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Topic Summary

« on: November 26, 2018, 10:36:57 AM »

Does Your Character Have Powers? If So, Do They Use Them Often? How Do They Feel About Them? If Not, How Do They Feel About Powers And The Way This World Seems To Treat Them As If They're Normal?

     Of course Vigenere had powers; he was a demon, after all. Despite that, he doesn't uses them very often. It may seem strange, but back home, Vigenere had been taught from a young age not to use them during his training in the King's Guard. It was more of an honor than a restriction in Vigenere's mind. Physical strength was much better than relying on powers. After all, powers cost energy. If you used too much, your body could shut down. At least, that's what he was told by his fellow soldiers. Even so, Vigenere didn't terribly mind powers. He found them to be interesting and knew that some creatures relied on them. Not everyone has had the same training as you. He had to keep reminding himself. Some creature simply were more comfortable using powers and that was that.

     The fact that powers were treated so normally was a bit worrisome, however. If people rely on them too much, there was a possibility of them using them to cheat or to the point of exhaustion, assuming mortal bodies worked the same as his own. Caesar was already proof of the former; Vigenere already knew that his younger brother cheated and it irritated him. I thought he would know better. But then again, he never would have believed that Caesar would have done the things he had done. Speaking of which, Caesar used his fire elementals to destroy their home, and while Vigenere did have water elementals, there were far too many flames for him to be able to get rid of. Vigenere just prayed that this world wouldn't end up the same as his own, relying far too much on powers for their own good.

     He knew that Morgan had water elementals as well and seemed to use them at his own will and it did seem to tire him out if he used them too much. Even so, Vigenere didn't like how Morgan used his abilities, and worried that his boyfriend would grow too tired one day due to having to use them so much. Still, Vigenere didn't voice his worries, believing that Morgan would know what is best for Tanglewood.

//Word Count: 366
« on: November 15, 2018, 02:08:47 AM »


     Vigenere had a lot of regrets in life. While it may come as a surprise, he regretted being apart of the King's Guard. While it is true that he didn't have a choice when he had been Selected, and he had been happy during his time there, but he regretted being apart of it. Due to the King's Guard, he had been forced away from his System and wasn't able to bond with his two littermates like he should have. And that's exactly what he regretted: not becoming close to both Atbash and Caesar, just as they had done with each other. Perhaps if he had been close with the both of them, maybe his home wouldn't have been destroyed. Maybe things could have been somewhat normal.

     His next regret is one that should be clear and expected: not protecting Athena from Caesar's wrath. Vigenere believed that he should have seen Caesar coming; he should have tried harder to stop his brother from ending Athena's life. With Caesar's jaws clamped around the tasmanian tiger's throat, Vigenere had been worried that pulling on Caesar too hard would cause it to be Vigenere's fault that Athena's neck was ripped open. But was it not equally his fault that he wasn't able to stop Caesar in time, or even try to get his brother to release Athena? That's what Vigenere thought, at least, and he felt terribly guilty over this belief. At least, he supposed, Athena forgave him but... he did not forgive himself. How could he, when it had been his job - both as a former soldier of the King's Guard and as Athena's significant other - to protect the one he loved?

     The last thing Vigenere regretted was sending Atbash off. He had been angry, trying to cope with everything that had just happened, whenever they arrived on Earth and couldn't deal with Atbash's crying and whining about how things could have been different. He got irritated at her, frustrated that she wouldn't shut up, and chased her off, telling her that he needed time to himself. While that wasn't a lie, Vigenere now regretted sending her off because clearly, despite finding a clan to live in, she hadn't been able to protect herself. Atbash wore scars all over her face and body, all from where Caesar or somebody else attacked her. I could have protected her.

//Word Count: 398
« on: November 08, 2018, 11:59:30 PM »


     A lot of people on this Earth believed that everyone deserves forgiveness in some shape or form. Vigenere, however, couldn't disagree more. While he did think that some people do deserve forgiveness, others did not. For him, there was some sort moral event horizon and there was a line people could cross, whether or not they believed that themselves. Very little people actually crossed this line but once they did, Vigenere usually cut them out of his life - assuming he didn't before they crossed the line - and never talked to them again. In fact, the soldier side of him wanted to end their lives, wanting to get some sort of justice in doing so. They could never, ever return once they've crossed that line and that was something the Captain firmly and strongly believed in.

