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« on: May 02, 2018, 12:28:40 AM »
Killua hated his family, and he knew that if he told others about his family that they would as well. There was no hiding the things that they had done to him completely. The way that he walked. The way that he always kept to the shadows before seeing if the coast was clear before making his move. The assassin still had the bad habits that his family had tried their best to burn into his mind and they had been successful in that regard. But what did he expect? His family was too stubborn to be changed, and they were bound by the rules that his father and his grandfather had made for the family when he was younger. Rules that were going to be followed and if they didn't they were at risk of being punished. Which each time that they were punished, they would always come up with new methods, and it would always be someone different that would deliver said punishment. Killua knew that a majority of his siblings didn't care that they were born into an assassin family and if fact they often enjoyed it. The Zoldyck's had a name for themselves as being the most elite and the best assassin family that had ever existed. Especially since every single one that was in said family was an assassin, and there were no exceptions to that. Other families that were similar to them were afraid of encroaching into the business that was the Zoldycks. Killua had been born during a time where one specific assassin family was growing too big and too popular for their liking, and it had been by his father's orders that they were instructed to kill the entire family. Destroy everything. Make them completely disappear and leave nothing behind. Killua was young around this time, but he was allowed to go and help with the mission. It was for the best of the family after all and he wasn't about to argue with his family either. The young assassin had actually been given a challenge with the fight that he had gone through, but either way, he came out on top. If he was close to losing, he was certain that his brother would appear and come to his rescue. Killua figured that this was also some sort of test, as everything was a test with his family. They couldn't just be a regular family and go out for a picnic. Instead, they went on a murderous agenda that Killua now wished had never existed. After they were done with the family of assassins, they burned everything that belonged to them and made it seem like they got stuck in their household using a house fire. It wasn't hard to stage a crime scene, as long as someone wasn't a complete idiot in that regard. The assassin had learned what he knew currently from his family, and he knew that there wasn't a complete way to get rid of them in his life, but he was going to try his damned best. Even if they were to come to Snowbound, he would risk everything just to get away from them. He knew that he would have to move to another clan if his family found him there. He didn't have much of a choice because if he stayed, they would physically drag him back to the mansion without his permission.

And they knew that they would have to beat him to the brink of death before he could be transported. It was the way that his family worked, and since he came from such a famous family, there were bound to be those that held grudges against him and his family. He honestly didn't blame them, as he had killed hundreds of different targets in order to get a means of payment. The majority of his family didn't kill others because it was fun, but instead, it was a good way to make money and that was it. If they weren't going to get paid, they often times wouldn't even take up the job and leave it alone. Killua had lost track of how many different creatures tried to kill him, and how many different organizations wanted him dead just based on the last name he carried. He refused to state his last name with those usually, for obvious reasons. There was always a chance that even this far away from home, there would be those that would be terrified of the Zoldyck name. He didn't blame them, because if someone was going to be hunted by a Zoldyck, there was no point in hiding because they would always get the job done. One of the reasons why they became so famous was because they had never failed a client before. Despite all the attempted assassinations on his own life, he had always been stronger than those that tried to track him down. It was almost funny to watch really, but it was also pitiful to watch them struggle so much. Blinded by rage or greed to get at the famous Zoldyck member. There was only one creature in the clan right now that knew of his last name, and that was London. His first friend. He didn't want anything bad to happen to the clouded leopard, and he was going to make damn sure his family didn't touch her. The other hadn't judged him for his past, which he was incredibly grateful for. The last animal that he had met that had been that accepting was his adopted sister. Now, he felt like he didn't have to fear to be himself around the clouded leopard, and simply be himself. While secretly working on trying to make her happier since she was obviously dealing with her own issues. Killua wasn't the type that would flood the female with his own issues. The albino serval had been on his usual walk, well, more like a climb. It wasn't unusual for the serval to be seen jumping from tree to tree for the fun of it. He was incredibly fast, and he used that to at least give himself the challenge to see exactly how fast he could run through the trees before putting himself in danger. It was better than going to a separate group to see if there was someone there that could challenge him with a fight. Stopping in his exercise for a moment, he climbed up to the canopy of the tree and sat himself down. Letting the cold wind of Snowbound territory move through his fur. He was in a good mood, as he anticipated that London was around here somewhere. Tilting his head, he thought he heard something in the distance, but he couldn't see anything. The assassin squinted his eyes at an attempt to see what exactly was coming toward him. As the thing got closer, he realized what it was. It was a hawk. The Zoldyck's eyes widened in shock, as it was coming directly toward him, and the temperature of the area seemed to dropped drastically. No. No. NO. They couldn't know where he was already!

