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« on: January 10, 2021, 11:33:41 AM »


Welcome to The Frostblown's mass adopts and tryouts! Please read below to find the information that is needed! NPC x NPC can be any species, unless otherwise specified!

Note: Any child/character that needs a specific body or power will be partially/fully paid for or given by teef! Hybrid children need the hybrid item which teef can supply for you.


One's rank is IC-ly earned through hard work, studying and serving the group to the best of their availability. The rank of Outrider is battled for, with the former position of the Outrider being fought for by members of either the Corps or the Knights in a Tournament of the Masters (IC event). There are three high positions, consisting of Sage, Outrider and Valereader, following that are two semi high positions, consisting of a handful of Corps Captains and High Knights.

SAGE - HIGH POSITION - the leader of the group, handles disputes, leads the group into battle and makes the final decision on political matters.
Currently: CLOSED
BAALAL, played by TEEF

OUTRIDER - HIGH POSITION - the second in command of the group, assigns tasks, assigns patrols, figure out merchant routes, public face of the group alongside the Sage, and advises in political matters.
Currently: OPEN FOR ONE

VALEREADER - HIGH POSITION - the medical practitioner of the group, oversees the greenery, watches over the group's health and food supplies, can assign tasks related to medicine, responsible for helping to host events within the group, has some say in political matters.
Currently: OPEN FOR ONE

CORPS CAPTAIN - SEMI HIGH POSITIONS - the Captains of the Amaranthyne Saber Corps, looks after the training of mercenaries and leads most offensive patrols with the Sage when attacking another group. little to no political say in the broad manner of things but is responsible for ensuring the group is fed and the merchants can arrive at their locations safely.

HIGH KNIGHT - SEMI HIGH POSITIONS - the Heads or most senior members of the Knights, looks after the training of majority of Greenhorns and Ashfoots, and leads most defensive patrols with the Outrider when patrolling the border. little to no political say except for local matters and acts as enforcer of rules within the group. is responsible for ensuring the group has access to their locations for harvest of tradable items and that the group knows basic combat.


Litter One - Siblings: ShowHide
parentage: npc x npc
siblings: baalal menes (played by teef, eldest sibling)
age: young teenager to adult
species: purebred zheng or hybrid
litter size: two
surname: menes -- ancient egyptian roughly meaning "to endure"
other: no known mutations to occur outside of species norm. species norm includes five tails, mane and slightly overgrown teeth

Litter Two - Siblings: ShowHide
parentage: npc x npc
siblings: margaret ellefsen (played by teef)
age: young child to adult
species: direwolf or wolf hybrid valkyries
litter size: two
surname: ellefsen -- norweigan - patronymic from ellef, from the old norse personal name eilífr, a compound of ei  ‘alone’, ‘sole’ or ‘always’ + lífr  ‘living’, ‘alive’.
other: mutation of wings, with the pattern of small birds. mutations include two wings to six wings, considered a valkyrie at four. commonly has an animal companion if a valkyrie - when young their wings are fuzzy and downy, often in need of preening. adult wingspan is twice the length of the body

Lityer Three - Siblings: ShowHide
parentage: npc x npc
siblings: trendsetter harlot (played by astral)
age: teen to young adult
species: thylacoleo - ark style
litter size: three
surname: harlot, mother's surname, thought to mean "strong" or "unwavering", derived from the name herot
other: mutation of wings similar to that of a bird of prey such as hawks, eagles, and falcons. adult wingspan usually one to two feet longer than the length of the body. usually have long or large ruffs, but this is not required

Litter Four - Biological Children: ShowHide
parentage: margaret ellefsen x npc
species: direwolf / direwolf hybrid
age: newborn to teenager
litter size: two
surname: ellefsen
other: child is considered a valkyrie with or without wings - can inherit up to six wings. possibly inherits a large frame and stocky build, eyes with a ring of white around the pupil. inherited wings would be similar in pattern to a small bird to medium sized bird of prey. children's wings are downy and somewhat hard to control with the more wings they have, wingspan will be as long as their body to one and a half times long as their body

Litter Five - Biological Children: ShowHide
parentage: star pepper x npc (played by poofy)
species: purebred snow leopard
age: newborn to three months
litter size: three
surname: pepper
other: no known mutations

Litter Six - Adopted Children: ShowHide
parentage: npc x npc (adopted by baalal)
species: any
age: any
litter size: two
surname: will take the menes surname but may keep their birthnames
other: baalal would have adopted any number of children - can be siblings or separate litters that they have fostered and adopted

