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Oneshot HE DOWNED ANOTHER BOTTLE || Nights of Solitude


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HE DOWNED ANOTHER BOTTLE || Nights of Solitude
« on: July 01, 2020, 12:08:48 AM »
//TRIGGER WARNING: Please note that this oneshot goes a little into alcohol/drug abuse + withdrawal from these, as well as cannibalism and gore ! These sections will be spoilered just in case.

Considering Dante was so obviously against the whole Ibada Ceremony bullshit, it was probably a shock to hear that the hybrid had gone out to the desert for his nights of solitude. Well, that would probably be a shock, if it were the truth; it was no secret that Dante was drugged up most of the time on something, whether it be weed, nicotine, or alcohol - so whenever he was passed out, a couple of stronger NPCs had gotten together and moved the hybrid to the desert. Thankfully for them, Dante was out like a light, and he had no idea that he had been moved to the middle of The Pitt's desert by himself.

The hybrid's eyes snapped open as he was jolted awake, his body subconsciously realizing that he wasn't in his normal bed in the jungle. The sun was starting to rise at this point, and Dante dug his claws into the ground upon realizing that he didn't know where the fuck he was. He groaned, rolling his shoulders, and rose to his paws - someone had dragged him out here to do that nights of solitude bullshit; there was no doubt about it, not when Kydobi had spoken about it so recently. "I wouldn't be surprised if the fucker did it himself." Dante grunted to himself, one of his ears flicking at the thought. Since he was alone, fuck it - why not talk to himself? Maybe it'll keep him sane, because he sure as hell wasn't going to be asking anyone for help, so he come across someone else during their trial. "Whatever. Fuck it." If Kydobi wanted him to do this trial so bad, then so be it.

Dante reached over his shoulder with his right foreleg, aiming to grab his bag that held his lighter and cigarettes. When his paw grazed against his fur rather than a bag, the hybrid's head snapped to the side - realizing that his bag was now gone. "What the FUCK!" He roared, ears flattening against his head. He had nothing with him - nothing at all. What the fuck was he going to do? Kydobi was clever, but the Ardent should have known better than to take something that he needed away from him. "He's going to fucking pay..." Dante snarled in between gritted teeth, his shark-like tail lashing, moving sand about as it did so. Fuck. This wasn't going to be good, not after a couple of hours. And sure - he had Conjuration, but Dante found himself having no energy to use the power. Besides, most of the time he could just go out and buy stuff from the marketplace, and he would rather do that than use those god-forsaken powers. They were idiotic, weak.

Whatever, Kydobi clearly wanted Dante to prove himself for his trial - and Dante sure as hell was going to do it. The desert had to have some sort of predators out here, and the hybrid had a plan to get one. He had to get one fast, however, before withdrawal symptoms kicked in....

Withdrawal Symptoms/Vomiting: ShowHide
Unfortunately for Dante, most withdrawals came only in a couple of hours after whatever was taken last - whether it be alcohol or other drugs. Coupled with the heat that was pounding down on the shark-cat, it certainly didn't help matters. Dante was hot, unbelievably so. His gills were dry and scratchy, an irritating feeling more or less - but it was fucking awful. Dante's ears were pinned against his head, his mouth agape in an attempt to cool himself off. His ears rang and there was a pounding headache, causing him to be unable to focus on his surroundings. Dante dragged his paws across the sand as he walked, his breaths coming in gasps as he walked along - trying to find his way towards camp, obviously. He couldn't fucking do this. Not when he was already getting withdrawal symptoms. If Kydobi wanted him to do this so fucking badly, then he should have given him a warning - or fuck! Let him take his damn drugs and shit. Dante had no idea what fucking time it was at this point, but what he could tell you was that the sun was high in the sky and beating down on him. It fucking hurt.

"Fuck this," Dante groaned as he came to a large boulder in the desert, walking slowly over to it. Fortunately, it was big enough to provide him shade; or well, shade to his head and front half of his body. That's what mattered to him, in all reality. Dante practically threw himself on the ground, not taking into account that there was sand surrounding him. Sand blew up all around him, circling around where he had plopped himself on the ground and into his gills and nose. Dante started a coughing fit, his body lurching forward as he went into the fit, before he started vomiting. Considering the fact he hasn't eaten anything yet, there wasn't much there except for bile and... was that blood? Dante swallowed saliva, tasting an iron taste in his mouth. It was. There was blood in the pile of bile right in front of him.