     There was only one person so far that has ever crossed this moral event horizon and that person would be no surprise: Caesar. At one point, Vigenere may have forgiven his brother for the murder of Athena, for the slaughter of the King's Court and the King himself, at some point. What drew the line, however, was that Caesar left their parents to rot and felt nothing - no remorse or pain. Caesar did not seem to care about what his actions caused and that is what caused Vigenere to believe that his brother didn't deserve forgiveness. Soon enough, Vigenere learned that Caesar had attacked and scarred up their sister, Atbash, and once again, Vigenere felt as if Caesar crossed the line - if crossing it twice was even possible. Caesar deserved death. Although murder was wrong, Caesar had done far much worse than Vigenere should he choose to kill his brother. If he killed Caesar, he would be getting justice over the things Caesar had ruined. Atbash may not agree with that, but that is what Vigenere believed.

//Word Count: 314
« on: November 08, 2018, 06:34:38 PM »

What Motivates Your Character? Is It Internal Or External? How Different Would They Be If That Motivation Changed?

     There were many things that motivated Vigenere, though the current thing that motivated him right now was the drive to find his brother and defeat him, getting revenge over the hurt Caesar created. Although he knew that Caesar was apart of The Typhoon right now, Vigenere knew that now wasn't the time to launch an attack against him. No, what needed to be done was a private matter, one that he needed to deal with alone. Caesar was a cheater and although Vigenere highly doubted his clanmates liked him, he knew that Caesar would try and manipulate them into thinking he was the good guy and that Vigenere was the enemy. Caesar cheated in fights, using long range powers and trying to outsmart his opponent and it was frustrating for Vigenere, but it was something that needed to be done eventually. He will pay for what he has caused.

     So much suffering, so much pain. Caesar killed Athena, somebody who he was supposed to marry back home in Dimension FiveX, and ruined the chance for him to be King and be happy. If Caesar hadn't of done what he had done, Vigenere could have moved their family into the First Tier, where they could all be happy. But of course Caesar only thinks for himself. That's all he ever did, was think about himself. On Earth, Caesar had attacked Atbash - twice, apparently - and scarred her body, leaving her branded with a triangle on her shoulder and her right ear charred. The memory of the way Atbash looked sent anger through Vigenere's body and he let out a growl, claws digging into the soft earth beneath him. But you can't do anything just yet. The Captain told himself. You have to wait.

     Vigenere's motivation was internal, believing that once he got Caesar out of the way and out of his life, things would return to normal. But if that motivation was different, Vigenere could perhaps have ended up like the very monster his brother was. When he first started dating Athena, Vigenere had solely used her just to become King but he eventually fell in love with her. If his motivation stayed the same throughout their entirely relationship, Vigenere wasn't sure if he would have been too devastated whenever Caesar killed her, assuming things went the same. When he came to Earth, he likely would have still chased Atbash off, but would have felt no remorse in doing so. I would be just like Caesar. That wasn't something Vigenere wanted to even imagine, and he was happy with the way things turned out.

     Because if things were any different, he wouldn't be with Morgan. He wouldn't have discovered his feelings for the General and he would just be a grumpy asshole, just like his brother.

//Word Count: 471
« on: November 07, 2018, 11:16:42 PM »


     It wasn't a secret that Vigenere has had quite the run-in with fire. At least, to those that knew him and knew of his past. Vigenere didn't have the ability to control fire like his brother Caesar did, but he was able to control electricity, which could start a fire if it hit something flammable. Even so, Vigenere had been taught in the King's Guard not to use his powers unless he or a fellow Soldier was in trouble, so the Captain didn't really use his powers often and didn't believe in using them at all. Caesar, however, clearly thought otherwise and left their Home Dimension to rot in flames. Vigenere had no idea how his younger brother had gotten the flames to start, nor how his lackeys were able to do so, since he had been trying to protect the King and, eventually, Atbash.