Litter Seven - Adopted Trainee: ShowHide
parentage: npc x npc (taken in and raised by margaret, trained by her too)
species: any
age: young child to young adult
litter size: one
surname: any, can have taken the ellefsen surname to honor mentor
other: margaret will have taken in and trained/is training this character in the valkyrie ways, and is now searching for said trainee. trainee is considered to be one of her children, regardless of biological attachments


Code: [Select]
[B]☆ B A S I C S ☆[/B]
[I]name[/i] .. answer
[I]biological sex[/i] .. answer
-- gender .. answers
-- pronouns .. answers
[I]age[/i] .. answer
[I]parentage[/i] .. answer
-- siblings .. answer

[B]☆ B O D Y - W I S E ☆[/B]
[I]species[/i] .. answer
[I]mutations[/i] .. answer
-- accessories .. answer
-- disabilities .. answer

[B]☆ M I N D - W I S E☆[/b]
[I]personality type[/i] .. answer
-- personality traits .. answer
-- alignment .. answer
-- mental & physical difficulties .. answer

Code: [Select]
[u][i]username..[/i][/u] answer
[U][i]character's name..[/i][/u] answer
[U][i]rank wanted..[/i][/u] answer
[U][i]back-up rank..[/i][/u] answer
[U][i]potential plots..[/i][/u] answer
[U][i]why the character deserves the rank..[/i][/u] answer
[U][i]brief written example (one paragraph)..[/i][/u] answer
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« Reply #1 on: January 10, 2021, 02:11:40 PM »
username.. Poofy
character's name.. Star Pepper
rank wanted.. High Knight
back-up rank.. Knight
potential plots.. Possible looking for allies.
why the character deserves the rank.. Star is determined to protect his home at all cost, including his own life.
brief written example (one paragraph).. Star watched out whenever he wasn’t in the main camp, just in case his home was ever attacked. He kept quiet when he was on his walk outside of the camp. He didn’t want to give away to anyone that he was there, if they were a enemy. Star looked in every direction making sure there was nothing and went as far as sniffing around to make sure there was no intruders. Please that there was nothing, he continued onward.

username.. Poofy
character's name.. Apple Pepper
rank wanted.. Valereader
back-up rank.. Valereader Greenhorn
potential plots.. Looking for new Herbs
why the character deserves the rank.. Since Apple was younger, she had watched her brothers and sister cause mischief and get hurt and Apple always took care of them. After that she wanted to take care of everyone.
brief written example (one paragraph).. After growing up and watching after her brothers and sister, Apple wanted so badly to help the rest of Frostblown. She knew that someone had to look out for everyone when it came to injuries and illness. Since Apple had done that with her younger, she wanted to do that for the others in Frostblown. She watched the others around her very closely not wanting anyone to get hurt.
School Schedule
Monday Class at 10 A.M. to 10:50 A.M.
Tuesday No Class
Wednesday Class at 10 A.M. to 10:50 A.M.
Thursday Class at 2 P.M. to 3:15 P.M. Homework due at 11:30 P.M.
Friday Every other or every two weeks class at 10 A.M. to 10:50 A.M. Homework due at 11:59 P.M.
Saturday Homework due at 11 P.M.
Sunday Homework due at 11:59 P.M.

Work Schedule
Saturday Off, but usually gets called in
Sunday Off
Monday Off
Tuesday 5 P.M. to about 10:15 P.M. (Not home store)
Wednesday 4 P.M. to about 10:15 P.M. (Not home store)
Thursday 3 P.M. to about 10:15 P.M. (Gets home around 10:40 P.M. Home store)
Friday 2 or 3 P.M. to about 10:15 (Gets home around 10:40 P.M. Home store)

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« Reply #2 on: January 10, 2021, 02:45:14 PM »
☆ B A S I C S ☆
name Wren Ellefsen
biological sex Female
-- gender .. [undecided/too young atm]
-- pronouns .. She/Her
age .. 4 months old
parentage Maragret Ellefsen x NPC [LITTER FOUR]
-- siblings .. [TBD]

☆ B O D Y - W I S E ☆
species .. Direwolf
mutations .. Two sets of wings and a white ring around pupil
-- accessories .. A small bracelet of wood carved beads with various shades of purple painted on them
-- disabilities .. Both sets of her wings seem to have become stunted at some point in the womb. They are small, stuck out slightly with only a few feathers to show they’re actually wings.

☆ M I N D - W I S E☆
personality type .. Me making a bold move assuming this means MBTI or some shit INFP
-- alignment .. once again, me making a bold move assuming this might mean DND alignment esque stuff bc I haven't filled one of these out in yEARS Neutral Good
-- mental & physical difficulties .. mentally easy | physically easy

Feel free to smack me over the head for any mess ups!

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« Reply #3 on: January 13, 2021, 06:54:41 AM »
I will not be returning to forum sites - feel free to catch me elsewhere under the same user.

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« Reply #4 on: January 14, 2021, 09:52:15 AM »
username.. tasmagoric ✦
character's name.. Alexi
rank wanted.. Outrider
back-up rank.. Corps Captain
potential plots.. Power use/learning, romantic plots, and personal development threads.
why the character deserves the rank..
Alexi doesn't think 'deserve' is quite the word they would use but 'destined' definitely is. Competitive to the bone and an incredibly skilled rip-off artist known to gain profit while enriching the trade game for the Frostblown. Knowing each trade route by heart and often spotted wandering them. Managing to gain the most junk at trades and fiddle it into new contraptions for future use. Quick-witted and cheeky with a charm to boost making it easy to swindle any suckers hard-earned belongings. Aside from bartering Alexi also likes to craft items and sell those as well.
brief written example (one paragraph)..
Banging and clanging resounded off the thick walls of Alexi's stone hut. Effort wearing into the Jaguars furrowed brow as their fixed expression steadied on the items between their paws. Using a rusted ore to batter at several geodes of gems on the ground below. Alexi hoped their rough surfaces would begin to crack, but it seemed without tools that it would be a painful process. Going at it for a few moments more, Xi eventually tossed the ore at the wall. Black ears flattened, they steadied to all fours while beyond unhappy and frustrated. Alexi whispered aloud walking over to grab the ore "Ah fuck, this is utterly hopeless!" Returning back to their original sitting position they once again started hacking away at the geodes.
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« Reply #5 on: January 15, 2021, 05:13:30 AM »
tracking w/ baal's account
i don't know if i deserve this
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« Reply #6 on: January 19, 2021, 08:02:15 AM »
username.. Quietly [woof]
character's name.. One
rank wanted.. Valereader
back-up rank.. High Knight
potential plots.. MARGO, uncovering health transfer power, helping teach everyone general medical knowledge, traveling to other groups to learn different healing methods. And that's just for if he eventually gets to Valereader. i have so many ideas for the boy. He could particularly be a defensive boy, he could on the side run a little counseling for trainees and other members of the group. He could rediscover his wings and his health transfer power still. SO MANY IDEAS.
why the character deserves the rank.. One has always been more a healer than a fighter, esp after waking up with vague memories of the last fight he ever participated in and losing his love. He will soon have the Health Transfer power. He also would not mind working as a High Knight as he would mostly do defensive things and make sure everyone could learn to defend themselves. He does not want anyone to have the problem he did.
brief written example (one paragraph).. A black jaguar prowled around the frost-covered clearing, white snow and ice sticking to his paws and his jet black coat. His light red eyes narrowed as he stopped, tensed, and with a low snarl flung himself at his opponent, his massive paws wrapping around the trainee. The trainee violently shook themselves, barely getting the jaguar off. Skidding to a stop, the frost biting at his paw pads, he sprinted back at the trainee, his claws sheathed as he tried to take out the front paws of the younger. He was stopped by a well-timed jump into his back, a furious garbled hiss fell from his muzzle as he tried to shake them off. To no avail, he gave up and declared the lesson done. The trainee scrambled away and looked up at him with enthusiasm, "Well! How did I do One? I hope that you can teach me more defensive moves! While you teach me more about medicine." The younger looked embarrassed for a bit as the jaguar chuckled and ruffled the trainee's head barely rumbling out a quick "we'll see"
the younger barely heard before beckoning the trainee to follow.
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« Reply #7 on: February 21, 2021, 05:18:59 AM »
☆ B A S I C S ☆
name .. Jadeire Ellefsen
biological sex .. Female
-- gender .. Female
-- pronouns .. She/Her
age .. 13 months
parentage .. Margaret Ellefsen x NPC
-- siblings .. [TBD]

☆ B O D Y - W I S E ☆
species .. Direwolf Hybrid
mutations .. A pair of wings, slightly bluish on the outside but white and black-striped on the inside - think peregrine falcon , a ring of white around golden optics
-- accessories .. A thin woven rope around her neck, leaves attached to it. This stays until she's 1-2 years old. She discards it in place for a spiked black collar further down development - 1-2 years.
-- disabilities .. [TBD]

☆ M I N D - W I S E☆
personality type .. ESTJ-A
-- personality traits .. hot-headed, doesn't like following rules, attempts to lead despite knowing it's the incorrect thing to do, mischievous, sarcastic ("omg I'm so quirky look at me")
-- alignment .. Chaotic Evil
-- mental & physical difficulties .. N/A - potentially will develop during plots

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