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Everyone's got // open+monthly marking // nine different names

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WHAT A PRIVILEGE IT IS TO LOVE — The idea had occured to Jacob when he'd been wandering around in the tunnels. He'd come to a section with ancient paintings spread across them of all sorts of different events and creatures. It occurred to him it'd be nice for Snowbound to make notes of it's own history so he'd gone out of his way to gather some paint. Now that he had enough of it, he was setting it all out in front of a blank wall in the main entrance to the tunnels. There was plenty of light and space here so he supposed it'd be a nice place. Besides, all their visitors would be able to see a visual representation of their history which would be interesting to share with the many creatures he anticipated would come in and out of these caves. There were endless possibilities for what could be painted on these walls, much like how there were endless possibilities for Snowbound and the new groups that surrounded it. So, Jacob determined that he'd make this a nice little event every month to celebrate their accomplishments and learn from their mistakes.

When the paint was all set out, he waited for a few members to gather. He'd given out notice that they were to meet around this time in this particular place. When it seemed there were plenty of members gathered, he began to speak, "Thank ya' all for comin' down 'ere. So I decided that we're gonna' start a new tradition the first week ah' every month. These different paints represent different ranks n' different accomplishments. Every month, I want ya' ta' dip your paws or claws or whatever ya' may 'ave n' put it on this wall. When we 'ave real important events, we'll also put up some representations ah' those but we're gonna' keep it simple this time. Once you're done, feel free ta' either stay n' relax for a bit ta' chat or head back ta' camp. I've got some hot coco out n' ya' can stay n' talk if ya' would like to," he explained. He then paused a moment before continuing, "If ya' wanna take a note of your time 'ere or your rank, each ah' the different colors represent somethin' different. Dark blue is meant for a Chief, light blue's for a Snowseeker, white shows you're a Frosthealer, orange is for a Snowstriker, green for Tenderfoots, yellow for Lionhearts, n' black for any new members. If ya' wanna' put a representation of events that ya' thought were important, feel free ta' make those too but make sure ya' keep it... ya' know, keep it appropriate for kids n' all that since it's so close ta' the entrance."  —A GREAT HONOR TO HOLD YOU UP

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Harrison scampered over and looked at his dad, smiling. "I wanna paint!" He said before dipping his entire paw into the paint and giggling. He then pressed it against the wall, leaving a tiny paw mark. The kit looked over to his father and fluffed up his neck fur. "Did I do it right, pa?" Was there a right way to do this? He hoped so, because he wanted to make Jacob proud of him, after all.
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   It was something new to her. Her old eyes were unable to perceive color. It simply just... wasn't there. Nothing was. Everything was either black or white. No grays. No reds or blues. No greens or purples. Her eyes were not made to see. They were made to sense. Her old body only had a sensor for an eye. She couldn't see light, but she could see light.

   Color honestly hurt her eyes. The raven huffed as she tilted her head at the various containers of paint. Where did he even get these, anyway? It was not like this cave had a supply closet for crying out loud. She chortled under her breath, wings fluffing up as she turned up to Jacob. She cawed. She was back to silent mode. There was no reason to talk right now. She looked back down at the dishes of pigment, raising a brow. Paint the walls? What kind of idea was that?


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When she was younger, London had drawn a lot. the Gas station had been littered with coloring pages and how to draw books, so it had been easy to learn, not that art was something all that hard to accomplish anyway, since it was open to interpretation. The girl hadn't drawn much in quite some time though, not since she'd left that old building a couple months ago. She supposed drew diagrams of the stars and the night sky, but it was nothing like the art she had once made. And so as the smell of paint hit her nostrils, the clouded leopard could not help but smile. It would be fun to leave her mark on the wall, kind of like the graffiti she and her brothers had made on the gas station's exterior, except a little different. There would be no spray paint here, and none of the same laughter ringing through the warm summer air. None of the same familiar faces. Instead it was cold, and although there might be laughter, it wasn't the same. And even though these were faces were ones she had gotten used to after more than a month, it wasn't the same familiarity as it had been with her brothers.

