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things are changing || EARLY THAW
« on: February 17, 2021, 09:56:51 PM »
She moved gingerly from her home, her paw having been bandaged up herself. Not like they had any gurus to help in that department so she was left with doing it herself. As she exited her home she could feel the warmth in the air. Rather odd honestly as she had expected winter to still have a cling to their lands. At least for a little while longer. Her eyes roamed over the area and she could hear the gentle sound of droplets from melting ice, but the snow was still firm upon the ground. "Must be an early thaw then. Could potentially mean trouble..." She muttered to herself as she moved from the small village and out into the territory. It would due to check out and see if anything was amiss. With so much ice melting it could potentially be hazardous. Especially on a mountain like they were on. Too much water could force land to shift. Floods. Mudslides. All of which they did not need right now. Sighing she pulled her ears forward and she narrowed her eyes a bit as she heard the rushing water.

Pushing her way through foliage she peered out at the river and the water level was much higher than she had thought it would be. It made her slightly nervous, a smile twitching at the corners of her muzzle. Turning she knew she would find the Starpool having swollen to a larger depth and so with this knowledge she made her way back to the village calling out immediately. "Wanders!" The blue tinged lioness wait but a moment before she gave a small nod of her skull. "It seems that we are experiencing some early heat right now. So we need to be careful of the snow and ice melt. The rivers are swelling and I'm sure the Starpool is as well. Please be on the look out for any loose or running mud. Report it please. We don't want to lose any parts of the village to mudslides."


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Re: things are changing || EARLY THAW
« Reply #1 on: February 22, 2021, 03:34:31 PM »
Water in of itself wasn't that much of a big deal to Aphra, especially given the fact she was born near The Typhoon and lived in the group majority of her adult life, she was definitely used to it. But of course, The Typhoon didn't have to deal with ice melting or mudslides; sure, they had their fair share of hurricanes and flash floods, but nothing that they couldn't really handle.

At Sojourn's call, Aphra made her way over and listened to the leader's words, her tail flicking with uninterest until Sojourn brought up the fact of running mud. Aphra grimaced, the idea of having mud on her fur making her feel sick. "Noted," She answered quietly, not having anything to add to the conversation at the moment.✧*:・゚
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Re: things are changing || EARLY THAW
« Reply #2 on: February 28, 2021, 09:55:56 PM »
The call of his sister was growing familiar to Romulus. As children, they had always had their disagreements, as any sibling would, but this tone was different. She was calling for her wanderers. A leader. Her brother was impressed, almost satisfied by her call to action. Upon her next yell, he exited his lone cave and wandered out into the open. He lurked at the back of the crowd. Carefully listening, a paw raised to his chin and lightly scratched at it in curiosity.

Early thaws were unheard of around here. The Coalition of the Condemned's former hot climate had never worried about such a thing and neither had Romulus. Presented with a problem, he spoke up from the crowd. "Sojourn," the lion rumbled, "If need be, I can look into a solution to the issue, but I don't know how long we have." He could try evaporating the water with his fire or raising the sides of the ravine with earth elementals. Even so, it was only a temporary fix. They would have to read into finding a more permanent solution to the issue.
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