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YOUR FATHERS BOY | Territory Destruction
« on: November 21, 2018, 04:03:03 PM »
L U C I F E R ?
"The storm is coming, and there is no escape."
[ permission by woody on the territory destruction, grey's given permission for his char to die in the destruction - im let grey decide if they wanna post that or me first however. ]

the sunlight wanes above and the night slips in.

dead air and eerie silence as the shadows lengthen across the sand and the hidden forest within.

the world holds it's breath.

far off in the distance - something moves

a red glow, distant but moving fast,

it bleeds into the black - like the cracks along fine china - but, wrong

this red is like fissures in the sky - bleeding the wrong light and it /hurts/ to look at - the way the mind screams should not be! and yet it clearly is.

it warps and twists the closer it grows - mapping out across a foreboding form.

this close even from below you can see the creature - a dragon, but...not, there are seams here where the fabric doesn't fit, mismatched, like a facsimile of the real thing even as the red red red bleeds scars across it.

you see a glimpse of monstrous teeth - so very very red, bright and burning, rictus grinning - you think you should see it's eyes,

but there are only deep black pits - but you could swear it looks right at you

this impossibility - a shadow chained in red out of sync with the universe - opens those grinning jaws and-

the noise, the noise

it's indescribable - and even that does it injutsice.

it rings in your head - even when you cover your ears - like the birth-death screams of a universe entire, shrieking as it bleeds out,

starlight scattering across a black tableu under uncaring claws that rend through the string-fabric of existence like the slow blossom of blood from a slow dying carcass.

it's an agony in itself.

and then the world rocks beneath your small paws and you eyes unscrew to witness what the noise drove you to miss past the blinding flash behind closed lids-

a section of the canyon wall - obliterated - rocks and dust and debris collapsing down, down, down.

you scrabble away - even as the jungle catches light around you - these flames are wrong like the lightning striking above you,

red, bright and unusual - this is no natural fire and it eats all it touches.

so you run,

and run - and run,

past the screaming and the dying - you can see charred bodies even when you close your eyes - the worst is when a carcass crashes down before you from above,

half of it is eaten

you leap back - it hurts to breathe past the thudding drumbeat of your heart trying desperately to escape your very ribcage - the terror clogs your throat and stops your legs, where can you go? the fire rages around you and the screams tear into your mind

the awful noise runs a staccato undertow to the sounds of agony and sheer fear - the endless eddy of the dying to a malicious god

a chorus of despair to it's dark conductor,

you wonder if you will be mourned - you wonder if there will be anyone left to mourn

a shadow falls across you.

look up

you know what you see.

bright red and - staring staring staring - a grin where stars, dead and dying, glimpsed between crimson teeth.

this is the last thing you see.

you are perhaps then,

luckier than most

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Re: YOUR FATHERS BOY | Territory Destruction
« Reply #1 on: November 22, 2018, 04:05:43 PM »

It was the hellish sound that summoned the silver demon, followed by the scent wafting from the jungle that clogged his nostrils and lingered in his throat.  Sephiroth had been risen from sleepless time in his chambers by his enhanced senses going haywire, lowering them as he cantered to the entrance of the ruins.  He slipped through the tunnel and peered past the waterfall, catching sight of fire.

Fire.  Fire, what had consumed their last territory, destroying the place he had called home.  Fire that wad consuming territory and prey and members, fire that brought about the end.  It swelled up something in him that he couldn’t name, something lost within him since Mother had been blocked out of his head.  The male found himself frozen in place for a few heartbeats, before the Pharaoh turned to swing his muscular body back towards the ruins camp.

FIRE!  Sephiroth’s voice raised in a rare vocalization, roaring through the base camp fiercely.  ”WATER ELEMENTALS, WORK!  GO!”  The silver maned feline would swing about back towards the face that burning landscape, taking a heaving leap and rushing through the carnage.  Sparks burned his paws, smoke tickled at his lungs, and foliage and trees collapsed around him heavily.  Right now he was focused on survival, his survival.  While before he had hung back to help, this situation was far more critical as he raced to escape, stretching his senses out a small bit in search of cherished clanmates lost in the inferno.

(this would’ve been longer but im tired ladfldajfla.  If anybodys lost in the burning jungle seph can guide them)
Sephiroth is a large male lion with a pale, almost white body and a silver mane.  He has blue green eyes with slit pupils.  He is the Pharaoh of the Rosebloods.  He is currently unstable and volatile, hearing a voice called Mother in his head and is believing himself to be a god.  He has enhanced senses, conjuration, and mental manipulation and communication, and is hard to fight in battle.  He is based on the character of the same name from Final Fantasy VII.

