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PEEL THE MASK AWAY / goldie's head
« on: July 14, 2019, 02:08:27 AM »
     [ continuation of this thread ]

     The stench of rot and a sinking feeling in his gut accompanied him back to the swamp. Pig's blood soaked the front of his apparition, staining his front legs up to his elbows with the evidence of his night's activities -- and yet, said night remained a blur to him. He could faintly remember the other's word of a gathering, but what for? How did he end up trudging through a jungle? What had he done? What you had to do. A painful buzz ached in his mind, dulling his senses as he blankly stared at someone else's paws dragging him to someone else's home. His home. No, he didn't have a home, he never had a home in five hundred years. With momentary clarity, Beck twisted his head to peer over his shoulder, eyes failing to recognize the looming shape of Tanglewood's library behind him. The sky, however, was flooded with the familiar light of breaking morning. The poltergeist turned, not pausing to acknowledge the slight bump of something against a blood-crusted shoulder with the jerky movement. His jaws were locked around the burnt and torn scruff of his newest trophy, in all its decomposed glory. The severed head was scarcely recognizable upon first glance. Closer inspection would reveal its identity as the prior body once belonging to their ally's captain herself. Naturally, Beck took his old friend's head to reside with him until time transformed it to mere dust. Now, she had to stay.

    But first, he needed to return to safety. The simple urge comprised the only thought remaining in his trance-like state, driving his legs to stiffly walk forward on an instinctive path. A path traversing right through the town square. Yet the little feline slipped into catatonia, thoughts erased by the entity hissing in his ear to do this, do that. He numbly limped forward, blind to the stirring world around him even as his lifeless eyes fixated on nothing ahead. Goldenluxury's head swung from his teeth plainly for all to see; Beck may have been present on the outskirts of the town square, but in truth, he was gone.

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Re: PEEL THE MASK AWAY / goldie's head
« Reply #2 on: July 15, 2019, 05:08:27 AM »
Whatever task Crow was focused on moments before would be lost forever as his priorities changed to the messy figure plodding the town, his eyes squinting to discern Beck and a mysterious cargo swaying from his jaw with each unsteady step. Despite the considerable distance between them, the stench hit his flared nostrils like an oncoming train, and he felt his throat tighten as he stifled a heave. What was that, and what was he doing with it—those were two thoughts that first crossed his mind as he slunk forward with caution to investigate. Was Beck hostile?

No, he was not. That was proven as Crow got closer and no reaction was received from the smaller feline despite his attempts at getting his attention by making his presence known by careless movement and by calling the cat's name in different tones of voice. With frustration, he placed himself in Beck's path, recoiling slightly as the object the poltergeist carried, now identified as a head, bumped into his flank. "B-Beck," he now whispered, deciding that calling out to the kid was not making any progress. "A-answer me. What are you doing? Whose head is that?"

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Re: PEEL THE MASK AWAY / goldie's head
« Reply #3 on: Yesterday at 06:15:43 PM »
Moth, at this point in time, was too far away from Beck and Crow to determine the smell of the thing that the ghost boy carried in his maw, though upon seeing something that looked different than the childish female was used to, she couldn't help but let a flash of excitement wash through her, suddenly stopping her hunt for various things around the camp to lurch forward on her journey to the two that were now there on the edges of the town square. She would let her pace quicken slightly until a stench hit her nose, and, just as quickly as she had forgotten her task that she was in the middle of before, she regret coming over to investigate.

Deciding to keep the questions of 'what is that it looks weird' the female would cast a glance at the charred and decomposed head hanging from Beck's jaws, fear washing over her at the site. Why was he carrying this? Why wasn't he worried about it? Did he do it? Swallowing the thoughts down - he was a group mate, he wouldn't do that kind of thing, right? - she took a small step back to try and get the stench out of her nostrils, before looking over to Crow, watching as he tried to talk to Beck, see what was going on, the confirmation that it was a head reaching her ears.

Frustrated tears began to form in the corners of the fox's eyes as she tried to figure out what to do, to no avail, and Moth would look behind her for a moment to see if anyone else was coming, and upon determining no one was coming right away decided to finally talk, aimed towards Crow. "W-what do you want me to do?" She didn't know if anyone knew medicine to see if that would get Beck out of his trance, or if there was something that Crow knew to do in order to get the child to speak, but she sure as hell didn't know.
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