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To new beginnings // open+meeting 4/29

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To new beginnings // open+meeting 4/29
« on: April 29, 2018, 07:08:04 PM »
WHAT A PRIVILEGE IT IS TO LOVE — Oh, Jacob wasn't sure about this at all. He'd thought it through, he and Leigh had even talked it over, but he still wasn't sure about it. It'd taken a lot of convincing for him to even attempt this sort of thing and he wasn't sure how he felt about all of it. He wasn't the kind of person he'd give this job to. He wasn't like the other leaders he'd met. He wasn't particularly strong or outspoken and his main concern was helping people. That was all. He wasn't someone that inspired hope or passion or gave a rousing speech to make everyone feel better. Still, he was here. And why? He'd tell anyone else he wasn't sure but he knew. Despite his fear of power, Jacob also wasn't one to let other people get hurt because of his inaction. Killua was too young and rash to lead right now and so he was the next logical option. If he didn't step up, then who would? And with how violent Killua had proven to be, what would happen if he were to take control of Snowbound? No, those hypotheticals scared him more than the certainty of his own mistakes and so here he was, in the center of the tunnels.

"Snowbound! Come on over 'ere for a meetin'!" He called, pausing a moment as he let everyone gather. "As 'm sure all ah' ya' 'ave noticed, Leigh's been missin' for sometime. Before we left, we discussed what would 'appen in his absence, as he determined Killua ain't quite ready ta' take over yet. Seein' as I'm the next high position, 'm gonna' be actin' as your Frosthealer and Chief for a bit, until I find a suitable replacement for either position. I'll keep trainin' Izuku n'... well, that leads me ta' my next point. After a lotta' thinkin', I've decided that, if he wouldn' mind ah' course, I think Killua would be better suited ta' the position of Snowstriker than he is Snowseeker. This'll open up the Snowseeker position for someone who's more prepared to take the role of Chief when I step down and it'll allow 'im ta' take on a role to do with defense and strategy, somethin' he's showed ta' be incredibly good at. This ain't a demotion, it's just reorganization." At this point he tried to seek out Killua in the crowd. "If ya' don' agree, ya' can find me afterwards but I do think you'll like this position more. 'S less responsibility n' more in your area ah' expertise, as I understand. Like I said, this ain't a demotion, really, so we can talk 'bout it if ya' wanna' keep your current position." He then looked towards the group as a whole again. "I won' be makin' any promotions or nothin' this meetin', I wanna' save that for when I've really been payin' attention ta' what ya'll 'ave been doin'."

He was almost done. He felt like his chest was going to burst open. "That bein' said, the only other announcements I got are 'bout different events we got goin' on. We 'ave the Typhoon blind datin' event goin' on n' soon I'll be puttin' together a festival ta' celebrate our foundin' n' all the friendships and traditions we've formed in these first couple ah' months. Also, for future notice, I'll be takin' a look at who's bein' involved in meetin's n' events n' things so jus' keep that in mind,"[/color] He had to pause again, trying to think of anything he might have missed. He was pretty sure that was it. He really should've written out notes or something. What would they think if he forgot something during his very first meeting? No, that wasn't important, they just wanted to be dismissed. "Uh, tha's all I got. Unless anyone's got some questions or suggestions or somethin', this meetin' is over," he concluded. He let out a soft sigh of relief. It was over. Well, at least his first one. The thought of doing this again made his stomach twist but he tried not to think about that for now. —A GREAT HONOR TO HOLD YOU UP

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Re: To new beginnings // open+meeting 4/29
« Reply #1 on: April 29, 2018, 08:36:56 PM »
   So mister horse man was missing. She could relate. It felt like the raven was out of commission for a while. She decided it was best to hide away until she got better instead of playing around with intruders and 'joiners' or whatever. Why anyone would want to join this concentration camp was beyond her. Cry huffed, raising a brow. So the jailer himself was leader now. Good ol' Jacob. ... Or was it James? ... Jephery? ... she didn't care.

   He spoke of the reckless serval. Or..... caracal? .... w-white cat. They all looked the same, anyways. The raven clicked her beak. While it was not exactly a demotion, she agreed. From what she remembered from the young ... cat... He was fairly reckless and took the easy, short routes instead of more complicated and time consuming ones. Poor London's arm could have gotten infected due to his lazy behavior. Though... She must give credit where credit is due, she supposed. He was loyal. And he was strong. At least a little bit.