     The roaring of the flames were horrible and hearing such a sound still made Vigenere uneasy. While he kept a stoic expression on the outside, he was fighting back memories of his home on the inside. He remembered how suffocating the air had been with smoke everywhere and no matter where he turned, something was always burning. The terrified screams and pained shrieks rang out in the air as he ran, trying to find where his parents were. Atbash was running in front of him, and he stayed behind her, searching for any signs of Caesar or his rogues. However, once they reached their makeshift den, it was already on flames and the sound the wood made clearly showed that the den was going to collapse soon.

     Vigenere remembered calling out to his sister last minute just before she plunged into the flames, and frantically looked for a way inside the den that wasn't blocked by fire. Unfortunately, he wasn't able to find any and paused at the window to see his father staring back at him. His father motioned towards Atbash, whom was sobbing at his paws, and Vigenere knew what he wanted him to do. Save her. She wanted to die along with their parents, but they - and Vigenere - didn't want that to happen. Holding his breath, Vigenere jumped through the flames and pulled Atbash out, ignoring her shrieking about how she didn't want to leave their parents' side. It broke Vigenere's heart to see his sister so distraught and in pain and he quickly wrapped himself around her, trying to shield her from the house that was about to collapse.

     Despite all that, Vigenere knew that fire was sometimes required for things. Although it made him uncomfortable, the demon knew that it was just a way of life. Fire burned things, but it could be contained and controlled, even if you didn't exactly have the powers to. You just had to make sure things that were flammable weren't nearby and you should be able to keep the flames in one place. Fire provided heat as well, something that would definitely be needed in the upcoming winter months. Vigenere just hoped that Tanglewood wouldn't be suffering too much in the winter that fire would have to be a constant source, because he wasn't sure if he was comfortable with such things just yet.

//Word Count: 541
« on: November 03, 2018, 11:05:23 PM »


     Vigenere was no stranger when it came to love. There were three types of love in his opinion: familial love, romantic love, and platonic love. The first one mentioned, familial love, was the love you felt with when you were around your family. Your mother, your father, your siblings, cousins, anybody related to you. Adopted siblings too, if you had any. Platonic love was the love you felt when around close friends. These friends could always make you laugh even when you've had a bad day and always know what to say when you're down or upset. And finally, romantic love was the love you felt when you, well... loved somebody. It was a strange feeling and Vigenere had only experienced it twice. It made your heart race whenever you saw somebody you loved romantically, your body hot, and he oddly found it hard to speak at times. Vigenere wasn't a nervous person by any means so it was definitely a feat if you were able to get such of a reaction out of him.

     The only experience with familial love he had was, of course, with his parents and littermates. While Vigenere was sure he had some cousins and uncles and aunts somewhere in Dimension FiveX, it was common for members of the Seventh Tier to abandon their immediate family for their new System, so he has no idea who his uncles, aunts, or cousins were and couldn't say whether or not he loved them like he did his siblings. Or, at least... Atbash. At one point, Vigenere was close with their brother, Caesar, but once he turned down the path of evil, both of them just decided to disown him practically. Before Vigenere joined the Guard, Caesar was once a caring and understanding person and was always there for his siblings and Vigenere was almost shocked that Caesar was almost normal at one point. Things changed once he recieved word of the Shaman's vision and turned absolutely horrible.

     And yet, deep down inside, Vigenere couldn't find himself hating Caesar. Sure, Caesar had done some horrible, unforgiving things but Vigenere couldn't outright hate his brother. Like Atbash, Vigenere sort of believed that somewhere inside, Caesar was still the child he once was. Caesar was hiding it somewhere, putting on a facade that he believed would get him more fame. Vigenere didn't approve of what Caesar had done whatsoever and despised the fact that the younger demon had attacked and attempted to murder their sister, of course - but he didn't hate him.

     On the other hand, Vigenere missed Atbash and truly still loved her as he always did. Even though he had chased her off when they first came to Earth due to stress, Vigenere highly regretted doing so. But it was almost a good thing; Atbash joined Snowbound and soon rose within their ranks to become their leader. Vigenere was worried for her mental health but he was proud of her. It was funny that the most sensitive of the triplets became leader first but Vigenere was absolutely happy for Atbash. She deserved the position, he was sure of it. She was nice and understanding and calm when it matters most. What Vigenere feared about, however, was the fact she didn't know how to fight or protect herself. It was obvious that she couldn't protect herself whenever Caesar attacked her, but whenever he heard The Pitt had taken over Snowbound, Vigenere was scared for Atbash's life. Luckily, she survived, but at a cost: she only had one eye.
     Vigenere remembered how angry he had been upon hearing this news. Atbash herself told him and he could barely hear his clanmates' words whenever the news reached his ears. He remembered that his body went tense and his vision was practically red. Vigenere wanted to get revenge and slaughter the person that hurt his sister. Atbash, however, begged of him not to do so and Vigenere felt like he had to comply. It was Atbash's wish and her words rang true: it was Snowbound's issue, not his nor Tanglewood's. No matter what he felt on the inside, Atbash was on her own now. And perhaps that was a good thing.

