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« on: December 15, 2018, 04:00:56 AM »
Obsession isn't new to him in the slightest. There where times that he would lie awake when he should be sleeping, staring at the wall but not really seeing. Instead he would be looking into his mind, images of animals, objects or even vague concepts flashing behind his pupils. His mind just couldn't resist clinging to things, turning them over and over until he got too curious and had to turn that thing over physically as well. He can feel that process happening now, as he stares out across the ocean. The image of that angel just wouldn't leave him. It taunted him, flashes of pretty feathers and wide vulnerable eyes. His claws dig into the sand beneath him, but his expression remains impassive. It's only been a few days, but already the urge is there. He wants to know why Junji is so special, he wants to see inside the pretty feline in more ways than one. Why these cravings snuck up on him so fast was beyond him, but he wasn't going to lie there for hours and ponder his emotions. He was more about action than thinking, these days.

Thats why, as dawn begins to rise, he decides that he's going to gather all the information he can about this enticing new face. It never takes Luca long to track people down with his sharp senses, but the hard part is far from over. Now he had to remain undetected until the time was right. Few seemed to be around right now though, so it would probably be okay to step a tiny bit closer. One step, two steps, slowly he crawled towards the angel's back. He's almost right atop the poor thing when-


Wood cracks beneath the weight of his paw, splintering into the pad and drawing a suprised inhale from the hellhound, air hissing beneath the gaps in his clenched teeth. In all his excitement he had never noticed the stray branch blocking his path, and he internally hits himself for getting so carried away. He was never supposed to get this close, so near the holy creature that he can smell his vanilla scent as clearly as he can feel the beating of his heart. He can barely feel the pain in his paw over the adrenaline, but he had never been one to be bothered by pain anyway. For now he stares at Junji, taking a quick step or two back and lowering his head in a subconscious and automatic defense.

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Re: LOVE LIKE YOU [junji]
« Reply #1 on: December 18, 2018, 01:31:22 PM »
Obsession was a foreign concept to Junji. Perhaps it was a word that could be used to describe his father—obsessed. Obsessed with perfection and the idea of a perfect Junji. One that obeyed without question. One that was worthy of his love and worthy of a seat at his side in the heavens. The boy did not know of the cold, twisting tendrils coiling about him; the obsession of a strange demon, and the obsession of a twisted archangel. Such things did not bother him. Angels needed not trouble themselves with such petty vices.

Junji found his temporary home cramped. A night filled to the brim with terrors, until eventually the fear was too much to handle. He clambered from his pile of blankets in the corner of Goldenluxury's hut and rushed out the door, and from there, he simply wandered. The angel didn't know where he was going off to, but that didn't matter. He just needed to get out of there. Away from the walls that loomed and seemed to close in each time he blinked, away from the nightmares that haunted him.

It was at first light when he finally found a place to rest. He padded slowly to the middle of a small clearing and breathed out quietly, trying to quell his trembling. He was safe here. He had nothing to worry about. Goldenluxury had assured him of these things while he settled in, and though he couldn't help but feel suspicious of her kindness, he found he could trust her. He was safe. He was safe. He was sa—


Junji sprang from his seat and whipped around, fur bristling and feathers puffed in fright. "Ego sum paenitet!" He cried, searching the brush for his father's form, though instead he found a defensive-looking hound. The angel took a quick step back and heaved out a long breath, slightly relaxing upon recognizing him. Luca; one of the people to greet him at the railroad gate alongside Goldie. Though his name slightly scared him, as his father had warned against the one named Luca, he was a familiar face. Junji swallowed thickly and lowered his gaze to the ground. "...Hello." A soft greeting, followed by a sniffle as the boy lifted a paw to wipe at his damp eyes. "Please don't sneak up on me..."

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Re: LOVE LIKE YOU [junji]
« Reply #2 on: December 19, 2018, 06:53:31 AM »
The angel's reaction definitely doesn't help his stance. The sudden movement causes his eyes to narrow, hackles prickling as he prepares to bare pearly fangs. Life hadn't been kind to the either of them, and for a moment their tensions bleed into one another. After all, it's uncommon to come across an angel who doesn't despise demons. For all he knows, Junji planned attack him on sight once they were alone. But there is no attack, only a pleading sort of fear in the feline's eyes, one that Luca knows all too well. Guilt washes over his body, and perhaps even his expression, hackles falling into gentle tufts along his neck. He seems to relax at the same time as other. Muscles slack beneath silky fur, and he straightens his back a bit to bring his chest up from the ground. He's close enough to notice the difference in height between them, and there's something satisfying about the thought of scooping the angel up in his paws.

His line of sight drops to the ground before him. "Sorry." The apology comes as a low and reluctant mumble, vibrating his chest. He isn't used to apologizing. Usually he would refuse to do so, but he can't bring himself to deny this broken dove. "It's a habit," he continues, and his teeth came down to tug at his lip for a second or two before he dares to gaze into the teary eyes in front of him. He hates watching others cry. Sometimes it's guilt, sometimes it's disgust, but it always makes him feel something bad. This time it's the former, and a nagging sensation begs him to try and fix the situation. He doesn't believe Goldie's story, the one in which he and this angel were happily together with a number of children. It's impossible in a number of ways, but that doesn't stop the allure that Junji radiates. Even if it weren't for that hypothetical situation, he is sure that he'd still feel drawn to this one. Soft features, cute voice, enticing... rump. He doesn't notice himself moving forwards until he puts pressure on the paw that snapped that branch, sending a spear of pain through his leg. Instinctively he lifts it again, but decides that it's probably not worth any attention, despite the pink he can see dribbling from his paw pad. He continues forward at a slower pace, closing the gap between them.

"I didn't mean to scare you," he says, this time speaking with a practiced gentleness. The syllables fall off his tongue softly, accompanied by whisps of pink smoke. "I just want to talk." Partially a lie. He can't deny the thoughts currently running rampant in his mind, the desire to pin this pretty bird down and dig his teeth into his neck, refusing to release any of his sedative venom so he could enjoy the feeling of Junji's rapid hearbeat against his chest. He's an impulse-driven hound, but he manages to keep himself grounded for the time being. Still, the urge to reach out and touch him is a strong one. A distraction, that's what he needs. "I'm... curious about you," he admits, standing as close to the angel as he would allow himself to get.

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