   Cry only clicked her beak in acknowledgement. She, per usual, was not much of a talker. She had no reason to talk to these creatures. She barely talked back home, if only to her mom, dad, and brother. How she missed them. The raven huffed and hopped away from the meeting. It was not like they would even acknowledge her existence anyways.


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Re: To new beginnings // open+meeting 4/29
« Reply #2 on: April 29, 2018, 08:50:10 PM »
It had seemed rather strange to London, the most important creature in this clan was one who had stood out quite obviously, being the species that he was, but she rarely saw him around. Perhaps that was a coincidence, that she was just in all the wrong places at all the wrong times, but surely she would have been able to find him at least once? He's so tall! Or perhaps those were just the thoughts of a child. Really it was none of her business, and Leigh had seemed to do a good job at leading from her perspective, though then again she had no idea what a leader of any group really was supposed to do, his leadership had been the first she had experienced. His stepping down was not exactly something that shocked her though, it was not something she had predicted, but it had been more than a month since this place was formed, perhaps he had become unmotivated in that time. Whatever the reason, she wished she could at least thank the unicorn. Because of him she'd found a new place to call home, and she'd made her first friend here. She would forever be grateful.

The girl seemed to be one of the first few to arrive as Jacob called out his announcements, aiming a smile in Cry's direction as she spotted the bird, and giving a small nod as she listened. The mention of Killua's sort-of-demotion-but-not-really, the albino would momentarily drop her smile. The former assassin seemed as though he would be a good leader in her mind, but after having discovered a little more about his past, she supposed he might prefer this. He'd run away from home after all, being the next leader might bring him some unwanted attention, especially with his family. She wished she could meet them, get a better idea of the kind of people they were, but perhaps it was better if she didn't. Who knew what might happen to her if she ever came face to face with a Zoldyck that wasn't Killua? From the bit of his story that she had uncovered, they did not seem as if they were quite as nice as the albino serval, but there was no way to tell for sure.

At the mention of the Typhoon's event, the girl wasn't quite sure what kind of feeling she felt in her chest. It was good that all the misunderstandings had been cleared, but there was no doubt that Guru still scared her just a smidgen. Though perhaps they had just started off on the wrong foot, and the caracal was actually a lovely being. A lovely lady that did not apologize, but at least she was truthful. Yes, Guru did have redeeming qualities underneath the gaudy exterior, she might just make for a great potential friend. There was no need for a bad first impression to ruin her impression of the Typhoon member. The albino clouded leopard might actually try to participate in this event, if she found herself brave enough. Blind dating wasn't exactly something she was familiar with, but it seemed like it would be fun, nostalgic even, from all the times she had blindfolded herself to experience how her blind brother Lincoln had seen the world. Hopefully she wouldn't run into anything at this event, like she had back then.

As for the event the Snowbound would soon be hosting, she couldn't wait! It seemed like it would be so much fun. The girl had never gone to a festival before, seeing as her life before here had majorly consisted of just her family, and the gas station and surrounding woodlands they had called their home. She wondered what it would be like, maybe it might be like the festivals in some of the novels she had read. Delightful decorations, music, dancing. Yummy food and interesting little thingamabobs. It would be amazing, she just knew it. "Will we be inviting the Typhoon to our event?"[/b] the girl would ask. A festival seemed like an event that would be more exciting if there were more people, so while the Typhoon still made her the teeniest bit nervous, it still seemed like a good idea. The more the merrier.
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Re: To new beginnings // open+meeting 4/29
« Reply #3 on: April 29, 2018, 08:59:48 PM »

August had begun slowly moving to the meeting when Jacob had called; of course, the zombie had no idea what this meeting was for. He didn't really understand much of this yet, but it didn't matter too much, as it wasn't a lot different than what he'd been doing before he died.

The deer had no idea who Leigh was, but a while after Jacob had finished explaining this 'Killua's change in position, he realised they must've been the former chief. Jacob's words were hard to understand to August's slow working brain, but he held himself well, and seemed to already have a pretty good grasp on how to lead the group, so he figured Jacob would make a pretty good leader.

He had no idea what blind dating was supposed to be, or who the Typhoon was, but he'd been to a few festivals in his lifetime and could feel himself getting a little excited at the thought. Maybe he could meet some new people and get to know his group mates more. When the leopard asked her questions, August moved his hazy grey gaze to her and stared at her for a long moment. He really did need to figure out who the Typhoon were. Maybe he could ask her later on, she seemed to know. First, he'd get rid of his remaining velvet once this was over; it was beginning to itch and bug him.


