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START A RIOT / mass raid + takeover
« on: October 31, 2019, 12:19:50 PM »
While she cannot say for certain just how prepared the Pittians were for this attack - if they even knew it was happening today, she was sure that they should at least know it was coming. It was inevitable. They would be foolish to believe otherwise. She gave them plenty of warning, and they gave her plenty of room to work with their enemies. It was almost too easy now. But, if she had the option to make this as clean as possible, then she surely will choose it. Why put yourself and your crew in more danger than needed? No, this had all been a part of the plan. The fox played through it without her even needing to encourage it - he was simply that predictable.

Unfortunately for Jervis, he decided to break a deal with someone who had been planning to take down the group since last year's October. There are only two endings to this story, and she is going to be certain they are not dragged out any longer.

The captain walked with her forces - the three groups in union, signified by a cloth wrapped around their body and pairs moving together. They distributed themselves as evenly as possible, circling around the group's territory to close them into their camp, paws carrying them towards the jungle once burnt as a declaration of this war. What they would do today, it was up to them to decide. The female has one clear goal: take back the crown she had given so generously to the fox. And, her announcement would come with no words, simply a symbol of her powers. The tigress lifts a paw, the water in the atmosphere gathering around into small, separated droplets. She sends a single strike of electricity through it, utilizing the water to spread it farther faster in the air, sparks shooting out in a line pointed towards the Pittian's camp as a warning.

"Surrender, n' no blood will be spilled today, other than the blood of lyin' snakes."

The demigoddess of raging storms has made her call.

It is liberation day.

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Re: START A RIOT / mass raid + takeover
« Reply #1 on: October 31, 2019, 12:39:18 PM »
The Pitt. Despite having never encountered their fury firsthand before, Hush had been bombarded by stories of blood and betrayal and slavery all stemming from just one group, ever since he had joined the Typhoon. The moment Jervis's name had entered his ears, he had taken up his sword, dedicating himself to training and readying himself for battle. It had been a long wait – long enough for him to become well acquainted with his new home – but now, surely, it would finally be the end of things. Hushsound hadn't missed the faint hesitation in his clanmates eyes when the small golden male accompanied them, assuming that he was too frail or too weak to take on a group as vicious as the Pitt. However, he knew that he could prove them all wrong. Hell, he would prove them all wrong, even if it meant fighting valiantly until he collapsed. Despite appearances, he wasn't a child, and he wasn't just going to continue to let the Pitt do whatever they wanted. He had heard far too many horror stories, and now the score needed to be settled, with bloodshed or not. Clenching his blade in his jaws, the domestic feline padded up a little bit behind Goldie, settling down and digging his claws into the earth as his eyes darted around, searching for any signs of their enemies. He wouldn't rush in without Goldie's orders – after all, she was giving them a chance to surrender – but he could feel every muscle tensed and ready, ready to attack when the moment came. Silent, he hoped that the Pitt just decided to surrender, sparing them all from the bloodshed that would surely happen if not, but he didn't get his hopes up too much for Jervis – or any of his underlings – to take that option.
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Re: START A RIOT / mass raid + takeover
« Reply #2 on: October 31, 2019, 01:06:40 PM »
  This was it, really it- the moment of truth.

  Though she had no idea if the Ascendants were watching her now- she did not know if any of them, other than Suiteheart, cared to watch their last surviving member- she liked to think they were present in spirit, cheering for vengeance. The Pitt had dared to obliterate a fallen clan's history, and for that she was going to make them pay. Jervis, Fourthwall, and everyone else taking part in this oppressive regime would become just another footnote in the legacies of this land.

  Warringkingdoms took her position in the midst of the burnt jungle, her eyes watching the Pitt's camp closely. Her claws were unsheathed, her quiver slung around her form with six newly-fashioned arrows within, her muscles tensed in preparation for war. With Idyll as a medic, she had decided to leave most of her herbs at home- she had tucked away a satchel of bandages and basic disinfectants in a tree outside of the Pitt's territory in case anyone suffered severe injuries, but hopefully it would prove unnecessary.