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Re: YOUR FATHERS BOY | Territory Destruction
« Reply #2 on: November 23, 2018, 01:54:38 AM »
Questions no one can answer -

(reply short due to limited wifi)

He had seen a couple of strange things here and there since he had arrived in this world. One of them being himself as he just knew that he was sort of big dog that was around in the world. Vagabond was technically a Hellhound, but he would neither believe or understand someone when they would try to explain him as being as such. It was understandable as there was no such thing as Hellhounds when he was a human. Although, it wouldn't surprise him if there was a gang with the name Hellhounds because it would certainly make for a good name. It was another boring night for the sleep-deprived male as he made his way back toward Roseblood territory. Vagabond had no connection when it came to this place, and the only people he cared about were the crew that was struggling to survive in this area. The massive beast flicked one of his ears as he neared the edge of the canyon, but he wasn't going toward the entrance of the canyon and was moving toward one of the ridges of the canyon instead. It was in the middle of the night, and he found it more productive for him to go out and do something instead of remaining in his cave and waiting for something to happen.

It was while he was walking across the desert that Vagabond heard something massive moving above him. At first, without looking up, he thought it was some sort of plane and tried to ignore it. It was only when the thing got within his eyesight that it realized it wasn't a plane. Vagabond raised his head and looked at a winged creature in the sky. Wait a minute. Vagabond immediately stopped in his tracks as he looked at the beast, only to see it start breathing fire in the distance. That had to be some Game of Thrones shit if he had ever seen that before. There was no way that was real in any means of the word. The Hellhound began to trot a little bit faster as he wanted to look at the damage of the place. There was no way a dragon was real, and no one would be able to tell him either. He blinked his vivid blue eyes as he stopped at the edge of the canyon and noticed a good amount of trees on fire. Well, that kind of sucked. Vagabond was becoming more and more confused on figuring out what was real and what was fake in this life. Right now dealing with hallucinations, he didn't believe that the fire was real and instead remained standing at the edge of the canyon, no reaction on his masked face.

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Re: YOUR FATHERS BOY | Territory Destruction
« Reply #3 on: November 25, 2018, 06:35:21 PM »
The ocelot knows the dragon’s figure well enough to recognize his outline, even at a distance. But she notices something else, an oddness that she almost failed to recognize. His scar, red and angry, appears to have spread across his face and body – tearing into him. She knows the dragon as a compassionate creature, she doesn’t understand why he appears so wounded; she can see the rage in his aura, an angry orange-red that lights up the sky. She wants to help him; she helped her so much before she left, but the witch hesitates.

She smells like his enemy, she knows. Hell, she should count herself his enemy – and the rest of the Roux’s, the rest of the Typhoon. She betrayed them, didn’t she? Turned her backs on them, but not before she felt as though they turned their backs on her first.

With no small amount of reluctance, she turned her gaze away from the raging figure as she set to work controlling the wildfire born from his flames. She raced alongside the river, flinging streams of water into the hungry flames as she charged towards the worst of the damage. Rosemary always felt most in her element when using water, and she easily found herself slipping into the zone – Eri, ever faithful of a companion, swam through the river at her side, ready to defend her if the raging dragon turned on someone who still considered herself his friend.

But as the flames’ light danced across her face and she fought the wildfire, she drifted to the canyon walls. Confidence surged in her mind; the flames came nowhere close to harming her, mindless as they were, and she knew how to command water to fight better than Eri knew how to use his fangs. Yet she didn’t notice the cracks forming up the side of the canyon, the tremors through the land from Lucifer’s power. She only knew the fire and her own need to conquer it.

[ jiyu's gonna save rosemary, don't worry lol ]
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Re: YOUR FATHERS BOY | Territory Destruction
« Reply #4 on: November 25, 2018, 06:59:47 PM »
Once more flames consumed everything and the same old story was getting old, the next territory needed to be freaking fire proof somehow, the calico was getting tired of losing her only connections to the past. Luckily? This time the stone ruins were fairly fire proof so the few things she had saved, her keepsakes should survive this time, Prestige had picked a good new camp so long as everyone had been doing a decent part to keep plants from going too deeply into it. Anyways she was free to focus on the large dragon attacking the group. The calico instantly ran forward, aiming at first to charge right into battle to drive the dragon off. "Everyone come on, Sepiroth will take care of anyone who is trapped, with water elementals helping with the fire, we need to drive the dragon away." or the water elementals would have an incredibly hard time containing the flames if more were being breathed at constant. "Vagabond, now would be the time for-" she was going to ask him to help, not caring about what had happened before, yet before she could speak something else caught her gaze.

