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« on: May 25, 2020, 10:46:30 PM »
*✧˚₊‧✩ AURUM ✩‧₊˚✧*
tags — updated 11/04

name. aurum
aurum is a word meaning "gold" in the language of the raptors, the name having been given to him by ament.
nicknames. wormy, wormboy, auru
biological gender. cisgender male
masculine pronouns
birth date. july 28th
age. 75 months
clan. tanglewood

faceclaim. darren cahill as aethelred in vikings
voiceclaim. see above
☆ formerly the proxy of tanglewood
☆ currently in a state of grieving; may be snappy
☆ holds the titles of gatorbait, revenant, and berserker within tanglewood
☆ exiled archangel of vengeance

african lion. [CURRENT] — birth body 95% health
aurum's birth form is a very large and handsome golden lion with a long and wild mane that has a rusty red tint spreading out from the middle into gold. he has one piercing blue left eye and is mostly muscle, with somewhat well kept fur and scars over most of his form. his right eye is missing, and is covered by a black eyepatch with a design of a rose on it, or bandages. he has a large stab wound scar in the middle of his chest that moves out in a starburst pattern. he also has massive wings that match his general pelt colors, with a rusty red at the base of the wings before slowly fading out into a bright royal gold into the end of the feathers
injures. missing eye, kinked tail

tigon. — secondary body 100% health
in addition to his birth body, he also has a female tigon form. this is his current form, and is a mixture in coloration of amber stripes on top and cream fur underneath. currently this form is pregnant, with only the bare minimum of signs showing this at the moment. he has blue eyes, and this form is still missing his right eye, and covers it with an eyepatch. he also still has the starburst scar in the middle of his chest, although it is more muted in this body.
injures. missing eye

wyrm. — secondary body 100% health
without a doubt, aurum's most terrifying form is that of MAMA. an enormous and vicious wyrm form, MAMA stands at 10 feet in length. it has iridescent scales that shift from a black color to a more orange golden color depending on what angle it is seen from. it has many eyes going up and down the sides of its body, which are a golden orange color. the pupils of its eyes are usually dark and rectangular, but narrow to slits when it is angry. it has a mane of dark spines around its neck that puff out in a frill when it feels threatened. there are also many smaller spines on its tail, which secrete a venom similar to that of a lion fish. MAMA has five main eyes on its head, and its mouth is most similar to that of a lamprey's. it has rows upon rows of razor sharp teeth going down inside its mouth, and rather than chewing normally, it just grinds and tears anything that ends up in its mouth.
injures. none

turtle/dog hybrid. — secondary body 100% health
aurum's small and young secondary hybrid form is a hybrid of a beagle and a turtle, with the tiny feet and short tail of a turtle, with the main body of a canine, and the mutated neck of a frog. he has aesthetic elementals that make him look like a small plant creature, with his entire form being a light green. he has a large leaf growing out of his head that hangs over his back, and several little unopened flowers buds in a spiral around his neck. he has a tiny dark green button puppy nose, along with two dark green floppy ears that reflect his canine base nature. the creature he is, is known as a chikorita.
injures. none

enfj && gryffindor && dauntless && lawful neutral.
aurum is a warm and confident man who is constantly striving to protect and benefit those around him. he's not quick to back down from a challenge, and having spent most of his life as royalty or the next in line for leadership, he's also extremely ambitious. he protects his family above all else, and although he is prone to bouts of depression when losing those he loves, he ultimately ends up using that energy in order to help others. as time has progressed, he has grown more worn and pessimistic from all the death and sadness he has seen, but overall he continues to try and keep an open and extroverted mind, struggling to let people in until the end.
main personality traits. ambitious, loyal, stubborn, caring, vengeful, confident, protective, extroverted
disorders. n/a

parents. judith x aethelwulf
siblings. poetking, moth
sexuality. homosexual
relationship status. single
friends. the majority of tanglewood
enemies. kydobi

physically && mentally. hard && medium
will fight && will kill
self defense. knows a great deal of self defense taught to him by his father
no weapon preference
mention @/aurum. or @/stilly. when attacking
attacks in #165042
powers. fire elementals, shapeshifting, clairvoyance, earth elementals, teleportation
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you can be an angel of mercy, or give in to hate. you can try to fight it, just like every other careless mistake.
aurum — luminary — archangel of vengeance


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