No, this would be great, exciting, and just as fun. After all, there were more people to share the joy with. And perhaps she would even see her first ever friend here. Maybe they could paint something together to symbolize the friendship they'd formed or something. Some orange and yellow symbol of the beginning of their normal life. Yes, that sounded like it would be fun. "This is a great idea." the girl would muse, a radiant smile upon her features. Now just to find the other albino, she couldn't wait to tell him about her idea. Hopefully he would like it as much as she did, though she saw no reason why not. Did Killua even know how to draw? The thought of the former assassin with a coloring book seemed rather amusing, though she supposed it wasn't impossible.
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Izuku wasn't an ... incredible artist. He'd drawn for a lot of his life, of course -- he'd always liked to do doodles of heroes in his notebooks, among other things, but he always found himself disappointed in the cartoonish faces. It didn't help that he had paws now, and it was kind of, uh, falling apart now. Granted, Izuku hadn't actually tried painting with stuff like this? It was all ink and lineart. Still, Izuku doesn't have any plans of adding anything to his marking. He's not sure what he should, for one, and for two, nothing of a lot of note could be put down in the first place? (well, there was, but Izuku wasn't planning on it. He didn't even know how he could.)
Even so, Izuku approaches a little hesitantly. As per usual, he's probably just gonna show up, do his thing, and never talk to -- well, anyone, probably. Izuku could never bring himself to approach people during events such as these, and nobody ever tried to talk to him, so it was kind of just a stalemate. Oh well. At Izuku could participate. So with wide eyes and a swishing tail, the green Maine Coon approaches. Uh -- well, he could put a pawprint down for his rank, since he didn't count as a newcomer anymore. What color was Tenderfoot? Green? Yeah, green. Izuku glances at Jacob, and then to the paints before approaching, simply hoping he doesn't mess it up somehow. (he's not sure how he could, but it's definitely plausible). Izuku hovers for a moment more before allowing himself a grin as he presses a paw to the green paint, and wobbles to the wall. And then -- presses it against the wall, tongue poking out of his maw. A pawprint, of course. Perfect! Izuku beams as he withdraws, allowing his paint-covered paw to return to the ground as he steps back. Uh -- that's kind of all he had any ideas for that felt right, especially since he didn't have an ideas, so. Whoops.



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Killua was more than capable of writing. But he wasn't even remotely capable to when it came to drawing. During a majority of his life, the assassin never had a need to do something like draw before. Why should he? The wildcat just had one job and that was to kill others instead of making himself an artist. Unless writing a mesage out in blood to the group that he had just killed their leader counted, but he doubted that was really the case. When it came to the way he kept himself, Killua didn't exactly like to get his fur dirty. He hated having his fur stained any sort of color, and he didn't exactly like it when any sticky substance got onto his fur. Despite being an assassin, he didn't like the thought of being dirty or unclean. Maybe it was because of a bad habit that he had ended up making when he was younger ot always keep himself clean so that smells wouldn't stick to his fur. Which if anyone could smell him, his cover would be blown during a job. Killua had an advantage in that regard, and he always seemed to keep himself clean and well kept despite the nature that few actually ended up knowing about. There were a couple times that Killua was allowed top lay games that would help him either control his powers or develop mind games to be able to complete it. Drawing wasn't one of them, and if he tried to draw a diagram it probably wouldn't do all that well. He had never held any writing utensils in his mouth before, but he had something better than a writing utensil. His claws were practically a tip of a pen if he wanted them to be, as long as he dipped them in ink beforehand of course. It made it easier for him to right this way instead of trying to curl his paw around a pen and try to hold it, or even a pensil for that matter. The games that he was allowed to play consisted of mostly just darts and chess. Those games got boring pretty quickly when he was a kitten, but he was able to quickly master those games after a couple of months. It was hard to win agianst his father though because the dragon would always be a better strategist than he ever could. Similar to Izuku, the wildcat didn't really end up going to events because he found them incredibly awkward.

