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Open treasure wars // scavenger hunt

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treasure wars // scavenger hunt
« on: November 01, 2019, 06:41:51 PM »
❆ — Blue-silver eyes have held apathy, or merely nothingness - and that was the same with today. She merely moved around, set this up, because she felt like she had to. She had set up some pieces of candy, essentially what was leftover from Halloween. It took some time to trek about the camp and do it all, but she managed to.

The kitsune's three tails waved behind her, as she passed out flyers and would call - trying to have some emotion in her voice to get others to know she was there. "Come and do a scavenger hunt!"
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Re: treasure wars // scavenger hunt
« Reply #1 on: November 01, 2019, 07:54:24 PM »
  A scavenger hunt? Rin had to admit, while she didn't know Winterwish very well, she wouldn't have expected her to start a scavenger hunt apropos of nothing. Nonetheless, she would gladly take someone starting an event of their own accord- activity made clans stronger, just as a lack of it could choke a young group.

  Approaching Winterwish, Rin dipped her head in greeting. "I'll partake," she said, twitching her ears. Perhaps a short activity would calm her nerves- she had been rather stressed recently. For good reason, of course, but that level of stress still wasn't healthy.
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Re: treasure wars // scavenger hunt
« Reply #2 on: November 01, 2019, 09:31:16 PM »
When Lemy heard the call, his blue eyes briefly narrowed. He considered turning 'round and disappearing for a few hours, but he figured he should participate to get to know everyone. Get his face out there, mingle, y'know. The works. So, he put on his happy face and skipped over to the source of the noise.

It seemed Rin had gotten there before him. He sent her a quick wave of his tail and turned to look at Winterwish. "I'll play too! What are the prizes?" he asked before pausing and letting out a dramatic sigh. "Never mind, never mind, ignore me. You're gonna explain it all anyways, riiight?" Lemy asked with a sweet smile.
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Re: treasure wars // scavenger hunt
« Reply #3 on: November 07, 2019, 10:21:16 AM »
Scavenger hunt. The term was foreign to Red. He hadn't ever been the participant in such a thing. Perhaps his group's quests for items could be considered a scavenger hunt, of a sort. The Pikmin had always been under the command of The Leader, though. They weren't actually the ones doing the searching. Only the collecting. "There's a prize?"

"It might have to do with pellet values," Blue grunted. Walking was hard for the crocodile to manage, especially in the cold mountains. Blue was stubborn and refused any form of aid. Nor did he acknowledge whenever he was told that the cold was not suitable for a 'reptile'. Whatever that was. It didn't hold any value to him.

On Blue's back, like always, was Yellow. The wingless falcon trotted back and forth along the reptile's spine, moving yet refusing to touch the ground. Her eyes were wide and frightful, but a scoffing noise sounded from her when she heard Blue's remark. "It could mean storage as well, Blue." The falcon clucked, "we can't ever forget the importance of storage."

Unlike Blue, who had troubles with moving around constantly, White had small size to her advantage. The albino serpent could easily slither over whatever obstacles that came her way. If she couldn't, well, a shout for Purple usually did the trick. The bison would help her move across the ground, and even provided warmth when the cold even got too much for her to bare. "I'm more interested in that prize that was mentioned," White hissed, coming to a halt close to Red.

Purple slowly came trudging past Blue. It wasn't hard, the crocodile was slow to scrape across the ground. "But Blue and Yellow are right too, White. Those are very important." Purple's words were slow, concise, and rumbled deeply. The purple bison shook her head, ruffling her massive amount of fluff.

Wing came fluttering across, awkwardly managing a hover. "I do really like prizes, though." She said, clicking her beak rapidly a few times. Would there even be a prize? The bird of prey did not think that she had even heard the host mention such a thing. Only the concept of a scavenger hunt. "Is the scavenger hunt deadly? We can't partake if it's deadly!"

"I don't think it's deadly if people are actively showing up," Rock muttered. He copied Purple, giving his pelt a small shake. His fur was dense, refusing to shed in order to compensate for the cold air. He was used to having a rock covered body. This? All this fur? It brought a heavy discomfort to him.

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