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blank -- assembly 2/29
« on: February 29, 2020, 11:08:38 PM »
  The week had drained her, she could see in her eyes as she stared into the mirror.

  Nothing had gone wrong, per se, but it was the anticipation of things going wrong that got to her. If they were safe, it was only because they'd been wary. They couldn't let their guard down. Perhaps Idyll would have had something to say about this... but alas, they seemed to have gone their own way into the mists of time. Maybe one day they would return, maybe not. Regardless, that was one less opportunity for the Elysites to receive psychiatric support.

  Rin had to call a meeting anyway, though. It was about time.

  With a sigh, she exited her house and walked out into the center of town. "Assembly time, gather," she called, twitching her tail. It was late already. She'd better make this quick. After taking a moment to check her notes, she then watched the Elysites arrive, person by person.

  Once a decent crowd had gathered, she said, "I'll start by welcoming Spanishkit, Reed, Goatus, Sterling, Mirage, and Abidemi to Elysium- and offering a welcome back to Vale and Videogames." Sterling's actual status as a resident of Elysium had never been entirely clear, but Rin felt it best to acknowledge him anyway.

  Twitching her ears, she continued, "I'd like to make some changes to our ranks. I propose we dissolve the rank of Attorney and give its responsibilities to the Legate- frankly the Attorney position doesn't get to do enough to justify the two being separate." Honestly, this had been a long time coming. There hadn't been any cause for trials- everyone who had committed crimes against Elysium already had their identity known, and there weren't any civil disputes to resolve. She'd get to the rank's former occupant when she got to the other promotions. Glancing between the members of the crowd, she nodded. "I'd also like to add a new stepping stone rank: the Decurion. Members of this rank do event set-ups, host trainings of all types, welcome joiners, and set good examples in general."

  Straightening up, Rin said, "For promotions. Mistrim and Valerian, I'd like to ask you to step up as Decurions. And Lemy, I'd like to ask you to take the Legate position now that the Attorney rank has been dissolved. Due to the Magna's curse, I acknowledge that I'm asking you to risk your lives- so I understand if you do not wish to step up, and you may step down at any time."

  Acknowledging that wasn't going to make the situation any better, but... it seemed best to go ahead and get this over with now. If Lemy wanted to resign entirely, then that would be that. If Mistrim and Valerian were both offended that she was putting them at risk, then that would be that. Their capabilities were too useful not to acknowledge, though, and it would be useful to have them in higher positions.

  Now that she thought about it, perhaps the title system could use a revamp too... but she already had enough to worry about in this meeting.

  Tugging at her scarf, Rin went on, "The Captain's dead, and I haven't received any further threats. With that said, we still need to remain on our guard." Turning to glance towards the fjord, she twitched her ears. "Some new caves have opened up near the fjord. The spirit behind it doesn't appear to be related to the gods that were attacking us, but I still don't want anyone going down there alone. If anyone does wish to go, we can hold an expedition as a group, but I'm in no hurry to do so."

  Blinking, she shook her head, then looked back at the crowd. "Actually, I'll ask that no one goes anywhere alone right now, not until the thing that attacked those two joiners is caught. When we visited the Typhoon, one of their members mentioned to us that she saw the attacker not long ago. Nemhain and I will be checking Tanglewood as well, but until we're sure that it's neutralized, I want everyone traveling in pairs at least."

  She still needed to figure out what she was going to do about the Halls, but they could figure that out later. That reminded her, though... "There's two new groups that have invited us to parties- the Ravens and Crows invited us to their bonfire, and Woestyn invited us to their bonfire." A lot of bonfires, apparently. Twitching her brows, she added, "The Ravens and Crows don't seem suspicious to me, but I'd still be cautious. Woestyn, on the other paw... the founder claimed this party was intended to celebrate the 'Allmother,' and the way he described it makes the group sound a lot like a cult. I won't forbid anyone from going, but please don't attend alone."