Thanks to his constant paranoia, it was hard for him to keep track of all the movements that would happen during an event like this, and whether or not a fight could break out before he could do anything. It almost made him feel claustrophobic with too many bodies around him. He would much rather go to a quiet place than to deal with so many different faces that he didn't want to be around. Luckily, there wasn't anyone that he hated in Snowbound, other than Hisoka, but the kitsune hadn't been around in a while so he simply thought that the killer had disappeared. There were a couple that was irritating, but compared to other clans there wasn't anyone that lived here that he was willing to constantly try to fight with. Although he and Jacob didn't exactly see eye to eye in that regard. Oh well. The albino serval was rarely inside of camp in general, as he had his own separate cave that he lived in away from the rest of Snowbound. He didn't trust anyone but London right now so he wasn't going to sleep by a bunch of strangers. A yawn parted his jaws as a tired look was spread across his facial features until he heard the familiar voice of Jacob making a small announcement for something. He always liked to keep up to date on everything, so it shouldn't surprise everyone that Killua made his way over to where others were gathering. The smell of paint filled his nasal cavity, and for some reason, it was familiar to him. Yet, he couldn't remember. Was that another memory that had been erased by his family a long time ago? He tried not to think about it as he arrived just in time to hear what Jacob was saying. Paint the walls? Well, he didn't see any issues with that, and it could be kind of fun but he had no intention of really drawing anything since he couldn't draw. Hearing the colors for the different ranks almost made him want to go back to being a Snowseeker because it had the blue color. Instead of orange for Snowstriker. Not much he could do about it now as he was perfectly fine with his rank. He took note of those that were around and noticed London and Izuku. The grape didn't seem to be in a great mood, technically not a problem Killua should worry about, but he wondered why the other was constantly nervous all the time. Well, so was he, but he hid his emotions from everyone so he always looked calm.

A grin spread across his lips as he dragged over the orange paint over toward where London was sitting, sitting. "I guess its a pretty neat idea." Killua's voice as always would seem to come out of nowhere thanks to his silent movements. Although the sound of the paint can moving would probably catch anyone's attention, since that wasn't silent. He was the only Snowstriker right now, so all the orange paint was basically for himself. He leaned back from where he was sitting with London and looked over toward Jacob. "You keep working yourself so hard and you'll probably pass out from exhaustion." Killua would tease the current leader, as the other seemed to be basically everywhere. Did the canine ever sleep?Returning his attention toward the can of paint in front of him, he seemed to hesitate for a moment. His nose wrinkled slightly as he dipped his paw into the paint. He guessed that he was lucky that he lost feeling in his paws a long time ago, at least on the top layer of skin, so he couldn't feel the sticky substance. "This better not stain my fur." Killua would complain, but probably loud enough that other's could hear. Raising the now orange covered paw, he would plant his paw on the wall. Leaving a paw print behind, and that was fine with Killua, as he didn't plan to really draw anything, at least nothing that would come to mind. At this thought though, he immediately thought of his friendship with London, and wondered if he could draw something like that. Not likely, it would be difficult. His attention turned back toward the albino clouded leopard, tilting his head as he smiled at her. "You plan on trying to draw something?" Could she draw? He had no idea. He didn't know entirely a lot about her capabilities after all. With his paw still dripping in orange paint, he would be quick to raise it and turned to look @izuku  aiming to send a blob of orange paint toward the green maine coon, hoping to at least have the paint land on his face or shoulder. "Nē! Ima anata wa ninjin no yōdesu. Kindā." Killua would tease the other, with a smirk spread across his facial features. Everything turned into a game with the assassin, and he was fine with that. He hadn't had this much fun after meeting London and everyone else in a while.

(Translation: Hey! Now you're like a carrot. Kinda.)
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★ Killua constantly remains stealthy. He uses his air elemental to cushion every step that he takes, making his pawsteps barely audible.
★ Killua also uses his Air Elementals to block out his scent from everyone around him. Which means its impossible to find him by scent, as he doesn't like to be associated with any clans despite his ranks he may have.
★ He has a very bad addiction to candy and doesn't share it with anyone no matter who they are.
★ Killua will not respect your character right off the bat. Unless they express how strong they are, or if they are interesting in his opinion, then there is a chance that he might show respect. Meaning that he will show no respect for ranks.
★ Killua has no morals. Meaning that seeing death doesn't affect him, and if someone dies, he just considers the one that did to be too weak and deserved death.
★ He is not afraid to kill your character, as he believes himself to be stronger than everyone else he comes across due to his training and how he knows the clans after living in them for several months.
★ HE WILL NOT TRUST YOUR CHARACTER. Not right off the bat anyway. Which means he won't give any personal information to them unless he deems them to be interesting.
★ Killua is immune to all deadly chemicals/poisons and is also immune to electrical attacks. However, just because he is immune, he still feels the pain from it all, he can just bare the pain. This means that he will get somewhat pissed if poisons are attempted to be used on him or if someone tries to electrocute him.