Dante instinctively pulled back, smacking the back of his head against the stone behind him. "Fuck!" He screeched in pain, shaking his head and splattering bits of blood onto the sand in front of him. His stomach cramped, making the hybrid groan; he definitely needed to eat soon, whether he felt like it or not. Groaning again, Dante crawled out from under the stone, soon rising to his paws once he got out from under it. His legs shook beneath him but he pushed himself forward, gritting his teeth as he moved along.

By the time an unfamiliar scent hit his nose, the sun had gone down and was now replaced with the moon. Dante wasn't faring as well as the weather, considering the ringing in his ears had gotten even louder, and hunger gnawing at him - causing his cramps from before to be strengthened. He stumbled about as he walked, but coming across this unfamiliar scent seemed to give rise to something else... A primal feeling, one he hadn't felt since he was unleashed in the fighting rings back in the laboratory. His pupils were slits as he trudged on, his mouth open to track the creature he was in search for. A lion, he soon realized as he got closer to the creature. A male, if the mane wasn't evident by that; though, truthfully at this moment, Dante didn't care what the lion identified as - it was going to be food now.

gore: ShowHide
With what seemed to be rage and excitement fueling him, Dante rushed forward. His mouth was salvatating at this point, eager to get some sort of meat in his system - no. That wasn't it. Perhaps partially, but not completely. Dante wanted to feel this creature's blood in his mouth and taste it. The lion let out a roar as it was tackled, with Dante using his body as a weight and knocking it over. He spread his wings out to seem more threatening, baring his fangs at the other feline. The lion snarled and kicked at Dante's stomach, knocking the hybrid backwards as a feeling of nausea crashed over him again. Dante shook his head, pinning his ears back, focusing on his prey as it charged back at him. Dante quickly stepped aside, using his tail to trip the lion over and tumbling onto the sand. Dante quickly pounced on its back, hearing it roar in pain as he dug his claws into its back. With a grin, Dante quickly leaned forward, using one of his paws to flip the lion over - who was trying to get up anyway - and felt his fangs dig into the lion's throat. Blood gushed into Dante's mouth, feeling him with a dark satisfaction. His tail lashed behind him subconsciously, proud of his catch.

cannibalism/gore: ShowHide
Well, this lion certainly wasn't going to waste. It wasn't your traditional prey, but at this point Dante didn't care; he was in a daze, unable to completely focus on his thoughts and what exactly he was doing. Dante tore into the lion's body, tearing its flesh and fur as he did so, enjoying the way its blood felt on his muzzle. Kydobi wanted his Debutantes to bring back a trophy? Alright, this was going to be his fucking trophy. With his tail lashing, Dante continued eating what he could for the next couple of hours, snarling and roaring at anything that came near him (even if it wasn't real nor a threat to him, like vultures). He vomited the food back up eventually, but ended up continuing to eat his catch anyway. He was determined to finish this lion off, and not let the vultures or other scavengers take anything from him.

Eventually, Dante took to the skull of the lion, tearing off the skin around it with his claws and eating what he could. The eyes he just popped out and tossed, continuing to bore into the head. This was going to be his trophy - the skull of this lion. Satisfied with himself and the way he had picked what he could off of the big cat, Dante picked up the skull and continued on with his journey back to camp....

How many days had passed by this point? To be quite sure, Dante wasn't entirely sure. The hybrid had decided to place the skull on his head, wearing it almost like a helmet, and by now the scenery was starting to be familiar. It was familiar and yet at the same time, Dante couldn't exactly feel like he was excited to return. No, he barely felt his body move as he trudged along, dragging his paws as he walked. He was breathing heavy, from the heat more than anything else, by the time he reached camp. He should have been excited, should have been proud of himself but quite honestly - Dante could not feel a thing. His eyes were glazed over and he felt like he was going to pass out, his heart pounding and racing in his chest.

"Kydobi." The hybrid wheezed, his words coming in a sharp rasp. It hurt to talk but at this point, he didn't fucking care. He swayed from where he was standing awaiting the Ardent to meet him where he was. Did he even have the energy to slap that bitch? No, probably not - but he wanted to know that Kydobi knew he did this. He wanted to see what that bastard was causing him to go through.

//WORD COUNT: 1,770✧*:・゚
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