2.0.2 An announcement about metagaming and IC/OOC issues.
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Announcement An announcement about metagaming and IC/OOC issues.

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An announcement about metagaming and IC/OOC issues.
« on: February 25, 2020, 05:52:02 PM »
Staff would like to make a very important announcement regarding metagaming ("a player's use of real-life knowledge concerning the state of the game to determine their character's actions") and IC to OOC. Other issues will also be addressed.

Recently we have been seeing some problems within the groups concerning these issues. 'Metagaming' in specific. We would like to make it clear that what your character knows ICly must be experienced by them directly. They cannot be told 'through the grapevine' with an unknown source, one of the most common ways of metagaming. Along with this, what you know outside of the game about plots should not be transferred into IC content.

Another thing is the transfer from IC to OOC content (and vice versa). Please remember that this is just a game. Characters do not reflect their roleplayer's personalities or intentions. In turn, if a character is making decisions based on OOC situations, this is strictly targeting and metagaming. To avoid these situations, roleplay your character within realistic measures and do not take interactions personally.

In regards to plotting, that should remain between you and the other roleplayer(s). Unless there is significant damage to the territory/group, no leader needs to be contacted whatsoever. Do remember that IC actions do have consequences though.

One last topic is I'd like to make especially clear is that IC-chat is not canon. If you are within the group servers, you may see a channel called 'IC-chat' where roleplayers act as if their characters are in a chatroom. Despite it's fun intent, there have been recent problems directly due to these channels. In no way shape or form is IC-chat considered canon to the game. Any information provided within the chat should not be interpreted in-game.

Any continuation of these game-breaking rulebreaks will warrant warnings. If there any further questions, please message me or the rest of BoB staff.

Thank you,
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