     Platonic love on the other hand was a tad different than familial love and there are actually two times of platonic love in Vigenere's eyes. The first type was of those friends you had a close bond with, such as the members of the King's Guard, whereas the second type was of friends whom you considered family, much like Tanglewood. Although Vigenere had been a Soldier in the King's Guard, things always felt different and divided among the ranks just like it was with Dimension FiveX's social ranking system. His fellow Soldiers still held him to the same regards as if he still lived in the Seventh Tier and practically treated him as if he never left the Tier. To outsiders, it may seem as if the King's Guard was a tight-nit ground and thought of one another as siblings but it honestly couldn't be more opposite. Vigenere only had a few friends in the Guard and it seemed as if whatever experiences they had didn't matter whenever Caesar had been discovered to have attempted to murder the Shaman. They never defended Vigenere and didn't hesitate in obeying the King's order of exiling him and his System.
     Tanglewood, however, was absolutely the opposite of the King's Guard. Here on Earth in Tanglewood, Vigenere finally felt as if he truly belonged here. While he and some Tanglers may have their differences, they never hurt nor abused each other and no matter his feelings on somebody, Vigenere still had some respect towards them. He would lay down his life for everyone here, even if he hated them. And that was because Vigenere saw his clanmates as family. A platonic bond that was hardly ever broken.

     Vigenere only has experienced true romantic love twice in his life. While it could be true that he has had many partners in the past, only two have really been true love (at least in his mind). The first one he realized that he truly loved was Athena, the King's daughter. Athena was a Tasmanian tiger, adored with sparkling jewels and eyes that shone like diamonds. She was truly a stunning creature to Vigenere and he was ever lucky to have even met her. It almost was love at first sight when Vigenere met the Princess during one of her visits to the Guard. Eventually they started talking and Vigenere soon fought the courage to ask her out. She accepted of course, and while she was utterly worried about his life constantly, he always reassured her that he would be okay and careful if he happened to be sent off. But whenever Caesar attacked the Shaman, Vigenere was forced out of the King's Guard and prevented from seeing Athena ever again. She found a way to sneak out of the castle and visit Vigenere, and it was his turn to worry about her. He was worried that if she were caught still communicating with him, that she would be sent to the Seventh Tier or worse, killed. Of course, Athena reassured him that she would never let her father do such of a thing to do and actually soon admitted to talking to him about the Cipher System returning to the Seventh Tier. She revealed that everyone except Caesar could and Vigenere ran off to tell Atbash and his parents. Caesar, however, found out and started to claim that he and Atbash were betraying him; Vigenere paid no mind, of course.
     Soon Vigenere bought a diamond from one of the Outcasts and planned to purpose to Athena. Unfortunately before she could really say anything, Caesar rushed at her and killed her. Vigenere tried his hardest to save her, tried to get Caesar off of her, but it was far too late; by the time Caesar released Athena, she was gone. Vigenere at first attacked his brother in blind rage but eventually let him flee, grief taking over his body. Since then, Vigenere swore he would never love anybody the same ever again.

