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THINGS ARE GONNA GET BETTER ☆ zombie movie night
« on: May 24, 2020, 12:55:14 AM »
Two years. It had been two full years since Twodimensional had been born to a loving mother and a caring father, a young, unusually colored tom who mewled so loudly it seemed as though his lungs would pop. A lot had changed since then. Not only the color of his eyes – once a light blue, now turned a deep black – but also his demeanor as well. 2D had mellowed out a great deal since he was a rambunctious child, constantly bolting about and trying to prove himself. Some might've taken this as a loss of ambition, but the serval had never thought of it that way. He still had plenty of ambition and drive for the things he loved, but did he feel the need to constantly push and shove his way to the top? No. That was more of Murdoc's thing, and while 2D was constantly happy to follow the other around like a puppy after the canine's tail, he knew he was mainly just the sociable face of their operation. After all, who wouldn't have their attention caught by a blue serval with black, bloody eyes? 2D had never minded being the frontman, feeling happy and warm under the attention and praise.

However, even though a great deal of things had changed since his childhood, one thing hadn't – his love for the grotesque. Ever since he had been a young kit just trying to figure out how to hunt, he had always been fascinated with things traditionally considered horror. It was an odd interest for sure, but he couldn't help it. He had found horror stories in the abandoned and decrepit buildings near his old home, and he had eagerly consumed all of the stories inside. He had become enchanted at the prospect of ghosts and goblins, things that went bump in the night, and most of all – zombies. The very prospect of the living dead was so foreign and absorbing to the young male, who has greedily consumed every piece of media he could find containing them. When he had run out of books, his attention had been turned to movies, finding old projectors and crumbling tapes in a frantic search for his next interesting story. Eventually he had amassed quite the collection of various zombie movies and media, and he was always eager to share it with others, although some weren't as enthusiastic as others. Murdoc had never understood his obsession, usually pointing out that 2D looked like a zombie himself, with his dead black eyes and chilled blue fur. 2D never paid him much mind, however, knowing that Murdoc didn't like most things outside of his comfort zone.

Now that 2D had a whole new group of people to share his interest with, however, he had been eager to see if anyone else would become enchanted with the idea of the living dead. It was an odd way to spend one's birthday for sure, but he had never really minded being odd – it was kind of impossible for him not to be, after all. So, after fishing out all of his old zombie movies from the bag he had brought with him, 2D had gone on a hunt for a projector. It had taken a bit of digging through the little seaside town he had taken up residence in, but he eventually found one, pointing it at the side of one of the houses with the permission of the owner. After a lot of fiddling around with making the rather ancient projector work, he had turned to the gathering crowd who had wandered over to see what the hell the decurion was doing. Giving them a big, gap-toothed smile, the singer announced proudly, "'Ello everyone! I'm sure y'didn't know fis, but today is m'birthday! And t'celebrate, I fought maybe I could include the rest of you in one of my favorite 'obbies – watchin' zombie movies! Some of fese might be a little scary for th'little ones, so if you're squeamish, it's fine for y't'stay at 'ome!" He hoped that enough peoplr would attend for it to be a fun night, instead of everyone rushing off at the first sign of gore.

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Re: THINGS ARE GONNA GET BETTER ☆ zombie movie night
« Reply #1 on: May 25, 2020, 06:50:26 AM »
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larkspurskip wasn't all that familiar with movies or many things that involved technology. most of his outings and scrounging had been in old, basic manmade things like decrepit architecture. his own grasp on technology had been basic in itself, using whatever was around which mainly included natural, organic material. the mountains certainly had plenty of it as well all considering.

training with stark had offered some insight to tech. like coffeemakers and whatever odd things stark would work on that often sparked and made his fur stand on end. one of them had of course been film. it was still difficult for lark to understand. he didn't understand how these machines could capture a time in a playable tape. reliving a memory of creatures and beings that were long gone now. after failing to understand the multitude of starks rewordings and repeats, lark had eventually stopped caring to understand.

when 2D had come to announce his own event for movies, lark had grown curious. he couldn't imagine a setup similar to starks here, out in the mountains, but instead it seemed there was a different way to show them. the cat pawed at the projector before sitting down to look at the beam of light spread across the building. he wasn't going to bother asking how this one worked either, but it was still strange to see.

"are zombies bad? they look... ugly." he grimaced, eyes unable to look away from the rather graphic scene presented. it looked ugly enough to be fake, which he hoped was. if there were ever a day he came to see something like this he would probably never go outside again.

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Re: THINGS ARE GONNA GET BETTER ☆ zombie movie night
« Reply #2 on: May 25, 2020, 11:43:24 PM »
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Whats a zombie. Clony felt that question bounce around inside their head as their fluffy wings extended to carry them over. Birthdays too were odd, but zombies seemed to be the main focus of the congregation. Or so Clony thought. It was new to these things, still getting a grasp on them all. Their landing was soft, stumbling a little but certainly better than landings had been in the past. Their ears swiveled, listening over the rest of what 2D had to say. "What're zombies? And a 'squeamish'?" They chattered while eyeing the projector. Technology, the bat's worse nemesis. It decided on only giving the piece of technology a stink eye before returning their attention to the task at hand. Event at claw, technically, not that Clony was a big fan of being all accurate. "It can't be that scary! I bet its like a zero on the scary scale," it insisted, despite how their charcoal fur fluffed up when it caught eye of one of the creatures on the movie covers. Those things were pretty grotesque, and their fluffy wings pulled closer to their sides after a few moments of observing.

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Re: THINGS ARE GONNA GET BETTER ☆ zombie movie night
« Reply #3 on: May 28, 2020, 12:49:46 AM »
Sometimes, it took a minute for things to occur to 2D. Usually these things were inconsequential, and as a result of his ignorance at times. However, when it came to his fascination with gore and horror, it never seemed to occur to him that perhaps others wouldn't be quite so delighted. Enter Larkspurskip, who seemed to come over with a look of curiosity on his face, but then had it rapidly morphing into disgust. 2D's face fell for a moment, thinking that perhaps he had done something wrong, but then he noticed the scene that was on screen, complete with the screaming and gnashing sounds. Once again he lit up with life, turning back to Larkspur and talking animatedly, his paws shifting in front of him, "Yeah! I mean, in some movies fey can be good, but it isn't very common. 'Cause fey're the reanimated dead! Fey're not really supposed t'be pretty, if I'm 'onest." He couldn't really think of a time where a movie had tried to present the zombies as pretty, unless it was for some kind of comedic effect.

Turning his attention then to Clony, 2D flicked his tail at it in greeting, a smile on his muzzle before he spoke, "Like I said, a zombie is fe reanimated dead! Fey get up 'n' shamble 'round, 'n' fey eat brains..." He gestured back at the screen behind him, not quite knowing what was going on, but able to hear the groans and growls from the movie. He then tilted his head to one side, surprised that Clony didn't know the word "squeamish". He supposed he shouldn't have been that surprised, considering how much of an oddball it was. Happy to explain, he continued animatedly, "'N' squeamish is just... somebody fat doesn't like scary or ugly and bloody stuff. So fey probably wouldn't like many zombie movies. But fese ones aren't too bad! You're probably right about 'em not bein' fat scary." That wasn't really true, considering the gruesome zombie related deaths some poor schmuck was suffering on screen, but 2D had seen it all before. It had basically no effect on the decurion anymore.

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