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YOU WILL BE FOUND || first meeting 3/23

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YOU WILL BE FOUND || first meeting 3/23
« on: March 23, 2018, 04:10:40 PM »
As much as he wanted to procrastinate on doing official business, he knew it would be wrong and unfair to those he had dragged out here. It was just him, wired and nervous as reality kicked in. Leigh was to lead these people and protect them. This was a big change for him, and everyone else. Alas, no more wasting time. Sunlight shined through the holes in the cave ceiling, lighting up the icy main chamber and bathing it in a soft orange and blue glow. Leigh was perched on snowy outlook, eyes watching his clanmates mingle and go about their day, occasionally meeting the unicorn's gaze, quietly questioning why he was up there. They wouldn't have to question long it seemed. Shuffling his hooves and clearing his throat, he called out. "EVERYONE, GET OVER HERE, YEAH? TIME TO GET THIS BIRD FLYING!!" He quieted down and waited. One by one he watched his clanmates gather and stare up at him with expectant eyes- some curious, others uninterested. Leigh hesitated, mind blanking out. All these eyes on him- him. No- they trusted him and he was going to lead this place even if it killed him. Taking a breath, he calmed and started up again. "I know I said this before, but really- thank you all for sticking beside me. This week has been scary as hell trying to solidify the idea of forming a clan but I think we got it. From here on out, we will be known as Snowbound. I've been toying with rank ideas and names, but if anyone has suggestions, I'd love to hear them. Next meeting, I'll be choosing people to fill in these ranks. A two week trial will be plenty. Make me proud." he paused, flashing a sheepish smile, excitement replacing his nervousness. They could do this. "Anyone who wants to speak, feel free. Once everyone's ready, we'll keep going. I still got some things to say."

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Re: YOU WILL BE FOUND || first meeting 3/23
« Reply #1 on: March 23, 2018, 05:32:33 PM »
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A meeting. Now, that was something Pierce knew and could understand. He'd only been around this clan for a short while, but nothing was super strange to him. A lot of it was pretty familiar, actually, something that was rather comforting, considering he'd just been thrown into what was practically a whole new world with his memory barely intact. He could remember faces, brief flickers of warm sets of eyes, faint whispers of soothing voices, ones he'd grown to love and rely on that were now gone. Names were a bit harder to grasp. Some, he knew, but most were gone, trying to dig them up resulting only in both head and heartache. He missed them. Whoever they were, he missed them, and he new that, but there was nothing to be done now. She had brought him here. He could only hope she would come back, and that the rest of his family would, too. Otherwise, he didn't know what he would do - the whole move here would have been useless.

As Leigh's call sounded, Pierce emerged from the secluded section of caves he'd claimed as his own- and hopefully others' once they arrived, which was why the den was a bit larger than one might expect from someone who lived alone. The insides were pretty bare, but he planned on painting the walls and hanging up some of his own paintings and decorations to make it seem more like his old home. At least there was one thing he could remember clearly. Stepping forth, he made his way to the edge of the group, where he always seated himself for meetings, and observed the equine, a soft, somewhat nervous smile finding its way to his maw. This guy was pretty - he had nice hair. A mane? Was that what it was called? Pierce didn't know a lot about horses. He had yet to meet Leigh officially, but he seemed pretty... cool, he supposed. Tugging at his scarf, the dappled tom blinked slowly up at the leader. He didn't really have anything to say, so he remained quiet, wondering if any of his clanmates - tribemates? - would speak up.

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Re: YOU WILL BE FOUND || first meeting 3/23
« Reply #2 on: March 24, 2018, 09:51:15 AM »
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Jacob had been to plenty of meetings before (some of them more violent than others) and he was looking forward to hearing what Leigh had to say at this one. He'd watched his father conduct all sorts of meetings but this was the first time his superior wouldn't be a family member and it was a welcome change. He didn't exactly like attending the sort of meetings that Harrison or Vito held, mostly because they contained conversation about violence. which repulsed him as a whole, or business, which was just generally fairly boring. He was good at picking out patterns and reading other people and he had been decent with numbers so they both kept him around. Besides, it was expected he'd eventually take over the family business and he'd have to know how things were run. Hopefully that wouldn't happen for a long time because he had no clue how he'd handle it. He wasn't the sort of person to run things like that, where time primary focus was profiting off other people's misfortune. The entire thing made him uncomfortable but he hadn't had the strength to bring it up to his baboo yet. He just stayed in Snowbound and prayed no one died unexpectedly.

Thankfully, this meeting seemed to be going much better than the ones he was used to. Leigh was calm and simply spoke of starting their new life officially. Jacob nodded as he listened When the floor was opened to everyone, he hesitated. "'Ve been hearin' 'bout other groups nearby. Maybe we should get together a group ah' people ta' go out to 'em and see what they're like n' if they could help us or if they wanna' hurt us or whatever. Kinda' like ambassadors, I guess. Snowbound 's pretty barren with herbs n' things like that so it'd be nice if we could find someone ta' share that kinda' stuff with," he suggested. He was curious about what these other groups he'd been hearing about were. As Jersey and him had traveled to this new land, he'd heard of other places that recently formed nearby and he supposed it couldn't hurt to reach out to them and see what they were like. 
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Re: YOU WILL BE FOUND || first meeting 3/23
« Reply #3 on: March 24, 2018, 05:07:18 PM »
Wait- why was Leigh screaming at them? Ivylee wasn't sure, but being her curious little self, the samoyed pup arrived to the scene swiftly. She then seated herself down with the largest smile on her face, tail wagging as she listened to what the leader had to say. Oh, this all seemed very important! Ivy had always been taught to listen carefully to adults when they were explaining something important, so that's exactly what she did, keeping a steady gaze upon the unicorn. So they were calling themselves 'Snowbound'? Cool! Ivylee decided to herself that it only seemed fitting, seeing as there was snow everywhere. "O-kay, understood!" The energetic pup exclaimed, bouncing up and down with excitement, being the optimist as usual.
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Re: YOU WILL BE FOUND || first meeting 3/23
« Reply #4 on: March 26, 2018, 12:46:05 PM »
   A meeting? What for? This wasn't a city that you could have a meeting in. ... She wished it was. What she would give for a warm cup of coffee. To be home in Clifside and with her family. To feel the beautiful feeling of a simple body with simple organs. But Nah. A bird's fine. She doesn't care. Chef doesn't judge.

   Cry hopped up to the meeting, tilting her head. She hissed as the meeting came to a flurry, cheering and stomps echoing the earth for smaller creatures as herself. She instinctually opened her wings, trying to fly up and away. She cried out, faceplanting back in the snow. She growled under her breath. She could deal with beasts eight times these disgusting creatures' size and here she was, under their care and watch because she was some helpless animal. Ohh, look at the poor little birdy! She hissed, standing up and stalking away. Meeting or no meeting, she was not welcome here.

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