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THE SNARE / meeting 4.21

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THE SNARE / meeting 4.21
« on: April 22, 2018, 12:05:47 AM »
     It seemed as if someone who hadn't changed in centuries could still adapt to a loose schedule. But he still winced at the thought of clambering up onto a statue of rubble and publicly croaking out names and news for all to listen to. His anxiety lessened with every meeting, or he hoped it was. He didn't have a thumping heartbeat or cold sweat to check when he was nervous, only the twisting knots in his bloodless guts and his brain going haywire with strategies of escape or attack. Not much for Beck to lament over unfortunately. Meeting day jitters aside, the commander gave a sharp exhale punctuated by the constant rattle from crippled lungs, stretching out his limbs as he stalked towards the town's center, twitching squirrel slung in his jaws. He just needed to act casual, like he hadn't been mentally prepping himself for public speaking -- so he fetched a recent catch from one of his traps, carrying the still-warm rodent despite the prospect of having to pick strands of ginger fur from his teeth later.

     Scrabbling up onto the remnants of the statue's platform, Beck circled around into his typical lazy sprawl and dropped the dead squirrel in front of him. Most of the ruddy fur that had been clenched in his jaws was singed with chemicals, but it wasn't too much of a bother to him. Following the pattern he was setting for himself, the poltergeist rasped out into the air in his keening voice, "It's meetin' time again, gather 'round unless ya wanna live under a rock for the next week!" Claws already hooked under the squirrel's skin, he glared ahead at nothing in impatience as he waited for the usual crowd to arrive. Shaking his head to snap from his sudden trance, Beck instead returned his worries to the squirrel, creating sloppy incisions at the base of its bristling tail like he had learned so long ago. Not rearing his head, he eventually wheezed, "S'pose I've gotta welcome a new lot of y'all into our humble swamp, but buckle up, there's a bunch of new folks." Which wasn't necessarily bad; it was great, in fact, to be earning themselves fresh meat by the handfuls. He just didn't want to stumble over the long list of names he memorized. "Here's a official welcome from the one and only Beck to Tsukiko, Noah, Marvolo, Nayru, Fen -- Fenrisulfr? That how ya say it? Uh -- Jonah, Amun, Buckingham, I'll just call ya Bucky, and Cairos. Y'all got some weird names, but go on 'nd introduce yourselves, and make yourselves comfy." Beck quipped, lantern-like gaze briefly flickering up to scan over their faces before accompanying his welcome by gripping the squirrel's tail and tearing the fur from its legs with a harsh tug. Busying himself by skinning someone's meal certainly did calm his nerves, in a cathartic way, or kept him distracted enough so he couldn't worry about how gravelly and shrill his words sounded, and how scrawny he was, and every other flaw that made his speech tremble.

     Continuing to mindlessly skin the squirrel for, he didn't know, squirrel stew or whatever, Beck swiped an electric blue tongue over sharkish teeth and continued, "Now for the main event y'all are waiting for, the promotions and shit. I'm impressed, six of you folks get to climb up a rank. Fen 'n' Amun, ya two get to be chasers, even though both of ya are new. Amunet, Morgan, and Valo, you get to move from chaser to firebrand, another bad-ass rank name if I do say so m'self. And, Bella, ya might of noticed I skipped ya there, but since ya wanted to be a doc, I'm giving ya the job right now. 'Course, I expect y'all to learn how to take care of yourselves and how not to get your asses hurt so ya don't stress poor Bells out too much. And, uh, shoutouts are gonna go to Fish, Cairos, Nayru, and Marvolo, but who knows, if ya keep it up, ya might snag yourself a rank." By now, the squirrel's hind legs were freed from its furry coat, and Beck pinned its degloved tail down with a blood-speckled paw, gripping its bare legs with his teeth. In one swift movement, the squirrel and its pelt were ripped apart from each other, leaving Beck's scarred snout to crinkle into a disgusted smile. What else was he supposed to say? His split brow furrowed as he concentrated on removing the squirrel's feet and head with both claws and bone snaps, and when he was finished cleaning his catch, the boy hoarsely concluded, "There ain't much going on, luckily, but I'll keep medic tryouts open for a bit longer so anybody who didn't get the memo can, ya know, tryout. And I'll be hold us a fancy icebreaker-type thing so y'all can at least get to know the folks you're gonna be living with. Meet'n'greets, I think they're called. I expect all y'all newbies there, and the vets too." Personally, Beck hated the idea of awkward introductions and gritted smiles as everyone stood around doing nothing but watching each other. He wanted to gag at the thought of social interaction and having to use the fabled manners he was always told he lacked. But, in order for a group to not collapse into chaos, there needed to be an ounce of trust. At least he knew that his little group was able to function as a team when they were serious for once, seeing as they managed to wrangle Vladimir's remains back. Speaking of which -- "Oh, and we got Vladimir, a member that was captured, back, but ya know, since he died, we ought to hold a funeral or somethin'. And get our revenge, both of which I can take care of, but that means y'all gotta be extra on-guard, since I've gotta feelin' we might be gettin' visitors soon from those pirate assholes." It was difficult to detect the melting pot of emotions behind the aloof sneer Beck wore as a mask, but he was internally fuming for multiple reasons, and not just because he was jealous over someone else having a funeral. But if anything, he knew holding grudges was unhealthy, and after he served Pinch some justice, he would try to put the whole affair behind him. "And uh, words of wisdom from a dead kid, I wouldn't beat yourself over Vlad's passin' too much. If it helps any, I can assure ya he ain't trapped on Earth like m'self. Probably up runnin' 'round in whatever heaven he believed in, with all his eyeballs in his head." Not much else he could say; it was awkward for him to even acknowledge his existence as a 'dead kid'.

