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poltergeists for sidekicks — beck
« on: March 13, 2018, 02:25:15 AM »
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set the phasers to rot; what has got you distraught?
it's negative attention at best, but call it nothing
maybe it's something, a little bit, a little bit - maybe it's something to do a little bit
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« Reply #1 on: February 02, 2020, 09:41:01 AM »
updated 04/10/20

> beck elijah fisher finch
>> meanings: "brook, stream"; "one who lives by a brook" [germanic] or "marytr" [hebrew] / "jehovah is god" [hebrew] / "fisherman" [old english]
>> nicknames: becky, becko, beckster, beckett, beckham, rebecca, becky-boy, ecto-boy, beak, beckingham, mr. beck, benk, becksy, spook, spooks, spookshit, buddy
> male [he/him]
> died at the age of 12; has existed for 532 years [1487—1500] / doesn't age / birthday: december 26th
> tanglewood chaser
>> formerly commander + sawbone; founder
> revenant + berserker

maintains a constantly physical apparition + mimics a living creature as best he can
> DOMESTIC FELINE — reference
>> brown fur the shade of a muddy bank, carries a faint auburn tint; darker freckles dusting his cheeks and nose bridge, shoulders, hips, and tail base; two spots mimicking eyebrows give him the expression of constant scowling, although his right is notably split with a thin scar; a narrow wavering stripe of darker brown runs down his spine
>> glazed light brown eyes, seemingly locked in a glare; occasionally seen as honey-brown in varied lighting; dark circles underneath
>> multitude of scars hidden by disheveled fur [pre-mortem & post-mortem]
>> significantly smaller than other creatures [9in at the shoulder]; ribs poke out from wiry flanks; typically coated in mud and grime; terrible slouch at most times; has an extra movable digit on front paws where a thumb would be, polydactyl.
>> virtually identical to his casual form in terms of coloring and scarring, albeit more demanding energy-wise due to size
>> sharpened antlers ending in six points and arranging two halves of a crown
>> sharkish teeth remain, offering an unexpected grin
>> frightfully lean and towering [5'10" at the shoulder]
> distinct black blood with a sheen. otherwise identified as an inky, foul-tasting substance -- occasionally described as licorice. highly acidic in large amounts, prolonged exposure may cause chemical burns. in both forms, two black bands similar to his blood are present on his wrists, giving the appearance of shackles when not concealed by bandaging.
> accessories: wraps his forearms in bandages to hide self-inflicted bites and scratches, while his back left ankle is wrapped to splint the fracture present there
> injuries: permanent, gained from death & current, in the process of repairing

> classified as a poltergeist, known to be one of the most unstable and energetic entities of purgatory. distinct for their abilities to remain tangible and interact with the living realm, along with electronic possession.
> apparition has fully replicated the anatomy of a living creature, guts and all. the actual functionality is up for debate.
> can "eat" food, but never actually digests -- everything eaten is thrown up later. substances can still affect him, however.
> terribly nearsighted; relies on other senses -- including a sixth sense -- to pick up the slack.
> while invisible, any object carried with him can be invisible as well in exchange for additional concentration
> can speak fluent romanian [his native tongue] yet prefers english due to it being commonly spoken; additionally knows spanish and morse code.
> lost his romanian accent after decades of never speaking or hiding it; now mimics a vague american dialect.
> cannot physically age and permanently trapped in the state he was in seconds before his time of death.
> has no reflection or shadow. in harsh light, sunlight can be seen passing through his apparition.
> carries no scent; can smell of decay during times of distress.
> near-freezing body temperature at 35-40°F, cannot retain any warmth. when upset, a stronger chill radiates from him.
> takes care of a mutated venus fly trap, named audrey III. claims the plant to be his best friend. audrey currently resides in an old bait bucket, and is around the size of an eagle. as of 1/12/20, audrey is assumed deceased.
> can store objects within his apparition / a pocket portal to his hoard in purgatory itself.
> obsessed with all things horror-related.
> his soul is merged with that of the entity meant to reside over purgatory itself, known as bael.
> may experience hallucinations, sometimes of past or future events, due to bael's influence. can cause nosebleeds, catatonia, paranoia, and unconsciousness.
> diagnosed by selby to have borderline personality disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, depression, and schizophrenia.

> powers: invisibility, intangibility, electricity manipulation, shape-shifting, clairvoyance, mental manipulation, conjuration, telekinesis, teleportation
> skills: crafting, trapping, taxidermy, sewing, intermediate medicine + anatomy, tracking, music, vocal mimicry, whittling, flexibility, agility, high pain tolerance
> weaknesses: burned by contact with holy objects; may be contained in pentagrams; easily manipulated; extremely paranoid and untrusting; mentally unstable

> important: beck does, in fact, have a physical/visible apparition due to more power than the common spirit, but he can become intangible/invisible at will, which will be specified in a post. otherwise, he will always be both physical and visible to other characters.
> medium physically / medium mentally
> attack @beck. or in underline
> no capture without permission; temporary death or maiming is allowed
> passive actions may be powerplayed
> pm to plot; always open to most anything
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set the phasers to rot; what has got you distraught?
it's negative attention at best, but call it nothing
maybe it's something, a little bit, a little bit - maybe it's something to do a little bit
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Re: poltergeists for sidekicks — beck
« Reply #2 on: March 20, 2020, 08:01:14 PM »
updated 04/10/20
> father: christopher finch, mother: thomasin finch [both deceased]
> six siblings: florence, ambrose, margery, bridget, matthew, tobias [all deceased]
> adopted by a romani woman named tsura džugi at the age of three [deceased]
> adopted brother named marco džugi, three years younger than him [deceased]
> great-great-great-great uncle to isaac calistro
> currently adopted by selby roux and moth
> adoptive older brother to atticus, quentin, winston, simon, alice, and ivan roux

> friends: selby, feza, roy, samantha, goldie, red
> wary of aurum
> fears members of the pitt
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set the phasers to rot; what has got you distraught?
it's negative attention at best, but call it nothing
maybe it's something, a little bit, a little bit - maybe it's something to do a little bit
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