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SecretRune // STORY
« on: March 04, 2019, 09:59:00 PM »

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“Krisriel Dreemurr!” My mother sharply calls, storming out of a small classroom. “What on Earth were you thinking? Disappearing for the entire day and not even calling your mother!” White fur falls off of her arms as she crosses them, eyes narrowed.
I feel as if I have two choices in front of me: tell her the truth, or simply lie.
Instead, I opt out of these two options and tell her a half-truth. “Sorry, Mom. I was hanging out with friends.”
Suddenly, her eyes brighten, and she smiles, clasping her hands together. “Oh, did you say friends? Goodness, that’s all you had to say. I remember Asriel made friends so easily, but you never did. I’m glad you finally made some, Kris! Oh, this calls for a celebration dinner-- I’ll tell Azzy and... “ She trails off, her eyebrows furrowing, her mouth twitching and parting, before speaking once more. “Asgore of the good news. Why don’t you bring your friends?”
Oh, no, no, no. What was she gonna say when she found out my friends weren’t even from this world? Our lands? I can feel my heartbeat racing, sputtering out, “W-w-wait, no, they’re-!”
Mother does not seem to hear me, smiling and walking out.
“Let’s go to QC’s!”
I groan and sigh, “Ugh, this is great.” Suddenly, I feel a tap on my shoulder, and I’m greeted with the sight of Susie.
She was my friend, now, but we had quite the rocky relationship. Just a few days ago, she’d asked if I wanted to “lose my face,” after slamming me against a locker.
Smirking, the purple lizard starts teasing me. “How are you gonna explain the fact that our friends consist of a goat prince, a dude with a spade covering his face, a robot, a stuffed cat, and a guy whose name is literally the mix of the words ‘jester’ and ‘devil’?”
I shrug her off. “It’s easier than explaining that I’m the only human around here. Plus, the robot, stuffed cat, and Jevil aren’t our friends. Jevil tried to kill us! The robot plays by his own rules, and the cat… is just creepy. But looks like I’m gonna have to get the very valid fluffy boy, and as you call him, ‘Baby Santa Claus’. You coming with?”
“Nah, I’ll let you handle this one, Kris. But see ya at QC’s!”
I managed to get the two I deemed as my friends. Needless to say, it was difficult keeping them away from sightseeing. Shoving my hands in my pockets, I keep walking. This is, until, spade guy  grabs my sweater and yanks me somewhere. My sweater rips slightly, not enough to cause a huge tear, though. Just a small hole.
“Kris! Look at this!” At first I thought he was talking about my sweater, the yellow and green fabrics dangling in his hand.
“O-oh, n-n-no, La-Lancer! Tha..That um, you should apologize to Kris. Who knows, her mother might have knitted that for her. I-I...I’m sure that might make her sad,.” A voice calls behind me, though whispered is a better term.
I wave in dismissal. “No need, but thank you, Ralsei. It is fine;, while Mother did make this, it can be fixed easily.”
“B-but, a-a lot of um, hard work was… was put into it!” In a moment’s notice, I see the green cloaked, black, anthropomorphic goat rush in front of me. “Come on! We must find Kris’ mother, so Lancer can apologize!”
“Ralsei, my mother will be angry if we’re late for dinner. Let’s just go to the diner and then action can be taken, if there even is any need for anyto take some.”
“But waaaait! I wanna see what’s behind the red door! There’s so much of the Lightners’ World we have seen yet.” Lancer begins to point at a hill, to the left of us, which had red doors.
“No, Lancer,.” I remark sternly to the young king, grabbing his hand as Mother did with me. “We do not want to be late. Let’s just go to the diner, okay? Then we can see the red door. And you’ll get to see more.”
“Fiiiiine.” He pouts, though it’s clear he accepts takes the compromise. We’re at the diner anyway. I slam open the door, letting whoever is behind it to catch it.
“Well, you’ve sure gotten stronger, haven’t ya?” A male voice resounds from behind the door, his paw catching the handle. “Before, you couldn’t even open this.”
“H-h-hey! Do-don’t make f-fun of Kris! I’m sure she’s tried so hard to become strong!” Ralsei calls out,  taking the door and slamming it.