     But enough with the sad shit. He could ramble about Vlad and how lucky he was to be getting a burial later. Content with the skinned squirrel and setting it aside to give to a hungry soul later, Beck straightened from his concentrating slouch and finally tilted his at his audience expectantly. "Like last time, I'm gonna pass the mic to y'all so people can announce their own l'il things or whatever, or, like, comments 'nd questions, or just... general whatever." Not that he would really pay attention now that his long list of announcements was done, he was far more concerned on wondering if any of the creatures present would know what a mic was.

/ tl;dr
howdy to tsukiko, noah, marvolo, nayru, fenrisulfr, jonah, amun, bucky, and cairos! glad to have you guys!
promotions go to fenrisulfr and amun up to chasers, and amunet, morgan, and valo to firebrands. bella is also our medic now so be nice and don't get horribly mangled
shoutouts to nayru, marvolo, fish, and cairos
medic tryouts are still going if anyone is interested! here
and i'll be updating with a link to that meet and greet, and vlad's funeral when they're made
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Re: THE SNARE / meeting 4.21
« Reply #1 on: April 22, 2018, 02:30:38 AM »
Why was it that every week there was a meeting, Beck would make some sort of obscene gesture? first the mutated deer, now skinning a squirrel on stage. Belladonna would have dared to meet Beck's eyes, but she simply couldn't watch as she pulled the poor squirrel apart. Sighing, Belladonna simply kept her gaze low and listened.

"Welcome," she chirped as the newcomer's names were listed off, and as as promotions rolled off, it wasn't surprising who got promoted - she felt her heart lurch for a moment as she wasn't listed, but Beck quickly resolved that anxiety by promoting her to medic, something that she'd gladly accept. "Thanks Beck, and congrats everyone." she mewed gently, seemingly not very energetic today.

As Beck brought up Vlad, she went eerily silent. She wished that she could say that she could have saved him, but the truth was he was long dead before she got there. She still felt like she could feel his blood beneath her paws, but she reminded herself it wasn't there, she couldn't do anything. At least they could put him to rest - Amunet could put him to rest. Belladonna let out a breath as she calmed herself, and sat quietly to see who else had something to say.

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Re: THE SNARE / meeting 4.21
« Reply #2 on: April 22, 2018, 09:09:38 AM »
Nayru was the next to arrive, an uncertain look touching her features as she watched Beck and his dead squirrel. She had seen plenty of carnage and gore in her life but never brought upon intentionally. He just seemed to be doing it for fun. This was interesting then, very interesting. She chose to ignore it further though, brushing it from her mind as she selected a seat somewhat near Belladonna- a vaguely familiar face.

Oh, was that her name being called? Was she being publicly recognized? Nayru couldn't help but blush, unfamiliar with being welcomed and even shouted-out. When her father had organized assemblies before the royal family, his praising's had always been double-sided niceties, a threat for her to work harder and unlock her abilities almost. This was so different and so nice.

"Thank you and congratulations," Announced the tabby, nodding her head.

