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Guide Rules and Regulations to Beasts of Beyond

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Rules and Regulations to Beasts of Beyond
« on: July 05, 2018, 05:54:15 PM »
All rules are subject to change and will be modified accordingly. For additional rules and help, reach out to the Guide Archives or Helpful Hub.

1. Behavior:
I. This site is rated PG-13 due to violent content and sexually suggestive comments. We do not allow lewd / 18+ roleplay.
II. As always, be courteous to your fellow BoB members! Kindness is definitely appreciated. Respect someone's gender, sexuality, race, religion, political stance, and more. Rudeness will never be tolerated and will warrant a warning. This includes intentionally stirring up drama and picking fights with other members. For harsher actions, a ban will be issued.
III. Report any harmful, rude, or threatening messages to staff and do not handle it yourself. When reporting, please be respectable and state your problem.
IV. Moderating players, also known as mini-modding, is not encouraged. If you have a problem, take it to a moderator or administrator and they will handle it.
V. Please read what you are typing to avoid passive aggressiveness, as your words can offend other people and seem rude.
VI. Spamming the site is not allowed. Excessive spam can warrant a ban. Please note that using hidden text within a post template or post to gain more gems is not allowed, as it counts as spam.
VII. Ban-dodging, or using another account to bypass your ban, will result in a harsher offense.
VIII. Plagiarism is never allowed. You may only use your own art/writing or something that was given to you specifically. Please credit artists respectably if you use their art with permission!
IX. Offsite actions will not be held accountable on this site unless proof is warranted as being approved. Examples would be videos showing you reloading the page and getting the same unlikable message to show up or providing a direct source. Even so, this will happen very rarely, as it can be faked. Please note that if these actions do occur on our official Discord servers, you will be held accountable.
X. Stealing another member's template code will warrant a warning.
XI. You may not advertise other sites outside of your signature. Social media, such as Tumblr/Instagram, are allowed on site.
XII. Do not make several accounts to gain more gems unfairly.
XIII. There should be no bashing of any site, both on site and on the discord, that has similar means and members to our own. While the general and popular websites can be discussed, such as Facebook and Twitter, we would like to keep it to a minimum. Simply, if it offends someone and they speak up: stop. This falls under the off-site conflict rule we already have established. Ultimately, this is to prevent cliques of negativity and hate. We are a positive community and never a hate site, but instead our own entity.
XIV. Abusing the BBC parsing within 'custom title' or 'personal text' will result in punishment, removal of the spam, and could possibly result in the removal of profile editing permissions for you.

2. Roleplay:
I. There is no required word count.
II. Powerplay is not allowed unless approved by the roleplayer. Powerplay is automatically harming a character without the roleplayer approving before hand. We suggest you use phrases like 'attempted' or 'aimed' to signify an event that may or may not happen.
God-modding(making your character invincible) is not allowed.
IV. Do not talk out of character(OOC) while in character(IC).
V. If a leader is inactive for four days or longer, you are welcome to takeover the clan. If there is another user who also wants to takeover, whoever gets the most support shall lead. You must get staff permission.
VI. Weaponry should be stone-age and technically should be used passively within the main games(human and animal RP groups).
VII. You may only destroy territory of a group with permission of the leader or the land owner.
VIII. There are no character limits, but we do ask for you to roleplay only characters you can handle and don't spread yourself too thin.
IX. You are not required to have a character account to roleplay.

3. Characters:
I. To make a character, no form is needed. Just hop right into a thread labeled open!
II. You may only use powers you have bought from the store. If you have the same power for two different characters, you must by the power twice and label it as 'used' in your inventory.
III. Extorting mutations to create a mythical creature or a bipedal animal are not allowed.
IV. Furries(animals with characteristic qualities) and unrealistic bipedals are not allowed. Realistic bipedals, kangaroos and birds for an example, are allowed.
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