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Re: To new beginnings // open+meeting 4/29
« Reply #4 on: April 30, 2018, 02:43:25 AM »
It's a strange thing, to hear Jacob's voice calling for a proper meeting. He'd gotten at least somewhat used to the wolfdog calling for minor events or something, and so Izuku had wandered over without a word, but this was ... something. The maine coon blinks, somewhat puzzled, as he awkwardly seats himself close to the edge of where the crowd would be.
And, to be completely honest, Izuku had no real concept of how leaders were supposed to be, or how active they should be. Despite the length of time he'd spent in clans such as these, he rarely ever glimpsed the leader, aside from at meetings or other important events. But, according to some things he'd heard, it wasn't actually supposed to be that way. But that's all Izuku knew, so he'd barely even questioned Leigh's lack of presence. The one meeting had been enough for him. So, hearing of all of this political stuff regarding positions is making his head spin a little -- he understood Killua not being a terribly good leader, but the not-demotion was a little jarring. At the least, Izuku was very glad that Jacob would still be acting as Frosthealer for now, even as temporary(????) leader. Izuku certainly isn't ready to take up the mantle of sole healer, and he definitely needed to learn more, so --.
Anyways. He's not sure why Jacob will be 'paying attention' to who participates in meeting and events, because does it actually matter? It must, if Jacob's mentioning it, though. Anyways, the meeting was over after a mention of the even with the Typhoon.
"N-Noted," Izuku says softly from his spot among the group, allowing himself to smile somewhat unsurely at Jacob. Though the change is something a little jarring, Izuku is sure that Jacob will be a really good chief, for however long it may be. He doesn't have any actual input, though, so the maine coon just falls silent and decides to see if anybody else did. Probably not. But he just didn't feel like moving yet.


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Re: To new beginnings // open+meeting 4/29
« Reply #5 on: April 30, 2018, 08:49:36 PM »

When Ivylee arrived to notice that it was Jacob, not Leigh, calling the group together, she was confused. Routine and order was something that kids liked - something that made them feel safe. Ivy had gotten so used to the unicorn holding meetings that it had never even crossed her mind that someday that could change. This didn't make any sense. Why was everything changing? Leigh was... missing? When would he come back? Was he just too busy performing magic that he could no longer lead them? Yeah, that must be it. Ivylee knew that this change would be something that she'd have to take the time to get used to. It wasn't that she disliked Jacob or anything, no. In fact, the child was rather fond of Jacob, and was happy that he had been the one to take over now. She would miss Leigh, but the situation now was confusing enough to Ivy, so she didn't want to think about that much.

For now, she focused on the words which Jacob spoke, and the announcements he gave. With her ears pricked attentively the samoyed listened, and she listened very carefully. So Killua was going to be a snowstriker instead of snowseeker now. That seemed pretty important in the pup's opinion, so she quickly took note of it and continued to listen. The only other thing said that seemed important was the event with Typhoon. Blind dating? What was that? Ivy wasn't completely sure, but nevertheless it only made her more curious about it. Now, she was determined to figure out what this 'blind dating' was. Was it a game? The child could only hope. "Understood!" She yipped out a response to all these announcements, wondering what it was going to be like in Snowbound from now on without Leigh around. Being an extreme optimist, the girl was sure that everything would be great.
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Re: To new beginnings // open+meeting 4/29
« Reply #6 on: May 01, 2018, 01:05:01 AM »
Killua rarely ended up getting close to others when it came to living in the clans. He had no reason to try and reveal everything about himself with those that were around him. Besides, he knew that there were others in the group that probably didn't exactly like the way he acted toward them, and maybe would even have a grudge toward him, which wouldn't be the first time that had happened. He had an attitude that took a while to get used to anyway, so he wasn't going to try and make himself exactly what they wanted him to be. The assassin had no reason to fake his personality when he had been living in the clan for almost two months now. Killua didn't personally know a lot of creatures that actually lived in Snowbound. He knew practically every creature's name considering how long he has been here and that he's almost always at the border now. He only did that not out of a means to help Snowbound to make sure that they were safe all of the time, but instead of his own accord. He never liked to deal with the unexpected side of things, and that meant that he tried to gather as much information as possible even if it was bound to cause problems for him in the future. This way, it gave him some idea of what to expect in the future and be completely prepared for it. This mindset though wasn't always the best because it just meant that he was bound to become anxious or paranoid on things that happened around the clans or each interaction that he had with other clanners as well. He couldn't allow his mind to be too clouded, and because of recent events though it feels like his eyes had been opened to the aspect of a new world. Even if he had no idea what would end up waiting for him in the end. Killua hadn't been sure what to really think of Leigh for the short time that the other had been around. The other was certainly interesting and didn't seem to argue with Killua the one time that he had approached the other in the middle of a meeting talking about the Typhoon. It seemed everything dealt with the Typhoon nowadays, and part of him wished that the drama with the Typhoon had never happened. It would make his job and his life easier so that he wouldn't be tempted to go to the place and finish off Guru once and for all. Either way, the unicorn had been an apparent face in the clan, is the largest animal that existed in this place other than silent made it extremely difficult to miss him.

