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when the years have been unkind -- Videogames
« on: March 11, 2020, 11:01:19 AM »
  Sitting in Valerian's outpost, keeping watch, wasn't particularly riveting.

  Rin hadn't really expected it to be, so she'd brought some paper and ink and had started drawing up a new map of the land, with old maps strewn about as guidance. Why she was drawing a new map, when the old one was (as far as she knew) still accurate, was a mystery even to her. Maybe, on some level, it brought her comfort. Besides, she could give out copies to anyone going on a long journey... in retrospect, she should have given one to Nemhain, but it was too late now.

  After marking the borders of the Pitt on the map, she left a wide gap of open space between it and the borders of Tanglewood. The Halls of Hiraeth, Woestyn, and the Ravens and Crows were somewhere in there, and she ought to visit them all sometime just to add their borders to the map... before they inevitably fell. The Halls might survive longer than the others, but the sudden, violent loss of a founder was nigh-impossible to recover from for all but the largest of groups.

  Twitching her ears in frustration at the thought, she turned her attention to one of the older maps- oh, this one was quite old, indeed, judging from the vague boundaries of Snowbound marked out on it. So many young, upstart groups, all lost to time... if a larger ally had visited them, offered their assistance, maybe they would have survived. Maybe they would still be-

  No, don't go there. With a sigh, she set down the paper and ink, then walked out of the outpost. She might as well patrol instead- she was accomplishing nothing here. Shaking her head, she started walking along the border, her eyes watching the trees.

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Re: when the years have been unkind -- Videogames
« Reply #1 on: March 16, 2020, 11:30:47 AM »

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Videogames remembers Snowbound.
It's weird to think about how they're gone. Their lone ally. And then, Videogames .. uh ... zombified, woke up, and then his home was gone, and so were they. The world shifted while he was gone, irrevocably, and there's nothing he can do about it.
He doesn't think about it. He doesn't think about a lot of things. It's easier than confronting the issue, acknowledging that he feels things. It's better that way.
A flash of movement. Videogames' ears prick -- he hadn't been paying attention to where he was going. He's near the border, he thinks. An outsider, or a patrolling clanmate? The serval shouldn't worry about it much. He shouldn't. He makes sure it's not an outsider, and he leaves.
"Oh, hey, Rin!" Spoiler alert, he doesn't. He shifts his face into something like pleased surprise, and beams, trotting after her. Stupid of him, unable to resist talking when he sees someone, literally anyone. He's not even sure why -- it's not like he hadn't spent a majority of his life doing exactly that. Avoiding people, hiding behind his mentor. Hiding from the world. "What're you doing out here?" A near rhetorical question -- she was patrolling, presumably. It did, however, suit his purposes to ask. Gauge her response, whether or not she's open to conversation, and debate his course of action. Something generic and easy to forget, should he decide to leave.
Generic. That's what Videogames was supposed to be.


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