  As Goldenluxury's declaration rang out, electricity crackling above the Pitt's camp, Rin glanced over her shoulder at the gathered Elysites. "Stay close by," she ordered. "Watch each other's backs." She had strayed far from her original path, the path of vengeance against the gods who had struck down her former home- but she had sworn, just a few short days ago, to defend Elysium and its members with her life. The one thing she could say for herself was that she was a woman of her word.

  Turning her head to watch the Pitt once more, Rin stood tall and prepared herself for what would undoubtedly become a bloodbath.

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Re: START A RIOT / mass raid + takeover
« Reply #3 on: October 31, 2019, 01:08:04 PM »
The day had finally come for the raid on the Pitt, and Wormwood could feel the blood pumping through his veins, his heartbeat roaring so loudly in his ears that he could hear it with every step. He trailed only a bit behind the rest of the Tanglewood group, a green piece of cloth wrapped securely around one of his front legs to signify that he was a member of the swamp dwelling group. Soon enough, the stench of the Pitt filled his nose, acrid and far too familiar for his liking. His ears instinctively pinned down to his head, a low growl leaving his throat once they reached the jungle. He had been here for many different purposes before – meeting Draekon, attacking Bai Shi, trying to rescue Roy – but this raid was by far going to be his favorite. Not only would Goldie have her revenge for the many things that they had done not only to her and her group, but Sam as well, but Wormwood would finally have his revenge for so many of the awful things that the Pitt had done not only to him, but Tanglewood as a whole. Sam, Beck, Red, Roy... they were all in his heart as he stopped in his marching, his blue eyes blazing and his golden and red wings stretching far up above his head. Not only was he going to get his revenge, but he was going to also get his son back, the true love of his life who had been snatched from him only days after he had officially been adopted. The last time he had seen the tiger, he had been totally unresponsive and had lashed out at him, seemingly with no memory of his new father figure... they would pay for that, as well.

Once Goldie was done with her brief speech, the lion rolled his shoulders and took off into the sky, flapping just a bit above the large group of three allies, temporary or not. As his eyes scanned through the Pittian camp, desperate for any sign of his son, Roy, he growled darkly, his paws and mouth slowly becoming engulfed in flames, "I would recommend you take her offer of surrender, or you're just dragging your defeat out." There was utmost confidence in his voice, quite confident that there was no chance they could fail. The Pitt might have gotten a few more members as of late, but that didn't mean they could take on Tanglewood, Elysium, and the Typhoon all at once. Not to mention the extremely powered up and pissed off enemies that they had made, such as Goldie and himself. As his eyes darted from face to face within the Pitt's desolate looking camp – no doubt full of agony and slaves desperate for help – he also kept an eye out for Jervis, his mouth practically watering at the chance to finally tear the Pitt's leader apart – that was if Goldenluxury didn't get to him first. Worm could still feel the throb of the leg wounds the fox had inflicted upon him in the last raid of the Pitt, and he was eager for his payback.
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Re: START A RIOT / mass raid + takeover
« Reply #4 on: October 31, 2019, 01:48:36 PM »
stars did fall
idyllfields secured the cloth around their bracelet after coming in beside the captain, looking between her and wormwood as they spoke. their heart pounded in their chest. their first time in any sort of fight or battle, and it was a full on war. war. the word would creep down his throat as he murmured it before looking ahead of them. so much jungle and desert. they only saw bits and pieces when visiting bai shi but now, seeing it in full view... it would have been a beautiful sight had it not been soon filled with blood.

they departed from goldenluxury's side and into an empty pocket on the side, remaining there until the following call.

//idyllfields is acting as a BATTLE MEDIC and is NOT open to fighting. if your character is injured and wants to flee, @ this account please!