     Then he met Morgan. Morgan was among the first Tanglers to greet him whenever he came to join Tanglewood and while Vigenere found him strange at first, with his limited knowledge of words, Vigenere soon came to like him as a friend. Whenever Vigenere had a breakdown over his memories of Athena, Morgan - along with Fenrisulfr - was there to comfort him and almost seemed to connect to him, despite never experiencing anything of the sort. Vigenere appreciated the canine's comforting words and soon Morgan came almost a therapist to him. Whenever he found Caesar and decided to go searching for Atbash, Morgan was quick to offer to come to his aid and help out with things, to which Vigenere was extremely grateful. If Morgan hadn't come along on the trip, Vigenere truthfully wasn't sure if he would have survived. Or at the very least, been unscathed. Morgan was there for moral and emotional support, as well as a medical aid if things ever went wrong.
     Vigenere soon found himself developing the same feelings for Morgan as he felt for Athena, although he wasn't quite sure if they were truly the same feelings or if he was just desperate for somebody else. Gathering up courage and ignoring his inner thoughts, Vigenere asked Morgan out, to which he agreed (although didn't entirely understand what that meant at first). Vigenere was absolutely happy at Morgan agreeing to being his boyfriend and found himself truly being happy once more. The canine seemed utterly stoked to be with him and Vigenere felt the same towards him. Deep down, however, Vigenere felt a sense of protectiveness. There was a crashing wave of anger whenever somebody he didn't know or trust got near Morgan, not wanting the General to suffer the same fate as Athena. Not only was Morgan the General and therefore had a clan to take care of, but Vigenere was sworn to protect the one he loved. This protectiveness might be a bit too much though, especially considering how after the ghosts started appearing in camp, Vigenere was more prone to staying near Morgan and staying up most of the night to make sure Morgan was safe.

     The best thing about his relationship with Morgan, however, was the fact that Athena was happy for him. Whenever the ghosts started coming into Tanglewood's camp, the spirit of Vigenere's ex-fiance appeared and although she wasn't able to speak, she was able to signal that she forgave Vigenere for not being able to protect her and was happy for his new relationship. It was like a breath of relief to hear that the one he used to love held no ill will against him and approved of his current relationship. Athena was naturally a kind and forgiving woman, but Vigenere never expected her to forgive him for doing the very thing he had been trained and was expected to do: protect her. But she did, she forgave him.
     And he could truly love again.

//Word Count: 1,868
« on: November 01, 2018, 11:27:10 PM »


     If you asked Vigenere if he had felt happiness after coming to Earth, the demon would have answered with a short, sarcastic laugh and a stern 'no'. After all, everything he had grown up with previously had been destroyed with no hope of it ever returning. Before coming to Earth, he did, in fact, feel happiness. True happiness and not one he had to fake. At least, that is the case whenever he was still apart of the King's Guard before his brother, Caesar, ruined everything. Vigenere believed that he had been his happiest whenever he was apart of the King's Guard since he was engaged, planning on getting married to the Princess and soon becoming King. Her father was growing old and since his spouse had died long ago, he was bound to retire soon. Vigenere at first only played along with Athena's antics but soon found himself actually falling in love with her.

     But then that was forced away from him. Before he had any chance to properly purpose to Athena, it was discovered that Caesar had attempted to murder the Shaman out of revenge for telling of a prophecy that supposedly foretold he was a force to be reckoned with. When the Shaman's words first went out, Vigenere didn't believe it - and when Caesar attacked the Shaman, he still didn't - yet despite that, his fellow Guardsmen were wary and suspicious of his every move. Understandable perhaps, but Vigenere did not care; he simply shrugged their whispers and comments off, knowing that his brother would never do something of the sort. And yet, Caesar attacked the Shaman out of rage and Vigenere was guilty by association. Since he was directly related to Caesar, the King became extremely suspicious and immediately dismissed him from the Guard and sent the both of them to the dungeons.

     Eventually Vigenere, Caesar, and the rest of their System were exiled and forced to be apart of the Outcasts. No matter how many times Vigenere pleaded and talk to what he had once presumed to be his friends, they ignored him and told him that simply being related to Caesar was enough. And without another word, they left Vigenere with his family. Vigenere recalled about how he almost murdered Caesar himself until their father pulled them apart and forced them to apologize to each other. It was clear that both of their apologies were half-assed but their father accepted their words and Vigenere stalked off and avoided his younger littermate as best as he could. It was the only thing he could do to avoid slaughtering his brother in anger.

