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The Future of Elysium
« on: Yesterday at 10:28:25 AM »
It's a well known fact that for a long time, Elysium has struggled. The group comes from a long history, being the result of a merger of Sunhaven and the Ascendants. A group brimming with history, it sadly must come to an end. The group has traded hands rapidly, with unending lulls and disinterest from members. It's been something that the staff has discussed for months, something we've debated for a long time. We wanted to keep it but, at times you have to admit defeat.

So, it's with a heavy heart that I must announce the fate of Elysium; the group is losing its spot as a front board, it will join the Palm Glades and Alithís Evgenis in the Uncharted Territories. I, as well as Hani and Alani, will no longer be leading. That means Elysium will become up for grabs if anyone wishes to take up leadership of it as an unofficial group.

This does not take place immediately, as we wanted to give the members a fair warning. Within the next few days, the plot to cause Elysium to fall will take place, though the board will remain up for a few more weeks. While we do not have a set date at the moment, I will update this announcement and post it in the discord as soon as I do. Speaking of the discord, it will not be deleted. It will remain up as long as it is in my hands, if someone decides to take over then they would decide the fate of it.

To close this, I also want to say a large thank you. To you, the members, who have loved and supported both the group and my attempts to resurrect a dead group. I am sorry that I could not raise it to greatness but, at times we must admit defeat. So, thank you all again for the love you've put into this group, I can't wait to see what you do after it's passing.
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