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Re: START A RIOT / mass raid + takeover
« Reply #5 on: October 31, 2019, 04:34:58 PM »
we'll see the sun come up again, we'll climb higher than we've been
Lightning was noisy. It crackled and screamed through the air. It was a terrible force of nature, and it was one that was deeply feared by all. It made people jump, it lit fires, and it was here. And there was an armada too, marching forward, of three groups that were infuriated and out to stop an evil. What had brought him over had been, initially, his search for food being interrupted. That was all an animal truly was concerned for when their mind barely stretched into consciousness. Food and shelter and space were all Astiar consistently showed to care for. His search for a tree to eat had been disrupted by fire. So he came scampering back to the camp only to see the group that was responsible for the destruction.

Astiar’s wings buzzed noisily. He could not speak. He knew not of the atrocities of those that lived here, and of how these new arrivals sought retribution. The dragon’s mandibles clicked once, twice, a third time. Another loud buzz. He wasn’t sure why there were so many strange faces present. The cicada sat on his rear after trotting a little into the open. Red eyes stared near unblinkingly at the group, and his wings continued their sharp bursts of noise. He was confused, yes, and decided that staying and lingering until it made sense to him was a perfectly reasonable plan. Cicadas could not plan, though, and it contributed to the silliness of him sitting alone while staring down at an angry, fuming armada.
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Re: START A RIOT / mass raid + takeover
« Reply #6 on: October 31, 2019, 07:59:31 PM »
He wanted to fight. He wanted to be strong. He wanted to be the best and Knox would do anything in his power to prove that he was, in fact, the best. Despite his age, the young canine was headstrong and determined, and honestly didn't care about what - or who - was in his way. He was going to demolish them.

Padding forward, attention caught by the noises and strange scents that came from the border, the red wolf pup would prick his ears, looking around to see if there was someone that he could take on here.

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Re: START A RIOT / mass raid + takeover
« Reply #7 on: November 01, 2019, 03:39:47 AM »
The large thunderbird would not miss out on this opportunity to right the wrong. The Pitt needed to pay, and with everyone united against them, The Pitt stood no chance. Eirny descended from her position on a nearby perch, ready to battle some slave-driving scum.

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Re: START A RIOT / mass raid + takeover
« Reply #8 on: November 01, 2019, 06:26:24 AM »

[OOC: cries in amazing overload of muse. Would someone like to kill kydobi somewhere near the end/middle?

Addresses: @KNOX @goldenluxury @idyllfields ]

He didn't sleep much anymore. Constantly paranoid of the impending war to cone, it had slowly begun to morph into an obsession. Be prepared. Stay vigilant. Don't stray far. Follow orders. Maintain duties. Stay ready.

So when he heard the booming lightning and thundering voice of Goldenluxury, he knew. Odd relief washed over him it had finally come. No more waiting. Quickly it dissipated, blood would not just spill... It would run . Jervis would not so easily give up his power. H would play it out till the end. Throwing every player on his board, down to the last pawn. There would be no stalemates. Someone would lose.

He inhaled deeply, quietly slipping into his camoflauge. Invisible in all ways except scent. His paws made no movement, going through the thick brush like a ghost. Silently he stalked, listening. Paw steps. Heavy breathing. Anticipation and anxiety were just as electric as the tigress as herself. Whether it was her lightning or not, his paws were tingling.

He would look around, seeing Astiar. Worry settled in a little, did they realize what was happening? He prayed to everyone and no one that the dragon would not fly into the crowd on hostiles out of sheer hostility.

Luckily, he had been attempting to control his newly acquired power. So far he had learned the most about it, he had a terrible tendency to ignite when he was feeling extremes. Elation. Joy. Deep sorrow. Dead. But most violent fires were caused by his rage. He had found that on numerous occasions, fire storms in the desert..

Oddly enough it was somewhat therapeutic. He watched more come, eyes narrowing in on Wormwood. The brute took comfort in knowing he could not be seen or heard. For now he would use this to scope out the amount of enemies.  More would spill in, from the sounds of it... all directions. He closed his eyes, whispering under his breath affirmations and ideas. Please let Aine and the others recall their exploration of the tunnels. The defense plans.