The calico froze for a second, green optic catching the sight of Rosemary standing against the flames fighting them with her powers, so intensely focused. It really was beautiful a small streak of pink forming through her foggy aura. Only it had not been the sight of Rosemary which had first caught her, only a split second being needed to remind her it was the cracks forming on the nearby canyon wall that had diverted her attention. Now she was completely distracted from the Dragon running in the other direction, keeping her gaze directly on the healer as the rocks began to slip down, the slid increasing in speed with every step she took. She couldn't make it in time running! The memory of a few nights ago, pacing the lakeside with the shockingly talkative mutated female flashed through her head, finding an ounce more speed within herself and breaking into teleportation. Rose was not going to die, not today. Right as she rocks came crashing down the large calico barreled into the healer, sending the both of them rolling.

The pair rolled several feet crashing into one of the nearby non flaming tree's with Jiyu being the one to impact it, paws on top of Roses shoulder blades clearly having attempted to hold the other female into herself as they rolled to further protect her. Yet, the rescue was no where near as interesting as the position it ended them in! It took Jiyu a few seconds to notice, but when she did her aura turned pink; Rose was laid atop her and their maws were pushed together in an unintended kiss. The calico's aura flared pink for a second before it went back to being completely fogged as she pushed the other female up, standing and glancing over. "Be careful, the canyon wall is unstable" was Rose always that hot or was it just the fire raging around them making her sweat? The healer was actually beautiful, multiple eyes reflecting the flames capturing them perfectly. "Stay away from it, what would the group do if you got crushed." small pink flickering lights, she was completely not worrying about not getting another one of those midnight walks which was so relaxing compared to the silence she surrounded herself with.

She had to get back to fighting! Jiyu turned around, racing back towards the dragon teleporting so she could try to fling herself at its eyes. The calico decided she could address accidently kissing the healer later, right now everyone needed to be safe. Across the whole thing she had been stone faced, stoic as always, but of course that was no protection against someone who could see the flickers of emotion in her aura.
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Re: YOUR FATHERS BOY | Territory Destruction
« Reply #5 on: November 27, 2018, 05:13:06 PM »

" my own illusion come to be "


the group would be joined by a second dragon, this time one who did not spew fire from its jaws. this one was long and sinewy, golden in color. this dragon belonged to the rosebloods, and it was not appreciative of the damage being flung at their home.

letting loose a roar, bai shi would sweep from their position in the air, the eastern dragon swaying with a violent intent. they wanted blood, and they would get it if it was the last thing they would do.

bai shi dove at lucifer, aiming to coil around the other dragon's neck, hoping to sink their teeth into his scales. if they mis-judged their aim, they would spiral past him only to rebound and try again.
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Re: YOUR FATHERS BOY | Territory Destruction
« Reply #6 on: November 27, 2018, 05:27:17 PM »
L U C I F E R ?
"You hesitate Shadow, but remember your despair.
This is your only chance to make it end."
it was not wise to temper with something clearly dangerous - and clearly not in a right state of mind.

never mind the sparks that danced and flew in all directions from where they connected like a charging current between spines and visceral red seething cracks.

another - another noise of damnation as what sounded like the noise reality would make in a tearing motion brought the black - crimson infected - beast twirling out of reach of the assault.

and those great massive wings beat him back into a smooth dive - twice the bolts of lurid red springing from the unstable red red red and smashed into the canon walls, collapsing another end.

and then a sudden psychic cacophony that could reach and infect near anyone in reach as the beast swooped overhead spewing flames again at the flammable scenery.

