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« on: December 22, 2018, 10:33:24 AM »
//TW for upsetting content

//tl;dr for those sensitive - wendell is unconscious about half-a-kilometre away from the town. his jaw is completely broken, never to fully heal, and all of his teeth have been violently yanked out. there is a note, written by stryker himself, attached to wendell’s side by one of wendell’s own teeth.

Greetings Sunhaven,

Thank you for taking part in The Typhoon's raid against the Pitt. The Pitt enjoyed plowing all of you into the desert sand. My white fur was stained with crimson for days! Afterwards, I hope you enjoyed our lovely shitstorm from our avian friends. Marina did not enjoy that... Can't blame her though. Next time you do take action against us though, you will gladly be receiving the full force of The Pitt.

You've been warned.

Be more careful next time,

P.S. Hello Buckingham...'


The prior few days came to pass as increasingly burdensome, as a lack of food in addition to the tedious energy-draining voyage from the Pitt to Sunhaven fashioned Wendell a new figure, one distressing to gawk at with one’s own eyes. The wolverine’s jaw, which had became habitat for laughter and stories, had been smashed in, and hung loosely from the remainder of his skull. Flashback to that treacherous day, following the attack which caused permanent disfigurement, he lay at Stryker’s feet and wished dearly for nothing more than death. Yet, the Pitt’s then-Ardent was not finished with the heartless mutilation, and proceeded to impetuously tear out every single one of his teeth, leaving not a single chomper in its socket. Granting the mustelid a short duration of rest before continuing with his sadistic desires, the large feline scrawled a note, one aimed at Bucky, one to cause rampant fear and chaos. To have his mail sent, however, he required a mailman. Thus, like hammering a nail into drywall, in this case the drywall being Wendell, the hammer Stryker’s muscular paw, and the nail Wendell’s sharpest-looking tooth, the note found itself painfully attached to the Sunbearer’s midsection. After this, the wolverine was free to go, and warn his kin about the Pitt’s tyranny.

The condition in which he had been left in could not sustain itself for survival. The scarcity of teeth meant that only the softest of foods could be consumed, such as crushed berries; even so, his mangled jaw made it so that chewing became impossible. Malnutrition soon struck, and the male’s body weight depleted at an outlandish pace. Insignificant meals of scrunched vegetation came only once or twice a day, but a complete deficiency of proteins weakened all muscles in his frame. No longer was Wendell the slightly chubby, merry mammal that most in Sunhaven had come to know. Over the recent days, he devolved into a thin, distressed creature merely centimetres away from death’s cruel grasp. In fact, by the way affairs had transpired, it appeared that the next morning he may not even wake up. However, familiar sights and scents of Sunhaven surged a nostalgic feeling of hope within his veins, inspiring him to push on.

Wendell collapsed about half-a-kilometre away from the town, wheezing heavily. He lay note-side-up. Consciousness escaped him, leaving Wendell in a state of uneasy slumber.

//feel free to powerplay! 
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Re: PINS AND NEEDLES, THAT’S ALL + return, news
« Reply #1 on: December 23, 2018, 06:30:04 PM »

The amount of regret Bucky felt when he and his patrol left the Pitt without Wendell was too much to describe. His plan to bring Fairylights and Wendell home safely failed. In the middle of their stealth mission, they were caught red handed-- due to a mistake on Bucky's plan. Bucky, who used to live a majority of his life in a desert, should've remembered a lot of people are lively during the night. During the night in a desert, the harsh temperatures are gone until morning. His mistake cost them leaving Wendell behind, and probably putting him in more danger. If Wendell wasn't getting treated badly before Bucky and his patrol invaded, he surely was when he was all alone. Bucky didn't want to think of what Stryker and the Pitt might do to Wendell. Due to his own experiences of capture and torture, all of his scenarios were dark and horrid.

But when Bucky padded out of the village, and picked up quickly on Wendell's scent, he was not ready to see Wendell's condition. Wendell's condition was far worse than anything he imagined. At first when he burst into the scene, he could only stare at Wendell with shock, mouth agape. It was like Wendell went through a transformation- and not a good one, at that. Wendell was skinny, enough that if Bucky looked closely, he can see bone. And to his horror, a note was nailed to Wendell's skin. As the maine coon got closer, his eyes widened when he realized the nail wasn't a nail at all. Oh my god, that's Wendell's tooth! He thought, as he tore the note off of the tooth with his metal paw. He didn't dare to touch the impaled tooth though, Bucky isn't a medic, he's not about to make this worse for Wendell. His eyes scanned the page, reading every word very carefully. He read it over again and again, paws beginning to shake with anger.

This is a note for him, a warning from Stryker and the Pitt. Stryker had the audacity to use Wendell like a tree being nailed with flyer after flyer. Like Wendell didn't have a choice whether or not he wanted to be impaled with a threatening message. The maine coon let go of the note, allowing it to gently fall to the ground. I'm going to kill Stryker, The Helion thought furiously, as his gaze landed on Wendell. He felt more anger run through his veins as he stared at Wendell, absolutely hating the state Wendell was forced into just to scare & warn him. But despite how livid he feels, he had to set aside his thoughts as Wendell was barely staying conscious. The Helion quickly crouched, moving over to Wendell's side. "Wendell! Stay with me, you're safe! Stay awake, Venus will help you, but you have to stay awake for me, okay?" He exclaimed with a concerned tone.
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Re: PINS AND NEEDLES, THAT’S ALL + return, news
« Reply #2 on: December 24, 2018, 06:23:22 PM »
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As far as Ymir was concerned, Stryker and all his little cockroaches could burn in the deepest pits of hell--and she wanted to be the one to send them there.

That was all she could think after they had taken Fairy and Wendell, that once she got her paws on them, she would do the dirty job of snapping their damn necks. But, as she looked at the broken and beaten form of Wendell, she decided that wasn't what she would do. They didn't deserve a quick and painless death. No, they deserved to suffer like they made their victims suffer, like Fairy and Wendell and everyone else. They deserved to have their own jaw broken, teeth torn from gums.

In the heat of her rage, all she wanted was for them to hurt like her clan-mate was hurting right now. "I can carry him if need be." she offers towards the Helion, trying to hide the way she trembled with her own anger. They wouldn't be scared by this, wouldn't change anything just because Stryker was a little child who wanted to scare them into submission. If anything, they should retaliate, storm into their camp and attack them back. But she didn't voice any of these thoughts. "character's speech."

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Re: PINS AND NEEDLES, THAT’S ALL + return, news
« Reply #3 on: December 24, 2018, 09:32:04 PM »
having picked up on the others' scents she had quietly followed after them, the mercenary's nose up, drawing in and memorizing the scents in the air.

she stood to the back, easily noticed by the others, her face quiet and hiding the rage that built like a storm within her heart, the woman breathing out. "I can also carry him back if need be." she murmured quietly, using her rage to stomp down on the emotions burning up in her chest when her eyes fell onto ymir.

"bucky. i can go after them. I am not tied down in sunhaven or the rosebloods. I wont wear the scent, they don't know who I am." she rumbled, the tigress looking at wendell's thin and emaciated body, a sorrow in her breast, knowing recovery would be long and painful for him.

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