blue eyes remained focused on the door, ready in case anything happened. If they were to be ambushed by thieves or whoever might be wandering the forest at this time, she was ready to leave the rest of the rebels behind to save herself. She didn't need a map, she would find wherever they were going on her own if necessary.

At the knock she jumped, her feet firmly planted on the mattress, switchblade pulled open and hand at the ready. Then a familiar voice would call out for a meeting, and the girl would drop her stance. The weapon would be returned to it's hiding place in the side pocket of her bag, and she would make her way towards the door of the room. However, instead of opening it, the girl would press her ear against it, listening for anything that might tell her this was a trap. Okay, fine, she was paranoid, but it was better to be safe than sorry. The sound of feet shuffling on the ground told her the others were making their way over with no problem, but still she hesitated. Just another few seconds, just to make sure. Pulling the door open quickly, she took two steps back towards the window, but there was obviously no threat. Heaving a heavy sigh, the girl would do her best to loosen up a little before trickling into the flow of weary bodies.

Coming to a stop deep within the crowd, the girl could not help the nervous energy in her veins. Her anxiety began a steady incline as she continued to wait for everyone to filter in, impatience evident on her features. The youthful girl fidgeted nervously, ready to get this thing over with as a voice suddenly rose above the idle chatter of those around her. Finally! Her glaring luminaries would focus on the familiar shape of Axel's head, having seen him a few times during the walk here. One hand remained at the ready in case shit hit the fan, but other than that she held herself relatively at ease. Sometimes that was the best way to trick an enemy, make yourself appear open, like an easy target, but then give them a vicious surprise.

The announcements were boring, there was no word more fitting. Sure, Prometheus was declared dead, but that hadn't been too much of a surprise. There was always one death with these things. With a large group of people on the move those things just happened. It's not as though the girl had even known the leader all that well, she had no tears left to cry for him or anyone on that matter. As for the announcement of their new home only a few miles away, the girl would not allow herself to feel any sort of relief. Something had remained unsaid there, some unknown reason as to why they hadn't just continued all the way over there rather than resting here. Coming to this hotel had already cost them quite some time where instead they could have kept walking. Still the girl would not question it, it was best not to draw any attention to herself just yet, so she remained silent. It was always a question she could ask later, without holding everyone else up.

The sooner this was over, the better; it was too warm and crowded in here already. But of course someone pretentious would go ahead and ask the dumbest questions one could ask at this time. Those things could have waited until morning, or until he could speak with Axel in private. But no, this guy, who probably a blue blood if he couldn't even read a map, had to go and open that loud, annoying mouth of his. Stifling a sigh, the girl would run one hand through her tousled locks, changing her pose to a more comfortable one. It was obvious they would be here a while if the blue blooded were to become a pain in the neck already. What a shame. But at least he had gotten to the point instead of rambling on and on like some others who believed themselves to hold a higher stature. Now if only the others would begin dispersing once again, that would be lovely.
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Rich brown eyes glinted every so often, reflecting the dim glow of the moon every time he turned his head upwards to look at the sky. Kalopsia has fallen. He knew it in his heart and he came to terms with it in his mind, but didn't think such a thing would happen. Wars happen, conflicts happen- he understood that well. The majority of his young life was spent fighting for it. He's hurt people to get what he wanted. Stole, blackmailed, framed, he's no stranger to this. It happens and it's naive to think even great nations are immune to it. He knows this. Then why does he feel this way? It wasn't a painful feeling. It was more like meeting someone, deciding you want to be friends, but never see them again after your first encounter. With no way to contact them, you begin to question if they existed to begin with. Kalopsia existed, however. He knew this for a fact. He and the many dejected bodies walking along side him were proof of that. Throughout history, countries break apart and form possibly even stronger countries. He hopes that is what they'll become. He'd hate to be on the losing side.

He followed a couple yards behind Leo, watching in amusement as he noticed his shift from weariness, to being tired then exhausted. But despite his own feelings, he still held onto Peanut. If it were Jeong, he'd let the fat pom-pom walk. She obviously needs the exercise. Of course he means it in the most affectionate way possible. He liked Peanut. She's a cutie. He'd much rather babysit her than his spoiled prince. But if the older man doesn't do it, who will? He wasn't sure if anyone could handle Leo. Even Jeong had his moments of wanting to ditch him. Leo just gave him more work to do. An example of this is Leo losing his bag. Usually, Jeong would have noticed the misplacement and returned it - or hold onto it himself. But the twenty-seven year old payed no mind to his prince for a while to make sure they still had everything before continuing on. He realized the bags' disappearance miles later followed by the sigh of a man who is both mentally and physically drained. He was annoyed with himself for allowing such a thing to slip past him and he was annoyed with Leo for not remembering it. But, there was no use thinking about it now. It was behind them, literally, and they had to move on. If anything, he'll just give some of his clothes to Leo, though he may not like the difference in style. Oh well. Princey is free to walk around naked if he so desires.

