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life is always messing with me / one-shot
« on: November 01, 2018, 12:54:06 AM »
[ alternately angsty teenager make a tiny child sad ]

          Gentle the touch of fire, warmth dancing across side dusted within shades of toasted cinnamon. Slight is it, but embers within pit speaking in rough tongue their own, the snap of it as air gathered, explosive the result. Shift of it, coals moving about the few segments of wood placed within their grasp, hungry the low flames licking along splintered sides. Coaxing touch, stroke of metal about coals, drawn closer together.

          How many times had they watched him do similar. There had been a brutish way about action, the twist of wrist as he held the metal, another that had felt the cruel touch of hammer and heat, found its start within the stone lined pit, yet careful had it all been. Thoughtful was each action, though behind eyes touched in sanguine shades mind had ticked away, moving through concept and plan. Purpose had been within the root of each action, given contemplation, no matter the time spent it lingered on ragged edges, before it was played out.

          Loud had been the clang of it, hammer striking the surface of metal. Within the first few days they had flinched. Startling had it been, metal striking one another with sudden ferocity, the twist of his mouth speaking of displeasure as they had sought his touch. Beneath skin warmth resided, tempered here where the anger that acted its fuel may be released within different ways, pleasant and comforting, gentle a blanket about shoulders that had shook. First taste of it all and within found root seed of fear, but caught within, small speck amongst the wash of such, was excitement. It mattered not the crease of nose, muscle drawn back until lips formed sharp frown about the curve of teeth, eyes averted from the bright glow of the fire. No, such display had faded over the course of time and so too had the fear within the heart caught in hollow chest.

          Easy was it to find them, time watching them grow larger and more curious, though behind teeth was held the request to learn. Rather then disturb his work, draw attention away from metal given new shape beneath the heated touch, they had watched. From the sidelines they had gazed upon it all, earthen hues grown wide as accustomed to the light they became. The heat swirled about them and they found it relaxing, enjoying it as it brushed along their sides, leaned into it as the weather outside gained some bite. Never would the heat entirely depart, leave this placed touched with the humid presence of warmth in the trees, but the sea offered chilled breezes.

          Sharp inhale, part of teeth – lost within the trail of thought, memory encasing fragile mind, paw had wandered too far. Burned hair, unpleasant and thick a smell, raising with the thin plume of smoke from toes, stretched and curled, brought up to mouth. Uneasy grumble, breath skirting along skin that had been barely touched but hurt enough to need flair of dramatics, pass of tongue. They had felt the touch of fire before, knew the heat built until the skin found it all too much, cracking and splitting. Minor had each their own encounters been, things barely surpassing the need for attention and so were handled with own minimal skill. Hobble to step, weight shifting uncomfortably as they moved about the forge. Later would they address it, the stinging heat of it working about paw and lodging into the bone of wrist, joint aching with the press of weight upon it.

         It had been some time since last Bakugou had been present, his departure somewhat sudden. Though there had been word of reasoning, want to train within a place more secluded, they had fallen upon deaf ears. Little was the care within the youth, it mattered not his reason for such a journey only that he had left, gone without warning. There was nothing to hint at him having told them, permitted them inside knowledge of why it was he may rob them of his presence, tentative the growing – what? Friendship seemed a word all too strong, bitter and heavy upon tongue that bore no wish to carry it, and yet right in a way. Acquaintances were they, merely that. Or might they be nothing more then a pest, an annoyance ever seeking attention and want for all of it, lingering for the words to ask for what they so wanted were not within the minimal vocabulary they held just yet.

          “Where are you...” gentle murmur, words drown through lips that had felt the cruel touch of teeth, points draw across it until it had been rubbed raw. Hope had lingered about thought, washing over the thread of thought within head as they sought to make reality nothing more then a dream, wanting only for the right moment to pop. Invasion into personal space had not been planned, it had been by mere impulse that they had found themself here, tending to what never needed their attention. All of it was neat, packed away yet within easy reach. Funny had it been, watching him route about after a night of wandering through the dim space, picking through it all. It had been less amusing when he had grown angry, uncaring of the fact it was a child he turned such heat upon, though a lesson was present in it that had proven necessary.

         Paw skirting along lip of pit once more, feeling the heat contained in the smoothed stone. Many had been their questions when they had followed behind him, never caring to keep hidden for what use was there in such when the bounce of light step and the chatter of tongue was all the more enjoyable then the silence which wrapped about him. There had been no answer for any beyond the twist of annoyance about his lips, darkening of sanguine as he made attempts to force them out, but always where they there. A little cinnamon dusted shadow, faltering in steps yet never in intrigue.

          Soft sigh, touch of claw tips as paw is removed, staggered the steps drawing them deeper. Still was warmth present though within the low coals burnt only little flames, tongues of heat licking and eating along the fragments of wood they have been able to shift, placed haphazardly for they bore no experience with such a thing. Tucked away within the shadows, a corner set apart for them though there had been no asking, nothing but comments about such – more demands, want for them to leave – being an idiotic idea, mound of filched pelts lay. There is something within the saying, an immovable object meets an unstoppable force, which fit to them. As to which they were, if the young man was the object beyond the want of others or the force which pushes and tries to conform others to his want, the child his opposite as they sought only their will, pushing back against it all, such may never be known. Both, possibly, something of each concept within them. All the same it was tentative, this beat of trust and respect in a fragile heart, slow to take to cracks as time wore on.

          “Why'd you leave me behind,” puff of ash and dust collected in the fine hairs, raising as weight fell atop the mound, curling as words were uttered into forelimbs. There would be no answer, no repeat of the inquiry if – when Baku returned. No, this was for the child called CCLIV, caught within the quiet throes of anger and anguish, wondering what had caused the one they had begun to think of as friend to leave them behind without a second thought upon the matter.


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