For one, Leigh was one of the adults that he had met in his life that he didn't automatically hate. The albino serval had no reason to hate the other when he looked at everyone with utmost respect and tried to treat everyone equally. Not an easy task to accomplish with how many animals were going in and out of the clan. It also helped that the other had offered hot chocolate the first time that Killua had met the other male. Which immediately gave him some props. Killua, of course, realized that the unicorn was incredibly soft based on the way he acted toward the Typhoon members when they brought Jacob back and the other was practically crying when they realized that they didn't end up doing anything to save the canine. Killua knew that once Leigh either left or died, it would mean that he would probably be forced to take the position of leader. The albino serval wanted nothing to do with the clans in that regard. His goal when it came to the clans was just to have fun and live a normal life, not to work and try to get to the top spot possible because that was just boring at how easy it was to climb the ranks in the first place. The young male had no reason to want to be a leader, but the only reason he kept his position was that he could use it against those if he got himself into some trouble later on. He didn't care about doing his job at all, and if anything Jacob was practically doing his job for him. Besides, if he were to become the leader it would just mean that his family would have an easier time finding him throughout the clans. Something that the assassin couldn't let happen not after what had recently happened to him. Right about now, he couldn't be in a more better mood, which was strange for him in general. The albino serval usually seemed to have a stoic expression always on his face, but he had felt like a massive weight was lifted off of his shoulders. He had finally told someone what he was, and the lies that he had done in order to hide what he had actually been and the effort he was making to try and keep away from his family. And they believed him, and accepted him for what it was, nearly driving him to tears with relief and excitement. This had been the first time that this happened. Not even Stark or his adopted sister knew about his past. And it felt GREAT. He felt more alive and that he didn't have to worry about trying to hide his true feelings. At least around the one that he had revealed himself to. Of course, this animal was London. The albino clouded leopard had been willing to hear his story, and it seemed like they were both in the same boat with the way that she had explained herself. This would ultimately end up with Killua becoming protective of the fellow wildcat, especially with her condition that could make her bleed out in a matter of seconds.

He had to be careful as if he were to touch her, there was a chance he could scratch her and it would end badly. Killua being extremely observant had noticed that Leigh wasn't around as much as he should be. Killua didn't hold enough connection to the other male to feel sad about his disappearance, as the other probably moved on or he either died. Not like it mattered to him. So, what would happen now that Leigh was gone? He wasn't about to hold a meeting. He wanted to spend his childhood having fun instead of stressing about clan politics that would never really matter in the end. Blinking his sapphire blue eyes, he was walking past the camp when he heard the voice of Jacob. He stopped for a second and angled his ears in the other's directions. The albino serval didn't have any more bandages on his body, which meant that the wounds that he had given himself weeks ago had fully healed. His long white fur beginning to cover the areas. His metal claws flexed in the snow before he started to make his way toward where the meetings were usually held in the group. Tilting his head, he wondered what Jacob had wanted, and the other started speaking as he made his way over, spotting London in the group and immediately making his way over toward her. He heard his name, but he didn't really care about the other's decision all that much. He didn't want to lead anyway. A yawn parted his jaws as he sat down next to his friend. Friend. He was going to have to get used to addressing London as such because the term held such a deep connection to him. The wildcat lowered himself onto the ground so that he was laying on his stomach as he listened to what Jacob had to say. Snowstriker? Sure he didn't mind, he would still be a high position in the group if he ever needed that to fall back on. Killua shrugged his shoulder's, opening his mouth as he conjured up a lollipop before closing it again. "Sure sure I don't really care." Killua stated calmly as he waved his paw into the air casually. Snowstriker. That sounded a lot better than Snowseeker in his mind. The less work he had to do the better it was for him. Killua's nose did scrunch up though at the mention of the Typhoon. Oh great, now that Jacob was leading the group, it just meant that they would be forced closer and closer to the Typhoon. A low groan that was barely audible escaped his jaws as one of his knicked ears flicked in response to Jacob's words. When London spoke, that practically took the words out of his mind. "Yeah, do we have to invite them?" Killua complained after what the albino clouded leopard said. He moved the lollipop that was in his mouth, as the former deputy didn't seem all that concerned that his rank was moved. Ranks never meant anything to him after all, as he usually did whatever the hell he wanted.
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Re: To new beginnings // open+meeting 4/29
« Reply #7 on: May 02, 2018, 12:56:35 AM »