  Taking a deep breath, she nodded. "One more thing- there was supposed to be a 'stellar collision festival' of some sort this month, to celebrate Elysium's founding." Sweeping her gaze over the crowd, she went on, "Obviously, that hasn't happened. Assuming things calm down and there's enough interest, we could do it sometime in March." For all she knew, the next god could appear in her dreams the next night with another vaguely-worded threat. She'd have thought that the Captain's defeat would dissuade them, but then she'd thought the same about the Ferryman's defeat. There was no end to the chaos.

  Cutting off the defeatist thought, Rin stood up. "That's all I have. Anyone who wishes to be sworn in, step forward. Anyone else who has something to say, feel free."

  /tl;dr + ooc notes:
  -welcome to @spanishkit @Reed @vale @VIDEOGAMES @mirage. @ABIDEMI RAYAN @Sterling
  -the Attorney rank is being abolished due to lack of trials- the Legate is now responsible for any parts of the Attorney's job that come up
  -the new rank Decurion is being added as a stepping stone
  -@Mistrim @HALO MERCER have been offered promotions to Decurion, and @lemy. has been offered the Legate position in place of his previous Attorney rank
  -the Captain is dead by this point ICly, but the raid is still going on here
  -possible cave exploration event later this month, will be linked here
  -Rin requests that everyone use the buddy system until the creature that killed the two joiners is found
  -Ravens and Crows bonfire here
  -Woestyn event will be linked here when it's posted
  -possible plans for the stellar collision festival this month, will also be linked here
  -also, while Rin's kind of forgotten about this ICly, we're still accepting signups for the murder game here
  -I'll edit all the new changes into the guide tomorrow
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Re: blank -- assembly 2/29
« Reply #1 on: March 01, 2020, 08:57:34 PM »
Another month meant another assembly, and Nemhain was fairly unsurprised by what had been said as she came striding over with long legged steps. Not only because she was always somewhat connected to Rin's mind, but also just because she had been around for most of the important events that had come rushing through Elysium recently, save for the dire wolf attack. Settling down into a seated position nearby, the fenghuang nodded her head as she listened to the news, shifting her wings as she glanced around, wondering if anyone would step up to be sworn in.
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Re: blank -- assembly 2/29
« Reply #2 on: March 01, 2020, 09:27:48 PM »

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Videogames can't remember if he'd ever attended an assembly.
He doesn't think so -- he certainly doesn't remember if he ever had. He is, however, fairly certain he'd never sworn the oath. He can't remember why -- had he been busy, or just forgotten about the assembly? Or ... had he avoided it? Videogames, after all, had never been just .. a regular member in the audience. He'd already been training under Arrowhead by the time meetings became a regular thing, so he'd always been up there at least watching, if not .. actually hosting it, especially after Arrowhead, uh, died.
Videogames makes an effort to show up this time. It's not that hard, fortunately, and the serval seats himself, ears pricked.
It's .. Well, it's interesting. He lacks a bit of context for a fair bit of it -- Magna's curse? Gods? Captain? He commits it to memory regardless, ignoring the sickly way that something is stirring in him that is presumably not emotions-related. The bit about traveling in pairs is not ... Videogames' favorite thing in the world. There isn't precisely anyone Videogames would appreciate traveling with, after all. .. Alright, so maybe he's dismissed that part a bit.
It's not anyone else's problem.
Events and such ... Anyways.
"I think I forgot to last time," Videogames states sheepishly, trotting forward with a swish of his tail. An oath -- interesting, wasn't it? Good for giving people a sense of obligation, but they were just words. .. Not to imply Videogames intended on breaking the oath. He didn't know what it was gonna be, exactly, but he would do his best regardless.


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Re: blank -- assembly 2/29
« Reply #3 on: March 04, 2020, 01:03:15 PM »
Mistrim sat off to the side of the crowd. Things have seemed really bright lately, and not in a figurative way. She was literally seeing colors around people, some more noticeable then others. Nevertheless, the large crowd made Mistrim’s head pound. It wasn’t like her nightmares was helping at all, what with the lack of sleep she was getting.

