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OCTOBER: Breasts of Beyond
« on: October 01, 2018, 07:19:23 AM »
Greetings BoBCats,

It’s finally time for us to announce a special project, the first of many to come. With our server fund reaching it’s peak already, we thank you kindly, but we would like to also allow our members to put their money towards something greater. Our staff had October in our sights for a long time. Since March, puns have been thrown around about ‘Breasts of Beyond’, eventually having it become a joke between the few of us who knew. That did not stay in the back of our minds though. Months ahead us, we started prepping for October... and what’s October you ask?

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. One in eight women within their lifetime, not including the rare men diagnosed, will be diagnosed with breast cancer. Every two minutes someone in the world is diagnosed with breast cancer, while every thirteen minutes someone dies of it.

But there’s hope. Up and coming research is showing positive signs, but the fight has barely begun. Every day women and men are suffering through rigorous chemotherapy that has no guarantee of working. Families break down, children suffer, and the patients mentality begins to break as they spiral into treatment. If only there was a finer cure. But sadly, there is not. Not now at least. With proper funding and a positive outlook, we can change the world.

‘How will we be donating our money then?’ you ask. With your donations to our designated PayPal money pool (seperate from server funds), we will be supporting The Breast Cancer Research Foundation. If you are unfamiliar with this charity, this happens to be the same foundation that Overwatch supported a few months back. After you donate to our PayPal money pool by October 31st, we will be taking any funds and donating it to the BCRF PayPal fundraiser pool. We urge you to donate to support this cause. Even one little penny will benefit towards their health. To these patients, it means the world. After we donate on September 1st, we will post again on this thread with an update and a release of any information gathered along the way.

What does this mean to you though? With your donation to the Breast Cancer Reasearch Foundation, you will receive a special pink donator rank, a designated ribbon badge, and DOUBLE the amount of gems you would normally get with a donation. As time goes on, we also may think of more rewards. For now, that is truly all we can offer in support for this very important cause. Nothing is greater than the reward of joy after donating though!

Donate here! Our goal is $250 dollars but let’s try and get past that!

Thank you guys so much for this opportunity,
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