RECENT EVENTS (oldest-recent):

★ ALBINO SERVAL W/ METAL CLAWS [birth/main] | health: 100% | Reference.
— 30 lbs and the size of a full grown domestic cat, Killua belongs to the wildcat species of the serval. Meaning that his body structure consists of his long legs and his large ears that are perched on the top of his head. The most noticeable feature of him though is that his fur, instead of the usual tan and black, is stark white. Unlike most albino servals though, Killua doesn't show the usual spots of an albino serval, his fur being completely white. He has a lean build, meaning that he is built more for speed, yet there will be strengths behind his attacks. He has numerous scars all over his body, but sadly they can't be seen thanks to being hidden underneath his slightly unusually long fur. Compared to a serval's anyway. His eyes express a vibrant electric blue/sapphire hue color to them. Looking at his claws though, the front claws in his front paws are made entirely metal, over inches long meaning that they have a lot of piercing capability. These claws are made out of a light, durable metal that is sharper than even that of swords. So that the claws are capable of slicing through tough hide if need be. The claws on his back legs though are completely normal claws. Due to his front claws being so long though, it means that they can't be fully sheathed, so the tips of the claws always stick out no matter what. This means that if he is to ever spar with someone, there is a likelihood that character will end up getting scratched. Killua can often be seen eating some form of candy when he is talking to someone, except in serious situations.
- major injuries: none
- minor injuries: none

Everyone wants to keep Killua on his good side. No one wants him on his bad side because if they do it usually results in their death sometime later. Killua has no problem with killing those that mock him, on the consideration that he doesn't like to be considered weak, and having grown up only being taught how to kill, he has no other morals when it comes to dealing with social situations. Killua is extremely terrible when it comes to social gatherings, actually making quite difficult for him to interact with others without completely pissing them off. This serval doesn't show respect toward those that he doesn't know, and those that he doesn't consider to be capable of doing their job. He believes that most adults that he has come across are idiots compared to him, as despite his young age, he believes that he has a lot more experience than adults could ever have. Right now though, he is trying his best to figure out what he wants with his life after running away from his family and dealing with a clan previous to coming here, hearing a rumor that there were strong creatures here that could be a possible challenge. He has a huge ego as he thinks that he can take anyone on with relative ease. That he can take on anyone no matter what size they are. The assassin doesn't like to follow the rules either, practically a loose canon as he just does whatever the hell he wants to despite the consequences. He can often be seen mocking others, or even teasing if he is in a lighter mood. Killua so far is rarely seen being serious, as he mostly talks with a lot of sarcasm in his voice.

★ Single | 1/2 nothing
★ NPC x NPC | Generation 1 | No mentor

★ Electricity Elementals (Discovered/Almost mastered)
★ Air Elementals (Discovered/Mastered)
★ Conjuration (Discovered/Mastered)
★ Telepathy (Discovered/Mastered)
★ Invisibility (Discovered/Mastered)
★ Teleportation (Discovered/Mastered)
★ Shape shifting (Discovered/Mastered)

★ Message this account to plot
★ Extremely hard to befriend if the character isn't the same strength/age as him
★ Physically extreme | Mentally medium | Training constantly
★ Will start fights, and will finish them quickly
★ Attack in bold paleturquoise
★ Cannot powerplay peaceful or nonviolent actions. ALL OPINIONS ARE IC