He had been specific to leave tracks in certain areas far away from Snowbound and give fake information for loners if they were questioned. The hawk was a means of communication between him and his family, and they were usually used to deliver messages. The avian grew close enough to land on the canopy in front of Killua, having obviously been trained to take the message for him. Killua clenched his jaw, his eyes darkening by the second. What the hell did they want? He looked at the small capsule attached to its leg and used his metal claws to open it. The hawk wouldn't fly away until he replaced whatever was in the capsule with something else. It was a small piece of paper, and he slowly unraveled it. The albino serval nearly ripped the note as soon as he read what was on it. This wasn't good. He, of course, was going to refuse the job offer because his family already knew that he would. So what would be the point of sending him the message then? Was there any? They could just be doing it to intimidate him, or try to make him paranoid that they nearby? They were doing a damn good job of it. His darkened gaze turned to look toward the hawk that was awaiting others. Killua didn't hesitate as he swung one of his paws, slicing through the throat of the bird with ease. He let it drop to the ground below before he put part of the note in his mouth for him to carry. He set his sights on the camp, his heart pounding in his ears as he struggled to keep his nerves in check. Finally, the assassin touched down in front of the cave that was Snowbound camp and made sure to walk calmly into the camp. There was no need to cause a panic or make himself look suspicious. He glanced around before he saw what he was looking for, and silently approached the male. "Jacob. I need to speak with you. Privately." His tone was serious, and with the way he looked, there was obviously something wrong. His shortened tail flicked itself back and forth as he flexed his metal claws into the ground. The piece of paper still clamped onto his jaws, and his claws were still dotted with the blood from when he killed the hawk.
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★ Killua constantly remains stealthy. He uses his air elemental to cushion every step that he takes, making his pawsteps barely audible.
★ Killua also uses his Air Elementals to block out his scent from everyone around him. Which means its impossible to find him by scent, as he doesn't like to be associated with any clans despite his ranks he may have.
★ He has a very bad addiction to candy and doesn't share it with anyone no matter who they are.
★ Killua will not respect your character right off the bat. Unless they express how strong they are, or if they are interesting in his opinion, then there is a chance that he might show respect. Meaning that he will show no respect for ranks.
★ Killua has no morals. Meaning that seeing death doesn't affect him, and if someone dies, he just considers the one that did to be too weak and deserved death.
★ He is not afraid to kill your character, as he believes himself to be stronger than everyone else he comes across due to his training and how he knows the clans after living in them for several months.
★ HE WILL NOT TRUST YOUR CHARACTER. Not right off the bat anyway. Which means he won't give any personal information to them unless he deems them to be interesting.
★ Killua is immune to all deadly chemicals/poisons and is also immune to electrical attacks. However, just because he is immune, he still feels the pain from it all, he can just bare the pain. This means that he will get somewhat pissed if poisons are attempted to be used on him or if someone tries to electrocute him.

RECENT EVENTS (oldest-recent):

★ ALBINO SERVAL W/ METAL CLAWS [birth/main] | health: 100% | Reference.
— 30 lbs and the size of a full grown domestic cat, Killua belongs to the wildcat species of the serval. Meaning that his body structure consists of his long legs and his large ears that are perched on the top of his head. The most noticeable feature of him though is that his fur, instead of the usual tan and black, is stark white. Unlike most albino servals though, Killua doesn't show the usual spots of an albino serval, his fur being completely white. He has a lean build, meaning that he is built more for speed, yet there will be strengths behind his attacks. He has numerous scars all over his body, but sadly they can't be seen thanks to being hidden underneath his slightly unusually long fur. Compared to a serval's anyway. His eyes express a vibrant electric blue/sapphire hue color to them. Looking at his claws though, the front claws in his front paws are made entirely metal, over inches long meaning that they have a lot of piercing capability. These claws are made out of a light, durable metal that is sharper than even that of swords. So that the claws are capable of slicing through tough hide if need be. The claws on his back legs though are completely normal claws. Due to his front claws being so long though, it means that they can't be fully sheathed, so the tips of the claws always stick out no matter what. This means that if he is to ever spar with someone, there is a likelihood that character will end up getting scratched. Killua can often be seen eating some form of candy when he is talking to someone, except in serious situations.
- major injuries: none
- minor injuries: none