“Do… do you not have siblings, kiddo? Kris is my sister. When I make fun of her, I do so in a loving way,.” My brother replies, looking at Ralsei. “And aren’t you just the cutest, hm? With a scarf and that cute green cloak?”
Hey! He already kissed a girl, he did not need to be hitting on Ralsei like that. “O-oh come on!” I reply, trying to think of something witty to say.
“You’re making Kris jealous,.” Lancer finally speaks up, for once, staring straight at Asriel.
“Hey, it’s just what brothers do,.” Azzy replies, picking up Lancer. “Who are you, anyway?”
“I’m Lancer! King of the Dark World, ho ho ho!” Lancer says, his blue tongue sticking out of his mouth.
“You’re more like Baby Santa Claus,” Asriel remarks, and this causes Lancer to flick his hand against one of the horns. Asriel drops him, covering his horn. “Do-don’t do that!”
Mother gets up from the table, walking over. She gently offers a hand to her son, and helps him up. “Yes, he does not like someone tapping against his horn. Please do not do so. Are you okay, my child?”
   “I’m fine, Mom. Really!” Asriel boasts. He stands up, tall and confident.
“I didn’t know Azzy would jump just from that!” Susie chimes in, standing up on the booth.
“Young Susie, please get down. We may get thrown out for this,.” Asgore says, standing up from the floor. He was wearing Hawaiian shorts and a floral shirt. Like always, the Flower King was adorning his dearest subjects.
It was finally then that we all sat down, getting some food from the diner. Sure, it was little, but they had some good food. In front of me was a delicious plate of fries, and a burger.
“Two hot chocolates for the Dreamers!” A waitress calls, placing down a hot cocoa with whipped cream and chocolate on top in front of me. The issue? I did not order any hot cocoa. I can feel mMy eyebrows furrow, I can feel it, before my gaze falls to Asriel. He takes out a ten dollar bill out of his blue jacket, smiling, and handsing it to the waitress.
“Thank you for the wondrous tasting cocoa!” Azzy says, winking.
“Asriel? Why did you buy me this? I didn’t need it…” I say, staring at the mug.
“After school, we would go and get hot cocoa every day, do you remember?. I thought it would be nice to do that again,.” He says, shrugging his shoulders and sipping.
“So, about the Mayor… I was gonna,” a voice quietly starts.
“Gorey! You promised me, no politics tonight!” Another one begins.
I turn, seeing my mother and father in yet another argument. It iswas  always like this, now that they’re separated. after their separation.
“Oh, goodness.,” Asriel sighs, pinching his nose and then turning to our parents. “Mom, Dad, can we not fight, please? This is one of the few weeks that I’ll be able to come here for a while. Please be peaceful for it.”
Asgore gets up, his eyes holding sadness. “I am sorry. I had wished for a happy, peaceful for my family and their friends. I see that I cannot bring that. So, I am sorry.” With that, he turns and bolts to the door.
“Oh no you don’t! Get back here, Asgore Dreemurr!” Mother calls, her face red with fury as her paws grabs his bowl of ice cream. Bowl… was an understatement. It was truly more like a car trunk full. Spinning, she throws it, and it hits his face. “We are going to have a happy family dinner! Now sit back down!”
Dad, his face a mix of browns, whites, and pinks, stares at Mom in disbelief. And, then, he suddenly laughs it off. “You still have quite the aim, my dear!” His chest heaves in and out as he chuckles, sitting back down.
I stand up. “Well, this has been a good dinner. But, Ralsei and Lancer wanted to explore a bit more. So, I’ll show them around.”
Mother gets up suddenly, smiling. “Okay. Well, you kiddos have fun!” With that being said, she waves and leaves.
Asriel grasps my arm as I go to the door,. “I’m going with you, Kris,.” His voice is quiet, calm. At first, I think that I can tell him to ditch us and go home. However, the determined look in his eyes suggests otherwise.
“Fine. Lancer really wants to see what’s behind the red door, so we’re going there. We better pick up the pace, it’ll be sunset soon,.” I say, not bothering to look at him.
It was shift in verb tense close to summer, so it was not dark yet. Thank goodness. I slam the door open, my gaze falling to the misfit group behind me. Ah, yes. We’ve got a chalk eater dinosaur girl, the very valid Prince of the Dark, the childish king, and finally, my brother.