She used the time she couldn’t sleep to train. After the recent fights she had dreadfully realized that she was weak. Not only was she easily scared but even when she overcome her fear, she wasn’t likely to help at all anyway. It gave her a sinking feeling and made her train hard. Hard enough to leave with bruises and scratches that caused her to avoid people as best she could. She didn’t want to be a burden anymore and she wouldn’t dare have anyone use up medical supplies on her.

For a similar reason did she show her face at the assembly. She didn’t want people to get worried about her because she didn’t show, else it would defeat the purpose of training in the dead of night. However, it did make her grit her teeth silently. She would’ve told someone about all that had been happening to her but with everything going on with everything else? She didn’t want to place that on others.

So that’s why she sat there silently as she listened to the names being called. She nodded in acknowledgment of some of them although some of them she did not know. Mistrim also took note of the change in titles. In all honesty, she wasn’t quite knowing of the traditions of the clan nor any of the other ones as she had never gone to any other territory. It made her curious as to what annual celebrations the clan held.

It gave her pause when her name was called. She didn’t expect to be promoted. Especially not for a rank that she felt that she didn’t qualify for. The only thing that she might’ve done was set good examples...or was she? She couldn’t even tell. She would accept it of course, it was an honour despite the curse.

Much to Mistrim’s chagrin, Rin had called for pairs when doing anything. It might curb her ability to train by herself or risk people finding out. Perhaps she could sneak away once in awhile but she truly hoped that she was atleast accompanied by someone she knew.

All of the recent events have been stressing Mistrim out. She just hoped it all worked out.
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Re: blank -- assembly 2/29
« Reply #4 on: March 07, 2020, 08:35:47 PM »
Oh boy, another assembly. Lemy saunters over, taking note of everyone in attendance. He takes a seat away from the others and turns his attention to Rin. Welcomings, he didn't really care. He typically meets everyone at the border anyway--that's a good enough 'welcome' to him.

Rin's next piece of news makes him narrow his eyes. Something ugly resurfaces in his chest and he has to restrain himself from snarling. He doesn't like being blindsided like this. And he especially doesn't like that any semblance of his authority just evaporates along with the position. He enjoys being in power, and anyone who claims in that positions didn't matter, well. Maybe that's true for worms without ambition but--

He hears his name and the fuzziness in his mind clears. Lemy blinks and tilts his head, automatically raising a bandaged paw to his chin in faux thought as he hastily soaks in Rin's previous words. The curse is no problem to him as he can just possess another body and come up with a new identity if push came to shove. His anger over it is simply a means to aggravate Rin. Nothing more, nothing less. (He won't allow it to be anything more.)

"'course! Thanks for the new position, Rinny!" He says as he flashes her a blinding smile. Extra responsibilities, unfortunately, but at least it still gives him a semblance of control over Elysium. There's an implicated plural in Rin's words, but he was so lost in his anger that he missed those promoted. Ugh. He'll just get the information later.

This time, he does briefly frown when Rin brings up the incident with the two deer. His mind tries to recall the memory as he does his best to blank it out. He pastes his smile back on his maw and tilts his head back, staring at the sun and lets the burning sensation in his eyes distract him.

And while he does agree that traveling in pairs is a smart idea, Lemy isn't a fan of others knowing his routes. Or, better speaking, he isn't a enough of a fan of anyone in Elysium to trust them with his life. If a mother couldn't protect her daughter from whatever that was, how can he expect others to help him? Not to mention it's easy for Rin to implement that rule when she has a glorified babysitter in the form of Nemhain at her beck and call.

He listens to the rest of the announcements, finally removing his eyes from the bright sun once his vision began blurring with black spots. Lemy doesn't care about the other groups, but supposes they would be good opportunities to observe others. (The mentions of a cult doesn't inspire any positive feelings either.) And another festival? The market festival was a flop because obviously, their allies decided that Elysium could get fucked and they didn't bother showing up. 'Allies' his ass. They probably only want someone to call when they decide to mass raid another group again.
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