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Open I know I'm a wolf | open now | and I've been known to bite

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I know I'm a wolf | open now | and I've been known to bite
« on: February 18, 2020, 09:18:31 PM »
run. run. run. hunt. hunt. chase. run. chase. kill. eat. run. chase. eat. run. kill. eat.
Injured. Slowing down. slower. hurt.
slow. sleep. eat. sleep. sleep. sleep.
run. hunt. chase. kill. eat.

This was what kept it going. The mindless, persistent pull to eat, to kill, to drink the life from its prey. It ate and ate and ate and ate and never stopped. it never stopped going despite the blood seeping from its wounds, or the days where it would stumble a bit more as it made its way through the forest, or the emptiness in its head. it kept going. it killed. it ate.
It went through the snow, the sand, the dirt, leaving all strewn with the scarlet reminders that it had been there. it woke in the forest. hurt. it hunted rabbit, ate it. it was so hungry. It was always hungry, an unending and enveloping starvation that took over, until it didn't.

It ran. hard ground. cold. water. sand. so much water. drink? no. eat? no. run? yes. it ran again. It was coated with blood, thick and matted to its fur, skin, ears, paws, everything. You could smell it from a mile off. It was big. It was fast. It was in the trees. It ran, darted, wove, ran. It hunted.
It could hear the breathing of the forest, the prey that inhabited it. It could hear the rustling, the climbing, the scratching. There was so much noise, so much food. It ran. It walked. It crouched. It smelled something.

Food. Food. Food. Run. Hunt. Run. Food. Eat. KILL. RUN. EAT.
It ran through the woods, through the brush, through small trees, past everything. It smelled prey, it was going to catch the prey. The prey was fast, but not fast enough. The prey was under him,
in his teeth. He bit. He tore. He clawed. The prey fought. Hurt. Hurt. He hurt. He tore. He bled. He fought. He was weak. Hurt from other prey. The prey fought.
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Re: I know I'm a wolf | private | and I've been known to bite
« Reply #1 on: February 18, 2020, 10:56:58 PM »
She shouldn't have gone out far though after her encounter with Michael, she doubted there would be anything dangerous in the loner lands. She had been horribly wrong. So, so wrong. Not only had she put herself in danger but her unborn cubs, the thought made her whole body shake with tears as it started biting her and clawing at her, she used her wings to protect her swollen belly. No, no ,no. Roxanne thought feeling the panic rushing through her, she could feel claws digging into her skin and then when the sound of one of her wings snapping, well, that had been what thrown her off the edge. It would heal in time but the fact that the appendage laid helplessly above her stomach didn't help her all that much. Her once wide pupils filled with fear narrowed down to dangerous slits, a roar escaped her as it echoes through the loner lands. Roxanne finally mustering up the courage to fight back, she had to time this just right or else her unborn babies would pay the price. She rolled just in time to kick off her attacker with her hind legs. Once that seemed to throw him off of her, she rose to her paws only to realize that she couldn't stand on one of them. It hurt so much. She growled through gritted teeth, feeling the fur on her neck and spine rise with hostility, the smell of her own blood overpowering. She didn't like that. He shouldn't have even went after her, the pregnant Privateer letting out another yowl as her tail lashed to the sides.

A broken wing and a paw.

She had been in worse conditions surely she could hold her ground just for the time until someone found her and well, if no one arrived she supposed that she would die here and kill the life that was blossoming in her belly. No, she couldn't think like that. She wouldn't think of it. Roxanne Roux wasn't going to die, she was going to live and raise her family. She wasn't going to die because she needed to survive for these cubs, Roan, Goldie, Ahab, Greed, and even stupid Michael. She would live for all of them but most importantly, she would survive for herself. She was a cornered animal and those always lunged so that's just what she did. Her fangs sunk into Alexander's chest moving her head enough so her horns stabbed into his chin, the smell of blood causing her to go dizzy. The feeling of warmth dripping onto her made the roof of her mouth salivate, it had been so long since she had eaten. Something so good. Surely, dire wolf meat would keep her satisfied for a while. Her grip on the lupine tightened and before long she was already biting off fur and pieces of meat. The taste of blood overpowering any other tastes from foods she had earlier.

This was so much better.

