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Morgan's tags & coding stuff
« on: March 30, 2018, 11:38:51 PM »
    Morgan's tags (2/24/19):
    Morgan was abandoned early on in his life in the middle of what would later become Tanglewood territory. After realizing the water inland was not safe, the puppy made its way to the beach, where it made its home in a small cave for the next two years of its life. Shortly afterward it began to develop the ability to purify and manipulate water. It also developed an ability to sense others near it, using it to hunt for fish and smaller animals. Later on, the pre-sentient Morgan joined Tanglewood, where it learned to trust others and the law. Eventually attaining sentience, Morgan became friends with and later partners with Vigenere Cipher, a fellow Tangler. He then became the leader of Tanglewood, ruling in a relatively kind and respectful manner as a way of thanking the group for his life.

    After nearly seven months of leading, Morgan retired to look for a new life with the one he loves.

    • Male
    • Samoyed
    • Tanglewood - General (leader)
    • 3 years old, birthday on June 8th

    • Boyfriend (status unknown): Vigenere
    • Crush: Crow
    • Friends: Members of Tanglewood in general
    • Allies/Acquaintances: --
    • Enemies: --
    • Neutral with those not listed

    • 20kg/45lbs
    • 53cm/1'9" tall
    • Cream-colored fur - no markings
    • Medium-blue eyes
    • No injuries or scars
    • Keeps seawater in some form at all times for survival situations - typically held in bracers or coiled around tail
    • Almost always wears ice mask when outside of town. When in town, Morgan now rarely wears his mask.

    • Water/ice - Morgan can push and pull water, manipulate water and ice into many shapes, command ice, and "multitask" when handling his water. He can also help himself move faster using his water and ice as support (e.g. using a wave to propel himself forward, or creating a vehicle of ice to ride in). He can create a crude set of ice armor to match his mask if need be, though he does not always have this armor on by default. He can also change water between all three phases (liquid, solid, gas), though it takes extra concentration to change things to/from a gas. If concentrated enough, he can move small amounts of water at a high enough speed that it can punch through or cut objects.
    • ??? - during October, Morgan found himself able to control what appear to be the elements of fire, earth, and air. His skills with these strange abilities have not yet been honed, so he uses his prior training to utilize the other elements as if they were water or ice. These abilities disappeared as soon as the month ended and the Abyss retreated.
    • Clairvoyance - Morgan can sense the general location of others’ auras at will, or he can home in on a more precise location if he focuses.
    • Reincarnation - in the sense that when Morgan dies, his entirely reshaped soul will be born into another body with no memories of any kind from its previous life whatsoever (with no exceptions); his karma would determine the next form he takes. Due to these conditions, Morgan is, in essence, completely and utterly mortal. To clarify, this should not be treated as a "power" in any sense of the word in Morgan's case since no real trace of him would remain after death.

    • High-strung in unfamiliar situations; calm in familiar ones
    • Calm and quick in survival and battle situations due to familiarity
    • Has developed a deep fondness for Tanglewood and wishes to help improve the group's quality of life
    • Friendly to those he is not already enemies with
    • Even more warm and affectionate toward those he is closest to
    • Only trusts enemies after a positive experience with them or from the word of someone he is close to
    • Trusting of and respectful of the law; questions others about what they stand for in order to get a better grip on his own answer
    • Relies on instinct and experience to solve problems
    • Likes to wait before acting to understand the situation further
    • A quick learner due to having to pick up so many things when first joining society
    • Enjoys learning, and can now be found often with some books in his bag
    • Became rather jaded and pessimistic for a time as members of Tanglewood began to disappear; mostly back to normal after October, but traces of this can still be seen

    Miscellaneous information:
    • No known biological family, but considers Tanglewood to be an equivalent (besides those he likes).
    • Homosexual; has had three crushes on fellow Tanglers, becoming boyfriends with one of them.
    • Open for plots (contact via PM/Tanglewood Discord server)
    • Thanks for reading through all of this!


    • Duck-bee squeaky toy (ref) - obtained here
    • Yellow and blue striped scarf - obtained here
    • Water-holding bracers - obtained here, given to Crow -- the third leader of Tanglewood here
    • Miscellaneous satchel - obtained offscreen, given to Beck -- the original leader of Tanglewood here
    • Grey standard Tanglewood scarf - obtained offscreen

    Story thus far:
    • "Joined" Tanglewood, learned first words, was given a name (link)
    • Ranked up to a Chaser (link)
    • Attended the first Tanglewood raid, got a firsthand look at the Typhoon (link)
    • Ranked up to a Firebrand (link)
    • Watched and learned the concept of torture, attacked Beck, saved Lunafreya (link)
    • Became Tanglewood's first Proxy (link)
    • Helped purify and clear out a large pond in the swamps (link)
    • Attended Starrynight's memorial (link)
    • Ranked up to a Regent (link)
    • Helped renovate Tanglewood's town library & achieved sentience (link)
    • Helped put together some community pools in town (link)
    • Started learning to read (link)
    • Hunted in the first Mask Vigil (link)
    • Went on a personal journey with (and began a romantic relationship with) Vigenere (link)
    • Became Tanglewood's first Deputy (link)
    • Attended Snowbound's first mass meeting (link)
    • Became Tanglewood's leader
    • Attacked by spirits shortly after they invaded Tanglewood, discovering a strange new set of potential powers (link)
    • Joined the raid to rescue Delilah, pushing himself out of his jaded and inert state (link and link)
    • Left Sunhaven after staying with them for part of October, summing up the recent developments he had gone through (link)
    • Ended leadership in Tanglewood to pursue a new life after nearly a year of adventure (link)

    Standard post code & sample:
    Code: [Select]
    [div style="font-family: georgia; text-align: justify"]

    [div style="text-shadow: 0 0 1px black; display: inline"][color=#FFE499][b]"Speech"[/b][/color][/div]
    [div style="text-shadow: 0 0 1px black; display: inline"][color=#6CAFFC][b]Attack[/b][/color][/div]

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    Scrollbox code & sample:
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    [div style="width: 55%; height: 200px; overflow: auto; padding: 5px; font-family: georgia; text-align: justify;"]
    //add "border: 1px solid;" for a nice little border around the box

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    Artificial (old) dark mode scrollbox code & sample:
    Code: [Select]
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    Re: Morgan's tags & stuff
    « Reply #1 on: April 18, 2018, 08:58:04 PM »
    Experimental code stuff

    Artificial dark mode
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    Unaltered text

    Pellentesque at turpis tincidunt, fringilla ipsum ornare, viverra mi. Fusce ut bibendum lorem, eget porttitor nisi. Aliquam maximus mattis imperdiet. Curabitur eget elementum nisl. Proin eget nibh non diam luctus suscipit. Ut sagittis interdum sem, in rhoncus elit venenatis vel. Morbi eget hendrerit nisi. Duis scelerisque urna eu nulla cursus, sed rutrum orci cursus. Suspendisse non aliquet felis. Curabitur id iaculis mi. Nunc dignissim vehicula ultrices. Fusce consectetur cursus eros, quis malesuada erat elementum a. Class aptent taciti sociosqu ad litora torquent per conubia nostra, per inceptos himenaeos. Mauris est dui, porttitor vel velit eget, lacinia pellentesque metus.

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