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Donations to the server fund for gems!
« on: September 17, 2018, 07:55:54 PM »

Special news BoBCats,

You can finally donate to us to help with our annual server payment, soon becoming monthly within March. All it takes is a few dollars to make a difference! For now our goal is $75 which will cost our payment for the rest of this year, along with our domain name. Any funds exceeding that will roll over into the next year and possibly even be put towards new features. Don't worry, we will keep you posted.

Not only that... but you'll be rewarded. For every dollar donated, you will receive FIVE THOUSAND gems in return. Along with this, you'll be receiving a special donator rank and perhaps a badge! You'll be flaunting BoB gear for days.

With this in mind, I would personally like to thank all of you from the bottom of my heart. From this who donated at the beginning to my staff members, and any regular member who has contributed to this website, thank you. As we near 1000 members, I am absolutely astounded by how this site grew so quickly. With your help, we would of never achieved this. May Beasts of Beyond continue being that safe space for roleplaying. <3

And don't you worry... Within 13 days we will be having a VERY SPECIAL event for October. Keep an eye out.

Thank you,
Orion and the Beasts of Beyond Staff Team
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