     Vigenere bought a diamond ring from one of the more... trustworthy Outlaws and planned to purpose to Athena officially. She told him that she talked to her father about his System - aside from Caesar - returning and he was ecstatic to be with her again. He knew the King was bound to be wary of him still but he also knew the King would not argue with his daughter's choice. Thing were set in stone; Vigenere was going to purpose to the love of his life and he - they - would live happily ever after. Just as expected, however, that very wish was stripped away from him. Vigenere had zero time to react as Caesar leaped out from his hiding place, immediately going for Athena's throat. Vigenere tried pulling the slightly smaller savannah off of Athena, but instead Caesar tightened his grip on the girl's neck and it tore, causing her to cry out in pain. Vigenere stopped pulling on Caesar but everything went too fast for him to be able to actually save Athena - as soon as he let go, Caesar ripped open her throat with his teeth, leaving blue blood pouring and spitting out of the wound.

     But then we come to Vigenere finally arriving on Earth. The former Soldier was miserable, believing that if he acted sooner, he could have saved Athena. If he had murdered Caesar despite their father's wishes, then everybody would have been saved from the fate they were forced to face. The only person he managed to save was his sister, Atbash, but eventually the she-cat became too much to bare. She could hardly take care of herself and Vigenere found himself growing more irritated with her by the day. Eventually, he had enough and chased her off and claimed he needed time to thing. Which wasn't a complete lie but even so, thinking back on it, Vigenere wished he had more sense than to just mindlessly force her to be on her own. Luckily she, just like Vigenere, found a group to live in and eventually became the leader of the place. Despite seeming so happy, she told Vigenere that Caesar knew they were here and attacked her, leaving her scarred and her ear tip charred. If Morgan hadn't been there the day Atbash revealed what happened to her, Vigenere probably would have stormed off to The Typhoon to find his bastard of a brother.

     ... But he didn't. Morgan had been there for him and was there to comfort him. Ever since he joined, Morgan had always been by his side and whenever he needed somebody to just listen (even if they couldn't say anything), the General was always there. During the journey to Snowbound, Vigenere found himself starting to grow feelings for the canine; feelings he thought he would never be able to feel again. Morgan made him happy. He made his ears hot his cheeks flush, and his heart race. As they returned home from the journey, eventually Vigenere found the courage to ask Morgan out, to which he agreed (although he didn't really understand what it meant at first).

     Vigenere was happy here in Tanglewood now. He had Morgan, his boyfriend, his General, at his side and the rest of Tanglewood there as support. Tanglewood was the new King's Guard for him, a much better family than the Guard was themselves. The Tanglers always supported and took care of one another, whereas in the Guard, nobody really cared about your feelings. The only time they cared was when you were dying. A huge contrast when compared to Tanglewood and Vigenere was absolutely glad this was the group he choose to stay in. He couldn't be happier.

//Word Count: 1,056
« on: November 01, 2018, 12:05:57 PM »

This is where I'll be keeping track of Vigenere's prompts!

Day 1: Happiness
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Day 4: What Motivates Y/C? Is It Internal Or External? How Different Would They Be If That Motivation Changed?
Day 5: Forgiveness (may revisit?)
Day 6: Regret
Day 7: Does Y/C Have Powers? If So, Do They Use Them Often? How Do They Feel About Them? If Not, How Do They Feel About Powers And The Way This World Seems To Treat Them As If They're Normal?
Day 8: Leadership - LINK TBA
Day 9: Fame - LINK TBA
Day 10: Honesty - LINK TBA
Day 11: Stress - LINK TBA
Day 12: Family - LINK TBA
Day 13: Does Y/C Linger on the Good Or Do They Linger on the Bad In A Given Situation? How Do They Feel About Those Who Choose the Opposite Answer? - LINK TBA
Day 14: Comfort - LINK TBA
Day 15: Protect - LINK TBA
Day 16: What Does Y/C Think About Lying? How Often Do They Do It? Do They Go Easier On Themselves When They Lie Compared To When Others Do? - LINK TBA
Day 17: Solitude - LINK TBA
Day 18: How Well Does Y/C Handle Near-Death Experiences And Situations, Whether They're Real Or Not? Are They Calm? Tense? Would They Readily Sacrifice Others To Get Themselves Out Of Said Situations? - LINK TBA
Day 19: Pride - LINK TBA
Day 20: Does Y/C Have A Family? If So, What Do They Think Of Them, And What Kinds Of Relationships Do They Have With Them? If Not, Do They Wish They Had One? What Do They Think Of Others Who Do Have Them? - LINK TBA
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