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About Me

Hello! A lot of you have probably seen my around FF in the past with the name Swiftcream, some of my characters on that website included Baxton of Blood Clan, Dovestrike of River Clan, Lionstride of Wind Clan, and Bane the rogue. However due to unseen complications and lack of time I had unexpectedly left ff, I plan on returning someday though! Some of you may know me from Lions of Valoria as Janoobus, I had to leave the website because of stupid complications with my laptop but I plan on returning ASAP!!

I am usually very active on the Discord, if you ever need to reach me on the website try messaging one of my IC subaccounts as I am much more active on there!

My characters are Kydobi, Honey, Behemoth

My Interests

I have a lot but I'm just way too lazy to put them here.

- zodiacs
- birth charts
- law of attraction
- aliens
- sketching
- art
- music
- books
- Game of Thrones
- Tv Shows
- Sushi
- The Lion King
- Roleplaying
- Writing
- Basketball
- Swimming

KAMARA .*✧ female *✧ amur leopard+giant jaguar*✧ Halls of Hiraeth *✧ plot *✧ tags

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September 26, 2020, 12:41:11 AM

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