Everyone wants to keep Killua on his good side. No one wants him on his bad side because if they do it usually results in their death sometime later. Killua has no problem with killing those that mock him, on the consideration that he doesn't like to be considered weak, and having grown up only being taught how to kill, he has no other morals when it comes to dealing with social situations. Killua is extremely terrible when it comes to social gatherings, actually making quite difficult for him to interact with others without completely pissing them off. This serval doesn't show respect toward those that he doesn't know, and those that he doesn't consider to be capable of doing their job. He believes that most adults that he has come across are idiots compared to him, as despite his young age, he believes that he has a lot more experience than adults could ever have. Right now though, he is trying his best to figure out what he wants with his life after running away from his family and dealing with a clan previous to coming here, hearing a rumor that there were strong creatures here that could be a possible challenge. He has a huge ego as he thinks that he can take anyone on with relative ease. That he can take on anyone no matter what size they are. The assassin doesn't like to follow the rules either, practically a loose canon as he just does whatever the hell he wants to despite the consequences. He can often be seen mocking others, or even teasing if he is in a lighter mood. Killua so far is rarely seen being serious, as he mostly talks with a lot of sarcasm in his voice.

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★ Extremely hard to befriend if the character isn't the same strength/age as him
★ Physically extreme | Mentally medium | Training constantly
★ Will start fights, and will finish them quickly
★ Attack in bold paleturquoise
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« Reply #1 on: May 03, 2018, 01:26:44 PM »
WHAT A PRIVILEGE IT IS TO LOVE — Like Killua, Jacob had been careful when he came from the city to Snowbound. It'd been a long journey and he'd had to keep track of Jersey too but thankfully there hadn't been any eyes on them as they left in the dead of night. At least, that's what he'd always assumed. That hadn't been too long after the fire and there were many people that believed him to be dead while others thought he was hiding while others swore they'd seen someone like him. Still, Jacob's shifting accents and completely altered appearance made him hard to find. As far as he was aware, no one knew about how bad the burns had been. They didn't know about his limp or his bandages and it wasn't easy to track him down using other details. Given both his Babbo and his Pa's positions, Jacob could have disappeared off to anywhere. He knew the only reason anyone had even been remotely interested in him was because of his family. His names bore the blood of a lot of people, even if he hadn't been the one to draw it. Both of his fathers had plenty of enemies and that hatred was brought down on Jacob. In the fire, in the injuries, in the fights he never even wanted to be a part of. He always tried to explain himself and he didn't think anyone was surprised when he ran away rather than retaliating. Even if they didn't know about how bad the burns were, Jacob wasn't one for confrontation and nearly everyone knew it. Even when he had worked for his Babbo, he'd only been a con man really. He'd never physically hurt someone and he never got into trouble outside of what his father asked him to do and what Jersey eventually pressured him to do. All those things were fairly minor and most of the grudges against Jacob were familial, not personal. Still, it hadn't been safe in the city and it'd been for the best that he and Jersey left when they did.

Jacob had covered his tracks fairly well. He'd made sure that no one was watching them or following them, he gave half truths to any loners who asked for information, and he never gave his full name. He didn't have to worry about anyone describing him because no one knew what he really looked like anymore anyway but he did change his voice. He made sure to maintain his southern accent and tried his best to shake the Italian-American accent of his early childhood. He could still do it when he wanted to and they still occasionally mixed with one another but his default was southern at this point. He didn't doubt there were plenty of people looking or hiring other people to look for him but none of them had found him yet. He still kept notes of the patterns they followed and the most likely groups to find him first but he hadn't thought much about them over the last few weeks. He'd been so involved with the clan, he'd nearly managed to forget the paranoia that had followed him here. Outside of Pincher and the members of Snowbound, he was pretty sure no one had heard his full name and there'd been no signs recently that he should be worried about anything. The situation with Guru had been an isolated experience and he was certain that wasn't related to any of the families that might try to find him.

Jacob was on his way back from one of his walks. He'd need to treat his leg again and take his usual herbs along with doing his usual exercises. It was quite a process but it'd all be worth it if he got even one more day of mobility for all he did. However, his thoughts were turned from his treatment when Killua approached in a rather urgent manner. Jacob's eyes drifted to Killua's bloodied claws before they snapped back to his face. "Of course. I was jus' headed ta' the herb cavern. Izuku shouldn' be back for some time, I sent 'im out ta' look for more herbs earlier. Follow me," he answered quickly. His mind swirled with questions but he kept his mouth shut for now. There was no sense dragging whatever this was into public opinion. If Killua was concerned about it, he supposed it must be bad. If it was something small, he'd probably just take care of it himself yet he'd come to Jacob. He had no idea what it was. Maybe news from Tanglewood? Jacob had been anticipating some kind of news from them, whether it be an attack or something about the medic meeting he'd asked them about a bit ago now. When they finally entered the cavern, he turned to look at Killua, concern in his clear blue gaze. "Wha's wrong Killua? Has somethin' 'appened?" he asked. —A GREAT HONOR TO HOLD YOU UP

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