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HELLO MY BABY ☆ tanglewood visitors
« on: October 08, 2019, 12:41:53 AM »
Wormwood had found out rather recently that Elysium had finally caved and decided to join in the fight against the Pitt,  believing that it was worth it to ally with the two other large groups going against the clan of bastards and torturers. Worm had, naturally, become very happy to hear this news delighted that it meant yet another group was going to show The Pitt that they couldn't continue to get away with the shit that they had been doing for so long now. So, when Wormwood had been promoted up from chaser to guardsman, he had decided to achieve one of his new duties by bringing some gifts to Elysium to show them just how grateful Tanglewood was for their support. He had considered going to the Typhoon instead, since he knew that place more than he did Elysium, but had ultimately decided against it, figuring that this could represent not only an opportunity to grow closer to a neutral group, but also to just get to know them better in general. So, the small hybrid of dog, frog, and turtle – known simply as a "chikorita" – had put together a moderately sized basket of gifts, filled with things such as cooked food, jewelry, a couple of weapons, a few books, and a rather nice bottle of wine, and had prepared himself to go on the long trek over to Elysium all on his own. However, before he had been able to leave, Moth had stopped him and said that she wanted to come with, not only because she wanted to help with the task at hand, but also because she wanted to make sure that her brother was safe on his journey. Wormwood bad wanted to explain that he would be perfectly fine, since it wasn't as if he was stuck in his chikorita form, and if he ran into any trouble he could always shift into his large lion form to deal with things. However, he had just caved and let Moth come with him, figuring that she would be decent enough protection despite the fact that right now she was technically just a domestic feline.

With his basket of gifts in hand and his little sister in tow, the small guardsman had left the familiarity of the Tanglewood swampland camp and had made the long trek all the way over to the mountains where Elysium resided, making idle conversation with Moth as the two of them traveled along. He silently thanked the gods that Moth had come along, since he was sure that he would've been bored to death walking all that way all by himself without anybody to talk with. Once the mountains of Elysium came into view, the small plant creature felt a shiver run up his spine, the approach of winter and the cool presence of fall looming over the region even still a big away from it. He glanced back to make sure that Moth was alright before continuing along, eventually finding the border line that separated Elysium from the rest of the world. He contemplated continuing on to where the pulley system began, and trying to find their way up to the main camp, but ultimately decided against it, settling down on the scent line and gently placing the gift basket down in front of him, letting out a little grateful grunt at the relief of weight from his jaw. He could feel the leaf upon the top of his head drooping down against his back thanks to the cold chill to the air, and he glanced around with his one eye before calling out softly, eager for someone to come along, "Hey, is anybody here? We're a couple of Tanglewood visitors, here with gifts!" His voice was young and squeaky, thanks to the fact that this new form was only around 7 months old, and he frowned a little bit when he heard it in his own floppy puppy ears. Turning to look over at Moth, be said softly, "You know anybody here in Elysium, Moth...?"


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Re: HELLO MY BABY ☆ tanglewood visitors
« Reply #1 on: October 08, 2019, 10:38:05 AM »
Sanzu often went and explored the territory of Elysium. She hadn't ever had any troubles with her wanderings, spare her ever fruitless attempts to fly. She searched and leaped and bounded from whatever height she could manage, flinging herself from them in order to try to take to the sky. They were always in vain, and often wound up with an uncomfortable landing. Even worse, when NPC's would have to snag her and pull her away from drops that could and would kill her if she followed through with her plans. She was young, and knew not of danger. She knew not of the approaching war, of danger, of hurt, of death. In her mind, there was only exploring, food, and nice people to live with.

"Tanylewood," the small dragon echoed when she came to a halt. Her little claws kneaded at the ground below her. Sanzu's head had to tip far back to look up at the lion, resulting in her somewhat tumbling onto her back. Her forked tongue flickered from her mouth once, and then again. "Gif's? Like cookie?!" Red eyes widened in delight, beginning to rapidly bounce in childish delight. "Th' people f'om Tangylewood brough' cookies!" Without waiting for an answer the little dragon declared in a shout, her little wings rapidly flapping. She bounced over to try to sneak a peak at the basket, ears raised to aid her bright eyed and childish wonder fueled expression.

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Re: HELLO MY BABY ☆ tanglewood visitors
« Reply #2 on: October 09, 2019, 02:17:01 PM »
Tena Moonspinner
"Hey there!" The petite Demdji called from above, eyes bright.  Quickly, she bounded after Sanzu, whiskers twitching.  Such an excitable child.  Only, she, like Tena, seemed to have a knack for recklessness.  As she halted to a pause on her side of the border, she kept one eye on the dragon, smiling lightly.

The young Magna had to think to recognize either of the Tanglers.  Something about their auras... What were their names though?  Regardless they had made the trip and with gifts.  "I hope you brought cookies," she joked, tail flicking behind her.

The Typhoon sage had came by recently as well, albeit with herbs.  War on the breeze.  It'll be worth it to see another depur fall.  She made a mental note to find someone she could trust to stay behind and watch the little ones; Sanzu and the others... "Thank you for making this trip, I know it isn't short, not to mention bringing gifts."
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Re: HELLO MY BABY ☆ tanglewood visitors
« Reply #3 on: October 09, 2019, 02:50:25 PM »
Moth had never been to Elysium before, so when she had found out that Worm was going, she immediately jumped in and came with. On their journey there, she simply walked next to him, talking and joking about things, before they finally got there and she sat down, shaking her head when asked if she knew anyone there. As far as she knew, she did not.

Ears pricked as the two came over to the border, and she would offer a small dip of her head. "My name is Moth, and this is Wormwood, and we're both from Tanglewood as he already mentioned." She would speak, offering a smile to the two creatures before her, "I'm not entirely too sure what was brought, as Worm's the one who packed it."
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Re: HELLO MY BABY ☆ tanglewood visitors
« Reply #4 on: October 09, 2019, 03:32:38 PM »
Wormwood could already feel the faint smile that curled on his face when Sanzu arrived, finding the young dragon's excitement rather adorable and soft. When she excitedly announced that they had cookies, the small guardsman infinitely glad that he had asked V to help him with some baked goods to bring to Elysium. Despite the scary dragon he was sure Sanzu would one day grow into, Worm knew that Sanzu wouldn't hurt them for not bringing cookies, but he still didn't really want to disappoint the youngling. He opened his mouth to reply to the child, but then Tena arrived, the leader of the group immediately draggin his attention away. The small plant creature dipped his head to Tena and said warmly, once Moth had spoken, not wanting to interrupt his younger sister figure, "Hello little one, hello Tena. As Moth said, my name is Wormwood. I'm a Guardsman of Tanglewood, and she's a medic, and we came here bearing gifts as a sort of show of thanks for you choosing to join the fight against the Pitt. Hopefully this will all be resolved soon, and we wanted to show our gratitude. And don't worry, we did bring cookies, along with some other baked good courtesy of one of our members. The trip may not have been short, but it was worth it to come see some neutrals who have been very kind to us in the past." He gently nudged the basket forward with one of his small turtle feet before he continued, dipping his head over at Sanzu, since the child was still enthusiastically bouncing around just a bit behind Tena, "In addition to baked goods, we brought some other food items, some weapons, some jewelry, and a few other little surprise gifts courtesy of our territory. Hopefully they will all find uses here in Elysium." It felt nice to finally meet some others from Elysium, since he knew several people from The Typhoon, but had never met any from their other closest group.


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