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STARRING ROLE && delilah's tags
« on: July 27, 2018, 04:29:32 PM »

full name. delilah evergarden
nicknames. deli, lilah, flower girl, pinkie, petals, miss evergarden.

sex. female
gender. cis female

physical age. 80 months
mental age. varies
spiritual age. hella old lmao

group. tanglewood
rank. member. [previously medic]
titles. gatorbait, revenant, host.

old body: ShowHide
species. maine coon
appearance. slim, feminine maine coon feline with soft pink pastel fur. around her paws is black vine-like markings, and there are darker pink dots on her back. black and pink cherry blossoms constantly flow from her pelt thanks to her aesthetic element. she has pink irises, black schlera, and slitted black pupils. her tail is long and extremely fluffy. her other tail is whip-like, with a heart shaped tip on the tip of it. she has drippy, inky black faerie wings that look more cursed than pure. she has darker colored curved horns on her head that curls around her ears. she still only has three legs.
modifications, scars, permanent injuries, etc. she has rose branding on her stomach, but it's usually covered by her fur. her back left leg is gone. she has claw marks over both of her eyes, and a large scar across her throat where it was ripped open.

species. dragon
appearance. being about four feet in height and five in length, and most likely never growing bigger (maybe), delilah is a pastel pink dragon with dark magenta eyes. around her neck, she has three ring-like brandings burnt into her skin. she has some markings on her eyes and tail. cherry blossom petals surround the top of her head in a halo (aesthetic elemental), the same as cherry blossoms falling from her body (aesthetic elemental). her blood is black and sticky.
modifications, scars, permanent injuries, etc. she has three ring brandings on her neck.

discovered powers. mental manipulation, mental bond, fire elemental.
mastered powers. aesthetic element, telekinesis. x-ray vision, enhanced senses, earth manipulation, possession.
future powers. health transfer, clairvoyance.

deep inside.
personality type. ISFJ
positive traits. optimistic, quick-learner, friendly.
neutral traits. awkward, skittish, quiet.
negative traits. cowardly, shaky, fearful.
personality description. delilah is a sensitive, skittish girl who hates to fight. while she is very optimistic, she also has her down days where she doubts things a bit too much. she doesn't have much confidence in herself, but she tries her best. meanwhile, when lilith has influence, delilah is much more confident and daring, speaking her mind often.

mental disorders. ptsd, depression.
emotional disorders. anxiety, paranoia.
quirks. fussing with her tail.

goals/dreams. none
fears. abandonment.

history. when she was younger, she had a lover which she had fallen head over heels for. they had been together for quite a long time, but one day, a mafia crew had broke into their house and kidnapped her, killing her lover without her finding out. she had managed to escape the mafia after many months, finding herself on tanglewood territory with no memories of what happened to her due to trauma.
.. but the love she had with her lover wasn't exactly true, was it?
[detailed history next post]

generation. first
parents. titania [npc] x npc [biological]
- talia x malkyn [adopted]
siblings. spica evergarden (f) & kasper evergarden (m).

romantic orientation. demiromantic
sexual orientation. questioning bisexual
love interests.

romantic partner. renegadeanthem
children. flint (m)
best friend. arrow, aya, malphas, morgan, abathur, vigenere, leroy, axle.
mentor. malphas (m)
apprentice. matias (m)
enemies. cosette, titania, stryker, ninazu.

STARRING ROLE by marina and the diamonds
TRAUMA by doja cat
IRIS by the goo goo dolls
UNRAVEL by amalee
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tags - faerie - tanglewood
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Re: STARRING ROLE && delilah's tags
« Reply #1 on: October 14, 2018, 02:15:59 AM »
Detailed History

Delilah was born into a bloodline of royal faeries, the daughter of the faerie queen Titania. She is a princess by birthright, but when she was born, she didn't have any wings like her other siblings did. She was told that she was the runt, the failure of the litter, that she wasn't meant to be born. She escaped from her forest village soon, and met her boyfriend. [see short history description].

When her boyfriend and her had been separated, the group of thugs which had taken her and killed her boyfriend while she wasn't watching had raced her back to their hideout. There, she was branded with the symbol of a rose, and shipped off to a slave facility, where she was sold and made impure and tainted as a slave. The men there had beaten her and the other females that were captive there, leading her to have a deep fear of men.

It took months for her to work up the courage, but Delilah soon escaped from the enslavement facility, beaten and battered to a pulp. After weeks of running, she had forgotten everything that happened in the past, but still maintained that fear of men around her. Soon, she found herself in Tanglewood, where she met Beck, Vigenere, and Morgan. These three would be the first men she would ever trust wholeheartedly.

Many moon passes, and Delilah makes friends with Arrow, Malphas, Aya, and Stocking. They soon all become best friends, and after her suicide attempt, Delilah remembers everything about her past. She withdraws herself from everyone, and focuses on becoming a medic as Malphas' student.

Then, one sunny day, while she was searching for berries, she was nearly attacked by a boy named Renegadeanthems [previously known as Cavalrychoir]. He had mistakened her for prey, but she forgave him almost instantly, unafraid of him for some strange reason. Little did she know, he was both her past enemy and her present savior. [soon to be discussed]

After he joined Tanglewood officially, they had grown extremely close, hitting it off and becoming best friends and roomates moons into his stay in Tanglewood.

With Malphas gone, Delilah took over as the only medic in Tanglewood. She stressed herself over her job, but created many new medicines that helped with many different sicknesses and diseases. She made cough syrup and other liquid medicines to help with those who cant eat solids.

Many moons later, ghosts break out of the graves in Tanglewood and attack Morgan, and in the heat of the moment, Delilah pulled sage out of her satchel and began to bless the area around the ghosts and her tribemates present. With Renegadeanthems watching her back, Delilah got to work on warding off the spirits. It was successful, and in the process, Delilah had gained her wings. Black, impure, inky faerie wings.

After the whole event was done, Delilah had settled back into her regular routine, unlocking Earth Manipulation and the ability to communicate with nymphs and earth spirits. She helped create the mud baths with Morgan.

..More to be added soon!
tags - faerie - tanglewood
pfp art by tricky!


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