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« on: February 14, 2020, 09:03:33 PM »
His heists never went unannounced. Such was it this time. KID was wary about hosting heists on Valentine's Day, the often did not go well. The cat stood upon a roof, smiling as a dove followed suit, landing on his back. He lifts up a foreleg, allowing it to land and gently petting the dove. He lets it fly off, after a few brief seconds. "It's me again! Everyone's favorite villain!" The smug smoke cat calls out, smirking.

Suddenly, a crackle reaches the phantom thief's ears. He turns on his heels, blue eyes widening. It feels as though all air has been sucked out of the teen's mouth as he stares at his own, nearby house. The smoke grapples onto the oxygen, trying to wrest it out of the air. Orange flames dot the night sky, bringing to light a pitch-black sky sans stars and the moon that shone ever so brightly, and it rivaled them.

Valentine's this year would be awful, too. His shock his evident on his face for a few seconds, he cannot help but stand there, his body wanting to sway and collapse. Instead, he frowns - a stoic look on his face, his hat hiding his eyes - and calls out, with a sense of urgency in his voice, "Oi! Doesn't a kid live there?!" Most times, when someone was in danger, KID stopped the heist to rescue whoever it was. It was no different today. He leaps down, hiding behind the building and ditching his kid outfit, deciding to deconjure it... somewhere. His paws scrape themselves on a couple rocks as he lowers himself down, and it slams against the ground, leaving slight blood in its trace.

His lungs become scratched by smoke.He tries to cough it up as he makes the mad dash for his house, his muscles themselves on fire from the neurons going back and forth. He stops in front of his house, his breath huffing, the water droplets in it immediately evaporating. There's nothing he can do, everything in him wants to call out, to cry out.

Instead, he laughs. And laughs. And laughs. His chest heaves it in as he does so, before he looks on with that ever so cold face - like he hadn't just lost his mind, like when he watched his father burn to nothing but ash. That fateful magic trick show, and now this heist, He was lucky it was not his destiny, too. He lifts his head up, orange meeting blue - two opposites. Then, he decides to make a casual remark, "So, I get an orange Valentine's Day, huh?"

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« Reply #1 on: February 14, 2020, 09:32:50 PM »
It seemed as though Tanglewood couldn't just have one normal day, could they? Aurum had been hoping that today would be pleasant, with people all around happily in love and enjoying their Valentine's day. Perhaps he was a little upset he couldn't be quite so hopelessly smitten with someone – although he was, with Crowley, it was just a complicated situation – but that didn't mean he intended to bring anyone else down. It just meant that he needed to occupy his own time with things, deciding to focus on decorating his new house again, since the last time had ended with him collapsing down his front stairs. He had thought things were going pretty well, a smile on his face as he moved the contents of one of the bookshelves to shift it to the left. Things were beginning to look nice and truly lived in, and he could hear the faint sounds of cheerful laughter and young love outside. Everything was great, right up until it wasn't. Because, as the proxy leaned over to grab the last few knick knacks from one of his little moving boxes, he found himself tensing up at an unfortunately familiar scent. Something was burning, and it wasn't something within his own home.

He wasn't even really thinking as he went stumbling out of his house, rushing down the front steps of the porch in a hurry. All he could think about was Beck's boathouse, and how by the time he had gotten there, the flames had been too big and too strong for him to even try and combat. He wanted to prevent something like that from happening again, if he was able to. Unfortunately for him, by the time he pinpointed the source of the flames, they had already engulfed the grand majority of the building. Aurum's hear sank when he realized whose home it was, and he was rushing forward, entirely ready to leap into the flames in order to save Kaito. However, he didn't need to, because Kaito was right in front of him, on the ground and laughing. The lion stared in horror down at Kaito for a moment before he moved forward, wrapping a paw around the small thief. His large paw pulled Kaito upward and back into his chest, half hugging him and half just providing him with a solid surface that wasn't the ground. As he held Kaito, he rumbled softly, "Kaito... Kaito, are you okay? You didn't get burned, did you?" He knew there was still a fire to worry about, but people were already hustling around in that particular area, rushing to get water and people with elementals. He would help once he knew that Kaito was alright... if he was alright.
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« Reply #2 on: February 16, 2020, 02:32:23 PM »
The smoky scent of charred wood had become synonymous, these days, with something far less different from raging housefires. He associated the burn of firewood with Snarl's pelt, and in turn, that same night he'd thrown himself before her and took a near-fatal blow. Now, with a blaze rising from the heart of town, he felt his heart quicken and the slow-healing wound in his throat ache dully.

He can't run - can barely breathe, these days, without irritating his lightning-burned larynx and throwing himself into deep, heaving coughs. By the time he's made his way across town, towards the flickers of light that sent plumes of smoke into the evening sky, the fire appears mostly contained. A few clanmates bustle about, throwing water through the windows, rousing their peers with powers to manage the flames. However, all that seems to remain are the caving bones of the house and its surviving inhabitant, choking on laughter in a panic. Aurum seems to have everything more or less under control - of course he does.

The smell of charcoal still twists like a knife in his chest - the wound, both metaphorical and literal, is still rather fresh. "Hey! Over here," Kaz motions both Aurum and Kaito to step back from the house, its structure still smoldering. It could collapse at any moment. "We need Selby to check for any smoke damage or burns." The chaser can't really shout, not like this, but he looks to Aurum for some kind of agreement. At the very least, Aurum could call a medic over for them. Focusing his attention on Kaito, the cheetah prompts carefully, "...Do you know what caused the fire? Lit candles, flammables, anything?"


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