Following the crowd, Jeong yawned and rubbed his eyes, quietly willing the pain in the sole of his feet and the stiffness of his muscles away. His shoulders ached from the bag hanging on each one and he had a sinking feeling his skin had turned a bright red from the pressure. The dark mask pulled up and over his mouth concealed most of his face as long brown bangs easily covered his forehead. His dark clothing seemed to blend in with the night, though the white backs that he carried gave him away. The man was bone tired, but if Leo wasn't complaining, he wasn't going to either. Complaining wouldn't get them far either. Speaking of that, where were they going? Did Axel have some plan in mind? He wasn't sure if he trusted him very much, but he was the one to rise and lead them somewhere when everything else was at a standstill. Jeong wasn't going to give him any credit yet. Anyone could stand and say "follow me" but not everyone has what it takes to be a leader. Will he crack under pressure? Will his rise to leadership spark more conflict? Will he be he leader everyone needs, but doesn't want or vis versa? Only time can tell. Let's just hope Robinhood here knows what he's doing- or at least has some idea of it.

His thoughts kept him company as he continued distantly. His dark optics landing on Leo every so often to make sure he's okay before returning to the silence of his mind. It was the small gasp of someone beside him that forced him back to reality. Expecting danger, his eyes darted to Leo who was still following along with the others. Agitated at the false alarm, he turned to look at the person who made the sound. She seemed to be staring off into the distance in awe. Narrowing his eyes, he followed her gaze and blinked a couple times in dismay when a building stood there. Towering above them, it really set the scene for a nighttime walk in the forest. Now, all that is missing is an ambush. A pause. Not pleased with the abrupt intrusive thought, Jeong pushed it out of his head and carried on as though he didn't hear it. Though, he slid his hands casually into his jacket pocket and began to play with the pocketknife hidden within it.

As they reached the hotel and went their separate ways, Jeong could be found close behind Leo and Peanut. He was dying to get the weighted bags off his person, but he forced himself to wait until Leo was situated first. He didn't like to admit it, but Leo came first. It was softly drilled into his head from a young age. He owed Leo nothing. His family, however, was another story. Watching over him was Jeong's way of thanking them for taking him off the streets and giving him a proper home. Also, being an individual who enjoyed fighting, he had no qualms about being taught how to properly hold his own. But understand, Leo is a grown adult now. If he got himself into trouble, Jeong expects he would also be able to get himself out of it. They weren't children anymore. But of course when Leo is unable to fend for himself despite attempts or if the situation is way over his head, Jeong will step in without a moments hesitation. Leo is a good guy, really. It's not clearly seen through a couple interactions but it's undoubtedly there. At least, Jeong hopes so.

After Leo found his room, Jeong took the one beside his. He didn't care if the place was falling apart or not in the best condition. This room had a bed and a door he could shut everyone out of. It was perfect. Dusty and carried an odd smell, but perfect. He was too tired to complain. Tossing his bags to the side, he rubbed his shoulders and flopped down face first into the bed. Pulling his mask below his chin, Jeong sighed softly and closed his eyes. His power nap felt like a couple seconds when there was knocking on his door. Instantly, he thought Leo wanted something and answered with a tired groan. Instead of his prince, Axel's voice echoed in his room notifying him of a meeting. Every fiber of his body was telling him to stay in bed, to not go to the meeting, "five more minutes, mom," every excuse he could possibly think of resonated in his mind. After a few moments of mental and physical preparation, Jeong rolled onto his back and sat up, rubbing his heavy eyes. Sucking in a quick breath, he rose to his feet and stretched, a large yawn parting his lips. Blinking slowly, he pulled the dark mask back over his mouth and nose as he opened the door. Small crowds of people could be seen walking down the hall; some sluggish, others excited. Shifting his eyes to look at Leo's room, judging by the open door, he has already made his way to the meeting area. He best not fall behind then.

It took him a while to locate Leo in the crowded room. His eyes hurt from the lack of sleep and his tired brain made it a challenge to focus on anything that wasn't his bed. Granted, it was hard and smelled gross, but he longed for it. Making his way through the crowd, Jeong came to a stop beside Leo. Now that he knew he was safe beside him, the man ignored his existence for the sake of paying attention to Axel. There was only so much he could focus on in this tired state. As he listened, he gave a quiet hum in acknowledgement. Alright, he liked where this was going. They'd rest here for a bit then continue their near-end journey. The finish line was in sight and he was eager to cross it. Not to mention he was feeling their new name. Blackfall? Hell yeah. Would they be referred to as "Blackfallens" then? Metal. Eyes lidded in a drowsy manner, his attention turned to Leo when he spoke up, desperately fighting against the laugh that nearly fell from his mouth. No, no... it's fine. He wasn't going to make fun of the other if it's something he's genuinely concerned about. Instead, he waved his hand at Axel, gesturing to him that he'll handle Leo's last two concerns. "I doubt it's anything to worry about. As he said, our stay here is temporary so rest assured. This place appears pretty worn down so if there is a curse, my guess is it's not as effective as it used to be." If that was a good enough response to Leo's worries, Jeong would cast tired brown luminaries in the direction of Axel before speaking again. "This new system, what do you have in mind? Or will there be a follow up meeting after we've reached our destination explaining the details and whatnot?" He added the last bit in consideration of their situation. Many were tired and as Axel had said, he wished to rest as well. If what he wanted to know was going to be explained in the near future, speaking about it now and holding everyone up made zero sense.

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