albino serval | extreme difficulty | BIO

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Izuku's nervousness honestly just came from an entire history of not being safe in large groups of people. That and a good dose of paranoia. He really did like spending time with his clanmates, though, despite the fact that some subconscious part of him was over-analyzing stuff literally always. Still, Izuku jolts as he hears Killua's voice. He'd never really get used to how silent the serval was, it was kind of terrifying. Still, Izuku doesn't dwell on it long, busy doing absolutely nothing at all. He's brainstorming drawing ideas, yes.
Unfortunately, this leaves him entirely unaware of Killua's incoming, ah, attack. Not that there was much warning to be found up till Killua looks over at him. It was normal till them. It's really the feeling of something hitting Izuku's jaw that causes him to shriek. He jolts to his paws, looks down at the substance that dripped down and -- oh boy, that's orange paint. Orange paint for Snowstriker, right? Boy, wonder who that could be. Killua's teasing voice just confirms it, and the maine coon whirls on him. It's very confrontational, but not angry -- if anything, this is hilariously funny, if unfortunate. It's gonna take weeks to get out.
"Shikashi, jūbun'na orenji wa arimasen!" Izuku calls back challengingly, in his native language just for the hell of it. Boy, was this marking gonna get messy. He hopes they don't mess up anybody's paintings -- uh, they should probably avoid the walls. Still, the green feline moves to yank his bucket of green in front of him. His Tenderfoot bucket, and just Izuku's theme color. Perfect. So with this, Izuku dips his paw with a generous amount of paint, and attempts to throw a few splatters of green paint over to Killua. He, uh, doesn't have a specific aim, though. Just an attempt to revenge. He tries to angle himself so it's not gonna hit the wall by accident, though. Another Snowbounder? Unfortunate but possible, if Izuku misses. Boy, he hopes he doesn't get in trouble for starting a paint fight, but it would hopefully just be a scolding or something if anything.

//hhh translation: that's not enough orange, though!

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It seemed she did not have to wait too long for the other albino to find her, though that was to be expected. Her pelt held two starkly contrasting colors, and even among others it would likely be relatively easy to spot. Though perhaps not as easy as Izuku, with his fur being made up of different tints of green. The girl briefly found herself wondering how that happened, before quickly erasing the thought from her mind. He couldn't choose which colors he'd been born with, to question them would just be rude. She didn't question her own hues either, or Killua's stark white, so it would just be kind to leave questions that couldn't really be answered out of her mind. "Hello!" the girl would greet, shooting the other albino a bright smile. She watched as he placed a paw print on the wall, and a giggle bubbled from her at his comment about not wanting to get any of the paint on his fur. She supposed it would be difficult to get out for him, and for her too, but that was not something she was too worried about.

What she was more worried about was a wall painting that would symbolize friendship or new beginnings or something like that. But she supposed just an ordinary paw print would work for now, as she considered her options. Dipping a paw pad in the paint, she would gently guide it to impact on the wall close to her first friend's. "Maybe, just trying to figure out what." the clouded leopard replied. With the color combination of yellow and orange it would be easy to draw a sun, but that didn't really make sense. Oh, but perhaps if they had green or white they could make it a sunrise. With a horizon and everything, that could work. Sunrises stood for new beginnings, right?  "Hey, Jacob! Are we allowed to use other colors if we're painting something? Like, a color that doesn't belong to any specific rank." she inquired, curious as he hadn't stated it already.

It seemed while she had been distracted, a paint war had started, and Izuku's paint balls flew in the general direction of Killua, who happened to be standing pretty close to the clouded leopard. A drop of the green substance slammed into the girl, causing a surprised yelp to be audible. Turning her attention to the mark, the girl couldn't help but allow a light giggle to bubble from her vibrating vocal chords. We,, if they were going to be careless, she supposed she would join in. Perhaps this really was similar to playing with her brothers all those months ago, she could definitely see them doing this as well. Dipping her paw in her yellow hued ammunition, the girl would send a few drops flying at @izuku. Not exactly revenge, but perhaps some more lighthearted from of the same concept.
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Ah, so these monthly markings were a new thing that just started! And it didn't seem too complicated, either. Atbash was amazed by the concept, if she was honest with herself. Back at home, nobody ever really recognized her or her family. They were just part of the System, children who would eventually become workers. Although Vigenere did end up getting chosen to be on the King's Guard, until...

Stop thinking of that. Atbash scolded herself mentally. It wouldn't help to be stuck in the past all the time. The she-cat drew herself closer to where the small event was being held and looked up at the wall with pricked ears. With a smile, she dipped her paw into the black paint and pressed her paw against the wall, leaving her pawprint on it. And she definitely seemed proud of it, too. This was truly her beginning a new life her, a new her. This marked the New Atbash, and it would mark other important events, too.

Atbash quickly went backwards, though, as she noticed a few other members start to fling paint at each other. Although it seemed she wanted to join in the fun, she didn't, but her eyes were still lighting up with happiness and excitement.
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