S̷̛͈̖̞̝̩̯̼̟͚̲̘̻͈̱͎̦̟̈́̈̏̅͑̉͆͐͋̋̂̽͌̌̚͘͜ͅl̸̨̨̗̞͔͖̖̜͈̣̩̰͇̙̠͉̦͒̆̿̅͌͌͑̑̐̈́̏͒̓̈́͘̕͘͠͠ͅͅą̶̧̮͔̣̜̮̲͕͚͈͓͇̯̤̹̮́͊͑͐̅͗̐̀̎͗̈̅̌̎̋̿͛̕͜͝ý̴̧̱̟͍̪̳̝͓͓̥̟͚̱̰̣̰̼͔̏̓͒̈̋̂̈̒́͛̾̋̉̂͌̎͂̚ȩ̵̡͉͈̭̙̟̳̺̙͔̭͎͔̥̰͎͕̋͊̄̽̄͐͛̑̔̐́̔͂̒̓͋̕͠ŗ̷̧̡̛̱̥̟͔̞̤̺̯̼̪̖̠̬̙̑̆̽̔͂̉͛͗͐̆̓̈́́̓̿̚͘ͅs̵̢̞̣͚̦̠͖̲̱̤̖̫̙̝͎̟͇̗͛͂̈́̊̊̒̔̓͑̉͒̈́͋͂̂̕͘͝͝ ̸̨̟͖̺̟͙͔͚̙̫͇͉̬̯̫̙̳̤̠̿̇̒͌̈́͗̓͆͆̆̓͐́͌͘̚͠͝ǫ̷̠̖̩̬̙̼̣͔͚̰̘̳̜̪̫͛͂͒̒̿̇̀̀̌͋̃̈́̆͒́͘̕͜ͅf̴̨̤̳͉̥̥͉̗̭̫͙̟̦̻̩̺͊̑̇̅̈́́́̌̾̍̌̇́̀̚͘̚͜͠ͅͅ ̶̨̢̡̧̧̦̝͎̙̟̪̬̝̲͈̣͖̹̀͋̉̂̾̿̃̆̓̈́̿͒̇̃̈̇͊͜͝͠ḿ̷̧̧̠͕͔̻̲̱̮̖̹̗̖͇̪̭̅̀͌͆̒̃́̄̂̈́̈́̿͊̽̄̇̆͋͜y̸̧̢͙̩͕̭̯͓̰͚̘͈͉͈̯̭̮̦͉̐͌̓̍̏̌̏̓̆̉̅̈́̿̎́̽̕͝ ̶̨̢̨̛̤̮̪̣͓̪͉̦̖͔̮̼͎̘͍̩̄͋́͑͑͛̅̊̓͒̇̅͑͛̓͌̔̚ć̴̨̧̧̱̠̻̺̺̬̫̹͈̥͚͈͖̤̻̌̓̋̓̃̀̎̈̇̓̔̒̒̈̈́̚͝͠h̴̢̧̛̖̠̺̮̯̘͉̦̩̝̟̣̤̺͇̓́̍̍͌̔͊́̀͆̃͂̋̏̄̕ͅͅĭ̸̢͖̺̜̫̣̙̪̙̲͉͍͔͚̭̱̤̩̿͌̈́͑̅͂̀͛͐̀̂͐̈́̆͌͝͝ͅĺ̵̨̡̬̣̲̥͔̹͍̣̪͈̝͖̪̭͖͇̃̓̔̅̉̒̾̒̔͂͒͒̐̀̽͋̚̕ḑ̶̡͈̭̞̮̞͔̹̬̳͓̦͓̮̒̌̒͌̓̽͋͋͊̓̿̉̽̆͛̑͠͝ͅͅ,̶̢̛̘̳̤͖̮̮̰͇͈̦̬̠̲͍̊̃͛̾͊͊̊̑͗͆̍́͐̌͛͘͜͜͝͠ ̵̧̛̮͕͔̗̣̰͚̞̘̬̬̹̙͍̝͍͚̭͊̍̋̄́̈́̋̔́́̐̅̌́̾́̃̚S̸̡̡̡̟̠͖̱̤̠̟͕̟̭̜̮͙͒̌̈́͌̑͋̉̎͂̊̈́̌̒̃̄̿̂̕ͅĻ̷̨̧̧̳̠̳̰̗͖̯̠͎̜̼͉̪̏̀̍̀͌̾͌̈́̐̈́͑̾̉̅͌͐͘ͅÁ̴̛̪̦̟͖̳̙̣̪̭̝̗͓̱̯̯̬̪̼̯́̽̐̓̈́̂̓̆̂̈́̊̅̉̆̊̕Y̸̨̛̘͇͍̲̘̪͚͕̘͎͕͚̖̯͔͓͎̾͗̄͌̅̾̑͆͆͛͗͗́͗̚̕͠͝ͅḚ̶͉̦͉͎̪̫̟͓̤̼̳̖͖̱͓͔͚̃͑͒͗̉̅̊̈̔̂̒͋̽́̿̕͘͘͝R̷̢̡̬̩͙͇̹̟̦͚͙̰͙̦̪̜̎͑͂̇̿͊͐̒̉̆͐̃͐̈́͆͂͂ͅͅS̷̢̙̺̪̟̜̻͕̖̙̝̞͇̗̲̮̗̋̇̈́͆̔̈̔͗̓̎͗͗͋̀͌͑͜͠͝ ̴̧̨̢̛̪̖̹̥̼͈̼̹̞͉̳̞̤̹̳̝͛̑̄̒̎͛̒̀̐̂̅̿̉̈́̕̕Ǫ̶̹̪͉͈͇͈̭̞̞͍̲̪̰͔̬͚̭̯̽̈́̋̆͆͗̏̄̅͋̉̈́̔̈́̀̚̕̕͠F̷̧̼̻̳̣̯̱͕͉̻̖̫͇͎͓̫̝̫͇̐͆͛͂̿̀̈́̐̍̒͛́͛̌͐̌̐͐ ̷̧̧̢̨̛͉̭͚̞͎͎͔̟͇̩͔̻͕̠̺̒̑̀̉̅̉̾̐̈̅̑̓́̈̌̎̚Ḿ̶͇̼͓̟̰̥̘͚̬̤͎̝̺̘̹̺̄̒͋͛̾̔̒̃̇͐̃̂͆͗̒͌̑̐͜͜Y̷̡̱̤͚̰̪͍̲̫̤̟͔̻̜̺̻͌̈́̇̆̉͐̍͑̔̂̄͛̀̃̋̎͘͜͠͠ͅ ̸̪̹̩̙̬͖̩͙̰̳͖̦̜̣̬̥̘̺͛̽̃̈́̉̐̐̉̎̈́̏̔̃́̾̕͘͠Ç̸̡̠͖̳̬̱͖̳̻͔͕͔̞̜͓̦̻͓̀̾̇́̈̊̆͋̆̏̃͑͆̚̚͘̚Ḣ̶̟͎̠͍̦̩̯͙̞͔̘̟͔̹͚̩̒̀͂͂́͑̑̎̈́̉̌̃͒̅̚̚͝ͅI̷̧̧̧̦̞͎̮̫̮̟̰̲͇̫̮͖͒́̀̏́̀͐͒̒̎̇͐͐̋̉̿̐̓̀͜ͅL̶̢̛̳͙̮͍͔͉͓̦̪̥̮͙͇̼̗̮͆̃̓̓̏̓͌̊͗́͋̓͌̏͝͝͠ͅD̴̡̨̛̛̞̳͖̞̩̖̖̬͇̦̻̗͙͙͍̑͌̅̅̈́̑͊̅̓͑͆̈́́̚̚͜,̴̨̹̯̳̲̫͇͙͇̱̗͖̙͙̦͚̗̦͛̎́̔̄́̎̂͋̀̀̍͛̈́͆̚͝͠ ̵̜̞̝̞̠̜̤̺͈̺̘̠̝̬̪̲͍̦̀̉̃̓̒̉̀͌̿̌̇̽̓̂͌͒͘͘͝P̸̢̡̢͓̞̩̭͚͔̦͓̠̀̈́͊̊̎̐̽͗̈́̎͆̈̊̎̌̋̽̕̕͜͜͜͜͜E̵̢̛͎̤̰͈̞̞̞̳͔̻̱̼̺͖̰̙͑̒̈̈́͆̈̈̀̾̈̂͌̆̕̚̚͝Ŗ̵̺̟͚̮͔͕̘̰̖͈̠̗͔͎̘͎̪̱̄̏̄̄͂̂́̋̓̔̒̈́̇͌͑͆̕͝͠I̶̡̡̨̧͔̮̤̭͔̰͈̼̻̠̭͔̻̠͌̏̇̄̀̐̍́̑̃̔̽̅̂̒̐̾͜͝S̵̡̧͎̘͇̻̺͖͔̣͔̯̠̙̜͈͙͐̊̀͑̐̐̍͌̔͒̽̈́̋͛̐͋̆̔͝H̵̨̬̲̜͉͖̞̳̜̩̰̗̝̭͇̰͖͎̍̀͊̈́̈́̄̔́̈́̏̑̽̅͛̀͋͘͝

an agony of red red red lancing across minds and the words hissed, spat and shrieked in a multitude of voices and languages.

he swooped back and the jet of pure red flame mingled with another bolt of lightning - incinerating another portion of the forest as the corpses began to pile up - one unfortunate, named Perry, to the rosebloods perished in the flames.

[ he's saying 'slayers of my child, perish' basically - also grey gave permission for Perry to die permanently, though this post is oof a lil less good bc of the bad internet here so its kinda rushed / i'll maybe do one more post then have him leave considerin my internet oof. ]

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