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Re: THE SNARE / meeting 4.21
« Reply #3 on: April 22, 2018, 05:46:03 PM »
ageless female dragon an ebony scaled dragoness with a pair of lavender eyes, she has spikes lining down her spine to the tip of her tail which consists of scorpion stinger. she wears a bunch of jewelry and is believed to be the goddess of mystery.
Skinning a squirrel during a meeting? Classic Beck. She didn't expect any less and chose to watch how he seemed to skin the rodent giving subtle nods toward the welcoming of the new members of the clan, she couldn't help but feel a smile when Amun and Fen were mentioned. She felt proud for both especially when she heard that they were promoted to Chasers. She supposed that she and her brother would be Chasers toget- she was promoted? Her ears flicked forward with a blink of her lavender pools trying to figure out if she had been hearing things as she took a seat next to Belladonna. Herself, Valo-kas, and Morgan were promoted. She would dip her cranium for a moment before saying in a smooth voice "Thank you, Beck. I won't let you down," She nudged Belladonna lightly with a soft smile as she would soon utter into the air "Congrats guys and Bella," She would offer her friend a wink happy that she had gotten the medic position, since she would trust the she-cat with her injuries any day. Victory searched the area for War's companionship but didn't seem to be anywhere in sight so she continued to listen to the announcements. Oh, a meet and greet. That sounded nice especially if it meant meeting the newer people that she hadn't seen yet. She was one of the vets and of course, she wouldn't miss the opportunity of meeting someone new.

Just when she thought she had gotten over the death of Vladimir, she could still feel the sting in her chest and her talons digging into the soil underneath her. She held her breath as part of her wanted to just leave the meeting then and there but, she knew better than to keep running away. She had to do this, she had to put Vladimir to rest. She had to put herself to rest, she didn't think there was any other way of her moving on from this if she didn't attend the funeral itself. Her gaze wavered a bit, the flames of her hatred for the Typhoon igniting in that moment yet hidden behind those flames was just a heartbroken girl with broken dreams and feelings. Every day she woke up in her den was a bitter reminder of him being gone and well, it had gotten to the point where she just left Amun to stay there by himself whilst she stayed in her lonely cave with mounds of gold on her slender form. She slowly pried her talons from the soil and nodded slowly as she offered a weak, saddened smile. 'You rest now, my friend.' She finally thought biting the inside of her left cheek not realizing that she had drawn blood. She had been too late but she wouldn't be at his funeral.

She wouldn't and she'd be there on time.


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Re: THE SNARE / meeting 4.21
« Reply #4 on: April 22, 2018, 07:39:56 PM »
▼ — when the weak court death, they find it.
War was not far from Victory, the nine foot beast idly striding up to sit beside the dragoness with a nod of greeting and a brief brush of fur against scales - he'd caught the words easily enough, his long ears weren't simply just aesthetic alone after all, so the wolf nodded to beck "my thanks, I'll not let you down" he breezed past the attempt at his name - there'd been worse mangling before and he was used to others not pronouncing it properly anyway, largely why he preferred his nicknames where he could.

Skinning a squirrel during a meeting barely drew a blink from him really - he'd seen stranger things happen at meetings and simply the act itself was just mundane to him - he did turn to offer a quiet "congratulations" to Amunet on her promotion before offering a louder one to the others in their varying choruses of praise.

Hm, a meet and greet? That felt slightly uncomfortable to him - given the environments such things were in were usually uncomfortable or awkward, something he'd have to deal with.


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Re: THE SNARE / meeting 4.21
« Reply #5 on: April 23, 2018, 09:29:24 PM »
Morgan watched the meeting from the start, trying its hardest to understand what the other Tanglers were saying. To its delight, many of the voices were starting to make more sense. Though the dog could not pick out the intricacies in everyone's words, it could at least get the most basic gists.

Under its breath it repeated everything it heard, its cold voice taking on new flavors. It discarded Beck's style of speech, mimicking others instead even when repeating after him. The samoyed found that some of the other Tanglers' voices were much easier on the ears. Unfortunately, accents and idiosyncrasies were still beyond its level.

One thing Morgan did understand was that it had gained a new rank. What exactly this entailed, the samoyed did not know; it simply enjoyed the title of "Firebrand". It accepted the congratulations from its allies with a nod along with a smile hidden under its mask.

In a strange yet practiced voice the canine announced, "Thank you all."
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Re: THE SNARE / meeting 4.21
« Reply #6 on: April 24, 2018, 09:53:21 AM »
eheh level up biiiitch.” valo-kas cheered for themself and, by extension, everyone else who had advanced, candy drizzle decorating their chest in frothy dollops. the rest was, well, either depressing or uninteresting, and the mutant didn’t have the attention span for either of those things. vlad - fuckin’ vlad, his death was still a shocker, but whatever - and medic tryouts. valo-kas bubbled with a small laugh. like hell that kinda role was suited for them, though it was pretty clear to them so far who would be interested in it. hey, cool, godspeed to ‘em. valo was in a good enough mood to even hope everyone who wanted it got it.


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