When I look at him, though, there isn’t a goat there. No, the young man that went off to university is now replaced with a sickeningly golden flower, with a face. It just stares at me, smiling. I look around me, looking to see if any of my friends see this. Instead of seeing any of them, all that is there is black. Emptiness, a void.
“Golly! You sure looked confused, pal,.” The flower finally speaks, its smile growing wider. “Oh, gee! You look like you don’t know me. Such a shame. I thought my best friend would’ve had you by now. Well, I’ll check in with you. See you later…” The flower’s voice becomes sickly sweet, and then turns to cruel. Its eyes become black, with only white pupils. The grin it has is now sadistic, narrow, showing off what could be deemed fangs. The flower spoke once more, “False Dreemurr.” It pops out of existence. At least, I hoped it did.
I bolt up, nearly screaming.
“K-Kris! You’re awake, m-my spell worked!” I hear a voice call.
When I look, and see the cloaked goat, I stand up, noting that we aren’t at the diner anymore. No, with bright green leaves and grassy paths, I see we are in the forest, near the red door.
“O-oh! N-not so fast. You passed out as soon as you took a step out. A-are you okay? D-do you need help? Even Lancer said we could g-go exploring another time, so you can rest.”
“...No. I am fine. Let’s continue on. This shouldn’t happen again.” I say, which causes Ralsei to perk up somewhat. stopped proofreading for spelling and grammar here
“O-oh, good! L-let us c-continue on. But, I th-think Asriel should take the lead… for now. Kr-Kris, maybe you could stay behind him?” Ralsei remarks. I know why he thinks that. It wouldn’t be good if someone had attacked us and their leader just passed out in the middle of the battle.
“On it, Krisriel, behind me, now.” Asriel agrees, grabbing my hand, and leading me. It’s then… I remember that flower. I grit my teeth, trying not to ask if he knew the mysterious creature.
It slips out anyway. “Do you know of a flower monster, Asriel?” I can feel him jolt, I see his face turn cold. He shakes his head, instead sighing.
“No, I do not. Come on, actually. Let’s go home.” My brother answers, and I can tell that I can’t object to his wish. He then glances back at my group of friends, saying, “Sorry, everyone. I’m not feeling too well, and obviously, Kris isn’t either. We’re gonna go home. Mom and Dad might get worried about this, too.” His grip around my hand tightens, and he yanks me into following him back up the path to the streets. “See you guys later! It was nice meeting you all.” He jovially calls, before turning on his heels. He lets go of my hand, shoving his in his pockets.
We start up the road that leads to our house. Our house sat shift in verb tense  at the top of the town, so that was just great. A nightly workout consisting of running up the hill. I could feel the tension in the air surrounding us. I swore, I could cut through it. At first, I try joking about it with him. I trail off seeing his face, his playful demeanor vanishing, replaced by a serious look. Instead, I turn back forward, holding the golden locket that was dangling from the front of my sweater in the palm of my hand. My eyes flash upward as something appears in front of me. It was a screen, with words. “Joke with Asriel”, “Do not.” I notice that the heart, the thing that apparently represented my soul, appear in front of the options. Deciding that joking was bad, I moved my hand to “do not,” and it’s as if something spills out of my mouth, naturally. “Thanks for making me this locket when you were younger. It means a lot.” It felt as if I had no control over this action.
He simply looks at me and shrugs. Was that not the right choice? Did I get to make a choice? Whatever. I decide not to worry about that. Susie said my choices did not matter anyway. I let the locket fall against my chest once more.
It is a few minutes before we get to our home, and Asriel opens the door. He fakes a yawn, stretching his arm up as he passed Mom. “Goodnight. Kris and I are going to bed!” He throws his jacket on a kitchen chair, smiling as Mom goes to speak. He then rushes up the stairs, unlocking the bedroom door. I could hear him jump onto the bed. He was loud. I started up the stairs after him, my hand on the rail.
“Krisriel? Dear? Check with Asriel. I’ve got a feeling that something is not right.” Mom called out. Instead of going all the way off the stairs, I hopped down, going to the living room. I scan where she is, on Chairiel, a leather recliner that apparently was very comfortable. I sit in the chair across from her.
