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« on: December 21, 2018, 08:03:28 PM »
It was a chilly morning when the bi-furred male strolled upon Sunhaven's border, covering in bite marks, scars and bleeding. He hadn't been around anyone for the last couple days, so it was kinda hard to get his injuries mostly treated, but he'd run into someone he'd never expect to see again. Izuku. Their reunion had been bittersweet and it had given Shoto some hope, that there could be others they know in this strange world. As for Izuku, he hoped that his friend, was alright, wherever he might be at now. Carelessly, the heterochromia-eyed male waltzed right over the Sunhaven border until he came across the Warship. He suddenly came to a halt and he remained quiet. No signs of life, anywhere. How disappointing. The best thing to do, might be to search all over for a place to temporarily stay, unless he was proven wrong about nobody residing here.

//ack, short.

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Re: idontwannabeyouanymore / joining
« Reply #1 on: December 23, 2018, 10:13:09 AM »

(welcome to sunhaven!! B))

days creeping into long nights passed the kitsune by so quickly venus had hardly noticed the passage of time as their idle paws worked on the little housekeeping things, as their mind stayed full of thoughts and ideas. distracting the vulpine from the outer world. stimuli was abrupt, rousing the solbinder's mind only if briefly before leaving the sunhaven member a confused conglomerate of emotion as the newcomer foreign to these lands passed the vulpine by like any other sunhaven member might. except, he wasn't.

trouble was nothing that venus could sort, and would rather refrain from to avoid possible physical altercations if that meant saving their time and energy for more important matters at hand - coupled with the fact that the kitsune was a terrible fighter. no, venus would happily just stick to their day-job and be more of a passive presence to the foreign individual. no doubt some more rambunctious of venus' group members would trot their little arse along to pick a nasty fight with the bewildered and injured man anyways. "Добрий день! whatcha' doing? don't believe we've ever met before.. or that you know where you are. " blowing caution out the window from even approaching the man without a feasible plan to combat the very real possibility that the man will turn immediately, venus at least had the self-preservation to remain at an agreeable distance from shoto. the boy was bloodied and torn, something not quite sitting right with his presence.

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Re: idontwannabeyouanymore / joining
« Reply #2 on: December 23, 2018, 04:58:18 PM »

The maine coon was hiding in the shadows, when Shoto stepped over the border. His light blue eyes were watching the unfamiliar male for some time now, wondering what Shoto was going to do. There were only two options- wait for someone to arrive, or pad over the borderline. It seemed like Shoto picked the latter, as soon as Shoto came across the Warship, the Helion went on the move. He silently padded over, ears pricking as Venus's voice rang through his ears. Realizing Venus already approached the trespasser, Bucky stayed light on his toes. While it was months and months ago when Bucky was conditioned into the Winter Soldier, to this day the male cannot stop the stealth-like habits he developed. Even though Shoto's already approached, he cannot give himself away. He silently padded up to Venus, the maine coon's eyes landing on the wounded stranger.

They don't look like they're in the best condition. He can see the open wounds clearly, the fresh smell of iron clogging his nostrils. In that condition, I don't think they're looking for a fight. They must've not picked up on our scent border, He thought to himself, as his light blue eyes scanned Shoto in a quick manner. The former assassin took a step forward, as he spoke up. "You've trespassed into Sunhaven territory," He said, as if he suddenly appeared out of nowhere, "Unless you're here to join us, I'd advise you turn around now."

[ welcome to sunhaven!! so sorry for the late reply! ]
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Re: idontwannabeyouanymore / joining
« Reply #3 on: December 24, 2018, 06:26:36 PM »
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The wolf pads over after her clan-mates, head cocked to the side as she studies him with an unimpressed expression on her face. Normally she would have picked on him for crossing the border, saying his nose must not have worked or he was just brain-dead, but when she considered his wounds, she decides to hold her tongue. Instead she simply nods at Bucky's words. This wouldn't be a fight he would win easily, if that was even what he was looking for. "character's speech."
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Re: idontwannabeyouanymore / joining
« Reply #4 on: December 28, 2018, 01:50:29 PM »
As soon as a unfamiliar scent hit the bi-furred male's nostrils, Shoto immediately tensed up in a defensive manner. He peered over his shoulder, towards Venus. The fur along his spine slightly bristled, but when he noticed two other strangers approaching the scene, he forced himself to relax. He couldn't afford to get himself into another fight and risk dying. Unfortunately, he couldn't scavenge for supplies, but perhaps, there was other options. "

"I didn't smell your border." He said, gruffly, to Bucky, before he turned his attention to Venus, tensing up once more. He didn't want to get on anyone's bad side, by saying he was going to take stuff from their territory. So instead, he decided to say. "I was searching for medical supplies, for my injuries. I assume you have a medic?" He would glance one last time at the Maine coon, to speak. "I'll be joining."


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