Kydobi quickly realized this would be his first full blown battle. Never had he fought another... well. Just think of it as if you’re hunting, he would tell himself, except this time the prey fights back. Relatively normal. So Kydobi would see all them and consider them such. It made the idea of murdering much easier long as he maintained that mindset.

Don’t get worried or overwhelmed. You’ll be fine. Still, he was wondering if he should truly defend the fox. Jump to his defense, but considering the tiger slave and the hellhound devotee... he wouldn’t have to.

The jaguar recalled his favorite vantage point, quickly he would make his way there. However something caught his eye. A puppy. A child would run towards the enemies.


He had been walking up to his spot slowly, trying not to let any rocks crumble and whatnot. His intangibility failed to work with his wall walking skills.  But upon spotting the child, who foolishly looked unafraid, he would turn around and sprint down the wall of stone. Paws gripping and all surfaces on contact. Still he remained invisible, dust pelted behind him and rocks gently tumbled.

He arrived near the pup, allowing himself to be seen. He was hoping the wouldn’t harm him. A defensive growl would roll as he walked to the pup, glowing eyes set on Goldie.

“Child, it is not safe here.”, he knew not who the wolf was but he could recognize his own quite well. Especially by smell, he had the scent of the jungle deep within his fur now.

He looked down, noting the determined look in his eyes, lowering himself he would allow his eyes to stare at Goldie, while whispering in Knox’s ear ”We will handle them, but go wake the others. Help the children, we need someone strong like you to defend those who cannot.”

If the child refused he would simply grab them by their scruff and throw them in the tunnels for safety. Oh god, all the poor orphans here. He couldn’t save them all.

All of them had good intentions. None of them wanted to lose their home... some were simply too large to not be threatened by. Many would be hurt. This is what hurt the most. There were no children from the enemy. The battle was not taking place at their home, the lesser were safe. Sleeping probably.

Posture would straighten and his chin would tilt a little up. Not cocky, simply sure.

“We all know here that a white flag will not be raised until the floor is splattered with red.”, he mainly addressed Goldie for she stood as if she ran the whole thing, which he did not doubt, “I ask one thing, do not harm the children. Even if they attempt blows... Goldie, they’re trying to save the only home they know.”

There were no children slaves after all. None. None that he knew of... a lump was swallowed. His voice felt oddly quiet although he knew it hadn’t been.

Eyes caught sight of a familiar figure. Idyll. His neck cranes forward slightly as his heart sped up. That mutt would be his to harm if this battle did commence. Jealousy fanned his fires and caused his eyes to quite literally brighten and flicker.

“I mourn for all the lives on both ends that will be lost tonight tigress. But I cannot say I will mourn for the only one I will take.”, he kept his gaze on @idyllfields

“Or at least the only life I plan to”, his tone was calm and flat as if speaking of rainy weather. But his message was loud and clear.

« Last Edit: November 01, 2019, 06:52:33 AM by Kydobi »

“Oh lord please dont let me be misunderstood..”
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Re: START A RIOT / mass raid + takeover
« Reply #9 on: November 01, 2019, 11:07:16 AM »


Kydobi would not be the only one to face down the horde. Fourth had known this was coming for a while, and it was why he'd hoped the new intake of members would consist of a few that knew how to conduct themselves in battle. Not that they could necessarily win with odds like these, but the panther had been correct when he'd said raising a white flag wasn't going to happen, not right out of the gate at least. There would be war, there would be death, and it was only at the very bitter end that perhaps an end could come to this conflict. But what would that end be? The Pittians wiped out? Forced to retreat? Or would Jervis be able to see through his pride long enough to put the group first? To be honest, Fourth wasn't sure he liked any of those options. He, too, was a proud beast. It didn't sit well with him to see his clanmates come to harm and yet there was a monster in him that snapped its feral jaws in defiance at being bullied like this by three groups at once. He supposed he couldn't really blame them though- The Pitt wasn't an easy group to bring down and no single clan here could do it on their own.