pierce parker
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While Pierce wasn't huge on politics, he understood what big of an impact leadership changes had, and how important it was to make sure everything was plain and clear when stepping up in someone else's place. Had he ever led a clan? No, he didn't think so, but he had witnessed a few leadership changes, and he had certainly been a figure of authority in his old clan; he knew how all this worked. It was funny, the things he could and couldn’t remember. The face of his mother, who he hadn’t seen in almost two years? Clear as day. The name of the clan he lived in for over a year? He had no idea. He’d forgotten about the terrible thong he’d done to his current lover - though he knew he’d done something -, even forgotten his eldest son existed. Was that good? Perhaps, seeing as he’d be an absolute wreck if he could remember a child he would never see again. Then again, he could remember Clementine’s littermates, and that was probably just as bad.

Approaching at Jacob’s call, Pierce couldn’t help but be relieved that Killua wasn’t leading this place. Not only was he young (though Jacob wasn’t much older), but he certainly wasn't trustworthy, and Pierce just didn’t like him. He was still a higher position than the serval, but the kid didn’t really... use his position’s authority often, so as long as it stayed that way, Pierce didn’t mind too much. The dappled tom was looking forward to the blind dating event, too - maybe he’d make some new friends -, and, admittedly, he wanted to see who Jacob would just for his promotions next week. Nodding, Pierce allowed a small, pleasant smile to find its way to his lips. Although hectic and a bit stressful, leadership changes could be good. He really liked Jacob, and was happy for him, of course. Plus, the boy seemed to have a good head on his shoulders.  Hopefully that would prove to be true. "Noted, Jacob! I’d be glad to help if you need anything," he called, tail giving a small wave behind him as he got to his paws.


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Re: To new beginnings // open+meeting 4/29
« Reply #8 on: May 03, 2018, 05:50:09 PM »
she's still getting accustomed to clan life. it's difficult being surrounded by all these people, with all their thoughts and feelings and expectations. melantha prefers isolation. there are less responsibilities and more peace of mind. and maybe the girl feels a little reluctant to make connections here. because if she becomes too attached, it is going to make it difficult to leave once she finds her family. mel does not want to like these people. she does not want to be tied down by the guilt which accompanies leaving them behind. particularly killua and jacob. their interactions have been few and far between, but she thinks that if she is not careful, she will find herself unable to leave them. hence, her recent absence from daily life. melantha still hunts to contribute to the fresh kill pile and patrols on occasion, but she avoids everyday interactions as much as possible.

because of her isolation, the lovely young huntress is rather behind in terms of clan news. she participated in the blind dating event, but that was not exactly enough to fill in all the gaps. besides, she was extremely nervous and anxious the whole time. the poor girl does not do very well in large groups. meetings are no different.

chiseled muscles ripple beneath the mountain lioness' sleek golden pelt. she has filled out since she first arrived in snowbound. melantha has put on weight, and her beautiful golden fur now shines with a healthy glow. the spots of cubhood have long since disappeared, and she now more closely resembles an adult wildcat. it's already been half a year since she last saw her family... mel chews on the inside of her cheek, upset at the thought. she refocuses on the situation at present, and makes her way to killua's side. "hey, candy boy," she greets softly, flashing him an awkward smile. melantha avoids making direct eye-contact, but she allows a brief glance in acknowledgement. she listens to most of the announcements in silence, ears pricked attentively.

do she have suggestions? nope, but she does have one question. "do we have ambassadors to our allies?" she asks in a neutral tone, projecting her voice with a surprising amount of confidence in spite of her distaste for crowds. melantha is actually quite curious about the other clans, and she is eager to explore the world beyond this winter wonderland. but she is reluctant to risk getting attacked by people she does not know.


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