“Mom… does Asriel know of a flower? I saw a flower, that could talk. It had bright yellow petals, six of them. And it seemed nice at first, but then it spoke cryptically and became well, malicious.” That question, those remarks, felt forced out of my throat. I had a sinking feeling that said I shouldn’t have asked that, but it was already out there. I wait a few seconds, an awkward silence filling the air. In order to combat this, I add, “Uh, if he doesn’t… forget about this.” With a forced smile, I get up, walking to the stairs once again.
I start up the first stair when she finally replies. “...Only in his nightmares. He’s not sure where they came from, but he said that the flower feels like it’s him. Maybe he had a nightmare and that’s why he’s acting weird. Anyway, goodnight, Kris. We’re having your favorite for breakfast tomorrow. ...Just don’t eat the whole pie this time.”
Unsure if that was a joke or not, I smile, laugh, and head up the stairs. Jeez. Something was very, very wrong here. I’m not sure what it is, but I figure it had to do with the flower. I open the door, quietly, and see the glowing stars on the ceiling and wall on Azzy’s side. I look at my side, having everything gray, and bare. Maybe I could add something to it sometime. Just, not right now. It looked as if my brother was fast asleep, and I did not want to wake him up. Quietly, ever so quietly, I collapse on the bed. I sure hope that my dreams are better than what just happened.
“So you’re the goody two-shoes Gaster created.” I hear, but I know it’s my dream. I turn around, and see a young man that looks extremely similar to me. He wears a yellow and green striped sweater, a golden locket similar to mine, and shorts. Except, one can see his eyes. They are a deep crimson color, and they appear to glow when he smiles. “Man, he really tried to make the perfect universe, didn’t he? Falling into the void can surely have an impact on what you think. Too bad it’s not gonna last.”
“Who are you? Who is Gaster?” I demand, my mind swirling with thoughts. Why was there a carbon copy of me, just standing there menacingly. Who is Gaster? What kind of universe was he trying to create?
   “Me? I am Chara. Heh… ‘Chara.’ The demon that appears when people calls his name. It doesn’t matter when, it doesn’t matter where. Time after time, I had appeared, I have appeared, I will appear. Together, we will eradicate the enemy and become strong!” The demon calls, summoning a knife from what appears to be thin air. He smiles. Who was shift in verb tense  this dude? He was crazy. Unlike him, I did not want to go on a genocidal rampage.
“No.” I tell him firmly, strongly, and something happens. First, his pupils become red, surrounded by black. Then, the black substance drips down his face like ooze, even coming out of his mouth.
“No? ...No? Then we have reached a misunderstanding. Since when were you the one in control?!” He cackles, before rushing at me. I try to move, but I can’t get out of the way in time. I don’t feel any pain, not right away. I stare down , and notice I’m bleeding, before a dull throbbing filled my chest. That dull throbbing became stronger, and stronger, and I could not feel anything besides the pain.
“Asriel!” I cried out, hoping he could help me.
   It does not take long for me to wake up, though it appears the wounds I incurred in my dreams are still there… Wait. Wait, why was I moving? Why was I walking?! I looked at my legs, and they forcibly move as if controlled by another force.
   “Kris? What is it? Another nightmare?” I hear yawning, and I try my best to look over, trying to call out again, tell him something was going on.
   “Az…” Is all I manage to get out, my body walking to the middle of the floor, standing on top of the pattern on the rug.
   “Holy cheese sticks!” He bolts up, trying to rush over, but stops, noting my wound. “Kris? What happened? How did this…” He trails off, looking up at my arm. I try to look up as well, and see it dangling up. What was it doing? Did I get that Alien Hand Syndrome?
   That’s when it moves towards my body once more, going into the wound. It feels like Satan himself stabbed me. “Kris! What are you doing?! Stop it, right now!” I can hear his cries, but they sound faint. And then…
   What?! Why was I out of my body? I struggle to move, but cannot. My body moves, shambling, not caring for Asriel’s calls. And then, it feels like I’m thrown into a birdcage. In a wagon. It shuts behind me. My body starts shambling once more, before in the left hand, a knife appears, a silver glint. It smiles, the crimson eyes shining, and smiling wide.
   It turns to Asriel, having a voice that should only come out when I am speaking. “Do you get nightmares too, Azzy?”


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