More than anything it was that which annoyed the black furred beast most of all. The Pitt was slowly becoming a group that could handle itself, one that would have taken the world by storm. They didn't use any allies to help them and they hadn't asked for any favors along the way, and yet here they stood faced by cowards who had to swell their ranks with outsiders in order to face them. It was the equivialant to Fourth beating the shit out of some kid he outsized and outpowered, never leaving room for a fair fight to begin with. The Pitt may have been a brutal place that allowed things no other group did, but at least they had the decency to do it by themselves.

Stepping up beside the jaguar, Kydobi would notice at once that Fourth was not as he usually was. Instead of the massive wolf/lion hybrid body he wore so commonly without change, today he stood in the body of a female fox, a miniature black and gold version of his true form. He ached to change back, instinct urging him to return to what he truly was so that he could fight at his best, but he could not. It would be sacrificing too much. What made it all the worse was that he knew he could not let himself die yet either, for the vessel that this body was carried much more than just his own soul inside of it. Having to protect himself from injury and death would mean having to give up his reckless way of fighting, and he knew that he would not be able to fight as he normally would. Still, that wouldn't stop him from participating, from crushing as many of these fools as he could.

His wine red eyes would shift, searching for @JERVIS among the gathering Pittians, and if he saw him he would immediately make his way to the Ardents side. He hadn't told him or anyone else about the pregnancy yet, and he wasn't sure if the male would draw his own conclusions upon seeing Fourth in his fox body on the battlefield or not, but he still had a job to do. He'd promised to protect the other canine, and he would unlesh hellfire on anyone who aimed to do him harm- which was likely everyone here. He didn't want to think about the odds, didn't want to face the facts that this time things were against him. He couldn't recklessly fight for Jervis and hope to preserve the life he was growing within himself, and yet he tenaciously denied the realization. If only the timing had been different.



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Re: START A RIOT / mass raid + takeover
« Reply #10 on: November 01, 2019, 11:25:41 AM »
I would approach the battlefield, nudging gently past the others in the raid to get to the actual frontlines. My time in Elysium gave me some purpose, and now I have a cause to fight for. Would it work out? I was confident, but not completely to the point of being arrogant. I had only one goal: to assist these people in taking over the Pitt and ending slavery.

I would not harm children, nor would I capture them. I knew from experience what it did to them, and it was horrible. Regardless of what anyone else had said or done, I would refuse to harm children. If nothing else, I would try and help them stay away from harm.

I will respect your wishes, Kydobi. These children do not need to be involved in this war.

At least some of them weren’t complete savages.

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Re: START A RIOT / mass raid + takeover
« Reply #11 on: November 01, 2019, 12:13:08 PM »
It is not so much of a surprise to find the first Pittian to speak would be the jaguar, Kydobi. Nor is it a surprise that he refuses to surrender without a fight. Perhaps something she could have respected under different circumstances, but now they only seem to be delaying their inevitable loss. Pride would be both their downfalls, only his own would come first. Her head raises higher, cutlass around her back shifting as her posture adjusts to address the male. "You know me not, Kydobi. Children are not our enemies, nor will they ever be." The female raises her voice when stating the latter part of her response, tone sharp and commanding, giving an order on behalf of all of the groups together. Surely, this was common sense. Children's suffering would never be tolerated by the female, and that is partially what brings her here today. She was only a child. As was Keona. And so many others, alongside the Pittian's history, whether the jaguar was aware or not. There is no nobility in him attempting to protect their younger members - it is basic decency, and one that a majority of his own lacked.

"I do not intend t' destroy y'all today, if that is what you're wonderin'. So, feel free t' let us know when you're ready t' surrender. There is no shame admittin' when you're beat."

The female would take a step closer to the male in response to his threats against her sage. No, certainly no lives must be lost today. And, he would be fortunate to even get within a few feet of one of her own. The tigress will not allow such a thing. "Unless ya desire a death wish, keep your claws upon the fighters." A fair warning - she always gives one before killing. To take another's life is a very intense power to hold; one she does not take lightly, and one she does not enjoy using. But, she is growing tired of talking. If they do not intend to surrender, then there is no more point in delaying it. She's waited long enough.