How long had it been since she had eaten something so good? Two years? God, why had she ever given that up? It was so good. Maybe she'd have just one more bite, just to treat herself this once after all that time. Surely, it wouldn't be a crime, would it? She licked the blood off her lips, her horns crusted with drying blood, and her hungry gaze fixated onto the creature before her. Did they really believe she wouldn't put up a fight? Ridiculous animal. Soon her jaws had gotten a good grip of Alexander's tail, her muzzle wrinkling as she snarled through the fur hearing it whimper. She never ate her food alive but, this made so much adrenaline course through her, it made her recall reading a topic on raptors and how they ate their meals alive. Was this how they felt? The excitement? The need to eat? Oh god, she should have done this ages ago. It didn't take her long but she managed to rip the lupines tail from where it rested, she spat it out but that had pissed them off. They had knocked her away with a snarl, she fell back with both wings curled protectively over her belly. She panted quietly staring at the dire wolf "I... gave ya a makeover.... be grateful," A pained yet cocky grin made itself present on her maw.

This was it, wasn't it?

/ permission given to powerplay ✧*:・゚
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Re: I know I'm a wolf | open now | and I've been known to bite
« Reply #2 on: February 18, 2020, 11:19:54 PM »
Even though Michael had not truly represented any sort of threat to Roxie in the loner lands, he of all people could've told her not to go out on her own so far into the unknown. The loner lands were the untamed wilds, and he had spent many months within them, making them his home and fighting alongside Trevor to make sure that the two of them wouldn't die some horrible, gruesome death. He knew well of the threats that it represented. Hell, up until recently, he had been one of those threats. He had been one of the horrible creatures lurking in the shadows, and he had felt power because of it, but no longer was that the case. No longer did he take pleasure in the pain of others, at least as long as they hadn't wronged him or his loved ones. He was happier here, in the Typhoon, with Roxie, and with little Roan, and with all the new people that he was meeting each and every day. He missed Trevor dearly, and he spent every day silently wishing that the coyote would show up at the border with his loud, grating voice. But aside from that? He had everything he needed, right here. Which was why he didnt intend for anybody to mess that up for him. Hurting Roxie? That was one of the worst decisions you could've made where Michael De Santa was involved.

He wasn't sure why exactly he had been wandering out past the border. Perhaps it was just some futile hope of finding Trevor, or perhaps making another friend like he had with Roxie, but the hows and whys didnt really matter, not when he came upon the scene of Rox and the dire wolf. He was frozen for a moment, just taking in all of the information in front of him, from the hulking beast covered in wounds and blood, the wounds literring Roxie's body along with the dangling, obviously broken wing, and the moment of tension that was passing after the creature's tail had been ripped from it. He could tell it was getting ready to strike again, and he could also tell that Roxie couldnt deal with that. She'd done damage, but she was already near her last leg... Michael was hardly the one to be helping with this. After all, he wasn't even two feet tall, and all of his physical skills were focused on finding weaknesses and exploiting them, something he very much hadn't done with this beast. However, all of his common sense had gone out the window the moment he had smelled the combination of Roxie and blood.

The absolute roar that left the bobcat's muzzle was hardly anything spectacular, but it conveyed the rage that was running through his veins as he charged at the beast, leaping upward and digging his sharp fangs into the creature's neck. He ended up with a mouthful of mostly fluff, but he could feel the thing's skin as well, and he winced as it let out a pained and enraged noise, thrashing around and tossing him from side to side. His small and chubby body rag dolled, slamming back and forth with the motion of Alexander's movements. He could feel all of his torture wounds reopening, and his blood splattering the ground. He released his hold on Alexander's neck and found himself falling back, wheezing in pain before Alexander lashed out, catching the side of his face and his eye with its claws. Michael let out a shout of pain at this, watching as his aviators went flying to the side. He could feel blood dripping down the side of his face, and he was silently glad it had been his left eye that had been hit, given how it was already blind.

Michael's stout body was shaking as he glared Alexander down, letting out a low snarl before he focused his powers. He could already feel the headache building, but he didnt much care, watching as the small shards of rock rose up from the earth, shooting forward to embed themselves into Alexander's leg. The creature roared in anger and pain at that, falling back on three legs with one temporarily disabled. Michael grinned a bit cruelly at that before he backed up, standing protectively in front of Roxanne even as his body weakened. Blood was dribbling down from his nose and his mouth, a telltale sign of him using his elementals. He knew he couldn't do much more to combat the creature, but he still stood firmly in front of Roxie even as he bled, grunting back to her, "Rox! I can't... I can't kill it. Or knock it out. I'm not... not strong enough. But... but I'll stay here, okay? It'll kill me first. Hopefully somebody else can get you out of this..." He forced a weak smile after that, his legs trembling beneath him, "Sorry I can't be much more useful..." He wished he could drive the beast away, but he also knew he couldn't. He was just too small. Too weak.

" oh, it's a setup, no, no, we won't fall. "
and i, i knew it from the start that you would change your heart through, every little low he gave another chance to you, got sunlight and you got two open eyes and whoever's life ...
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