Her head lowers now, dipping as a signal for it all to begin. "Y'all may have the firs' blow." The captain figures it is only fair. Swipe her across the face, send powers towards others, leap at an enemy. Whatever strategy they choose, they were permitted to have the start. After all, they are far too outnumbered to hope for such a victory.

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Re: START A RIOT / mass raid + takeover
« Reply #12 on: November 01, 2019, 12:41:23 PM »

" biting the burning bullet to break bones "


talons digging into sand and stone, jaws spread and expelling all of the mingling scents from their mouth. a deep growl ripped from their chest, the long beast crouching upon one of the temples, tongue swiping over dripping jaws, blood already staining their teeth. they could smell a lot of bodies, a lot of blood, and they could hear a ton of heartbeats. their gaze was unseeing yet encompassing all those who stood waiting.

they listened in silence as children were claimed to be given freedom from this war that crackled through the terrain like a well deserved rainstorm. they had nobody here, none that cared for the dragon, which made this battle far easier for them. they were no longer with the pittians, nor with the allied forces. they had left, taking their leave from the group silently after an altercation with kydobi. they were only here to protect their daughter and sister, the last living remnants of their family.

tail lashing and thudding into the temple, lynn growled out a roar, "the pitt bows their heads to nobody, goldenluxury! you should know that at least, gilded warrior. the allied powers will not leave without their message known, carved into your bodies, pittians! do you defend your home from those pacing the border as mad as rsbid wolves or do you let them sweep in and take from you what you have achieved?" their voice boomed before they chuckled, pushing away from the temple.

landing with a booming thud, the dragon looked over both sides, their tail curling in a morbid sense of humor, "i will not participate in this war. i have no ties to either of your groups any longer. but if you must know, i side with myself and those who seek shelter from the war. feel free to try to attack me." they rumbled as they laid themselves at the edge, far enough away to get s good view. they would step in to prevent any unnecessary deaths. scars should be worn, not heads laying upon the ground.
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Re: START A RIOT / mass raid + takeover
« Reply #13 on: November 01, 2019, 12:55:55 PM »
Bai Shi... it had been so long since she last saw them. And they had been a member of the Pitt? These slave-keepers? These animals who had no common sense or a care for anyone? How could they have done this?

The Hellhound was disappointed in their sibling, but even that was an understatement. They felt oddly betrayed. But the lingre family member ran to greet her sibling, breaking rank within the hordes of angry people.

Bai Shi!” Hope hollered, hoping to grip them in a hug. She didn’t want to fight in this battle, instead she wanted to get away. To go with her older sibling to safety and hopefully warmth. She felt like this wasn’t the time or place for her to fight a battle like this. Call the scarred and emotional Hellhound a coward, but she has grown weary and tired of the constant fighting. She wanted a safe haven to call home. But it had been found nowhere.
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Re: START A RIOT / mass raid + takeover
« Reply #14 on: November 01, 2019, 02:07:42 PM »
'cause I'm only a crack in this castle of glass
The Scot had been waiting for the reckoning day -- the inevitable moment the Pitt found themselves outnumbered, outmatched.  He kept up his guise amidst the motion, just another Pittian in the gathering crowd.  An invisible, friendly-seeming snake in the garden.  His sharp amber eyes were scanning for two particular faces among those on 'his side'.  His ears flicked indifferently against the chatter in the wind, apathetic towards the threats and promises traded.

He expected blood may be shed today, despite how all the odds stacked against the Pitt.  Of course, the vulpine felt eager to reveal his true face, to see as the Pittians realized one of their own had never truly been theirs.  'Embry' knew patience however, and he was seeking out one who already his true name, to stand beside ( @gael ), readying himself for a fight.  The two of them had a child protect ( @aine. ).

He offered Goldenluxury, at the head of their foes, a particularly blank stare.  She should be nothing more than a pirate to 'Embry'.
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